Milestones by Trekfan

Title: Milestones part 1

Author: Linda S

Subject: A/U: Sequel to "Foreshadowing" Jack and Ennis are starting

their new lives together. What will the future bring? Will it really

be a sweet life? What Milestones will they reach?

Disclaimer: These characters belong to Annie Proulx I am just taking

them out for a while and I promise to bring them back.

Rating NC-17.

The name is inspired by a poem I came across in my collection. It's

titled "Roofs"

Roofs by Joyce Kilmer

They say that life is a highway

and its milestones are years

And now and then there is a tollgate

Where you buy your way with tears.

It's a rough road and a steep road

And it stretches broad and far.

But at least it leads to a golden town

Where golden houses are.

Ennis looked over at his companion, the object of his desire was fast

asleep. Jack was sitting with his body turned to the side facing Ennis.

His eyes were closed and Ennis couldn't help noticing his dark hair

sticking up at all angles, his thick dark lashes and his beautiful face.

They had just crossed into Wyoming and Ennis had to make a quick pit

stop on the side of the road before they continued to Riverton. It was

when he returned to the truck that it finally hit him. He was a changed

man from when he left, a new man who was starting a new life and it was

all because of the man who was asleep next to him. His heart filled with

happiness that it had never known before.

Ennis took a deep breath, put the truck in gear again and drove the rest

of the way home. It was dinnertime when they pulled up to Ennis'

trailer, he'd made a quick stop in the market to restock the fridge and


"Come on wake up, lil darlin, we're home." Jack yawned, slowly opened

his eyes and gingerly sat up. "Ennis," he said sleepily "How long I've

been asleep?" he opened the door, pulled his crutches out and left the


"Been asleep ever since we left Denver, you sure needed the shuteye." He

opened the door and waited for Jack and followed him inside.

"I know it ain't much, not a lot of room and..."Ennis put the food down

on the counter and turned to find himself in Jack's arms, his lips

pressed against Jack's.

"Ennis I don't care where we live as long as we're together. I still

can't believe this is really happening. I'm waiting to wake up back in

Texas in a miserable job feeling very unhappy."

"It's all real, bud." Ennis hugged him and kissed him on the cheek and

carried in Jack's stuff. Jack put the groceries away and sat on Ennis'

couch. Ennis joined him, they hugged and kissed.

"Are ya hungry, Jack? Cause I'm starved."

"Yeah, my stomach is growling like a bear."

"I bought us some steaks, how about I break out the BBQ and grill some up."

"Sure, sounds great."

Ennis set up some lawn chairs outside and got the steaks grilling.

"Here ya go, bud," Ennis grilled up some corn on the cob to go with the

steak. Jack had brought out some beers and they sat in companionable

silence and enjoyed the meal and the company.

"Ennis ya still the best cook between us, I am stuffed."

Jack sat back and rubbed his belly. Ennis took his empty plate and took

it inside, he placed his arms around Jack, he couldn't kiss him out here

with the neighbors around. He helped Jack out of the chair and dragged

him inside. The minute the door was closed Jack pushed Ennis against the

wall and kissed him. "I want dessert, cowboy. No meal is done without it."

"I ain't got nothin for dessert, sorry, rodeo." He caressed Jack's cheek

gently, he was waiting anxiously for Jack to make his move.

"Mm, you're wrong, Ennis. I found something," Jack had his hands on

Ennis' crotch, "It's big, getting very hard and it's cream filled." Jack

smiled as he pushed Ennis onto the bed and sat down on the bed next to

him. He found a position that he could be comfortable with. "This is my

favorite part, unwrapping my dessert." Jack slowly unbuttoned Ennis

jeans and pulled the zipper down. His hand dipped inside and gently

pulled Ennis' cock out, "see what did I tell you, you can't hold out on

me, when I was a boy I always got dessert even if I had to sneak it."

Jack pushed Ennis to lie back on the bed and then leaned forward and

opened his mouth, he breathed softly on the large cock. It elicited a

moan from Ennis and Jack met his eyes, a hunger shown in the blue orbs

and Jack licked at the precum oozing from the engorged member. "mmm


"Jack" he gasped as Jack cupped his balls and bathed his cock with his


"Ennis, didn't your mamma tell ya never to talk with your mouth full?

Mine did so hush up while I'm eating." Jack's focus returned to Ennis'

huge member.

Ennis grabbed the blanket and balled it with his fists. He couldn't'

stop arching his hips off the bed and driving his cock into Jack's

hungry mouth.

Jack was laying on his side in as comfortable a position as he could

get. His attention never wavered from Ennis' cock. His other hand on

Ennis' balls. He could feel them tightening up.

"Jack, I'm gonna shoot, ah!"

Jack held his hips down and felt warm cum fill his mouth.

"Mm," Jack leaned over Ennis and covered his mouth, he'd swallowed most

of the juices, but kept some so Ennis could taste himself. "Ya taste so

good, cowboy. Love ya so much." He held Ennis' face and kissed him

deeply. He felt Ennis' hands holding the back of his head, his fingers

running through his hair.

Ennis rolled onto his side so they were both facing each other. Their

cocks touching. His left leg wrapped around Jack's thigh and he pulled

him closer. His arms hugged Jack's closely together so there was no

space between them. He tried to keep Jack still as he did all the work

of grinding their bodies together. His hips gyrated and rubbed their

cocks harder and harder until...

"Oh, ah oh shit! oh lil darlin, mm." Ennis moaned as they both came


Jack had his sweat soaked face pressed against Ennis' neck and kissed

him. They lay there for a while and fell asleep. The next morning Ennis

helped bathe Jack. Helped him dress and they enjoyed breakfast.

"I called my boss told him that I had to take care of a sick friend.

That I would be in tomorrow."

"Did he believe you? I mean I don't want to cause you any trouble."

"Don't worry, I've been a good worker for him. I've never taken off

before. There was no way I was going to leave you alone today, bud."

Ennis caressed Jack's cheek. "Ya oughta call that Doctor Newton at

Riverton General hospital and see if we can getcha over there to check

ya out."

"Okay, Ennis, but I'm gonna need some wheels. I wish I could've taken my

truck too. Maybe when I'm better we can go get it."

Ennis gave it some thought, Jack could tell he didn't like the idea of

going back to Texas, but he wasn't going to say anything. "Jack how's

this, you drop me off at work and you can use my truck, then you can

come back at the end of the day and pick me up."

"Sounds like a plan," Jack took a piece of paper that Doctor Steward in

Texas had given him. It had the number for Doctor Newton on it. He

called up the hospital. "Doctor this is Jack Twist, I was referred to

you by Dr. Steward in Texas."

"Ah, yes I know him very well, he called me a few days ago about your

case. Courier sent your records. When would you like to come in Mr. Twist?"

"Well would this afternoon be okay?"

"Hold on let me check with my receptionist." Jack waited a few moments.

"Yep how does 1pm sound?"

"Good to me doc, see you then." Jack hung up the phone and turned to

Ennis. "I've got a 1 o'clock appointment."

"Okay, we got some time, I'm going to get some gas, do we need anything?"

"Well I think we need some smokes and some beer."

Ennis was halfway out the door when Jack said "Oh yeah and some whipped


Ennis stopped in his tracks and gave Jack a look like he was nuts. "What

the hell ya need whipped cream for?"

"It's a surprise," he gave Ennis one of his smiles that Ennis couldn't

say no to. He just shut the door behind him.

While Ennis did some errands Jack called a lawyer friend he knew in

Casper who handled divorces and told him the whole story about him and

Lureen. He gave him Lureen's lawyer's number. Then he called Lureen.

"Hi hon."

"Jack? How are you doing?"

"I'm doing okay. I'm in Riverton with Ennis."

"Are you seeing a doctor up there?"

"Yeah I got an appointment this afternoon to check me out."

"Good glad to hear it." There was an awkward silence.

"Um did you tell Bobby about our divorce yet?"

"I told him, he didn't seem all that surprised. He asked me where you

were so I told him you're in Wyoming. He's gonna want to talk to you."

"OH yeah, here's my number.' He rattled off Ennis' phone number. "Tell

him to call me whenever he wants." Jack paused for a moment to gather

his thoughts. "Listen, Lureen, I called a lawyer and gave him your

lawyer's number. You are using Bob Whittier, right?"

"Yeah, Jack." They'd both known Bob for years, he lived with his wife

and two kids and had a nice thriving practice in Childress. So Jack

knew if Lureen needed a good divorce attorney she'd use him.

"Good, there's nothing for us to contest, right? I mean the business is

yours so is the house. The only thing I'd like is my truck when I'm able

to travel back there."

"Sure, Jack, oh you should know I'm selling the business. Ewing farm

equipment wants to buy out Newsome and they're giving me a fantastic

offer." Lureen quoted him the offer and Jack nearly fell off his chair

in the living room

"Woo wee, honey ya gotta take that offer it's through the roof."

"That's what I'm thinking, Jack. Bobby's all set with his education, I

can do some traveling I always wanted and maybe I can start up my own

business. I was thinking my own line of cosmetics."

"Oh yeah, I could see you doing real well, Lureen." He was truly happy

for her.

"And don't worry, Jack I won't forget you neither."

"Now, Lureen, I told ya you don't have to worry about me. I'll be fine

just get the papers here and I'll sign em and we can both start our

sweet lives."

"Well you deserve a little something, Jack. You've been a good father,

and when we were together it was special. And you were the best darn

combine salesman that should count for something. Now no more arguing, I

better go. I'll remember to give Bobby your number."

"Thanks, hon. good talking to ya. Bye."

After he hung up he had a smile from ear to ear, it worked out so well.

He'd be a free man in a few days. It was a shame he and Ennis couldn't

get married at least legally. To Jack they already were a couple and

their hearts beat as one.


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