Made it to chapter 11! This chapter features more new characters:

Pierre the West highland white terrier (Voiced by: Brian Doyle Murray)

Ms. Janice the Bengal cat/Lynx mix (Voiced by: Charlayne Woodard)

Hampton the Wire coated fox terrier/west highland terrier mix

(Voiced by: Victor Brandt)

Lilo the mutt (Voiced by: Vanessa Williams)

Zypto the mutt (Voiced by: James Earl Jones)

Nypto the Mutt (Voiced by: Robert Guillaume)

Sharona the German spitz (Voiced by: Cherie Johnson)

Timmy the French spaniel (Voiced by: Phillip Bolden)

Libby the Irish setter (Voiced by: Kelly Ripa)

The next day after the storm was pleasant, the sky was a nice shade of blue and the birds were singing. But for one person and her dog it wasn't an easy start. Ryen lifted her head up and yawned, her eyes slowly opened. She could hear her owner breathing; the Pitbull/Amercian bulldog mix glanced at Lois who moaned a little. "Ohh, it's morning already" she muttered before letting out a yawn, "That was one crazy night, huh Ryen?" Lois continued Ryen nodded in response. "Well, come 'on old girl, we aren't going to get anything done laying around here" said Lois before she got out of her bed.


Helena (aka Huntress) giggled she left something on her face "Question, stop it! That tickles" she said in her sleep. A few seconds later she opened her eyes "Oh, hello Theo…" she replied in a dull tone realizing he had been licking her face. (Based on similar scene & lines from: "Shrek 2"). She rubbed his soft and silky fur, Helena thought about the storm, she remembered when she got into her apartment with Theo, both of them were soaked that day. "Boy, that was a rough night" she said with a yawn, "I wonder what everyone else is up to" she sighed as she glanced out the window. Lois, Ryen Helena and Theo weren't the only ones who had a rough morning. "That's it, that's the last time I do that" said Stargirl "Oh c'mon Courtney it wasn't that bad" Supergirl answered. "How'd meeting the fans go?" Green Lantern asked, "Awful, that is the last time I do guest appearance for my fan club" Stargirl explained. "Oh really, what happened?" G.L. continued "Courtney cut the cheese" Supergirl answered. It wasn't long before GL and Vixen started laughing, "Thanks a lot guys" Stargirl replied before she left the employee's lounge. (Based on quotes from the sitcom: "Roseanne"). "Anyone seen Barb?" Nightwing asked, "Oh, she and Parker left with Shebang and Sharona an hour ago" Vixen explained, "Who?" Nightwing answered in a puzzled tone.

Somewhere in Metropolis…

"C'mon Parker, hurry up" said Sharona, "I'm coming!" Parker shouted. "Oy, I'm getting tired of this, sheesh!" she muttered. Parker and Sharona had been jumping from roof top to roof top on some of the brownstone apartments. "You ok, Barb?" Shebang asked, "Ye-yeah sure" Batgirl panted "Oy" she groaned. Shebang and Sharona were a bit younger than her and Parker, also Parker and Barb had fallen behind as far as staying in shape. "Hurry up, guys" said Cindy "We're coming" Mala called out Cindy and Tea were ahead of her and Nita. They were currently in the outskirts of Metropolis, "I gotta get in shape" said Mala, "I'm gettin' old" Nita replied, "So am I" Mala replied "That would explain the grey hair" said Ivy, "Cut it out" Mala answered, she knew Ivy was cracking a joke about her white hair.

In Midway city…

Vivian was stretch out on the carpet of Shayera's apartment both of them were exhausted and had slept in. Shayera yawned as she went to open her blinds. She gasped at what was right outside, "Hi" Kragger greeted, "What are you doing?" she asked. "Cleaning the windows…what the…? Is that a hawk?" Kragger continued.

(Hawk screeches)

"This could get ugly" said Shayera "Oh no, no!" Kragger shouted as a red tailed hawk flew closer to him.

(Hawk screeches)

It didn't take long for Shayera to close her blinds, "Noo!" Kragger screamed. (Based on scene & quotes from: "The suite life of Zack & Cody"). "Did you tell him about the hawk's nest on the ledge outside?" Vivian asked. Just then the duo heard a loud screech, obviously it was the hawk, "I don't think that'll be necessary" Shayera answered "Yikes" Vivian muttered. Meanwhile at STAR labs, Marley had made a new friend. Hampton, a Wire haired fox terrier/West highland white terrier mix. He groaned at what was in front of him. "Great, scraps again" he muttered, "Hey, you" said Marley, "Me?" Hampton answered, "Yeah, c'mere" Marley told him. "Here, you can have this" Marley continued "Really?" Hampton answered in surprise, "Sure….I've already got enough" said Marley. Hampton was surprised that Marley actually offered him his left over kibble.

The terrier mix had been a stray dog for about a year; he mostly looked around for scraps and places to sleep. " come by here often?" Marley asked, "To eat out of the trash cans? Yes….name's Hampton" the terrier mix replied "I'm Marley" the black & tan Doberman continued.

"Weren't you one of Waller's dogs?" Hampton asked, he had heard something about Marley being one of Amanda Waller's old watch dogs. "Yes I was…till I got here" Marley explained, "I've been here since last year…I helped out Superdog with a couple cases" Hampton added. "Think you could name one?" Marley asked "Well…there is one I remember…it happened a few months ago, you see I…" Hampton stopped short "Someone's coming!" Marley explained, he ran off and hid in a bush "Don't just stand there, move it!" he continued. Hampton answered with a simple: "Uh…" his ears drooped "Well, hello" Professor Hamilton greeted the terrier mix as he patted Hampton's head. Hampton's tail began to wag ever since he came to STAR labs; Professor Hamilton was one of the few employees that were friendly towards Hampton. "I'll see you later" Hamilton continued before he headed towards his car, "You know him?" Marley asked "Sure, I come here everyday…you ok?" said Hampton. "Oh, yeah…I just need a break" Marley replied, he was somewhat shocked.


Abby moaned, " Is it morning already? Great" she mumbled, Roulette groaned neither of them felt like getting up. She felt someone tap her shoulder, "Abby I…" Roulette stopped short and gasped, "How'd you get in here?" she asked. "You left your window open" Catwoman explained, "Oh c'mon, let me sleep" Roulette pleaded. "It's 9:30am" Catwoman added, "9:30! I was supposed to meet up with Lex half an hour ago" said Roulette before she got up. Catwoman looked at Abby for a second "Furball" she said to her in a dull tone. "Cat person" Abby replied. (Quote from the movie: "Cats & Dogs").

In Smallville…

Roulette and Abby weren't the only ones that slept in; Lana had worked late last night and was worn out. Her dog Libby, an Irish setter yawned and stretched, so far it was a pleasant morning until the alarm clock went off. "Yaah!" Lana exclaimed, she was somewhat startled; she quickly turned the alarm off. "You gotta be kidding" she muttered, Lana pulled her pillow over her head. Libby managed to get to underneath and started licking her owner's face. "Libby! Aah! Stop! You red headed nut" Lana exclaimed. "Look whose talking" Libby thought. "I mean really I…" Lana glanced at her own hair "Oh, who am I kidding? Here I'm callin' you a red headed nut and I'm a read head too" she added, Libby laughed. "Stop it" said Lana.

So far not everyone was having a decent day. "There's one thing I'd like to know…how are we going to get out of here?" Kala asked "You got me" said Zor-El. "I got it" Rusty answered who started to howl. His voice echoed, "Are you crazy!" Kala exclaimed "Oh c'mon someone's bound to hear me" Rusty added, "Yes like secur…" Sul-Van was cut off "I doubt anyone can hear you outside" said Reno. "I have to try!" Rusty continued(Quote from: "Kenan & Kel"). Rusty started to howl again, outside someone did hear him! "Someday this turned out to be" Sorento muttered, just then he was alerted by the sound of a dog howling. "Sounds like somebody's in trouble" said Sorento he used his X-ray vision to look in a nearby building. "I've got to tell Krypto" he said to himself once he saw what was in the building where Rusty, Kala, Zor-EL, etc… were being kept.

The 2 year old Brittany spaniel didn't even notice JD who he ran into, causing a small: "Crash". "Watch where you're going, kid" said Sorento he gasped once he realized who it was. "Night-hound!" he exclaimed, "What is it?" JD asked as he rubbed his right cheek. "Listen, I need to tell Superdog that there are people and pets being kept in that building over there" Sorento explained. "That's Cad…nah, you're kidding right?" JD replied.

"Does Halle Berry have a perm?" Sorento asked, "So…you're serious" JD answered. (Based on a line from: "Fresh prince of Bel-air"). "Yes!" Sorento shouted "C'mon" he told JD before he showed him what he was talking about. The young springer spaniel gasped "You're right, come'on we gotta go get help" he said to Sorento and with that, the two spaniels took off running. "So that's the whole story?" Superman asked, "You got it" said JD, the two dogs managed to find Superman and Krypto. "We better go check this out" Krypto added. Meanwhile, the Downtown dogs got a visit from a particular dog with brindle spots.

"This was a great find, Boss" said Beane "Sure was" Beazel agreed as he ripped a piece of beef off the bone. The trio had found a box of old roast beef and was busy chewing it. "Hello boys" a female voice greeted them the 3 dogs gasped. "H-hi there" Beane stuttered "Look out guys, she works for Luthor and Waller's crew" Beazel pointed out. "Uh-huh…so Missy" Mutsy started to say "Cindy" she corrected him. "Cindy…what brings you to our neck of the woods?" Mutsy asked, he grinned a little. "Can you do me a favor?" Cindy replied "What is it?" Mutsy answered. "I'm looking for something…or someone" said Cindy as she showed them a photo of what she was looking for. "Say, ain't that Superdog's ki…?"Mutsy quickly covered Beane's mouth, "S-sorry we can't tell you where that is ma'am" Musty explained regarding where Krypto lived. The photo was of Kevin and Krypto sitting in the backyard. "So you wouldn't mind if I look around, would you?" Cindy asked the 3 dogs answered with a small: "Uh…"

Seconds later…

Mutsy, Beane and Beazel yelped in fear as Cindy searched the alley. She cornered the trio "Hey, take it easy this is our place" Mutsy sputtered, Cindy let out a sigh of frustration "Well this isn't gonna work" she muttered she noticed an old flyer on the ground it was a bit raggedy but Cindy could read the address on it. "Hello…1816 Cherry-field Drive…ohh this works" she continued.(Based on similar scene from: "101 Dalmatians 2 : Patch's London adventure"). The brindle spotted dog grinned, she glanced back at the downtown dogs "What now? You want to know where our bone collection is?" Mutsy asked, "No, I found what I was looking for….oh here…" said Cindy she picked up a steak she had brought with her and tossed it towards Mutsy. "And try to stay out of the garbage…ugh!" she continued before taking off. "Sheesh! What was up with her?" Mutsy asked "I dunno" Beane and Beazel replied. It didn't take long for Cindy to find Kevin's house, "I'm here" she said with a sigh. "Krypto! You're home I didn't expect you to get back this early but…" Kevin stopped short when Cindy turned around. "You're not Krypto" he pointed out, Cindy simply shook her head now that she was in Kevin's backyard and had found Krypto's dog house she went into it. "Hey, where are you going? I don't think you're allowed down there" said Kevin before he followed Cindy down to Krypto's rocket. "There it is" she sighed before grabbing a floppy disk that was on the computer's keyboard. "Hold it! I'm not letting you leave with that…who are you?" Kevin asked. Cindy put the disk down to answer "My name is Cindy" she replied, "Are you related to Krypto? What are you doing here?" Kevin continued to ask.

Although Cindy wanted to leave she decided to answer Kevin's questions. While on Krypton, Cindy had been used for search and rescue and as a therapy dog during her off days. Thankfully she was even tempered towards children and people in general and was able to tolerate Kevin. "You ask a lot of questions don't you?" she replied, Kevin nodded, Cindy sighed "I am related to him I'm his older cousin" Cindy explained, regarding Krypto. "Older cousin? I didn't even know he had another relative" said Kevin, "Hey! Wait up" he called out as he followed Cindy back outside. "Where are you going?" Kevin continued, "I can't tell you" said Cindy "Why not?" Kevin asked, "That's personnel now I have to get this disk back to my owner" Cindy explained. "That's Krypto's disk you can't…" Kevin stopped short when Cindy growled at him. He gulped nervously, "Stay out of the way, human" Cindy said firmly. "Wait" Kevin shouted it wasn't long before Cindy took off with Krypto's disk. "Oh no" Kevin said to himself.

A short time later, Krypto and Streaky headed home "We're headin' home?" Streaky asked. "I want to make sure Kevin is alright" said Krypto as he landed in the backyard. "Hey Kevin, you here?" Krypto asked, "Krypto, is that you?" he replied "Course it's me..." Krypto answered "Whoa!" Streaky yelled as he crash landed "And Streaky…why do you ask? What's wrong?" Krypto continued.

"Some dog that looked like you came and took the disk out of the rocket" Kevin explained "This dog, it didn't happen to be Dusty right?" Krypto asked. Kevin had met Dusty a couple times and knew what she looked like. "No, she had white fur and brown spots…with stripes on them" Kevin answered. "Oh, that's Cindy…" Krypto pointed out, just then it dawned on him about what he just said "Cindy! Came here!….wha…how did she find this place?" Krypto asked. "I don't know…maybe Jimmy the rat had something to do with it" Kevin answered. "I doubt Jimmy would have something to do with it…sounds more like the downtown dogs would do this, I better go ask them….are you ok?" Krypto replied "Yeah, I'm fine I tried to stop her but…she growled at me" said Kevin, "At least you tried…thanks Kevin" Krypto answered. "Good bye" Kevin continued, "Bye" Krypto and Streaky said simultaneously before they left. "So where do you suppose the downtown dogs are now?" Streaky asked "Don't know..." said Krypto. It wasn't long before he and Streaky found them "Wait, there they are!" he announced, "hey guys" he greeted them. "Oh, hi Superdog" Beane replied "Where'd you get that steak?" Krypto asked "Somebody gave it to us" said Beazel. "Who?" Krypto continued, "That's none of your business" said Mutsy, "Ok then…does the name Cindy ring a bell?" Krypto said in a firm tone. "Cindy… mean that dog that works for Waller's crew?" Beazel asked.

"No, Cindy the race horse…of course Cindy that works for Waller's crew! What did you tell her?" Krypto answered. "N-nothin' maybe that wanted poster had somethin' to do with it" said Mutsy, "Wanted poster?" Krypto wondered, he then saw what Mutsy was talking about and gasped "That's not a wanted poster, that's an old flyer Kevin put up when I didn't come home…it even has his address on it, that's probably how Cindy found the house and…she gave you that steak?" Krypto said in a somewhat shocked tone. "Sure did" Beazel replied "She said somethin' about us stayin' out of the garbage" Beane added. "Huh…ok, I'm going to see if I can find her but first I gotta get back to the J.L. watch-tower" said Krypto before he and Streaky took off. "How come you never brought us any steaks?" Musty asked, Krypto didn't hear him. "Uh…K-dog what's on that disk that you're so worried about?" Streaky asked. "There's some information about Krypton on it as well as a file on my family" Krypto explained. "Wow…now…uh…how can anyone read it?" Streaky replied, "It's in Kryptonian the average person couldn't read it but Luthor will probably have Pontiac or somebody translate it" Krypto added.


"You found it?" Amanda asked, "Yes…some human boy tried to stop me" Cindy explained. "That's Superdog's kid" Waddles pointed out "I know that human boy he has a friend too…ohhh if he runs into Superdog he'll probably tell him whathappened" Delilah added. "We'll worry about that later…" said Amanda she patted Cindy on the head "So, you got a job for me?" Tea asked. "You and Cindy" Amanda added "Excuse me?" the young blond replied, "Here's the address…there's a package there" said Professor Hamilton as he handed Tea a piece of paper. "Whoa, wait…time out; you want me to pick up a package? That's it?" Tea replied. "Pretty much" Amanda answered. "And to think I thought you had something that would be more interesting" Tea continued. "Hey, at least you both get to fly" Livewire pointed out "Out of state" Roulette added. "To where?" the young blond asked "Kansas" Amanda replied. At that moment Tea started laughing, "Kansas? Ha! You're kidding right?" she said once she stopped laughing.

Minutes later…

"Ok so she's not" Tea concluded, "When you get there knock 3 times" Amanda explained, "Yeah sure" Tea sighed before she and Cindy took off. "Cindy, can you believe this? We have to pick up a package in the middle of Kansas, ugh!" Tea continued, "I mean don't you think we could…" Galatea was cut off "Pigeon" said Cindy. "Pigeon? Cindy what are you talking about?" Tea asked "Pigeon, move!" Cindy called out; "Oh" Tea replied and moved out of the way she missed the pigeon that was heading in her direction. "Thanks" she answered with a sigh, the duo moved up higher now they wereat a slightly higher elevation level. The two of them enjoyed the view of Metropolis, the sky scrapers, apartment buildings and several other things. "This is gr..." before Tea could finish her sentence Cindy pointed out something else to her. "Superdog" she told her "What about him?" tea asked. "No, there goes3 superdogs" Cindy replied, Tea gasped that's Static's dog and…some other pet" she continued, the other dog that was with Tyriq, Static, Gear and Jazz was a young female Brittany spaniel. "Let's hide before they see us" Cindy told Tea, the two of them moved to a lower level. "So anyway, I tell him if you want to get a job done right you got to…did you see that?" Static asked.

"See what?" Gear answered, "Looked like a girl and some dog" Static replied. "Oh, c'mon there's nobody up here but us" said Gear, "And an airplane" Static added. "Wha?" Gear sputtered "Airplane!" Static shouted, at the moment they moved. "Maybe we should stick to the lower areas" Gear suggested, "Not a bad idea" Static agreed "Do you think they saw us?" Cindy asked, I don't know, maybe" said Tea who began to pant. "C'mon let's go" she continued. Some time later the duo reached Kansas, "This is the place?" Cindy continued. They were in a rural area, the only thing around was a dirt road a field with a few Holsteincows and a rail road a few feet away. It wasn't long before Tea looked at the paper "It's the right address" she replied, she and Cindy walked up to a small building. The door had the STAR labs logo on it. The young blond knocked 3 times, a small slot on the door opened. "Hi, I'm here about the package, Waller told me to…" Tea was cut off "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know" a male voice replied. He left for a moment, "Not too friendly is he?" said Cindy, "No" Tea replied. Another slot at the bottom of the door opened. "Thank…" the slot closed before Tea could finish her sentence "You…" she concluded. "Let's go" she told Cindy as she picked up the package. "What you do suppose is in it?" Cindy asked, "Eh, could be some computer parts" Tea answered, "And of course there's lead in here" she continued realizing she couldn't look in the package. "Oh well, guess we'll find out when we get back" said Cindy. "Probably" Tea sighed.

Cindy was curious to find out what was in it but she respected other people's privacy, something her parents had taught her at a young age. The duo took off, a few minutes later Cindy barked "What is it girl?" Tea asked she looked down "A farm? C'mon let's go check it out" said Tea. The two landed, Cindy put the package on the ground "You sure this is safe?" she asked, "Course it's safe, nobody's around" Tea added. She looked at a mailbox "The Kents, huh?" she wondered. Cindy sniffed the ground "I smell Superpup and look paw prints…hey, they're not as big as mine" Cindy pointed out. "I smell Supergirl here too" Tea admitted She noticed a window on the second floor of the Kent's house, "Let's see what's up there" she continued. She went up to the window; Tea grunted a little as she tried to get the window open. "The window's locked" she pointed out "Maybe the Kents know her or something" Cindy added.

Cindy recognized the Kent farm since she stayed with them for a few days after her escape pod crashed. Though, Tea had forgotten about Superman mentioning that Cindy stayed with the Kents and Kara. Right at moment Cindy decided to keep it under wraps and let Tea figure it out "Yeah" Tea sighed; they looked at the room from the window they did notice some pictures of Supergirl and Superpup on one wall. There was also a large dog bed in one corner of the room. "Maybe this is where She and Superpup live" Cindy added. It didn't take long for Tea to figure it out she now remembered Superman mentioning that Cindy had stayed with Kara but now she knew where, it all made sense.

"A small farm in the middle of a place like this?" Tea asked, a few seconds later she and Cindy started laughing. "Well Superpup does have a kinda farm dog look" Cindy added. "Yeah she does…" Tea sighed "Come'on, we better go" she continued just then the tow of them heard a dog bark. "Uh-oh, someone's coming…run" said Tea. "Mel! Mel what are you doin' here?" Ramon asked, the Labrador/Clumber spaniel mix growled he let out another loud bark. "Stop barking, you know Kara isn't home now let's go" said Ramon. He tugged on the dog's leash, Mel whined he knew he saw something and Ramon thought he was barking for no reason. Cindy and Tea came from behind the barn, "Phew! I think we better leave before someone else spots us" she suggested. "Good idea" said Cindy she picked up the package and they took off.


"You're back…did you?" Amanda stopped short "Got the package, no problem" Tea announced. Cindy placed in front of Amanda and sighed, she went over to her dog bowl to get some water. "Ugh! Alright who put kool-aid in my water again?" she asked, realizing her water tasted like fruit punch. Joker started laughing "Joker" Cindy muttered, she growled a little "At least that's not as bad as replacing somebody's roll of toilet paper with sand paper" said Cheetah.(Based on ajoke from: "Kenan & Kel").At that moment everyone in the room started laughing. "Oh man…whoo…I need a break" said Roulette who had been laughing pretty hard.

Meanwhile, else where…

"You know it's kinda funny, I mean a good reporter can have anything slip by them" said Lois, "That's true" Clark replied. The two of them were currently in Metropolis harbor. "Look, I'm gonna go get lunch, I'll see you later" Clark continued "What's your hurry, Superman?" Lois asked, Clark stopped in his tracks. "Excuse me?" he answered, "I gotta admit your disguise is nearly perfect but you can't fool me" Lois continued "Heh, Lois I think you're really going off the deep end here" Clark said nervously. "Listen, if I'm right…then you tell me you're Superman, but if I'm wrong you've got yourself one crazy story….adios" said Lois before she climbed over the railing and jumped into a nearby channel. "Whoa! Lois" Clark called out, "Superman! Help! Help!" Lois called out. "Oh no" said Clark as he ran after Lois, the channel was used to drain rain water and it went straight out to the ocean. Clark ran along side the channel trying to keep up, finally he got to a section where he could reach Lois. "Here, Lois, grab my arm…whoa!" Clark continued before he fell in. They were at a shallow part of the channel, "You ok?" he asked, "You're who I thought was Superman?" Lois replied. "Um…" Clark stuttered, "This is really embarrassing" said Lois as she and Clark stepped out of the water.

A short time later Lois was in her apartment drying her hair off. "Boy did I sure look like an idiot, jumping into a river waiting for Mr. You-know-who and he didn't show up" she explained. "Wow…huh, that's interesting, Lois" said Jimmy. Lois glanced at the young red head for a moment "Say Jimmy, you're Superman's pal has he…ever told you anything he does during his down time?" she asked. "I d-don't think so" Jimmy answered, he grinned nervously. "Ok, just asking" Lois replied as she continued to dry her hair. She sighed, "I'm gonna change, I'll meet you at the daily planet later, Jim" she continued. "Kay, see you" said Jimmy before he left. Just then, Ryen walked into the room "Hey Ryen…. I had an interesting day, I jumped into a river and Superman didn't show up, Clark helped me out and…" Lois stopped short and thought about it. "Wait a second" she said before getting up. "Huh?" Ryen wondered, while Ryen tried to figure out what Lois was up to she wasn't the only one having a boring time.

"Someone left the cake out in the rain…I don't think that I can take it, cause it took so long to bake it and I'll never have that recipe again...Oh no" Sul-Van sang. Kala yawned "Sul-Van?" she started to say "Yes?" he replied, "Stop singing!" everyone else shouted simultaneously, "Kay" Sul-Van sighed.(Based on scene from the frehs prince of Bel-air episode: "Mistaken identity")."When are they going to let us out of here?" Zor-El asked, "I don't know" said Kala, just then the door opened. "Someone's coming keep it down" she whispered. "It's just some girl" said Teru, "Yes…she looks sort of familiar" Kala added. "Uh…hi" Tea greeted them "Hello" Kala replied she tilted her head to the left, "You're not Kara" she pointed out "Who?" Tea asked. "My daughter…she looks like you" Kala explained "But her hair is longer" Teru added. "I'm not sure if I know who you're talking about but my name's Tea" the blue eyed blond replied. "I'm Kala-In-Ze and this is my son Teru" the female Argosian replied. "Hi" said Teru "Listen…can you let us out?" Kala asked "I could but I'm not allowed to" Tea explained. "O...Kay" Kala said with a sigh. "Anyway, I have a few questions I wanted to ask you" Tea admitted. Kala perked up at hearing this, "Alright but do you mind if I ask you something?" Kala replied. "Sure, go ahead" said Tea, "Are youa human like everyone else here or…?" Kala stopped short "I'm Argosian like you" Tea finished for her.

"Really…huh?" Kala muttered, just then she had an idea. "What is it?" Zor-El asked "Just play along I have an idea" Kala whispered. "No problem" said Zor-El.

Meanwhile on the other side of town….

"There's the place" said Ignatius, "Oh that couldn't be his home, Iggy" Janice replied. Janice was a Bengal cat/Lynx mix; she had light grey fur and dark grey spots on her body. She also had a patch of white fur on her chest, underbelly, paws and the tip of her tail. There was a little on her snout and a patchin the space between her ears,she also had pastel yellow eyes and wore a pink collar. "Ms. Janice, whatever we want to know is in that doghouse, now let's go" Ignatius answered, the two of them went into the backyard and into Krypto's dog house. Once in the rocket Ignatius noticed a DVD disk and placed itin what looked like to be aplayer. The DVD started to play:

"Is this thing on?" Zypto asked, "Yes" Lilo replied. "Oh, thank you Lilo…Hello Krypto….there's something your mother and I haven't had the chance to tell you so I made this video…on Krypton things were well….you probably remember Dom, Stella and Royce from the race track and everywhere else…Royce was born with a mental disability similar to autism…he can speak but in short sentences and broken English"

Ignatius and Janice then noticed some photos of Royce on the screen, the video continued to play:

"Stella, her parents were 2 of Krypton's top show dogs, Stella however showed very little interested and it turned out she wasn't show quality" Zypto explained.

"And last is Dom…"

After watching the video for a few minutes Ignatius got bored and turned it off. "A video...pfft…cute" he muttered. "Ms. Janice….Ms. Janice!" he shouted "I found it" she called out.

(Toilet flushes)

"I think" she said nervously "She found it" Ignatius sighed. Sometime later the duo left and caught up with the other wild dawg pets. "Wait, I know where he is" Ignatius confessed "Sure you do" said Dom as he rolled his eyes in the opposite direction. "Ok I know where his friends hang out" Ignatius added. "Really?" Dom asked, he perked up at hearing this.

At the Supercat fan clubhouse…

"No, no there's 3 of them….that nutty Doberman and that big wolf with thick hair on it and a female hound that looks almost like a show dog…they can fly, they lift things, anything Superdog can do they can do…where is he anyway?" said a west highland white terrier named Pierre. "Maybe he hasn't heard about it, yet chief…maybe..." Timmy, a French spaniel was cut off "Maybe, maybe he's just run out of guts…"Pierre replied. He glanced at the snacks that Squeaky had set out for them "No milk bones, and don't call me chief" he continued "Look if anything comes up, he'll be here" said Ryen "Yeah, he'll be here" Pierre replied sarcastically. Just then the group was alerted by a loud rumbling noise "Did you hear that?" Nikki asked "Sounds like an airplane" said Timmy. A few seconds later there was a loud: "Crash" The 4 kittens quickly started to run. "Uh-oh, quick take a picture" said Ryen. Timmy managed to snap a couple pictures using the small camera Jimmy had put on his neck. Ignatius enter the clubhouse via the hole Dom and Royce had made. "Even though they've been house trained when will these nuts learn how to use a door knob?" he muttered. "Hi" he greeted everyone, Ignatius laughed sheepishly.

"You should see the Daily planet they'll be cleaning it for weeks" he added. "Ignatius" said Ryen, "What do ya know" said Timmy,"This is Superdog's pal?" Dom asked Royce picked up Timmy who held him by the scruff of his neck. "Y-yes…but you're craz…" the young spaniel was cut off "Timmy!" Ryen exclaimed. Royce put the young dog back on the floor, "You told me this is where his friends are" Dom continued Ignatius gulped nervously "Well…yes…you just hold on to that little lady and uh….he'll come around, see she hangs out with him and he tells her a few things about himself…they're the best of friends…you see" Ignatius explained. "Hmm…Superdog's in an interesting guy…" said Stella as she looked at picture of him and Supercat on the wall. "Yeah and you're a piece of work yourself, sister" Ryen added. Stella started to approach Ryen at hearing this. "Wait a second….she's ok for now…get rid of everyone else, starting with him" said Dom, Royce growled at Ignatius. "Wait! Wait! Hey wait! Don't you remember…we had a few laughs, right?" Ignatius sputtered. Royce let out a low growl "You ought to have that fixed" Ignatius continued.

A few minutes later the group was alerted by a loud howl. It was Krypto, he stood outside the clubhouse "Dom" he called out, everyone looked out the windows. "You mind stepping outside?" Krypto asked "Superdog!" Ryen shouted, "Superdog, finally" Ignatius sighed, Dom glanced at him as if he really was...well…relieved. "I mean, there he is!" said Ignatius. "That's him, Zypto's son…let's go" Dom continued before Royce and Stella followed him outside. "Son of Zypto...I was beginning to think you were a chicken" Dom admitted, "I'm not a chicken, Dom" said Krypto. Royce snorted, "Hmph, you probably couldn't find your tail with both paws" Dom added. "You think so!" Krypto exclaimed, he tried to ignore Dom's comment as best as he could.(Based on similar scene from:"The Lion King"& "101 Dalmatians: The series")."C'mon Superdog!" Ramon, the kitten called out, Dom and Royce took off. Royce growled, Krypto also took off after him, "Superdog" Stella called. Krypto looked around "Huh?" he wondered, Krypto grunted asRoyce grabbed him by his collar "Let go" he sputtered, "Hold him" said Dom, Krypto managed to get away, Dom let out a small: "Oof!" as he bumped into Royce.

"That was close" Krypto sighed, "Whoa!" he exclaimed before stopping in his tracks. "What? You looking for something?" Stella asked Krypto pushed Royce out of the way; the wolf/pointer mix hit a tree branch which snapped. "Run!" Puff, shouted, the 4 kittens started to run off, "Oh no" the mother cow called out she was tied to the tree and couldn't break the rope. Her calf hid under her, "Can someone give me a hand?" she continued the branch broke off and fell. Krypto quickly grabbed, "Thank you" said the cow. "This…Superdog is different… I've noticed something" said Dom, "Yeah?" Stella asked "He cares…he actually cares for these earth pets" Dom explained, "Like a sheep-dog" Stella added. "I suppose so…"said Dom. He walked away from Stella for a moment, "Phew, there" Krypto sighed as he put the branch on the ground. He noticed someone standing in front of him. Krypto quickly looked up and saw Dom was about to pounce on him. The two grunted and Dom struggled and Krypto tried to stop him by placing his paws on Dom's chest. He then picked up by his collar. "How about we go for a spin? What do you say?" Krypto said through his teeth. "No! no not that, I don't like this" Dom answered as Krypto spun him around. A few second later Krypto let go, Dom screamed as he was tossed several feet away. "Aah!" he yelled "I never thought this thing would go the distance" said Ignatius.

Minutes later…

"Aah!" Nikki shouted, "C'mon get off" said Squeaky, the kittens were standing on an old Chevy pick up truck. "Don't!" Krypto exclaimed, Dom pushed the truck in Krypto's direction. He tried to stop the truck, grunting in the process the front of the truck hit a tree. "Are you ok?" Nikki asked, "Can somebody give me a hand?" Ramon asked. Puff and Nikki helped him off the truck "Where's Superdog?" Squeaky asked, they all looked around but so far they didn't see Krypto!

Letting out a small groan, Krypto crawled out from underneath the truck and took off. "So…he is a chicken after all" said Dom. "Don't leave" said a female bluebird who had been watching. The canine trio took off "Here they come" said Timmy, "Get away from there" Ryen told Pierre, "Timmy" she called for him to move out of the way. The three dogs came back into the clubhouse "Well that's over…the son of Zypto has fled" Dom announced. "Superdog fled?" Timmy asked, "I don't believe you" said Pierre, "You heard him" Ignatius added. "He'll be back…as long as he's all right he's gonna try again" said Ryen. "The next time we will catch him" said Dom, Ignatius snorted "The next time?...the next time? What am I gonna do with you people, huh? I mean I helped you find dog-boy and what do I get? He got away…I've dealt with that before" he replied. "Why do you day this to me when I can just look for him?" Dom asked. "Look for him? Funny I happen to have..." Ignatius was cut off "Shut up" said Stella; Ignatius was starting to get on her nerves. "Superdog's address?" Ignatius continued, everyone in the room looked at him.

"Anything else? You act like you've got something else up your sleeve" said Dom, "Oh, well…there is one thing…" Ignatius answered sheepishly, "What is it?" Dom asked. "Supercat" Ignatius replied, Royce let out a small growl though it sounded more like he was bored. "Come'on, the 3 of us will track down Superdog!" said Dom. (Scenes and quotes based on: "Superman II"). "But… we might need some bait…hmm." Dom added as he looked at Ryen. "Me! No n-no not me, not Ryen Lane" the Pitbull/Amercian bulldog mix answered. She struggled as Royce grabbed her by her collar. (Based on quotes from: "The land before time") "Hey, let go, you big goof" Ryen muttered, she continued to struggle to get free. Just then Vilea and Tronk came into the clubhouse "Dom, we have to go" she announced "Now?" he asked. "Yes, now" Vilea replied firmly, "Hmph, I'll be back for you" Dom told Ryen. "Don't hurry!" she called out, the 5 dogs took off (Based on quotes from: "Stuart Little 2"). While Ryen and the others tried to clean up the clubhouse Krypto was in Kevin's backyard. He panted "What am I gonna do?" he asked himself Krypto went down to his dog house. "What the?" he sputtered, he sniffed around "Ignatius" he growled it didn't take him long to recognize the iguana's scent. "Huh? An old DVD?" Krypto wondered, he put it in the player and sat down to watch it:

"Is this thing on?" Zypto asked, "Yes" Lilo replied. "Oh, thank you Lilo…Hello Krypto….there's something your mother and I haven't had the chance to tell you so I made this video…on Krypton things were well….you probably remember Dom, Stella and Royce from the race track and everywhere else…Royce was born with a mental disability similar to autism…he can speak but in short sentences and broken English"

Krypto noticed some photos of Royce on the screen, the video continued to play:

"Stella, her parents were 2 of Krypton's top show dogs, Stella however showed very little interested and it turned out she wasn't show quality" Zypto explained.

"And last is Dom…we had all been friends since puppyhood" said Zypto

Krypto saw some photos of Zypto, Lilo, Dom, Stella & Royce; he continued to watch the video:

"Around the time your mother was pregnant with you and your siblings things started to change…Dom had started spending more and more time with Vilea and Tronk…by the time you and your siblings were born...I had told all my friends the news including him. Though my neighbors, friends and relatives came to visit me, your mother...heh-heh and of course to see you and your brothers and sisters…he had said he'd come but never did…I wanted for him after everyone had left, turns out he stood us up" Zypto continued.

"Huh, I don't remember Dom from then but I remember him now…come to think of it, I don't remember, Royce or Stella that much either" Krypto said to himself.

He looked at the screen and continued to watch the rest of the video:

"Though the night after Malvo and Nita were sent to Argo…I found Dom, in the building where Brainiac was kept…Pontiac was nowhere in site, course whatever he tried to do I attempted to find out and I did…when he went to chase after me I got away…hopped a few fences but I got home….over the next few weeks you and your siblings grew up into healthy pups…after the annual dog race, Dom had printed out files from Pontiac's computer…I found them and shortly after went to see Royce, Stella and him…well…things didn't work out…"Zypto added.

"Huh, well isn't that something" Krypto muttered as he watched the video:

"And anyway…Zod, Ursa & Non were placed in a shuttle and can guess the rest…Stella and Royce were sent with them…Dom, Vilea and Tronk were sent to space in a rocket shortly after…" Zypto continued.

"Interesting case" said Krypto. It didn't take long for before the video had started to end:

"I don't know what would happen if the rocket and shuttle are found...on Krypton these dogs and their owners were hard to keep up with but if they ever get to earth…they might be a problem…Did someone just yell cut? Well son…I'm sorry your mother and I never told you about this…." Zypto said with a sigh, "At least I got this done" he continued "Cut" Lilo called out, "Is it off?" Zypto asked, "I don't know" Lilo replied. It was obvious she left the camera on, "Are you done? I need the camera" said Jor-El, "There it is" Lara pointed out, "That's all folks" said Nypto before the camera was shut off.(Porky pig quote)


Krypto wiped off the tears in his eyes. "So….that's it then….oy" he sighed. (Based on scene & lines from: "Superman II").


"So let me get this straight, you can translate these files to English?" Lex asked "Not exactly…I can translate the content in them and save it to this lap top" Pontiac replied. He inserted the disk into the drive and started typing on the keyboard. "Download time…12 hours" he announced as he read the pop-up on the screen. "12 hours!" Lex and Zod replied simultaneously. "Hey, you can't rush these things" Pontiac answered, "He's right" Brainiac added. "So what do you propose we do for 12 hours?" Mala asked, "There's lots to do…think about it" Lex pointed out.(Based on line from: "101 Dalmatians: The series")"In that case, if you need me I'll be at the nail salon on South St." said Catwoman, everyone in the room stared at her. "Can't a girl get a pedicure?" she asked "I gotta go change" she continued before leaving the room. (Based on scene and quote from the fresh prince episode: "Community action"). "So what are you guys gonna do?" Giganta asked "Eh…I don't know" Captain Cold replied, "Thought about checkin' out a movie at the theater on 3rd St." Captain Boomerang added. "Which one?" Killer Frost asked, "It's a comedy…Cars" Captain Boomerang explained. "Oh yeah, I've wanted to see that for awhile" said Giganta, "I'm not really into comedy" Killer Frost admitted, "You aren't really into anything except ice and snow" Volcana added, Killer Frost managed to ignore the comment as best as she could. "So you 3 coming or what?" Captain Boomerang asked "I'll go" Giganta replied "Yeah, me too" Volcana sighed. "We're in!" Joker and Harley answered simultaneously. "

"How about you Toyman?" Ivy asked "I figured I'd stay here and hang out with Brainy" he replied, "Uh…Toyman…I think you better go" said Pontiac. "Oh c'mon" Toyman insisted, "Nice try but you're comin' with us" said Parasite, he and Sonar were going on the other side of town, Captain Cold was also going with them. "Ok" Toyman sighed, the 4 of them and their pets left the room. The next group to leave was Captain Boomerang's group. "If you need us we'll…" Joker was cut off "We know where to find you" said Lex, it didn't take long for Joker to leave and catch up with everyone else. "I might as well get out too…see you folks later" said Ivy, "If you need us we'll be at…" Dogwood was cut off "STAR lab's greenhouse "How did you..?" Ivy stopped short "That's easy, you both go anywhere there's plants" Lex explained. "He's got a point" Dogwood agreed, Ivy nodded, "See ya" said Dogwood before the duo left, "Slash and I will be down at the track, see you later" said Dr. Zoom before he and his greyhound ran off. "What about me? What do I do?" Tea asked "You stay with Livewire" said Professor Hamilton, "Alright you get to hang out with me, c'mon" Livewire replied, the two females and their dogs left the room.(Based on lines from the movie: "Oliver & company")."Make sure she doesn't get hurt" Professor Hamilton whispered, "No problem" said Killer Frost "Is he serious?" Cheetah asked "Yeah, I mean, the girl can take care of herself" said Mali.(based scene from: 'The Lion king 2: Simba's pride").

"Well, you know how Hamilton is with Tea he treats her as if she was his kid and she…" Killer Frost answered. "Calls him Daddy" Cheetah finished for her, the trio started laughing as they walked down the hall way. "Good point" said Nermal. "And as for you…" Lex started to say as he glanced at the other pets that hadn't left. "Oh! We'll leave…see you" said Artie before they headed out of the room. "Well, we're alone" Roulette pointed out, "Yes…it's...just us" Lex sighed; the two looked at each other and smiled. "Yoo-hoo" said a voice. It didn't take long for Lex and Roulette to snap out of their staring contest, they glanced over at Mercy. "You forgetting something?" she asked. It didn't take long for Lex to notice Otis, Ms. Teschmacher, etc…were standing behind her.(Based on scene from the fresh prince episode: "Boyz in the woodz")"Alright…you mind stepping out?" Lex asked. "We'll even be out a little longer if…" Mala was cut off "Here's $50 bucks, don't draw attention to yourselves" said Lex. "Oh, we will" said Jax-Ur, "Jax-Ur!" Lex exclaimed, "I'm just joking, sheesh!" the male Kryptonian replied before he and Mala left, Nita and Malvo were walking alongside them. (Based on scenes and lines from: "Kenan & Kel" and "The suite life of Zack & Cody") "And what about you 3?" Lex asked. "We'll be looking around the city…" said Zod, "Ok and please…" Lex stopped short, "Relax, we'll be fine…see ya" said Ursa before she and Stella went to catch up with Zod, Dom, Non and Royce. There was an awkward silence in the warehouse, "Now what?" said Roulette. "Want to go to the seafood shack?" Lex asked.

Later that night…

"Whoo! I'm worn out" said Krypto, "So am I" Superman admitted, "Hey, why don't you take the night off?" GL suggested, "Seriously?" Krypto asked "Sure we can handle things here…" Green Arrow replied, "Great…see you" said Superman, "Where do you suppose they're going?" Green Arrow asked, "Where else would they go?" GL answered. It didn't take long for Green Arrow to figure it out, he snickered a little. It was pretty obvious that Superman and Krypto were probably going to visit Lois and Ryen. Green lanternsnickered at hearing this. "Going somewhere, cousin?" Supergirl asked. "Yes, I've got the night off" Superman explained. "We both do" Krypto added. "Cool…see ya" said Kara before she left the doorway of her cousin's room. "Maybe we oughta tag along" she suggested, "Why?" Dusty asked. "Think Dusty…remember what happened the last time Superman left?" Kara continued, Dusty shuddered "Ye-yeah" she replied. "C'mon then, let's go" Supergirl insisted.


Lois and Ryen were alerted by someone knocking on the door. "Hello? Oh….hey Clark" Lois greeted him in a dull tone. "Hi" was the reply she got back from him, Krypto barked to get their attention. "I see you brought a friend" Lois pointed out, "And this" Clark continued before handing Lois a small bouquet of roses. She smiled "Thanks" she replied, Clark grinned the duo looked at each other for a moment. Lois snapped out of her staring contest with Clark "Ok Clark, what's the catch? Are you hiding something?" Lois asked. "Hiding? Me? Whatever gave you that idea?" Clark answered. "I just…have a feeling you're up to something" Lois admitted, "Look, you've probably been working hard at the Daily planet and at home" Clark continued. "Yes, I have been working hard lately" Lois sighed.

"Well…so have I" Clark confessed "And?" was the reply he got back from Lois. "I thought we could…" Clark stopped short when he heard Krypto clear his throat. "Want to take a break?" Clark asked. "Listen, Clark….I'd love to but I've got a lotta work to finish for tomorrow's paper so….I'm sorry, bye" said Lois. She started to close the door on him, but stopped. "Wait….c'mon Lois, I think you could use a break" Clark continued. "Thanks for the offer, but I think I'll pass" said Lois. With that, she closed the door, "Well….I tried" Clark sighed. He wearing a black tuxedo and Krypto was wearing a black bow-tie. "You did….but…maybe she'll come around" Krypto answered. "She might" said Clark. Lois sighed, "Got through that, huh Ryen?" said Lois. The female Pitbull/American bull dog mix yawned loudly and glanced at Lois with a cynical look on her face. "What? Oh no….I'm not doing it Ryen, forget it" Lois answered. Ryen growled, as ifto say: "Don't try to walk out of it". "Are you crazy?" Lois asked, Ryen simply barked which meant: "Nope". "Clark was right, I have been working to hard lately…I could use a break" Lois admitted (Based on line from the 101 Dalmatians: the series episode: "Mooove it on over").

Ryen smiled, "But that doesn't mean I'm going outside" Lois answered firmly, Ryen sighed in a rather sad tone. "Ryen…" Lois answered in a bit of a pathetic tone as she stroked the Pitbull mix's soft fur. "Alright" she concluded, Lois got up and went back to the article she was writing.(Based on scene from: "102 Dalmatians").She glanced at her laptop and the paper scattered on the table which were her notes. "Eh….I give up" she sighed. "Huh?" Ryen asked, "That's it, I'm taking a break" she concluded. Ryen's tail began to wag…. "I might as well go spend time with C…" Lois stopped short, "Stop smiling" she told Ryen who giggled. "Wait right here…." Lois continued, "C'mon Krypto maybe we should go home" said Clark. "Yeah" Krypto sighed; Lois opened the door and noticed Clark and Krypto getting ready to leave. "Clark I…" Lois started to say she muttered a little. "You what?" Clark asked, even though he had super-hearing he didn't know what Lois had just said to him. "I…changed my mind, I think I will take a break…look, just give me a second to change and I'll be right out" said Lois. Both Clark and Krypto smiled, before the door closed. "This is all your fault… you know that, right?" Lois asked. Ryen simply rolled her eyes.


"You ready?" Clark called, "In a minute" said Lois, "Ohh…Ryen what am I gonna do?" Lois groaned she went through her closet but didn't seem to find anything that looked appealing to wear out. Just then Ryen spotted a piece of black fabric near the back of the closet. Grabbing a hold on it she let out a muffled bark through her teeth. "What's this?" heh I haven't worn this in a long time. The fabric turned out to be part of a black dress Lois used to wear while at certain events. Some of them were restaurant openings and at one time the Metropolis championship dog show. "Now I just need a decent sweater…" Lois muttered, Ryen walked up to her holding the sleeve of a cream colored sweater in her mouth. "Great idea" said Lois. (Based on a scene from the movie: "102 Dalmatians").

Seconds later…

"Well, what do ya think?" she asked after coming out of the bathroom in her black dress and cream colored sweater. Ryen nodded in response, "Great, that's done…now we just need to find you something" Lois added. She noticed a collar on her desk in the bed room. Lois removed Ryen's plain black leather collar, and placed the other one with rhinestones on it on her neck. "Ryen went and looked at herself in the mirror "Nice…let's go" Lois continued before grabbing her purse and heading towards the door. "Well, look at that" Clark once Lois and Ryen were outside.

"Well…what'd ya think?" Lois asked, "Nice…ready to go?" Clark replied "Yeah" Lois sighed as before the two of them started walking. "Did you have ant place in mind?" Lois asked once ore "What do you mean?" Clark answered. "You're up to something" Lois continued. Clark snickered, "Oh brother….you up for going to….Seafood shack?" he asked. "I don't know…remember that fish and chips episode down at the wharf a week ago?" Lois reminded him. Clark shuddered he remembered Lois had to go home since the fish made her sick. "Don' remind me of that" said Clark, "No problem…hey, did you hear about that…" before Lois could finish her sentence she and Clark heard Krypto bark. "Look at this" said Clark, "Olive St. Grill, huh?" Lois wondered the two were looking at a flyer that had been left on telephone post.

"Second place on Metropolis' top 10 best restaurant list" Clark added as he read the flyer. "Eh…I'll give it a try" Lois admitted, "Same here" Clark answered. A short time later they reached Olive St. Grill, "Looks like a nice place" said Lois. "Sure does" Clark agreed. Olive St Grill was a small café' style restaurant unlike some of the more 5 star places in Metropolis.

"Not bad" said Ryen "C'mon, Ryen" Krypto told her. Lois and Clark sat down at a nearby table on the outdoor patio, as usually Ryen sat down on the floor beside their owners. Since Olive St. grill was dog friendly they had their own 'table' which was basically a large wooden crate. "I'll be with you in a moment" said one of the waiters. "You ok?" Lois asked, "I'm fine but….I told Kara I was taking the rest of the day off….I hope she and Dusty are ok" Clark answered. "Clark, relax…I'm sure they'll be fine…you've oftenlet Kara house-sit when you've gone out of town" Lois pointed out. "You've got a point, still I wonder what she's doing right now" said Clark. "Oh, probably something…adventurous" Lois answered, she giggled. (Based on quote from: "Kenan & Kel") "Stop it" Clark replied, he was kind of embarrassed at the moment.


"Huh, looks like everything's ok…" said Supergirl who had been watching her cousin from a nearby building "Oh no" she muttered. "What is it?" Dusty asked, "Get down, they'll see us" Supergirl answered. (Based on quotes from: Spongebob Squarepants") "Hey that looks like…" Dusty paused to look at who was coming "Aah!" she started to scream but Supergirl grabbed Dusty's snout. (Based on line from: "Three's company"). "Be quiet" she whispered. "Well…looks pretty quiet" said Zod; he was on the roof on an apartment building with Ursa, Non and their dogs. "I thought you liked that way" Ursa replied. "Pfft...not here, there's nothing to do" Zod answered. "Well…. We could always" Ursa was cut off "Oh no, I'm not up for that again" Zod continued. "Up for what?" Dom asked, "A race" Ursa explained. "She was the fastest female on Krypton" Zod pointed out, "Second fastest" Ursa corrected him. "Whatever" Zod sighed "C'mon" Ursa continued "Forget it, Ursa" Zod told the female Kryptonian. "Say, isn't that Lois?" Royce asked. "Who?" Zod answered "That human Superman hangs out with" Ursa answered. "Actually he got several he hangs out with" Royce added. "Want see where they're going?" Zod asked. Ursa answered with a simple "Uh…." She then noticed Zod and the others take off "Hey wait a minute!" she called out before she and Stella went to catch up.

"Oh swell, now we got Charlie Brown, Lucy and Linus to keep an eye on" said Dusty once she and Supergirl came out of their hiding place behind a fuse box on the roof. "Yep…c'mon" Supergirl sighed.

Back at Olive St…

"So…what'd you think?" Clark asked, "I don't know about this" said Lois, Olive St. grill mostly did steak, seafood and Italian. "Might I suggest the surf & turf?" the waiter asked who overhead their conversation.

"Come again?" Lois replied as she raised her left brow. "The surf and turf is just a small variety of different entrees…steak, seafood, one platter's enough for 4" the waiter explained. "Oh, well I think we'll try that" said Clark, "Good choice" the waiter replied before picking up the menus. (Based on quotes from the Kenan & Kel episode: "Mo' sweater blues"). "He sounds funny" said Royce, "He's French" Ursa explained. "How'd you know that?" Zod asked, "Hey…you're not the only one who reads books and uses the internet" said Ursa. She showed Royce a small booklet that was rolled up in her pocket. "Learning other languages for dummies?" he said, reading the title. "Oui monsieur" Ursa replied in a French accent. "I'm….forget it, let's just go" said Zod before they left. "So…you been up to anything lately?" Lois asked. "W-well…" Clark started to say, "Ya know, I didn't see you went that nut, Zod and his stooges showed up…" Lois continued.

"Well…I was…" Clark stopped short "Busy?" Lois finished for him, "You c-could say that" said Clark as he rubbed the back of his neck. "Uh-huh" Lois answered in a dull tone. "Boy, looks like Clark's breaking a sweat" Ryen said quietly, "Sure is" Krypto agreed. "You ok?" Lois asked, Clark wiped some sweat off his forehead, "I'll be fine" he sighed. "O…Kay" was the reply he got back from Lois. "Oh brother" Krypto muttered, he knew Clark was nervous about Lois finding out his secret.

Dusty sniffed the air, "Ohh….that steak smells good" she said to herself. One thing about having a sharp sense of smell is it was pleasant. Although, there were times where Dusty didn't enjoy it. Her stomach growled, "Oy…" she groaned, Supergirl wiped off her mouth using one of the sleeves on her shirt. "Were you drooling?" Dusty asked, "Yeah, sorry" Supergirl answered sheepishly. (Based on scene from the online comic strip: "Faux Pas").

Back on the watch-tower…

"Hey guys, any of you seen Clark or Krypto?…Tasha and I were looking to tease them" Wonder woman said in a joking tone. "Didn't you hear? They took the night off" said Huntress who was sitting in the monitor room filing her nails. "Wait a minute, you meanClark Kent the guy we all know is Superman took the night off?" Wonder woman asked. "Yep, and he took Krypto with him" Shayera answered. "Now where'd they run off to?" Wonder woman continued, "Probably to see Lois and Ryen….oops!" said Green lantern. "Way to go, GL" Huntress told him in asomewhatserious tone."Eh, it's no big deal…besides…" Tasha started to say "We've got better things to do" Wonder woman finished for her and with that, the duo left. "I think they took that pretty well" said Huntress, "So do I" GL agreed. "C'mon guys, this is Wonder woman and Wonderdog were talking about, the only females that could be Superman and Krypto in relay race" Shayera pointed out. "If you don't count Supergirl and Dusty" Huntress added. "Speaking of which, I haven't seen them either" said Shayera. "Where did they go?" GL asked, "Hey guys…." Flash greeted them, he looked around for a moment "Did I miss something?" he asked.

Back in Metropolis…

"So, Kent you write any good stories, lately?" Lois asked. "Well, there is one" Clark answered. "Let me guess….the one about Lex Luthor finding some of that STAR labs stuff in a closet at Lex corp?" Lois continued. "You read that story?" Clark asked, "You left it on your desk" Lois explained. "That's right" Clark sighed, "You know Clark, if your head wasn't attached to your head you'd…"Lois was cut off. "Surf & turf platter?" the waiter asked, "Right here" said Clark. "Enjoy" the waiter continued before he left. Dusty sniffed the air "Aw…that salmon smells good" she muttered. "Dusty, no!" Supergirl explained, she quickly grabbed the young superdog's collar. "Aw…but I'm hungry" Dusty whined, "Race you to Uncle Kong's Chinese take out" said Supergirl, "You're on!" Dusty answered before the two of them took off. "So, how do you like the salmon?" Clark asked "It's good" Lois answered. "Better than Seafood shack?" Clark continued, "No doubt" said Lois, she coughed a little. "You?" Clark asked, "Just a fish-bone" said Lois. "So, Ryen….you had any recent run-ins with Superdog?" Krypto asked. "Yes…" she replied, "I'm looking at him right now" she whispered, the two of them laughed. "I noticed you don't eat a lot of red meat, like beef" Krypto pointed out "Thanks to Lois, I mostly eat lamb and rice kibble and rawhide strips….I get a rib bone now and then" Ryen explained.

"Me too" said Krypto before taking a bite out of some steak. "So, how's it going over here?" the waiter asked, "Great…" said Clark. "Good, I'll be back with your check" the waiter replied. "I haven't heard much about the justice league, what do you suppose they're up to?" Lois asked. "Oh, several things" said Clark. Lois had heard small stories about the league but hardly anything major with the exception of last night. While the 4 of them had continued their conversations, Question & Huntress had an interesting moment of their own. "Ok, JD and Sorento said they saw people in here" said Huntress. "You really thing so?" Question asked, "Does Whitney Houston use a hot comb?" Huntress answered.(Based on a line from "Fresh prince of Bel-air")."Never mind" Question continued, Huntress sighed. She looked through her binoculars which had an X-ray setting on them. "Whoa! JD and Sorento weren't kidding, Q take a look" she told Question before handing him the binoculars. "Luthor's probably got something to do with this" he concluded. "Yeah" Huntress agreed, "I bet a couple of his stooges know" Question was cut off "Ya think?" Huntress asked.

A few minutes later…

"I'm telling you I don't know anything about where Luthor went" said Killer Frost. "I guess she checks out" Static concluded, "Yeah" Huntress sighed. Just then she heard a noise "Cheetah! Hey! You better get back here!" Huntress exclaimed before she started to chase Cheetah down an alley. "Alright…where's Luthor?" she asked. "Ok!" Cheetah, answered, she stopped to pant "I think he, Roulette and some other top members are having dinner at the Seafood shack" Cheetah explained. "Thanks, Cheetah" said Huntress, "Can you lemme go now?" she asked. At that moment Huntress let her go "See ya" she continued. "What was that?" Cheetah wondered, "I have no idea…let's go before she decides to come back" Killer Frost replied. (Bsed on similar lines from: "Monsters Inc.")."Yeah" Cheetah agreed before the two of them left the scene.

At Seafood shack…

"So anyway, I tell him…" Lex Luthor stopped short….

(Lex Luthor's lines are in italic, the waiter's are bold, and Roulette's are normal font)

"What'll it be?"

"I think, I'll have the seafood medley"

"I'll take the shrimp and salmon…."

"Ok, and you….?" The waiter asked as he went to take Otis, Ms. Teschmacher's etc…orders. "What's wrong?" Roulette asked. "Nothing just….thought I saw something or someone" Lex was cut off "I'll be back with some clam chowder" the waiter announced before he left. "Would you please relax? I mean it's not like somebody you know might show up unexpectedly" said Roulette who noticed Lex was beginning to sweat a little.

(Door opens)

"Oh no" he groaned and tried to hide his fact behind a menu, "What the heck are you doing?" Mercy asked. "Look who's here" Lex whispered. "Lex Luthor" said Huntress, Lex sighed "Guess I can't hide my face anymore" he concluded before putting down the menu. "Look, there's something we want to ask you about it's..." Huntress was cut off "What time I want you to leave….oh that's easy…now!" was Lex's reply. "Lex, c'mon we're at the seafood shack….seriously the least you could do is help 'em out" Ms. Teschmacher insisted. Lex raised his right eyebrow, Ms. Teschmacher grinned nervously "You say something Otis?" she asked before she moved a few inches away from Lex and Roulette.(Based on quotes from fresh prince and the Kenan & Kel episode: "Get theKel outta here")."Ok….what do you want?" Lex sighed; Huntress blinked "Well you see it's…" before she could finish her sentence the group was alerted by the sound oftires screeching. "Hey! Whoever owns this car better move it" a driver shouted. "Great…" Huntress groaned she knew the car the guy ran into was Questions since he part RIGHT outside. She glanced back at Lex and the others. "I'll be back later" she said in a firm tone. "Q, let's go" she told Question, "What is that?" she continued "Clam chowder and cocktail shrimp" Question answered. Huntress snickered, figuring Question probably got the stuff to-go, "You're funny ya know that? And your car is double parked" she replied. "Oh…swell" Question groaned as they headed outside. "That was strange" said Amanda Waller, "Waller, that was Huntress and Question… strange is one way of describing them" Mercy pointed out.

"Still…how'd they know we were here?" Roulette wondered. "Ya got me" said Otis, "Unless somebody let the cat out of the back" Lex added. "Clam chowder" said the waiter who started setting down the bowls. "What were you saying?" Roulette asked. "Never mind" Lex answered. (Scene & lines based on theKenan & Kel episode & tv movie: Get the Kel outta here & Two heads are better than none").

Back at Olive St. grill…

"Look, Clark, you didn't have to cover both us when the check came" said Lois. "It's no big deal, I don't mind" he told her. "Ok" Lois replied, Supergirl watched as the duo and the dogs left the restaurant. Letting out a small sigh she started to feel more relaxed. "So far so good…" she told Dusty, "Yeah but what are gonna do about George and Wheezy?" she asked, regarding Zod and Ursa. "You forgot about Non" Supergirl pointed out "Right…but still what are we going to do about 'em?" Dusty continued, Supergirl laughed, we'll figure something out" she answered.

(Here comes another song!)

"The most beautiful girl" (instrumental) by Brian Gallagherplays in background.

Lois and Clark walked through a nearby park, on the path Clark picked up a daisy and gave to Lois. Krypto also picked one up and tucked between Ryen's collar the two dogs trotted past their owners chasing some fireflies. They eventually stopped and watched some fireworks that were going off near Metropolis harbor. After some time they continued on their walk,

Sometime later…

(Song ends)

"Nice evening isn't it?" Clark asked, "I'll say" Lois agreed, "That guy is Kal-El!" Zod exclaimed. "What'd you say?" Ursa asked. "That guy…with Lois, he's Superman" Zod explained. "Yeah right, and I'm really Halle Berry" Ursa replied in a sarcastic tone. "I'm serious Ursa, c'mon let's get 'em" said Zod. "Oh no, ya don't!" Supergirl said to him. "What the…?" Zod sputtered, "Leave my cousin alone" the young blond replied, "Mine too" Dusty added, "Ursa, you handle this" Zod continued "Why? Just because she's a girl?" the female Kryptonian asked. "My mother told never to hit a lady" Zod announced, "Really?" Supergirl asked Zod nodded.(Based on lines from the fresh princeepisode: "Boxing Helena")."Wow, sounds like you cared about your Mom" Supergirl continued. "Don't rub it in…my Father usually worked overtime at his night job so during the day he was asleep or I hardly saw him cause I was at school" Zod explained.(Based on storyline from: "Everybody hates Chris")."Or he was out working on another job" he continued. "What about you?" Supergirl asked "Yeah, my Dad worked too but I got to see him a majority of the week, and my Mom…well… she picked up odd jobs but mostly worked at home cause of me" Ursa replied. "Oh" Dusty sighed, "And Non?" Supergirl asked. The male Kryptonian looked up at hearing his name then he went back to looking at the street lights. "The quiet type no doubt" said Dusty. "Hey! Stop chatting and get them!" said Zod, "Uh-oh" Dusty and Supergirl said simultaneously. Non growled a little…The Kryptonian trio grunted a little as they tried to get to Lois and Clark. Supergirl and Superpup attempt to block them "You hear something?" Clark asked, "Eh…probably just a dog something" said Lois… "No offense" Lois continued, Krypto and Ryen both smiled.


Supergirl grunted, "Let me go, Ursa" she said to the female Kryptonian. Supergirl struggled to get freebut couldn't since Ursa had pretty decent grip. "Well…this'll be fun…" said Zod who grinned a little "So…you're Jor-El's daughter?" Zod asked, "Z, she was Kal-El's cousin…"Ursa pointed out. "Zor-El is my Dad's name…he and Jor-El are brothers" Supergirl explained. "Yeah, and my Rusty's my Dad's name, he's Zypto's brother" said Dusty. "Oh really?" Dom asked, " ya mind telling; your friend to let me go?" Dusty answered. Royce was holding her by her collar, "Make yourselves comfortable, cause you'll be hanging around here a while" said Zod, "Sticking around" Ursa corrected him. "Right…let me guess, your Mother's name is Kala" Zod continued, "How did you know?" Supergirl asked. "I knew your Mother, you can't fool me with those blue eyes and silky blond hair" Zod answered before he stroked Supergirl's hair. It didn't take long for her to bite Zod's right hand "Hey!" he exclaimed, "Don't touch me" Supergirl said in firm tone. "You're certainly Kala's daughter…she got 'touchy' around me when I said I wanted her for a mate" Zod continued.

"Say…what!" Supergirl exclaimed. "Come again?" Ursa asked, she immediately dropped Supergirl. "When breeding season started I told Kala I wanted her…" Zod was cut off "As a mate? Ugh!" said Supergirl, "She turned me down, though" Zod sighed, "I can see why" Supergirl whispered, "Me too" Dusty replied. "Your Mother turned me down too" Dom announced "What!" Dusty shouted in surprise, "She sure did, too bad though….you would have been mixed with pedigree Doberman instead of being a mutt like…where'd they go?" said Dom. "Oh, that's them flying away" said Stella, "Oh" was the reply she got back from Dom. "Flying away!" the two dogs exclaimed, "Come back here" Ursa called out, "Let's move" said Supergirl, it didn't take long for she and Dusty picked up the pace.

"Where'd they get to?" Zod asked, "Ya got me" said Ursa…The Kryptonian trio continued in the direction they were heading with Dom, Stella and Royce a few inches behind them. "That was a close" said Supergirl, "Yeah" Dusty agreed. The two of them were between two brownstone apartment buildings and hid behind a clothes line. "We'd better go undercover" Supergirl replied, "Good idea…wait, what if they see us?" Dusty asked. "We'll figure it out, c'mon" said Supergirl before the two of them came out of their hiding place.

Meanwhile on the other side of town…

"So, ya like it here?" Livewire asked, "Sure….yeah…uh, Livewire?" Tea started to say, "Shh…stop calling me that we're in public and my name is Leslie" Livewire replied. She and Tea were currently walking down a sidewalk; both of them had changed out of their costumes and were wearing 'regular' clothes. "Sorry, look…Leslie I…I've been having a hard time lately" said Tea. "Ok, you may want to talk to Harley Quinn about this, since she used to be a shrink, not me" Livewire continued. "Would ya just listen for a minute, please? I'm under a lot of pressure" Tea answered. Leslie sighed, "Alright, step into my office" she replied. "Not much of an office" said Tea who stepped into a nearby alley. "I meant, figuratively" said Leslie, "Oh" was the reply she got back from Galatea; she took a deep breath and exhaled out loud. "So…what's on your mind?" Leslie asked, "Well…I just feel like I stick out like a sore thumb" Tea admitted. "And you don't think I feel that way?" Leslie replied in a more serious tone. "N-no, course not but…." Tea stopped short. "Listen G, all the other secret society members might feel the same way so you're probably no different than everyone else….I'm not the league's biggest fans but…don't 'cha think some of themfeel that way?" Leslie asked.

"I don't know, maybe" said Tea, it wasn't long before she noticed the serious look on Leslie's face. "Ok…ok…yes but…" she sputtered "But what?" Leslie continued. "Well you and some of the other society members are used to standing out and you've got…well…when you're not on the job you're kinda…well…normal" Tea answered. "So, let me get this straight, you've lived in a lab your whole life?" Leslie asked, "Sort of, the only time Waller let me outside was for different reasons…I never got a day off where I could leave STAR labs and go out on my own" the young blond explained. "That's rough, G…but hey you got a break today didn't ya?" Leslie answered, "Yeah, I guess you're right"Galatea sighed. "C'mon we better use our time while we got it" Leslie continued. "Good point" Tea agreed, she got up from the crate she was sitting on and the duo continued walking. "Still, I don't know if I…oof!" Tea sputtered.

"Watch it!" said the person she bumped into. "Sorry…" Tea replied, she looked up to see who it was "Hi" she greeted him. "Hiya doin'?" Ramon answered, "Ok…look, I'm sorry….I really need to watch where I'm going" Tea continued. "It's no big deal….name's Ramon" was the reply she got back. "Nice to meet ya, I'm Tea" the blond replied. "Never really heard of that name….so you new around here?" Ramon asked. "Not really though I…." Tea stopped short when she heard Cindy and Mel growling at each other. "Down" Tea and Ramon said simultaneously. The two dogs whimpered and backed up "That's you dog?" Ramon asked. "Yeah" Tea sighed, "Nice…" Ramon replied, "Thanks, yours is cute"Galatea continued, "Ya think so?" Ramon answered, Tea nodded, "So you live here?" she asked. "Nah, I'm just visiting from Smallville….what about you?" Ramon explained. "Oh….I live here" Tea replied.

"Cool" said Ramon; he stared at Tea for a moment. "What's the matter?" she asked, Ramon snapped out of it. "Nothin' you just remind me of somebody I know" he answered. "Oh" Tea said in a dull tone. "Well….I'll see you" said Ramon. "Yeah" Tea continued, "Uh….I'm in town for the next few days…maybe we'll see each other again" Ramon replied. "Maybe" said Tea. "Well….bye" Ramon continued "Bye" Tea answered. And with that Ramon and Mel started to leave. "Well, what am I? Chopped liver?" Leslie asked.

"Sorry Leslie" said Tea, "Wait a sec….you wouldn't happen to be Leslie Willis, radio talk show hostess for Metropolis?" Ramon continued. "Yeah, that's me...they took the show off the air" she explained. "Too bad…cause I really liked the segment you did on restoring the bridge on 59th St." Ramon admitted. "I don't know what you're up to but I….did you say you liked it?" Leslie asked. "Yeah," said Ramon, "Well, I happen to have a copy of that broadcast….I can put it on CD for you…here's my address" said Leslie. "Thanks, I'm staying at my Aunt's house on 54th St…I guess I'll see you guys later, huh?" Ramon answered. "Yes" Leslie &Galatea replied in unison. "Bye' said Ramon "Bye" Tea called out. "He's a nice guy" Leslie continued, "Sure is" Tea replied. "C'mon, I'll show you my favorite spot in the city" Leslie offered. "Kay" Tea replied.

Meanwhile, back on the watch-tower…

"Well, here we are" Lara sighed, "Alone again...naturally" Jor-El said in a sing-song tone. "I'll say" said Kizzy, "Hey guys" Vixen, greeted the trio. "Vixen, do you have anything you need help with?" Jor-El asked. "Not at the moment, wow you must really be…" she was cut off "Bored! Yes! Yes, I'm bored" said Jor-El. (Based on quotes from the fresh prince of Bel-air episode "Burning down the house"). "Well, I don't have anything to do, but maybe J'onn does" Vixen continued, "I'll ask him" Jor-El replied. "Is he always like this?" Vixen asked. "Sometimes…back home he always had a job and Kal-El to keep him busy… that he doesn't have a job and Kal's grown up and on his own, Jor-El will…." Lara stopped short "Most likely try to find something to do" Vixen finished for her. "Exactly" said Lara, "Wanna go watch him?" Vixen answered. "Sure thing" said Lara, before the two of them left the employee's lounge with Kizzy alongside them.

Back in Metropolis…

"This was a pleasant night but…what's the occasion?" Lois asked. "Nothing, just wanted to spend some time with you" said Clark, "Oh" Lois replied in a surprised tone. "And it looks like Krypto wanted to spend some time with Ryen" Clark continued. "I've really missed you" the female Pitbull mix admitted, "Do you…think about me?" Krypto asked. "All the time…and you?" Ryen answered, "Yeah, I think about you" Krypto sighed. "But….you wouldn't believe the stress I go through knowing I can't tell anyone I know who you are" said Ryen. (Based on similar lines from: "Superman II") "I understand, believe me it's hard" Krypto replied, "But….why'd you tell me? You could've kept it a secret" Ryen continued. "I know but….I knew you'd probably figure it out eventually so….I thought I'd go ahead and confess" Krypto explained. "That's awfully nice of you" said Ryen, Krypto smiled sheepishly "Hey I'm just being honest" he told her, Krypto glanced at the sky it was pretty clear nice he could also see a few stars and the moon. "Home sick, Krypto?" Ryen asked "Huh?" he sputtered as he snapped out of his thought.

"Do you think about Krypton?" Ryen asked once more, "Yes, I do…I think about my family too…Dusty and Cindy are the only members of my family I've got left" Krypto explained. "That's sad" said Ryen, "It sure is….so, you have any family?" Krypto asked, Ryen nodded. "I have a sister who lives in New Jersey and my mother and father are in Harlem" Ryen answered. "No brothers?" Krypto continued. "Just one, he lives with my sister" Ryen replied. "Really?" Krypto answered, "I'm the only one who moved to Metropolis" Ryen added. "Wow…well Ryen, I…." Krypto stopped short, he could hear some crickets chirping, there was also a light breeze blowing. The two dogs looked up at the sky. Although they were still in the city they were in a somewhat dark area of the park where they could see a few stars. Krypto sniffed the left side of Ryen's neck, "You smell terrific" he said to her.(Based on quote from frehs prince episode: "Will steps out").Ryen tried to hide that she was blushing and smiled. "Thank you" she told Krypto. "It's getting cold…c'mon guys" said Clark, "Ryen, come'on let's go" said Krypto and with that the two dogs got up and left.

Later that night…

"I had a good time, how about you?" Lois asked. "Yes, I really enjoyed I'll see you tomorrow?" Clark replied, "At work? Oh yeah" Lois answered with a giggle "Bye Krypto" said Ryen, "Bye Ryen" he said to her, she licked his right cheek. "So…you plan on writing an article about this?" Clark asked in joking tone. Lois laughed, "Very funny, but no…good night, Clark" she answered. "Good night, Lois" said Clark; "See you tomorrow" Lois sighed before closing her front door. "Well that was smooth…" Clark started to say "As silk" Krypto finished for him. "Phew! "Good, that's done" said Kara. "Kara? Dusty? What are you doing here?" Clark asked. "Well… you see…alright, I'll cut to the chase, Zod and his buddies tried to mess with you and Krypto" Kara explained. "But we stopped them…." Dusty added, "Then they came after us…." Kara continued. "Yeah, so we decided to hide" said Dusty, "And that's the story" Kara sighed.

The duo had a habit of finishing each others sentences. "Hmm….well, you managed to kill 5 minutes" said Clark who had been keeping track with his watch. "Guys…." Clark started to say, Kara and Dusty whimpered. "Thanks" Clark told them, the duo managed to crack asmile, "No problem" Kara and Dusty said in unison. "Ohh….I need a hot shower" Dusty groaned. "Me too" said Kara.

Sometime later…

"So…how'd it go?" GL asked, "How'd what go?" Clark answered, "Your day off" said GL "Yeah, we're dyin' to know" Ice admitted, "How did you know I was taking the night off?" Clark replied, "Word gets around fast, if you work here" said Shayera. "You went to see Lois didn't you?" Green Arrow asked, "Guys, c'mon this is Superman we're talking about, the guy could outrun every person in the L.A. marathon…right, Superman? Superman? Now where'd he go?" said Dr. Light. "I'm tellin' you….the dude can move like the wind" Steel replied. "And I suppose that blur me and J'onn just saw was him" said Flash, everyone else nodded. Flash snickered, "Oh boy" he said to himself before leaving the monitor room. He stopped at the employee's lounge and saw Kara and Dusty. "Hey Kara, how's it going?" Flash asked, "I'm worn out, Flash…Dusty is too" she answered. "Heard you ran into your Uncle's old buddies" Flash continued, "Sure did, gave us a work out" Kara replied. "Wow…" said Flash he gently patted Kara's back, "Glad you were able to help Clark and Krypto out" he told her. "Thanks" Kara said with a yawn. "See you tomorrow" said Flash he caressed Kara's soft and silky blond hair, "Bye" she answered before Flash left the room. Kara let out a small sigh, "So…you ran into Zod and his crew" said Static as he sat down with Kara. "You can say that again" the female Argosian answered. "Oy… I could use a snack" said Dusty.

"Me too" Static replied, There was an awkward silence but it only lasted a few seconds. After a while, Static broke the silence, letting out a loud sigh he stood up. "Last one to the vending machines ain't eatin'" he said to Kara. He and Tyriq ran off, Kara and Dusty weren't too far behind them. (Based on quotes from: "Fresh prince of Bel-air").

The sound of their laughter echoed in the hallway…


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