I couldn't really tell you how I got back to Forks. The drive to the airport, the long and obnoxious security check point, the intolerably silent flight home and the cold rain greeting me once again as it splattered all over me like a reminder to let me know I was back where I belonged. The weather matched the ominous atmosphere. The dark, menacing clouds and earsplitting thunder didn't even faze me. My mind was still in a haze; my thoughts drifting constantly back to my family, back to Edward. I had to be with him. I couldn't live for the rest of an eternity without him now that I knew that someone like him existed. That there was actually someone out there, whom was just like me, who loved me the way I loved him.

If I lost this battle, I would lose Edward. I would lose the only reason to live, the only reason to exist. I would lose everything. If I lost this battle, it wouldn't be just my freedom I would lose, just my whole entire point to live. However, if I won, I would be strong enough to return to my family. I would be able to return home and start a new life with someone that I fell deeply in love with. I had everything to lose or everything to gain. There was no middle part for me. I had to win or else I would live in misery and torment for the rest of time.

Goosebumps traveled up my arm. The thought to be so lonely once again and separated from the one thing that you so desperately needed to be with was intolerable and an unimaginable concept to grasp.

I realized I was just standing there, at the front of the small airport. My clothes were soaked with rain, my hair stuck to the sides of my face. For once I wasn't ready. I wasn't ready play with fate. If I went and fate had already decided I would lose this battle I would once again be the Volturi's puppet and my family most likely killed. But, on the other hand, if fate had already decided that I would win I would be able to return home and live for the rest of eternity in nothing but sweet bliss and love. Although the winnings sounded magical and all around just very appealing, there was just too much to lose if fate had already chose so. There was so much to lose. There was so much to gain.

It was here and now where I wished all time could just stop, where I had everything, and nothing. I had Edward. I had my family. I had the Volturi all over my back. But I had what I wanted most ……And at the same time, I had my past haunting and crushing every attempt to have a free and better future.

I shut my eyes tight and pictured Edward's face for the last time. I had to be strong. I had to be indestructible. I couldn't allow one sign of weakness. I was going to win. I needed to win. When my eyes finally opened, there was no more Edward. There was no more family. I had nothing but hatred running through my veins. The past few months I spent with the Cullen's fully erased. Any softness that once played across my face so beautifully now became hard and subtle features, my posture straight, my eyes penetrating and my mouth was as motionless and stern as a stone. I would become everything the Volturi taught me to be: cold, brutal, indestructible, and most of all effective. I would change everything. I was going to take the monster they created and turn it back on them. I would make them fear me, make them listen. They would understand. I no longer lived by there rules nor their games. I was everything they made me to be. I was a monster and they would now listen to me.

I ran swiftly back to the house where everything had started and ironically where everything would end. When I arrived there was an odd silence that filled the air, an eerie and cryptic mood that seemed to be lingering around the house. My sense heightened as I laid my palm down gently on the cool grass.

I couldn't feel a thing. There was no sign of life. There was no sign of Jane. It was too quite. She was expecting me. I could sense it. She wanted me to follow by her rules but that's just the thing. I never abided by any rules not even when I did work for the Volturi. I smile audaciously. She was playing this game by my rules and she didn't even know it. I had been trained continuously day after day after day 

to become the ultimate hunter. My senses were more sensitive then any vampire, my speed faster than any vampire; my hunting skill incredibly outnumbered any one. Maybe this would be easier than I thought.

I swiftly and silently began to move through out Forks. I was like a ghost. I was there and yet I was not, never staying in one spot for more than an unbearably long half of a second. I had to find Jane.

It didn't take long to find her. Jane stood silently on edge deep in the forest. She didn't know I was here. My face only hardened, the sharpness of my features becoming brutally beautiful. Venom slowly filled my mouth and my senses were as high as they had ever been. I was virtually aware of everything going on in Forks.

I jumped down from the tree landing about 30 meters away from where Jane stood. My landing was silent and perfect. My gentle leap didn't even reach her ears.

"Jane, I missed you."

My voice severed the tense atmosphere like nails on a chalk board, unnerving and very unsettling. She whirled around and looked at me. Her face was hard and emotionless but her eyes were wide and alarmed.

"I expected you would come and find me."

"So I noticed."

Her eyebrows raised and then smoothed across her face.

"Aro has missed you very much. It's time you come back with us. Don't think I'm telling you this because I want you with us but everyone else can't seem to live without you. I think we should just kill you and get it over with. I'd love to just do it myself."

A wicked smile flashed across my face and suddenly I threw my head back laughing eerily, the sound daring and strange. My laughter came to a startling end, my face wicked smile still glued onto my face, my eyes now twinkling with a dare, a challenge.

"You would just love that?"

My enthusiastic smile no longer played amongst my face but instead hardened back into a cold stare but my eyes still twinkled with raw enthusiasm and sweet delight. The venom in my mouth started increasing. I never felt so powerful before, so indestructible, so lethal.

"You would never stand a chance against me, Jane. Don't be stupid. Let's not say petty little things that will do nothing more than just excite me. Let's take things nice and slow. Maybe I'll let you go…"

"You think you're so much better than any of us. You think you're so much more powerful than the Volturi put together. You're wrong. They will find you and kill you. They will find the Cullen's and kill them. You betrayed us. You're the one that's going to die, Bella, not me."

A gentle smirk played across my features. I heard her cell phone ring and she picked it up.


"She is here."

She eyed me angrily and threw me the phone. My smirk only grew as I caught the cell phone with ease and glared back at her… my patience wearing out.

I didn't ask who it was on the phone I was speaking to. It would only be one person. I waited a second prolonging the moment. I knew as soon as I heard the voice Jane would be good as dead. I knew the voice still had control of me but this time, it was in a whole different way. It no longer held on to me as it had once before. It only made my cold blood boil, my teeth clench together, and an impending doom for those that I met and tried to cross me that had any association with this person.

"Bella, are you there?"

I only grunted in response as my senses started to tingle at the sound of Aro's voice, my eyes wild and excited.

"If you listen to Jane you'll only make thing easier for yourself as well as the Cullen's. There's no need to be irrational about this, Bella. Return to us now and we will pretend like this never happened."

"I'm sorry, Aro. I'm afraid this time you're too late. You see, I'm not quite as obedient as I have once been. Jane is as good as dead. I'll be waiting for you. I'm not going anywhere. In fact, I have a surprise for you. Hurry over here. I can't wait to show you all the cool things I have learned."

My eyes narrowed and my senses were tingling with a crazy sensation that I had never felt before. My hand turned into a fist which crushed the phone. My eyes met hers. She looked at me eyes wide and horrified. Her mouth dropped a little.

"What has happened to you?"

A hateful and daring smirk shot across my face.

"I'm only playing the person the Volturi always wanted me to be but here's the catch…"

Suddenly, I stood in front of her, my lips just a centimeter away from her ear and my body slightly pressed against hers. Everything was still. Even Jane couldn't dare try to move away from me even at the close and uninviting proximity we were to one another. I waited, allowing suspense to take full hold of my prey. When I spoke, my voice was barely audible to even my ears but I know that Jane heard it because of the silent gasp she let out.

"…this time I'm not on your side."

Before she could even react I threw her heavily to the ground, my foot pressing hard against her chest. I eyed her menacingly.

"Even though it's not your fault the Volturi made me to be this way you would never just leave me alone. You would always try and hunt me down or hurt anyone that was close to me which isn't your fault either because the Volturi trained you to do that. I'm giving you a single chance to change. It's not you I want to kill, Jane, but it's all about sending a message, about proving a point. Answer me now and chose wisely because the only other choice you have is death."

For a second her face was troubled, as if she were actually contemplating my offer and for a second I actually had hope that maybe instead of killing everyone, some could be changed. That belief quickly disappeared as soon as her face hardened and she let out a nasty hiss.

"Remember, Jane. You chose this."

Within seconds I had her once complete body lying in a heap beside me like a puzzle waiting to be put back together. I threw some gasoline on the pile and then set it on fire. This would be only the first of many to come but I had to do it. It's ironic that the one thing I'm trying to run away from, the monster inside me is the only thing that is going to keep me alive now…