Chapter Fourteen

"You're pretty good at this," Ino admitted.

Shikamaru's cheeks turned faintly pink.

"You're pretty fantastic yourself."

Ino resisted the urge to pipe up with a retort. Instead, she snuggled closer and kissed his neck.

"Can I ask you something?" she asked.


She really believed he meant that. However, just because he didn't care what she asked him didn't mean the thing Ino had in mind was easy to ask.

"Uh, well, maybe it isn't that much of a question," she began, feeling her face flush. She wished she hadn't brought it up, knowing it might seem foolish.

"Just come out and say it, Ino," he suggested, obviously catching on that this was embarrassing her. "C'mon, we just had sex. It seems a little odd to play shy now." He waited while her brain puzzled this one out. After a bit, he tightened his arm around her. "Are you going to tell me?"

Ino shrugged.

"It-it really doesn't matter, but. . ."

Suddenly, she didn't want to ask Shikamaru her so called question, or make the statement. She didn't want to know how he felt about what she had to say, or if he returned the same feeling. Well, she did, but suddenly found it far too hard to ask. However, Ino also knew that Shikamaru wasn't going to let this go—just like he never let anything go— so she quickly thought of something else.

"Uh, are you one of those guys that figures once is fine, or can I possibly get the motor going again?" She added a cute giggle near the end, feeling silly for that question.

He laughed.

"With the right persuasion, I could be good for at least once more, maybe even twice." There was a pause as he ran a hand through her hair. "Why do I get the feeling that you're an excellent persuader?" Shikamaru remarked with a smirk.

"Because I am," Ino said as her hands started wandering over him.

Another round or two seemed like a good idea, anyway, and her switch of the subject had worked; Shikamaru believed that was her original question. It wasn't. Her original intension had been "How do you really feel about me?" While part of her was still curious about the big word coming from their mouths, another part of Ino was afraid that Shikamaru wouldn't know how to answer. That he'd get embarrassed, telling her that it was far too early for things like that.

If she never got an answer, she thought, slowly kissing up his neck, then she could pretend for the rest of her life he loved her.


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