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T: Hmmm, what to do, what to do. I could just make her chew dirt flavored gum, but that's old school.

S: I need something more original. Hiding in her room?

T: No, still not original. How about hiding in her room in a gorilla costume?

S: sheesh, tay, we dont want to give bella a heart attack!)

S: Ah! I have it! I'm going to Post-It her truck!

T: But what will they say? Oh, I have it! "It's over." and nothing else! No name, nothing. I am so brilliant!

S: haha, I love it! Its so cruel..but so inventive!


S: lol

T: you go

S: I know. I had to get some food :D

T: Ok

S: Edward is going to be so mad...but that's kind of the point isn't it?

T: For sure. Maybe some of the rust will peel off when she starts ripping them off!

S: Now for the planning...How many Post-Its will I need? Should I do different colors? Anonymous handwriting? Edward's handwriting? When should I do it? How to keep it from Edward...?

T: dog on it! so many questions?

S: yes. he's crazy. they'll accept it.

T: ok

S: your turn

T: thinking

T: Hey, evilness is harder than it looks.

T: Even with Post-Its.

S: lol

T: haha

S: I think I'll just do it with the regular ones. Edward's not into flourescents. And I'll use his handwriting. Being a vampire definitely has its advantages!

T: Yep!

S: lol

T: I'll do the sticking in my, uh, super-speediness while Edward is up in her room doing whatever.

S: I am a genius!

T: my room is soooooo hot

S: okay?

S: lets end it there, kay?

T: k!

okay so there's chapter 3! I tried to do the same thing I did last chapter, but since some of the ones last time turned out plain instead of bold, I did both bold and italic. So if it comes out only bold or italic, I'm sorry. Sometimes things get lost when I try to put the document online. It happens with my author's notes in other stories too. So yeah.

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