Same fandom, same pairing. God, I'm obsessed. I think this is a new record – three (counting the one that I wrote before this, but don't want to upload) fanfictions in a row for one pairing. Heck, it's a record for one fandom. My attention span is usually too short to write more than one fanfiction per fandom.

Disclaimer: If I owned Code Geass, Suzaku would be long dead by now due to his recklessness (seriously: Lloyd says to act as bait, so he charges head on). So would Shirley – I want her bumped off just because I don't like her and I don't want her to regain her memories. Oh, and Cornelia and Schniezel would get more air time together (yeah, it's incest, but they're royalty; they like it).

He decides that she's like a chameleon. She changes day to day, moment to moment, instant to instant.

She said that she hated jokes. And yet, he heard her make one.

He remembers saying that she was a cruel woman. But he also remembers thinking that she was the only person that would never abandon him.

He often knew her as grave and wise. But he also often knew her as innocent and adorable.

He saw her bored and uncaring expressions. He also saw her tears and smiles.

He heard her casually telling him she was leaving. Another time, he heard her promise of never leaving his side.

Like a sage, she gave him sharp criticisms. But like a child, she hid behind a stuffed animal from his own.

Once, she wore the outfit of a hero and saved his life. But once, he carried her, bloodied and suffering, in his arms.

He saw her hold her own against Lancelot. He also saw her cry in agony at a touch.

She always acts as his guardian. But he remembers, when they first met, she acted as his ward.

Moment to moment, instant to instant, the color of the chameleon changes.

And as he sits there on his desk, watching her on his bed, hugging a stuffed animal while glaring back at him, he can't help but wonder what the true color a chameleon is.

Odd little drabble-ish piece. It started out as a romance of sorts, but re-reading it, I think it can definitely serve as just platonic. Not that anyone will interpret it that way (while we're on this topic, am I the only person who interprets the episode 23 hug as maternal rather than romantic?)

I'm not exactly content with this piece. It sounds very choppy at times, but it was better than my first draft and I'm not quite sure how to improve on it. So yeah, it doesn't seem too bad, so I'm uploading it in hopes that someone will figure out a way to make it sound better for me (I know; I'm so lazy. Don't deserve to be a writer).

Oh, and anyone who can tell me which scenes I was referring to in each sentence (other than the first and last two paragraphs), a virtual cookie. And my utmost respect, but no one wants that, of course.