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Nacho the greyhound/whippet mix (Voiced by: Cree Summer)

(This time chapter one has a theme song!)

("We built this city" by Starship plays)

Chorus 1: "We built this city…We built this city on rock and roll, built this city…we built this city on, rock and roll…"

(Music continues)

Male singer: "Say you don't know me… or recognize my face…Say you don't care who goes, to that kind of place…knee deep in the hoopla…sinking in your fight…too many runaways…eating up the night…"

Male singers: "Marconi plays the mamba…listen to the radio…don't you remember? We built this city…we built this city on rock and roll…"

Chorus 2: "We built this city, we built this city on rock and roll…built this city…we built this city on rock and roll…"

(Second line)

Chorus 1: "Someone always playing… corporation games…who cares? They're always changing… corporation names…we just want to dance here…someone stole the stage…"

Male singers: "They call irresponsible…write us off the page! … Marconi plays the mamba, listen to the radio...don't you remember? We built this city…we built this city on rock and roll"

Chorus 2: "We built this city, we built this city on rock and roll…built this city…we built this city on rock and roll…"

(Brief electric guitar solo)

(Third line)

Chorus 1: "It's just another Sunday… in a tired old street…police have got the choke hold… Ohhhhhh…and we just lost a beat…"

Male singer: "Who counts the money? …underneath the bar, who rides the wrecking ball in two rock guitars?"

Chorus: 1: "Don't tell us, you need us… 'cause we're the ship of fools…looking for America...coming through your schools"

Radio reporter (talking): "I'm lookin' out over that golden gate bridge, out on another gorgeous sunny Saturday and I'm seein' that bumper to bumper traffic…"

Male singer: "Don't you remember?... 'member? 'member?"

Radio reporter: (talking) "What's your favorite radio station? In your favorite radio city… the city by the bay, the city that rocks… the city that never sleeps…"

Male singers: "Marconi plays the mamba, listen to the radio…Don't you remember? We built this city… We built this city on rock and roll…"

Chorus 2: "We built this city…we built this city on rock and roll, built this city… we built this city on rock and roll…built this city… Whoo-hoo-oo…we built this city on rock and roll; built this city… we built this city on rock and roll…"

(Final line)

Chorus 3: "We built; we built this city…yeah!"

Chorus 2: "Built this city"

Chorus 3: "We built, we built this city…we built, we built this city, yeah!"

Chorus 2: "Built this city"

Chorus 3: "We built, we built this city…we built, we built this city, yeah"

Chorus 2: "Built this city"

Chorus 3: "We built, we built this city…we built this city, yeah"

Chorus 2: "Built this city"

Chorus: We built, we built this city"

(Song fades)

(Ok here's a little narrator parody… If one of the characters in this story narrates a certain part it'll be in bold font, I know it may seem confusing but please bear with me on this!)

"My name is Krypto… and this…this is home"

(News paper lands on doorstep as paperboy rides by on his bike)

"It's been my home for 2 years now, and I gotta admit these have been the best two years of this dog's life. Except for one little incident in the Gobi desert but…maybe everyone already knows that story…like I was sayin' I get treated pretty good here, 3 square meals a day, a warm place to sleep at night and… all the rawhide bones I can eat, but even in a place like this, sometimes a dog can get a little restless…"

(Drops bone)

"And every now and then I wonder if there is something else out there…wait, there is something out there I can smell it, don't panic I'm going in"

((End of narration)

(Narration quotes are based on lines from the movie: "Homeward bound 2: Lost in San Francisco)

"All right… now I gotcha Cardinal, there's no escape this time" Streaky said to himself as he was about to pounce on the red bird. "Yo Streaky!" a voice yelled, Streaky screamed and fell off the brick wall, hitting the ground with a small "thud". "What do you want, Theo? Can't you see you let my snack away?" the orange tabby cat replied. "Sorry, I just hope you remember that next week we're having an event in the park" Theo answered. "What event?" Streaky asked, Huntress came over to the fence "Here's a clue…happy anniversary" she said to Streaky (Quote from the movie: 'The brave little toaster to the rescue"). "That's right" Streaky sighed "Next week is the anniversary of when we all teamed up" Theo explained. "We'll be there" said Krypto, "We're counting on you" Huntress added, "Yeah, after all you're one of the founding members of the Superpets… see ya" said Theo as Huntress drove off on her motorcycle. "Wow, that's a cool ride" Streaky said to Krypto, "You know Huntress…" he replied. "She's got style" Streaky concluded. "You said it" Krypto agreed.

Meanwhile in Kansas…

"So…you goin' to Metropolis next week?" Martha Kent asked. "Yeah next week is actually when we…" Kara was cut off, "Kara! Get out here, that dog of yours is chasin' the chickens again" Jonathan Kent shouted. Kara groaned "Dusty" she said to herself as she went outside.

(Chickens clucking)

C'mon I just wanna chew on a few wings" said Dusty (Based on quotes from the movie: "Homeward bound: The incredible journey") "Dusty! Leave those chickens alone" said Kara who stuck her head out of the door before walking off the porch. "Hold it, Kara, let her do it" said Jonathan "But you just said…" Kara stopped short "Just watch" he told her. "Heh- heh this is fun" said Dusty, "Whoa!" she shouted and stopped in her tracks. "Oh Hi Marty" she answered with a nervous laugh.

(Angry clucking)

"AAH! Get way!" Dusty yelled as the black and grey rooster chased her across the yard. Even though she was larger than him, Marty had sharp claws and Dusty had learned to stay away from them after her first encounter with the chickens. She began to yelp and let out a loud "Ohh!" as Marty pushed her out of the yard , Dusty landed at Kara's feet with a small "Thud" "See ya tomorrow" she told Marty. Once she turned around, Dusty saw the angry look on Kara's face. "Uh-oh, I know that look" Dusty said to herself, "I'll let you handle this one, Kara" said Jonathan who went back in the house. "Dusty" Kara said angry to her K-9 companion who whimpered in response. "No Dusty that's not gonna work this time, girl" Kara continued. Dusty got on her back and continued to whimper. Kara sighed and got down to Dusty's level. She licked Kara's right cheek which caused her to giggle "Ok, ok but you're gonna have to promise not to chase the chickens again, Pa Kent said he'll put you out" Kara warned as she rubbed Dusty's stomach. "Please, that was the last time…plus with you and Martha around there's no way I'm getting' put out of this farmhouse" Dusty replied. "Yeah, you're right" Kara agreed as she continued to stroke Dusty's soft fur.

Back in Metropolis…

"Streaky I can't believe you forgot next week is the anniversary of when we all became a group…everyone in town is gonna be there" Krypto explained. "Sorry I…" Streaky was cut off "Did I mention fans from Central city, Gotham, Midway city and Smallville will be coming here?" Krypto added. "No kidding?" Streaky asked, "Nope, fans of Flash, Hawkgirl and Batman will be here" said Krypto. "Awesome, oh no that means my fan club will be there, too" Streaky concluded. "That reminds me, I gotta see if Smokey and Blaze are still coming, I'll be right back" Krypto replied before taking off. "Great now what am I supposed to do?" Streaky asked himself. He glanced over at the brick wall and saw the cardinal he had been following, "So that's where my snack went" he continued before going after the bird. Meanwhile at the fire station, Krypto was checking up on Smokey and Blaze. "Hey Smokey how's it going?" he asked. "Oh just great Superdog…Blaze is doing just fine" Smokey replied. "Uh…Smokey how long do I have to stay up here like this?" Blaze asked. Smokey looked at the partly grown Dalmatian pup and laughed, "Take a break, Blaze" he told him. "Kay" Blaze sighed before climbing down from the ladder and sitting beside Smokey. "He sure has grown in the past few months" Krypto pointed out, regarding the fact Blaze was now half of Smokey's size. "Yeah, he reminds me of myself when I was his age" Smokey admitted. "Anyway, I just wanted to check to see if you guys are still coming to the park next week" Krypto explained.

"For that anniversary event? Sure the whole crew is coming" Smokey answered. "Sounds good…well I better get a move on" Krypto sighed, "Same here, Blaze and I still have to run on the track" Smokey added. "Oy…" Blaze groaned. "See you guys" said Krypto "Bye" the two Dalmatians replied simultaneously as Krypto took off. "Hey Superdog" a voice shouted, "Huh? Who said that?" Krypto wondered. "Down here" the voice called once more, Krypto went in the direction of where the voice came from and landed on the rooftop of a building. "Hey Thunder-mutt, what's up?" he asked to black and tan German shepherd, "Just wanted to known if you remember I'll be making a guest star appearance at the event in the park next week" the German shepherd replied. "I haven't forgotten about that, of course don't be surprised if the league gets a bit more attention than you do" Krypto warned. "Yeah…I know, but hey you guys have saved the world dozens of times, I've only done it in the movies" Thunder-mutt admitted. "True…see you, Thunder" said Krypto before he left "See ya" Thunder-mutt called out.

"Wow, things are going great…everyone seems to be looking foreword to this event" Krypto said to himself. "I'll say" said a familiar voice, at first Krypto was a bit startled but then he recognized the voice. "Oh, hey there Clark" he said, the voice turned out to be Superman who was flying alongside Krypto. "Checking in with next week's event?" he asked, "Yes, I just spoke with Thunder-mutt" Krypto answered. "The K-9 actor? I remember when he was your rival at one time" Superman added. "Yeah, but…it was a trick planned by one of my enemies" Krypto pointed out, "I see, you know I had a rival once, too" Superman told him. "That's right you did, Captain Marvel…heck, I remember when his Brittany spaniel, Sorento tried to make a competition out of every rescue mission I did" Krypto explained. It was true, Sorento, a male Brittany spaniel became Krypto's rival.

Eventually the two Superdogs worked it out and were no longer rivals, although Sorento did turn out the offer of joining the Superpets of America. Although Krypto hoped Sorento would change his mind and join the group at some point. "Sounds just like his owner" said Superman, "Darn right it does" Krypto agreed. "Well…anyway I'll see you, Krypto" Superman continued "Ok, bye" Krypto replied before the two heroes went in separate directions.

Meanwhile in Nebraska…

(Western style music playing in background)

Stargirl stood in the middle of a circle of men wearing hockey masks. "So you think you got the drop on me? Well think again" she told them before letting out a few karate yells, kicking them and scaring the men off with her staff. "Yaah!" she shouted as she kicked two of the men out her way one of them tried to sneak up from behind her but she shoved him. "Hey! Jump back, kiss myself" she said triumphantly, as she kissed her staff, "Courtney, earth to Courtney" Pat called She eventually came around. He whistled to her, "It's your move" he said as he pointed to the checker board that was at his feet, "Oh great" Courtney replied with a sigh, she and Pat were outside on the porch of their house in Blue valley, Nebraska playing checkers. "You were sleep fighting again….almost smacked my face" Pat continued as Courtney moved one of the checkers. "Wow, heh…it just seems like all the other superheroes are out there fightin' bad guys and taking names!" Courtney replied before letting out another karate yell. She accidentally hit one of the support beams that held the awning over the porch letting out a small "Ouch!" "Who put this here?" she wondered. "Oh c'mon Courtney, this ain't no dodge city but...we get our share of adventure around here" said Pat.

The duo glanced over at their neighbor's house "Hey Sherman! Been waitin' along time to give you this…note" said Maurice, Sherman jumped at hearing Maurice's voice. "Oh hi Maurice…I didn't see you there for a second" Sherman replied. Maurice went on to read the note which was: "Dear Sherman, got crazy eyed Joe, bringin' him today, have Pat Dugan ready…sighed Atom" "Whoo-hoo! Ray caught another one already….I might as well give him a plane ticket to France" said Sherman before he went in the house. Sherman and Maurice were Cherokee Native American brothers who had moved from Nevada to Blue valley. Since then the two had become close friends with Courtney and Pat and knew that they were Stargirl and S.T.R.I.P.E, they also knew about the league's founding member's identities. But had promised to keep it under wraps.

"Ya hear that Pat? Ray's coming" said Courtney, "Yeah Ray" he replied regarding his stepdaughter's comment "I'm old, I ain't deaf" Pat continued. (Scenes and quotes based on lines from the movie: "Home on the range"). Just then the two were alerted by a loud noise; they looked up and saw a javelin in the distance. "Well…c'mon we better go" said Pat "Yes!" Courtney replied triumphantly. A short time later they caught up with Atom. "Well, Pat he's all yours" he explained as he handed over Crazy-eyed Joe, he mostly was known for selling boot-leg copies of movies in Europe and Canada. "Thanks a lot, Ray" Pat answered, "You got any missions for us today?" Courtney asked. "Not today, Courtney, maybe tomorrow" Ray replied. (Based on a quote from the TV show: "Hey Arnold"). "See you guys" said Ray before he left, "This sucks" said Courtney, she was wearing her Stargirl costume for nothing. "Courtney, c'mon, last month we all worked together to stop Hro Talak" Pat reminded her. "I know" she sighed, "And the following week we're supposed to make an appearance at the animal shelter adoption fair in Metropolis….after that event in the park" Pat explained. He knew Courtney was a bit of a thrill seeker and that she also missed living in Los Angeles. Blue valley wasn't very appealing to her, she even found it to be…well…boring. "Right, the anniversary thing, I remember" Courtney continued, the duo paused for a few minutes before Pat broke the silence. "So, you think you might a dog at the adoption fair?" he asked, "Maybe" Courtney said in a dull tone.

In Central city…

"I'm telling you Breezy, this party is gonna be great!" Swifty told his female friend. "Well you can be sure I'll be there and will Jet, isn't that right?" Breezy replied. "Whatever" Jet answered in a sort of undertone. "Jet!" Breezy yelled, "Ok, sorry! Geez Breezy you don't have to get so bad" the male black greyhound continued to say. "He's not the most positive greyhound is he?" Swifty asked, "Nope" Breezy sighed. The two dogs paused for a few seconds before Breezy continued to speak "So…how is Flash handling this?" she asked, "Well…" Swifty replied slowly, the two sight-hounds looked down from the hill they were standing on and saw Flash. "Ladies please, c'mon you're killing me" he said to some of his fans. "Well, heh…that answer's my question" Breezy concluded, Breezy and Jet were two greyhounds Swifty often raced with at the track. No sooner did he get there the two hounds became friends. As for Jet, he and Swifty have a bit of a love/hate friendship. "Uh, yep" Swifty replied, "Swift-hound, yoo-hoo!" a beige and white Italian greyhound called out and waved to Swifty. As he waved back Breezy looked at him, "What?! She's fan…Breezy I'm telling you, you're attitude will get you no wh…" before Swifty could finish he was alerted by someone calling out his name. "Swifty!" the voice cried, just then a black and white figure knocked down, causing the young sight-hound to scream. "Hola brother" said the figure who turned out to be a black and white greyhound/whippet mix, like him. "Ay Chihuahua, Nacho you almost crushed me" Swifty sighed, as he looked up at his sister. "Just working on my pouncing" she replied, "And it shows" Swifty added. Nacho was a bit smaller than Swifty. Instead of being with black spots like him she was all black, her paws, underbelly, snout, chest and the tip of her tail were all white. She also had Emerald green eyes.

"Well I gotta go, you know how worried my owner gets when I'm not at home" she continued. "Yeah…bye Nacho" said Swifty once he was able to get up, "Bye Swifty, bye Breezy….I'll see you at the party next week" Nacho shouted as she trotted out of the park. Breezy smiled, "Little sister?" he asked, "Not quote…she's the runt of the litter and has a lot of energy" Swifty explained. "That's obvious" Breezy pointed out, "Yeah, I'll say" Swifty agreed. Just then he heard Flash whistle to him, "Gotta go, see ya, Breezy"" Swifty called out, "See ya, Swifty" she shouted back. She watched as he ran down the hill to catch up with his owner, "I don't know what you like about him, I mean the guy's a show off" said Jet who had left for a moment. "Yeah…but I like him, he's a good friend" Breezy admitted, "Hey! I'm a good friend" Jet told her. "Sure, whatever you say, Jet" said the female tan and white greyhound before she started to walk home.

Jet sat down and thought about what Breezy had just told him, "I don't get it" he said to himself.

At Wayne manor…

"So…you find anything interesting to do with Tasha?" Batman asked. He and Ace the Bat-hound were both down in the bat-cave. "Not so much, she's just a friend" Ace replied, He was working on his racer, and Batman was changing the oil on the bat-mobile, at the moment the two weren't facing each other. "Anything interesting happen with you D...?" Ace was cut off "Nope" Batman quickly replied. There was an awkward silence between the two, but it only lasted a few seconds. "Did she call while I was gone?" he continued, "She and Tasha left a message on the answer machine upstairs" Ace explained. "I'll check it out, later" said Batman, just then he was alerted by a small "thump" "Did you hear something?" he said out loud, "Nope" Ace answered. There was another "thump" "There it is again" Batman pointed out, "Now I hear it" Ace admitted, "C'mon" said Batman who got up from where he was. "Somebody's here…Alfred is that you?" Ace yelled. His voice echoed through out the cave, "Doesn't seem like he's respond….aah!" Batman cried out as he was knocked down.

"Gotcha" said a female voice, "Hey what the…?" Ace sputtered, "Got ya!" another voice called out. "Ohh, Parker" Ace groaned once he was able to see who pounced on him. "Hi Ace" she answered cheerfully, her tail began to wag rapidly. "Barbara..." Batman started to say, "Hey Bryce. What's up?" she asked. "You two really need to work on being quiet" he pointed out, "Sorry" Barbara replied as she helped Batman up. "Hey Batgirl" said Ace, "You're dog can talk?" she asked, "Remember last month onboard the watch- tower?" Batman asked, "Oh, that's right….I know Parker had to be somewhere with you and Ace" Batgirl concluded. She had forgotten about the fact Ace as well as the other Superpets could talk since they had communicators. "So…my invite to Metropolis Park is still…" Batman cut her off "Don't worry about it, you and Parker are fine" he told her. "Ok….well, I better get home" she answered, as she and Parker headed for the stairs, "I guess now would be a bad time to tell him you ran over his mail box" said Parker.

"You did what?!" Batman yelled, "Run, Parker" said Batgirl, the duo quickly ran off. "Thanks, Alfred" she continued before closing the door behind her. "Alfred, she…" Batman stopped short "I've got an extra mailbox, Master Bruce" Alfred explained before walking away. "I'll pay for the next one, I promise!" Barbara called out before she drove off. "At least she's honest" Ace pointed out, "Yeah, she is" Batman sighed.

(Based on scenes and lines from the following sitcoms: "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Cosby show and Kenan & Kel").

Back in Metropolis…

"Back so soon?" Streaky asked, "It only took a few minutes and…Streaky are those bird feathers on your face?" Krypto replied.(Based on a line from the movie: "Open season"). Streaky wiped off the red feathers that were on his face and hid them under his paws, "What feathers?" he answered. Krypto shook his head "Never mind" he sighed "Ok" Streaky continued "I'll see you later" said Krypto before he went into the house to wait for Kevin. "No problem K-dog" said Streaky before he hiccupped "I gotta get rid of these feathers and quickly before…" Streaky stopped short when he heard a loud yell "Streaky, I'm home!" the voice called out, "Andrea finds out" he concluded.

At STAR labs…

"So, Buddy have you been called to help out Superdog, recently?" a male Doberman named Marley asked. "Not so much" the mixed breed replied, the two dogs paused for a few seconds. "Now where you think he's going?" Buddy wondered, "C'mon let's follow him" said Marley. (Based on a quote from the movie: "Homeward bound: The incredible journey"). "So what are we following him for?" Buddy asked once they were inside STAR labs. "Buddy, rule number 1 when you follow someone and you don't want 'em to know it…Keep quiet!" Marley told him. "Sorry" the mixed breed dog replied, "Now come' on" said Marley as they tried to catch up. (Based on a scene and lines from the movie: "Beethoven")

(Door closes)

"Oh no , it's locked!" said Marley (Based on quote from the movie: "Toy story 2"). "Isn't this for employees only?" Buddy asked, "We are employees here" Marley pointed out. "I meant the humans" Buddy added, Right..." Marley sighed. There was an awkward silence between the two dogs but it only lasted a couple minutes. "Shh, hold it!" Marley whispered. "What is it?" Buddy replied, "Listen" the black & tan Doberman answered. The duo had their ears against the door; "Of course I'm alone" said a voice from the other side, the person the two dogs had been following was Professor Hamilton! "Wrong" Marley thought. "She'll be fine in a few weeks, I can promise you that" Professor Hamilton continued. (Quote from the movie: "The pebble & the penguin"). "She better be…hang on that's my other line, I'll talk to you later" said Amanda Waller before she hung up. "Well I suppose I better get started" Professor Hamilton concluded, before putting his cell phone back into his pocket. "He's coming, Marley run!" said Buddy, "Right behind you!" the Doberman replied before the two ran off.

"What the…?" Professor Hamilton sputtered, he thought he had just heard some noises and looked around to be sure "Oh well" he sighed before heading off down the hall way.(Quote from: "Fresh prince of Bel-Air"). "This is crazy…who do you suppose he was talking to?" Buddy asked, as the two dogs ran, "That's easy….Amanda Waller" said Marley. "How do you know that?" Buddy asked once more. "Before I came to STAR labs, I was one of the guard dogs who worked on her property, Hamilton is one of the people she calls on a regular basis" Marley explained, "I never knew that…." Buddy replied, "Now that we heard him talking on the phone, we've gotta do something about it" Marley continued, the two of them stopped running to think. "But what?" Marley wondered, "We gotta tell Superdog!" Buddy pointed out, "Of course! If he can report this to Superman and the league, they'll get to the bottom of this for sure, c'mon!" said Marley before the duo continued to move on.


"You see, Darter you just take the arrow and pull it all the way back and…let it go!" Green Arrow explained. The arrow he threw landed on a piece of cardboard that had been tied to a tree, "Now you try" he continued. Darter did as he was told and stepped forward. "Ok…here it goes" he sighed, "Yo, Ollie!" a voice shouted to him "Aah!" Darter screamed as he let go of his arrow. "Get down!" Green Arrow shouted, the arrow hit a tree that was across the street. "You gotta watch where you throw those things….you can poke somebody's eye out with that" Black Canary pointed out, "Thanks for the tip, I was showing Darter how to…" Green Arrow was cut off. "Use the arrows? That's obvious" Canary said to him. They were standing in a vacant lot, "Just trying to help him improve, you helped Monday with controlling her voice…that high pitched howl of hers is pretty loud" Green Arrow explained. "It certainly is" Black Canary sighed, the two looked at the black and white corgi who was watching a grasshopper that was in front of her. "So what brings you to our neck of the woods?" Darter asked, "We're meeting Huntress and Question for lunch today, remember?" Black Canary answered. "We've gotta go get home and change, I suggest you do the same" said Monday, regarding the fact the 4 of them were still in their costumes. "We will" Darter and Green Arrow replied simultaneously, a short time later they caught up with the others. "So here are we goin' today? Uncle Chang's Chinese take out?" Darter asked. "Nah, it's red pepper café…it's the only where our pets can go" huntress answered, "Yeah, outside" Monday pointed out, regarding the fact they'd all be sitting outside.

"Uh-huh" Huntress replied, "But this time, you guys mind takin' it easy on the hot sauce?" Green Arrow asked. He and Darter knew that Red pepper was a Mexican restaurant. "Oh don't worry, Canary told me and Question all about your little hot sauce episode last week…it was actually enjoyable to listen to" Huntress replied with a laugh. Green Arrow was shocked, he noticed Black Canary was standing next to him, she was also laughing. "You didn't" he said angrily "Yes, I did" she replied. "Aw, does Green Arrow have a sensitive stomach?" Quizno teased. "I think he does" Question agreed before the two started laughing. "Eh, don't listen to 'em Ollie…I understand, my stomach's sensitive too" said Theo. "All right, knock it off! You've had your fun" Green Arrow said in a sort of angry tone. He was embarrassed that Huntress and the others knew about his…er…hot sauce problem. Arrow paused for a moment, but Darter broke the silence, "You got that pepto- bizmol handy?" he asked. "Oh yeah" Green Arrow replied.


Well that's it for chapter one, how you liked it. Chapter 2 should be up at some point, so be sure to look for it! Also for those who don't know who Buddy is, he's a mixed breed guard dog who works at STAR labs, he's also a superhero known as "Stretch-O-Mutt" a sort of K-9 Elongated-man.

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