The Nazi Saga: Part 1

Rise of the Demons

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Hi everyone! I know I have several fics I haven't worked on, such as A Pirate's Life, Capturing a Thief's Heart and Koga's Girl and so onForgive me! But I have re-edit APL up to Chapter 20 I think. I really like how the editing is coming along, I think the storyline is a lot better and way more… cool?

Anywho, I just came up with this awesome idea and let me tell you, I hope no one gets offended and pissed off at me. I really hate flames, but I thought this would be an interesting story line, perhaps… original? And don't forget historical in a way… I was inspired by my history project on WWI.


I was doing my country a favor… I joined the HitlerJugend with all the other boys. Soon, before my little heart could comprehend, I was a member of the Nazi party… I was a real soldier and defender of my country and it was my job to annilate the ones ruining my beloved country. It wasn't until I met her did I question my beliefs. I befriened a Jewish girl. Kagome Higurashi Mor.

Act 1: The Creed of Nationalism

Inu Yasha sat on his cot inside his room. He was sent up by his father after a heated argument over his 'wasted' hours spent playing with his friends that should have been applied to his studies. The once wealthy business man, now struggling to provide for his family after the war, needed his sons to stay on track.

A knock on his door sent him out of his musing.

"Inu Yasha," came a soft female voice, "Don't be so hard on your father. He's only trying to do his best for us right now. We don't have much money now."

"Mother!" sighed the young ten year old, "War hero or not, father expects too much from me, the youngest. Why can't he badger Sessho-maru more? I want to play with the other kids… Like I should be since we're… at peace." he sighed sadly, "The war has been over for eight years! It's 1926!"

His mother entered his room and calmly sat at the foot of his bed. Her long raven hair was held in a braid, placed over her shoulder as she soothed the wrinkles over her cotton dress, perhaps one of the few fine things preserved during the war. Her tired brown eye looked sorrowfully at her young son. The inflammation in the country were really hurting the people.

His mother sighed sadly, "Oh my son, my dearest boy. And it's because of that your father is the way he is. He means nothing by it, but please… Listen to what your father has to say. You know nothing of what we went through… you were born so used to the sounds of bombs. The war only ended when you were two." Tears welled up in her eyes at the memories.

Inu Yasha looked away in shame, "I'm sorry mother. I didn't mean to offend you. I…" he shook his head dejectedly, "I'll talk to father." He hated to see his mother upset.

He grew up hearing her wail in agony at the thought of losing her husband. She had tried hard for four years to raise him and his half brother, rushing them back and forth between shelters when the frontlines threatened to come closer and air raids shattered the night. It had been six years of slow recovery for his family, three since he met his father for the first time from his recovery in a hospital behind enemy lines, but the sight of dead people never left their minds. It was a miracle when they found their house mostly intact. Only the windows, yard and several pieces of furniture were ruined.

"Thank you, my son. You are such a good boy."

Down stairs Inu Yasha stood in front of his father's studies. He braced himself as he opened the door and walked in. Before him sat his father at his desk, his reading glasses over his nose as he flipped through his account books, mumbling to himself, a habit he formed while fighting.

The boy cleared his throat, startling his father who gasped and whipped his head up, going for an imaginary gun at his waist. Upon seeing his son, he sighed in relief and leaned back in chair, though still visibly tensed. "What do you want?" his deep voice rumbled in the room, still displease at the argument earlier.

"Mother sent me." He bowed slightly, "I meant no disrespected, Father. But I am but ten. What can I do that will benefit the family?"

"That my son, I have figured out. I had just received a letter from a dear friend of mine. He has informed me that Adolf Hitler has started a youth program. From what I can understand, there are boys your age there, but they will teach you to love you country and honor her." A smiled graced his thin lips on his thin face, "You leave next week."

"Father!" shrieked Inu Yasha, "How could you! I don't want to leave mother!" he rushed to the desk and slammed his hands down, "I won't leave!"

"I'm sorry, my son." His mother said from behind him, coming to stand by her husband side, "You will be well kept there and you will move in with your Aunt Keade. We don't have enough money to support you; this inflammation is taking its toll on us. Sessho-maru will go with you. It will only be for a few more years."

And that's how Inu Yasha found himself in the back of a truck headed for Berlin from Dresden, Germany. He sighed, looking at the scenery pass by with his brother beside him. Sessho-maru, who was currently fourteen, had his hands crossed over his chest, eyes close in meditation.

In front of them sat Inu Yasha's child hood friend Miroku. His father had sent him along with the brothers in hopes of educating him as well of how much they needed to defend their mother Germany. He was to stay with them at their aunt's house.

"Listen up boys!" cried their supervisor, a stout balding man by the name of Myoga who looked liked he was ready to faint by the way his eyes bulged from their sockets, "We will be heading to the main camp grounds of Balder von Shirach's. He is the adviser of our facilities. You boys are the future of Germany, and as so, will be worked hard into loving Germany!"

Inu Yasha was scared, the hair on the back of his neck were rising. The only thing he was looking forward to was seeing his Aunt Keade and sleeping. The humid air made him sweat, causing his clothes to stick to him uncomfortably.

"Sir!" Miroku said as he raised his hand, "How will this whole thing be run?" Miroku was a smart boy, no doubt about it, though a bit more lecherous than any child his age. After setting foot on the vehicle, he was beginning to wonder why they were all there.

"How old are you boy?"

"I'm nine, sir; I will be seven in two months time."

Myoga growled, his eyes narrowing in annoyance, "How did you get on here? You must be at least ten to board! Who else is below ten!" at the sight of several hands rising, Myoga groaned, "You are too young to join the Deutsches Jungvolk, ages ten to thirteen. Anyone older than that must enlist in the actual Hitler Jugend. I guess you younger boys can help out around camp until you come of age…"

The other boys in the car looked around at each other, not really understanding what was going on. Many of them were going to live with other relatives too, as for others, were hoping to stay within the camp grounds. Things looked grim for them all.


"Auntie!" squealed Inu Yasha as he dove into his aunts arms, "I've missed you! The war never came here!" his aunts house was located on the country side, several miles from Berlin it's self. There were few craters were bombs must have fallen, but other then that, much of the vegetation were left untouched.

The elderly woman laughed as she hugged him, "Nay, little one, it did but barely, these past years many of the buildings were rebuilt. Come in boys, come in!" She ushered her two nephews and Miroku. "I was just serving dinner."

"Aunt Keade… what happened to your eye?" Sessho-Maru said as he took a seat on the stool by the table, "Were you hurt by those Allies Scums?" he growled.

Keade covered her left eye, "It's nothing, my child. A piece of the window got me is all when the bombs fell. It's alright." She placed a nice bowl of soup before him and the other boys, "Just be thankful my farm is alright. My crops were left untouched; there is a surplus for the other villagers here as the farmers and myself contribute. Your parents told me you all would help. Hired help is expensive." She smiled kindly at them all.

They all ate in silence before heading outside of a small tour and a lesson on the farm tools. It was dusk before everyone came inside as Keade served minced pies and a nice glass of milk from the surviving cows to the boys.

Each boy got his own room and was quick on writing letters to their parents. While Sessho-Maru wrote to his father, Inu Yasha carefully wrote to his mother.

My dear Mother,

I have arrived at Keade's farm around one this afternoon. Everything is beautiful here, just like the last time we came to visit that one Christmas Eve. Bertha and Ingrid are still alive. I love those horses.

I miss you very much mother, and I wish you would tell me a bedtime story. For now, I will leave you with this as I must wake up early; I begin my work on the farm before I go with Brother to the camp grounds at noon.

Yours truly,

Inu Yasha

Inu Yasha blew the candle out on his desk and changed into his pajamas before crawling into bed. He would send his letter in the morning along with everyone else. A small smile crept on his lips as sleep over took his tired body.

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