Two for One

Chapter One: Not so Little Yasu

Kagome sighed, leaning back in her chair during her last class of the day, World History. She loved history with a passion, but there was something about the French Revolution she just couldn't stand. Nothing against the French, but the way the teacher was lecturing them made it unbearably boring. She stifled a yawned. The bell would be ringing any moment know.

Someone poked her arm and she looked over to see none other than Koga "Wolf" De Lobo flashing his oh so 'sexy' and infamous smirk at her. How he fit his name perfectly. The young Hispanic boy was the wide receiver of the football team at Zenith High while soccer was out for the season (as weird as the name was for a school in her opinion). Koga had the personality of a wolf.

He was tall and very masculine, with well-defined muscles and sharp features. He was quick witted and cocky, a downfall that came with his macho persona and undeniable good looks. Azure eyes were bold and fierce, calculating and smart. His devilish smile sent any girls into an almost orgasmic craze and his smooth tenor voice bathed the girls in bliss. He was born a leader; the boys' soccer club had been a pitiful thing in the pass until he tried out and single handily took the team to the district finals, winning second place in over a decade. As head of the Hispanic Cultural clubs on campus, he worked relatively close to Kagome, school president, during event planning.

He had transferred to the school district during their middle school days, now on their junior year of high school. As the school president at the time, and still now, it was poor Kagome's job to show the boy around. From that day on, he had an eerie infatuation with her. Many wanted him to run for at least Vice President, hoping the even closer proximity of their 'work' would draw the two together, or in some cases, allow him to get bored of her.

Kagome groaned. She never considered herself sexy or beautiful. Pretty perhaps or maybe even cute, though the thought never was dwelled upon to long. She had long black hair to her mid back with large "expressive" chocolaty eyes that got her out of more trouble then she could count because she looked so innocent. She was petite in size, though her breasts chose other wise and were at the breaking point of being beyond that of a C. How she loathed it. Most little Asian girls barely made it past an A-cup. A D-cup would have been a burden to her back.

Other than that, Kagome was plain in her mind's eye. Everyone thought of her as calm and passive with an air of tranquility about her. How wrong they were though. Kagome was actually quite the rebel at home unless of unrelated guests were over, partying with friends in other cities nearly every other weekend with fake IDs and older men. She was nothing like the role model school president.

Night Kagome was different than Day Kagome. Kagome felt she dealt with a split personality at time, though she knew and chose what she did without much thought. The only honest thing she could say was she never did, nor ever will, do drugs or steal. But Alcohol, Sex, and Money were her things. Perhaps it was the pressure of being in such a saintly and mature role amongst her peers that drove her to this insanity. Kagome the angel, the people pleaser, Kagome the straight A star student of Zenith High. Middle school was when it all changed, her life had changed, and when she needed people most, she really had no one to rely on. The sadness turned to anger. Perhaps it wasn't the best of outlets, but she always kept things in control. For the most part at least. It wasn't until just recently did Kagome get caught on the wrong side of the fence.

No one at school knew about it, but Kagome had been arrested the two month's before, during a three-day weekend. Kagome was caught recklessly driving, almost hitting a handicap person. The judge ordered that she was to "take care" of them for a month, as a sign of "peace" to his family since the mother didn't want to press any charges and it had been the boy's mistake to cross the road before the signal turned. Thank goodness she was only over the limit by twenty miles per hour when the patrol officer who witness the incident pulled her over, not forty miles three blocks before. His parents had to leave for business in a rather dangerous part of the world; it was best he stayed in the care of someone else. It would be her luck though he had no living relatives who could care for him. She forgot to ask what kind of job they had that out them at such… "risk".

Kagome looked at the other way from Koga and scowled, she hated the handicap. There was something about them she couldn't stand, as if their "retarded"ness would rub off on her. Kagome Higurashi wasn't so high and mighty then. It was bad enough to deal with them at school when she was "forced" to go to Best Buddies and spend time with "them". All for the sake to please the faculty and her so called peers. She liked being in control, in power and knowing all the loopholes of the system.

Kagome sighed in relief when the bell rang, signaling the end of the day but suddenly dread over whelmed her when she got to her bike, having her driver license suspended for the duration of her parole, as she pedaled her way home. 'He' was to be there when she arrived. She shuddered. She probably should have begged for community labor. Instead, it was a slap on the wrist, a huge fine, temporary suspension and baby-sit a retard.

She crossed the street in front of her school when Koga came by with his large red pick up truck. He slowed down and rolled down his window, cat-calling Kagome. "Hey, Mamacita, need a lift?" He grinned, already putting his blinkers on.

Kagome, after a few moments of thought, shook her head mentally at what she was about to do. Giving him her brightest, yet the fakest of all smiles, she greeted Koga, "Oh thank you Koga, I would most appreciate it if you would. My car… is… in the shop. The brakes just didn't work so it's getting looked at. It's due for a tuning as well so it's going to be in there for a while."

"I see, I see. Well, chica, today's your lucky day. Bueno let me get your bike and get you home. I can't have you burn like a churro, can I? Not that I mind a tasty churro." He hopped out of his truck and quickly hoisted the bike over into the truck, opening the door for Kagome and helping her in as quickly as possible as not to delay traffic anymore on the crowded street.

Once he was in the driver's seat again, he speed off. He knew exactly where she lived, having been partnered up with her during projects. He turned on the radio, Shakira's Hips Don't Lie playing. "I hope you don't mind Shakira, I kinda like this song along with Suerte. Though I prefer more reaggeton and hip-hop."

"Suerte?" Kagome said, glad that Koga wasn't trying to flirt with her and being quite tame at the moment. "Isn't that Where Ever, When Ever? I remember hearing both versions during club rush."

Koga chuckled, "Si, pero no me gusta la cancion en ingles. She sounds too weird, ya know? But Hips sounds better in English." He shrugged, making a left at the next light, already a mile away from school. Kagome just shrugged and leaned further away from him, looking out the window to people watch.

It was only a few minutes later did they arrive at her home. Koga helped Kagome with her bike and bid her farewell as he drove off. Kagome was only thankful that he didn't try to kiss her like he did last time. Kagome Higurashi did not do long term relationships. Kagome Higurashi was a badass one-night stand kind of chick. Get in, get out, get on with life was her motto.

Opening the door, she was greeted with the scent of sugar cookies and chocolate. She followed her nose into the kitchen and stopped dead in her tracks. Sitting in the stool beside the small island of the kitchen, the boy she nearly ran over the week before sat with a Popsicle in his mouth.

"Kagome…" her mother said as she closed the fridge behind her, a nice looking plate of marinated steaks in her hand, "You remember Yasu, don't you? His parents couldn't stay to meet you, outside of court that is, but they left a packet off all the things you would need to know about him. He's a bright boy really, but…" she walked over to her and whispered in her daughter's ear, "It's a bit hard to understand him at times."

"Shit…" Kagome groaned, dropping her bag on the floor and picking up a cookie that was cooling on the counter. Little did she know, Yasu lunged at her, grabbing the plate of cookies with a hiss.

"My cookies!" he whined, a pout on his lips, "Mommy made them for me! Right Momma?" he glanced at Mrs. Higurashi.

"Bullshit! She's my mother, you stupid idiot!" Kagome roared, ready to smack some senses into him. "You're mother left you hear you little shi-"

"Enough!" Her mother shrieked, startling both teens. The young man, Yasu, whimpered. "Kagome, please. You must have patience with him. Talking with his mother… Yasu has certain needs. He was in an… accident as a young age, and it left him with some brain damage. He has a mental capacity of a… a five year old."

Kagome sighed, glaring at the boy who was currently amusing himself with the Popsicle stick, "How old is he?" She really hadn't bothered to pay attention at the courthouse. She was too busy shitting bricks and sweating bullets hoping she wouldn't run into anyone she knew.

"I five!" cooed the boy, a bright smile on his face. "Momma says you Kag'me. Hi! I Yasu!" he stuck his hand out. Kagome blushed at the jester, but it quickly faded.

"No dear," chided Mrs. H, "You're actually seventeen."

Kagome stared at his still outreached hand and scoffed, "It's Kagome, stupid, not Kag'me, got that? And you're not five!" she smacked his hand away, but never stopped looking at him.

He was a good six feet, perhaps an inch or two shorter but roughly the size of Koga, with broad shoulders and waist length long black hair pulled back into a braid. Sadly, she had to admit he looked very good in it. He wore a red long sleeve shirt with blue overalls, and black sneakers. What caught Kagome off guard though were his eyes. They were very innocent hazel, almost gold, just like that of a child. How was it possible that he stayed so innocent for so long, surely he could have been taken advantage of? There was a mysterious glint behind his eyes however, as if there was more to him than met the eye.

Yasu began to get teary eyed as he rubbed his offended hand. He sniffled and he turned to his temporary mother, holding his hand, "M-mommy! Why did she…she hurted me? I got an owie."

"Grow up." Hissed Kagome as she stormed out of the room, sick of the way he acted. Slamming her bedroom door behind her as she finally got up the stairs, she sat on her bed with a huff. It wasn't fair to her.

She was a good student at school; her nightlife never interfered with her schooling. She wasn't perfect, as everyone thought, and knew it. Why couldn't God let her go to jail for a while and not take care of such an infuriating child who should be acting seventeen! He was her age. Kagome wanted to scream.

Picking up her phone, she began to dial the one number that was embedded even in her cold heart. After several rings, the person on the other line answered, almost in a panting voice.


Kagome giggled, "Hey sweet stuff, did I interrupt something?" she began to use her free hand to undo her buttons of her shirt. "Or are you just horny to hear me?"

"Kagome!" shrieked the other person, "I was actually doing some weight training. What's up?" she could hear the clank sound of dumb bells being set down the weight rack Sango kept in her living room.

"Sango… remember my court sentence?" Kagome let her shirt slide down her shoulders, "About that… That… It?" she pursed her lips and scrunched her nose. Retards weren't worth her time.

"Oh! He arrived?" there was a moment of silence before Sango spoke up again, "How'd it go?"

Kagome groaned, "Bad Sango, bad. He has the mental state of a toddler! And get this, he's seventeen!" she wiggled her hips to get out of her skirt, "I hate kids! I can barely stand Sota, and he's nine!"

Little did Kagome know the very person she was talking about opened the door a little, a teddy bear in hand. He didn't understand what she was saying completely, but it was obviously about him. He blushed when he noticed her state of dress. He had seen his mother in her under garments many times, but this wasn't his mother. Her skin was smoother and he couldn't recall his mother ever owning a pair of green Victoria Secret cheeky panties. Kagome continued to chatter, her back to him as he entered the room with great stealth.

"I mean, what the fuck? What did I do to deserve this? I would rather be in jail! I could always come back to school and say I was the victim of the car accident, and needed to spend several weeks in the hospital to ensure my life wasn't in danger! Or I went on a small foreign exchange trip!" Kagome shrieked, already unclasping her bra from the front. "I didn't even fucking get a jail option though."

When the garment hit the floor, she turned to her bed and gasped, dropping the phone. An ear-piercing scream erupted from her mouth, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE!? Get out! Get out! GET OUT!" Kagome picked up any and every heavy object around her and flung it at the poor boy, one arm wrapping her chest.

Yasu yelped as a book hit his shoulder when he scampered for the door. Mrs. H rushed in and gasped, grabbing Yasu and shoving him out the door, closing it behind her as she secured her daughter's arm. Kagome only managed to get her skirt back on.

"Kagome stop it! You'll hurt him!"

Angry tears gushed out of her eyes, "I'll kill him! I will not take care of that… that… FREAK! Get him out of here!" she shoved her mother to the side toward her dresser and opened the door, grabbing the frighten teen's collar who had been sitting in front of her door. "You asshole! Having a fucking lookey-lu…" she raised her fist ready to punch him but stopped dead in her tracks when she saw the tears.

"I…I…" Yasu stuttered, sobbing as he stared Kagome in the face, "I didn't… I just… I sorry! Kag… I so sorry, please don't hurt me… everyone always hurted Ya-chan. Please don't hurt Yasu! Inu-chan! Help me!" when Kagome let him go, he hugged her waist, kneeling in front of her as he sobbed, pleading for her not to hurt him. A sudden jolt of what felt like electricity shot into Kagome, stunning her with a brief moment of pain. A few images of him being pushed around as a child and preteen zoomed in her mind, to fast for her to really digest anything.

Kagome stood mesmerized, not noticing her mother placing a towel over her bare shoulder to cover her exposed breasts. For the first time, Kagome had gotten a small glimpse of the poor boy's life, but it didn't change her feelings about him, at least, she didn't think so. Sighing, she shoved him off her not to gently and went back to her room, slamming the door with a deafening crack that shook the house.

Picking up the phone again, she growled, "I'm sorry about that Sango."

"What…" Sango said, sounding a bit worried, "What did you do to him? I… I heard him crying Kagome; you didn't hurt him, did you?"

The girl laughed darkly, "No… but the next time he does that, he won't be so lucky."

"I'm coming over…" with that Sango hung up, leaving Kagome in her thoughts.

Please don't hurt me…everyone always hurted Ya-chan! Inu-chan! Help me!


Outside her room, Kagome's mother had taken the boy down stairs. Yasu still cried, but only softly. It pained the woman to see him like this, and only wonder how his actual mother could stand this.

"Yasu… darling? It's ok, momma has you, you're safe now." She soothed him with her voice and tried to make him sit next to her. She didn't expect him to crawl into her lap, his legs thrown over hers as he settled his head on the crook of her neck, his thumb to his mouth as he cuddled the stuff animal he still carried.

Mrs. Higurashi cradled the boy the best she could for his weight and height. Eventually the sniffling ended and Yasu slept. Mrs. H carefully got out from under him to lay him down properly and went into the kitchen, grabbing an ice pack for her bruising arm from when Kagome threw her down.

"I hope those two make up during dinner… His mother is hoping this will help make him… grow up." She shook her head, knowing it would take a miracle for that to happen. She knew how Kagome felt about people with needs. "Oh, Yasu, what really did happen to you?" Recollecting the conversation she had with Yasu's mother, she began to cook dinner.

The doorbell rang as Mrs. Higurashi just came back from the super market. Sighing, she went to open the door and smiled as she saw the young teenager from the courtroom standing at the doorway looking at the outside in awe. Beside him, was an older woman, much like her self, holding a suitcase and a bag of toys.

"Mrs. Kaoru Higurashi, I presume?" the woman asked, a hint of fatigue in her voice, "I'm Izayoi Takahashi, I've come to drop off my son." She smiled kindly at the woman who stepped aside and helped the other woman with her load.

"Oh dear, I forgot he was coming today. Please, do come in. Would you like some tea, Mrs. Takahashi? A cookie, Yasu? Call me Auntie Kaoru," she giggled as the boy stared at her with wide eyes, then down at his mother, a pleading look in his eyes.

The other woman laughed softly, "Only one for now, dear. You haven't eaten lunch yet." She stared at the Higurashi woman, "And please, call me Izayoi." The trio walked into the kitchen and sat around the table, a tray with teacups and a nice hot kettle of tea resting in the middle. Kaoru Higurashi had just brew the tea for her afternoon snack. She was rather glad she made more then usual. The teen-boy, Yasu, grabbed a cookie and happily took a bite.

"Yummy Mommy! I like cho-chok…ch…I like these!" Izayoi sighed.

"No, Yasu…say it right. Cho-co-late chip. Oh sweety, you spilled your milk!" after the women cleaned up the boy, Izayoi got down to business. "Yasu, why don't you get your toys and go play? You don't mind if he uses the living room, do you?" when the other woman shook her head, she smiled, "Please, baby? Momma needs to talk to Auntie Higurashi alone."

"Ok mommy!" he kissed his mother cheek and dashed off, acting like a plane, hands spread out on either side of him, "Woosh!"

Once he was out of the room, Kaoru turned to Izayoi. "What did you want to talk about that he couldn't be present for?"

"Kaoru… I know that at the court, you were told about my son's…condition. But I don't want to leave you with just a simple story, I was hoping you'll have time to hear me explain why my son is like this." She pulled out a small folder from a suitcase Kaoru didn't know she had. She leafed through some papers and pulled out a small picture.

"Oh my!"

"This is Yasu, when he was four… and this boy next to him was his older twin brother Inu Yasha." She took a shuddered breath.

"They look so much alike! Identical!" Kaoru said. "What happened? He wasn't in court."

Izayoi was silent for a minute, gnawing her bottom lip as she collected her thoughts. "One… one day, after their sixth birthday… Yasu and Inu Yasha were playing at the park. We never lived in a good area those days, and my sons were… were kidnapped. They had been missing for almost a month when we found him, my little Yasu…Only he came back to me."

Kaoru gasped, "What about Inu Yasha?"

"No one knew who kidnapped them, but the only thing we could get of Yasu was that Inu died, died trying to save Yasu from a very bad man. The only thing is I don't know how he was killed… His body was never found." Izayoi quietly wiped away her tears, "Yasu was so traumatized. He spent months in a psychiatric hospital for severe night terrors and hallucinations. We thought he was fine after a year, when he suddenly calmed down until several years later did we notice he still acted like he was before the innocent. After many years, the doctors concluded he'd be like this for now on because of the shock."

Mrs. Higurashi helped the distressed woman up and led her to the living room where her son was playing with the Higuarshi cat, Buyo. Izayoi had dried her tears and smiled sadly at her son.

"A mother doesn't like to see her child grown up at times but I so desperately wish he would. Kaoru, I hope this will spark something in him to let go of his childhood and finally transcend into a more mature young man." She smiled sadly, "I just hope your daughter can help him for about his brother. He has no cousins, his half older brother has no time for him especially now and I don't know of any other way for him to meet people his age. I must warn you; sometimes he will wake up screaming and crying, calling out for his brother. Sing to him, and he should be fine. If anything happens, just call me."

Kaoru nodded as she watched the woman bend down by her son, "Yasu, my sweet little boy. Mommy has to leave. Papa should be coming to see you in a few he goes on his business trip. Say good bye to your mommy." She opened her arms to the boy.

Yasu whimpered, clinging to his mother as he lifted her up. Izayoi giggled, kissing her son's head, which was rare since he was so tall. Once he set his mother down, he kissed her cheek. "Bye mommy! Yasu be a good for Momma Hig…Higo…Higurashi!"

"I hope so, my baby. I know you'll make me proud." She turned to Kaoru one last time, "I may not know your daughter, but I know she was distressed with the rather light sentence she has gotten. I left his case file with you. Show it to her, maybe she won't be so harsh with my son." With that, she was walked to the door by her son and quietly walked away into the nice sunny afternoon.

Kaoru Higurashi sighed, walking back up to Kagome's room with the file in her hand. She knocked on the door of the fuming teen and left the folder in front of the door before walking back to the kitchen to finish dinner.

Kagome came out and picked up the file folder. She snorted, throwing it not too nicely on her dresser. "Mom! Sango's coming for dinner!" she yelled before closing the door. She didn't even touch the file until later on that night when Sango came.