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Habeas Corpus- the right of someone to know what crime they committed.

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"But Derek and Addison are gonna be here soon," Meredith whined, a curling iron entangled in her hair while she struggled to put on an open-toe, black high- heel, "I don't have time for a quickie."

Mark frowned to the mirror from behind her, slipping his arms around her waist while he dipped down for her neck, "I'm sure they'll understand."

She slapped his hand away, the ring on her left hand glinting under the overhead light, "You do know that last week was the end of the whole honeymoon phase, right?"

"Never," he murmured, gripping her hips tighter and letting out a low growl.

Ten minutes later, the bell rang and the Shepherd's stood side-by-side on the other side of the apartment door, an identical frown gracing each face.

"What happened to your hand?" Addison asked, before stepping past him in search of the other Sloane. Mark winced, cradling the injury.

"She burned me with a curling iron."

Derek let out a bark of unrestrained laughter, before covering it with a cough and frowning in mock-concern, "What did you do?"

He shrugged, "Distracted her, I guess. I'm a little fuzzy on the details."

"What, you guys don't have the whole habeas corpus thing?"

"Apparently it ended after the honeymoon."

Meredith breezed in a few minutes later, with both shoes on and a head full of successfully curled hair.

"Hi, guys," she said, chewing the gum currently lodged in her mouth and turning to her newly-appointed husband, "Have you seen my purse?"

"Is this how it's going to be for the rest of our lives? You burning me with a curling iron before demanding your purse? Because frankly-"

"Shush, I'm trying to concentrate."

A low whistle escaped from the dark-haired Shepherd on the couch, "Whew. Have I ever told you how much I love you, Addie?"

She raised a perfectly-sculpted eyebrow, "What did I say about comparing me to Meredith?"

"I thought it didn't count if you came out on top."

"Well it does. You ready, Mer?"

"Yep," the blonde answered, proudly displaying the matching black purse swinging on her forefinger, "How long do we get to party?"

"The babysitter's staying overnight," Addison gushed, clearly ecstatic. Meredith grinned again, playfully linking her arm with Mark's as they followed their friends out the door.

"Oh, good. Last time I had to walk home drunk with Mark because you guys had to take off early," her face scrunched together from the effort of remembering, "that took forever. At least an hour."

Mark grinned as his eyes steadily lost focus, "yeah…"

After successfully securing a much-sought-after cab, the conversation tripped over everything from married life to surgeries. The ride was filled with stories of Hannah's newest creation in school and abnormally grotesque cases they'd each taken recently, all four relishing in the rare night out.

"So this one guy came into the ER today because he wanted a fork removed. He sat on it while his wife was trying to seduce him..."

"Some people's wives actually seduce their husbands, Mer," Mark grumbled from the back of the cab while Meredith fixed him with a glare from the front.

"Yeah, well I had a craniotomy today-"

"Craniotomy, shmatiotomy. We've heard it all before. Hannah tried to build a rocket for school today-"

"Tried?" Mark asked, confused.

"Yeah, unfortunately we can't go out on the deck anymore-there's a hole in the floor."

"Damn… But I performed a sex-change operation yesterday, so I beat all of you."

"I still think the guy with the fork in his ass is the best."

"You would."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Four years later, things were nearly the same as the way they had started the night Meredith and Mark finally realized what it was they really wanted. Of course, the location had changed-they were now living in Manhattan in an apartment that was relatively close to Addison and Derek's. Meredith had transferred to a the same New York hospital that Mark was head of plastics at, completing her residency one fascinating year after another, and they were both entrusted with Hannah at least once a week for babysitting.

Derek leant back and let a slow, satisfied smile creep up his cheeks and light his eyes. This, right here, was why he loved nights in New York. Three of his best friends cramped into a cab together for a late night dinner and a movie at the theater that only showed the classics, and then, for the best part, coming home to the Shepherd brownstone to kiss his daughter goodnight and slip into hazy dreams with Addison. This, right here, was how he knew that Meredith and Mark were perfect for each other and that Addison and himself were the same. Red hair belonged with brown, and the dirty blondes would always be the unconquerable dirty mistresses.

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