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Chaos reigned in the Potter household. Several crates were stacked on top of each other, hastily nailed shut and waiting to be moved. Although the crates looked small, they had been enchanted to hold more than they were supposed to. Not that the Potters could take much with them to their new "home". They had only found out that they were moving earlier on in the day, leaving them little time to pack. Whatever they didn't take would stay behind in the house, waiting for them for when they returned. If they returned.

Lily was slumped in a worn armchair, a small bundle cradled in her lap. She knew she should feel exhausted after the hectic whirlwind of the last few hours, but she was wide awake. The bundle in her lap stirred and moaned, and she quickly reached down to soothe her daughter. Apart from James' black hair, Evie was a perfect copy of Lily in miniature. She was already dressed in her pajamas but a coat had been tightly buttoned over the top of them, and her tiny feet were enclosed in a pair of shoes. Lily took the opportunity to drink in Evie's features, trying to etch them into her memory; she had no way of knowing when she would see her again.

In the next room James fussed over Harry, making sure that he was wearing enough layers to protect him from the cold night air. When he was satisfied that he would be warm enough, James returned him to his cot and pressed a gentle kiss to his forehead before leaving the room. He negotiated a path through piles of books and discarded clothing, and eventually found Lily and Evie curled up together in their favourite chair. When Lily turned her face towards him he tried to offer her a reassuring smile, but couldn't quite manage one.

"Lily, we're doing the right-" A soft tapping on the door cut James off mid sentence. Both of them froze, first casting nervous looks at the door and then at each other. One hand thrust into his jacket pocket, ready to grab the wand that was concealed there, James began to move across the room. He drew back the curtains an inch and peered through the small window. From her position on the other side of the room, Lily saw his posture relax and felt a wave of relief flood through her. James pulled out his wand and performed the complex series of motions that were needed to open the door. Finally, after a loud click, the door swung open.

Dumbledore swept inside, his blue cloak billowing noiselessly behind him. He shut the door and nodded briefly to James before his eyes fell on Lily. The relief and happiness that she had felt only moments before suddenly evaporated. Despite the fact that she knew what was coming, that they had been planning this for days, she couldn't quite believe what she was about to do. Without realising it, she tightened her grip on Evie, causing her to grumble in her sleep.

"I can't do it." Lily muttered, stroking Evie's cheek. "I can't let her go. I'm supposed to look after her."

James sighed and looked at Dumbledore helplessly, pleading silently for assistance. Dumbledore moved over to Lily's side. "This is the best way of protecting her, Lily. She'll be safer away from you than she would be if she stayed."

Lily shook her head, refusing to accept the truth of Dumbledore's words. "If it's safer away from us, then why are we not sending Harry with her?"

"Voldemort isn't hunting you or James, he wants Harry." Dumbledore said, pulling off his glasses and rubbing the bridge of his nose. "But he won't hesitate to kill either of you if you stand in his way. Nor will he hesitate to kill Evie, which is why she is safer apart from you."

"Maybe," Lily began hopefully. "One of us can stay with Harry and the other can go with Evie. That way-"

"No, Lily." Dumbledore interrupted forcefully. "You know it can't be that way. Both you and James need to protect Harry."

Lily stared hard at Dumbledore before letting her eyes drop back to Evie, who had remained sleeping throughout the conversation. After a long silence she said, in a voice that was no more than a whisper, "Who are you taking her to? Who will be looking after her?"

"I think it's better that you don't know. If Voldemort should find you, and try to extract that information-"

"You think that I would betray my own daughter?" Lily looked up sharply.

"Never willingly, my dear." Dumbledore's voice softened. "But he will have ways of finding out."

"He's right, Lily." James said quietly from the corner.

Lily sighed and closed her eyes, looking incredibly weary. When she opened them again she leant down to Evie and began to whisper in her ear. "It won't be for long. We'll all be back together soon. I promise." She kissed her cheek and took one last long look at her before gathering her in her arms and standing up. Carefully, making sure not to wake her, she handed Evie over to Dumbledore, who held her easily.

"I think it would be wise to leave now."

"Already?" Lily asked, desperation creeping into her voice. Dumbledore nodded mutely and began to move back to the door. James held it open and passed him the bag that contained most of Evie's clothes. When Dumbledore slipped outside, James cast a quick look at Lily before hurrying out after him.

"Wait!" He called. "If anything should happen to us…"

Dumbledore nodded and smiled sadly. "Sirius. She will go to Sirius."

James hesitated a moment before asking, "Can I say goodbye?"

"Of course." Dumbledore moved closer to James, holding Evie out to him.

"I'll see you soon." James whispered, stroking her dark hair and smiling at her adoringly. "Don't cause too much trouble, wherever you're going."

James stood back and nodded to Dumbledore, indicating that now was the time to leave. Dumbledore walked down the garden path, Evie still held safely in his arms. Unable to watch them disappear, James turned his back and shut his eyes tightly. A loud crack rang through the air, and when he turned around both Dumbledore and Evie were gone.