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Title: Love Sucks Chapter 1
Author: Me (darksmistress)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Mainly Yuuram maybe slight Conrad/Yozak on the side
Genre: angst, drama, comedy, yaoi
Chapter: 1/?
Summary: Yuuri moves to a new town and has his life turned upside down. He finds out he's the king of a mythological race. Yuuri is…….the Vampyre king!?

A/N: I'm really weird and personally I think Vampyre is a cooler way of spelling it so that is how I will spell it. I will spell the names however I want, but if they are completely wrong please tell me. All of the quirks that I've given my beloved Vampyres I have gotten from various books/anime as well as quirks that I came up with on my own. Also, there will eventually be a scene that resembles the one-shot called 'Passionate Blood', but it will not be exactly the same. Also, I have no idea what the climate is like in Germany.

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The young teenager stumbled off the small plane, balancing his somewhat heavy luggage in both hands. He was still wearing his school uniform; black pants and a black jacket over a white shirt. He had black hair and large, round, black eyes.

The sky was clouded; it looked like it was about to rain. Although here in Lamiaville, Germany it rained constantly. The climate barely ever allowed the sun to show itself. It was also muggy, so a jacket really wasn't needed at the moment, even though it was September.

"GAH!" He was almost at the last step when he tripped, flying face-first towards the ground, when two strong arms caught him and his face was buried in someone's chest.

"Are you alright, Yuuri?" A low, concerned and familiar voice asked him. Those strong arms gently pushed him away and helped him regain his balance. Yuuri looked up into two deep, brown eyes and flashed a nervous smile. The man who had caught him had short brown hair, and brown eyes to match. He had a tall build and was muscled, but not too muscled. He wore dark blue jeans and a white collared shirt with a little bit of a black shirt showing underneath.

"Hello, Conrad! Thanks for catching me," Yuuri stepped back and looked at the ground as he rubbed the back of his head and laughed nervously. "I'm fine. No harm done."

Conrad bent down and picked up the fallen luggage. "I'm glad you're alright. I see you're as clumsy as I remember," Conrad gave a small chuckle and slung one bag over his shoulder. He noticed one of the objects poking through the other bag and gave a warm smile. "You still enjoy baseball?"

Yuuri laughed nervously, reaching to take back one of the bags. Conrad handed him the bag with the baseball bat. "Yeah… I thought that if you had any time, we could play a little…"

The tall brown-haired man's smile grew. "Of course, Yuuri. I would love to play with you again."

Yuuri beamed and gave Conrad a large smile in return.

"Shall we go?"

Yuuri nodded and Conrad started off in the direction of what Yuuri assumed was the car.


The car ride lasted about 30 minutes. Inside the car it was pretty quiet except for Conrad asking a couple of things about Yuuri's family and Yuuri responding. Other than that, it was a comfortable silence the rest of the way.

Conrad drove Yuuri to the campus of his new school, Cruorem Academy. The school was a large European-styled building. The layout was shaped as a giant rectangular 'C' with the open-end facing the road. An enormous bell tower – which also acted as a clock tower – was in the center-back of the building, so large that people driving by could see it. The entrance was blocked of by a tall iron gate with the school's symbol curved into the design. The iron gate met brick wall that surrounded the entire school, campus and dorms. The wall had occasional ivy climbing up it, which only added to the old-age elegance. Conrad's car slowed down as the gates slowly opened, when they stopped, Conrad started driving down a long driveway towards the school. Yuuri stared out the window in awe as they passed greener-than-green grass, fountains with intricate sculptures spouting clear water, beautifully carved stone benches, flower gardens with more colors than the rainbow, and trimmed, sculpted hedges. In the middle of the main courtyard was a giant fountain with flowers and benches surrounding it. In the middle of the fountain was a statue of the founder of the school. There were a few students milling about, glancing over to watch the car and it's occupants.

Yuuri had seen what the school looked like in the brochure, but it was so much better in real life! Conrad gave a small chuckle; he too was amazed when he first saw the academy, although much has changed over the many years since he's worked there.

Instead of driving straight toward the courtyard, to the main entrance of the school, Conrad turned off onto one of the roads branching off to the left and rounded the side of the school. To the side of the road were prestigious-looking tennis courts, baseball diamonds, basket ball courts, football fields, soccer fields, lacrosse fields….etc.

After all the fields, was a large building – about a quarter-size of the actual school building. Seeing the look of slight curiosity on Yuuri's face, Conrad chuckled again and explained what it was for.

"This side of the school is for physical academics, the other side is for more of the expressional academics. Sports on this side, arts on the other. That building there has an Olympic size swimming pool as well as a smaller one, and three ice rinks, used for ice sports and figure skating. It also has a couple indoor basket ball courts."

Yuuri looked around him in bewilderment, all he could think was ' This school is freaking huge! '

Conrad couldn't help but chuckle again at his godson's expression. Lamiaville was a small town near the border of Germany and the North Sea, if it weren't for the prestigious Cruorem Academy, they wouldn't even be on the map.

Cruorem Academy was known for its education and student-teacher ratios. The academy included all the grades, however there was no need for college or University classes because the regular classes were tough enough! Students could stay for as long as they wanted. The school chose you, so the students had no need to pay for tuition or dorms or anything. Even the richest families in the world couldn't buy their way in. Students were required to live in the dorms; only those with a serious medical condition could live off-campus. There were no class uniforms, but there was a dress code. One could walk around in their uniform from their old school if they wanted too.

"Conrad…Are you sure I was accepted here?" Yuuri was feeling completely overwhelmed. He'd been uneasy about the whole thing since the day when he received the acceptance letter in the mail.

"Don't worry yourself so much, Yuuri. Believe in yourself, and you'll be fine," The older man tried to calm the anxiety of the younger boy next to him.

Yuuri took a deep breath to try and calm himself down. "O-Okay…if you say so…"

Conrad smiled encouragingly back.

Conrad Weller was an old friend of Yuuri's mother, he was also Yuuri's godfather. Conrad has lived in Lamiaville since god-knows-when. He's one of the physical education teachers at the academy.

They turned again and were now driving along the back of the school. Behind the school were four buildings; one big one on the left, one of equal size on the right and one in the center-back, there was another smaller building in the center-front. From what Yuuri could see there was no parking lot.

"The building on the left is the boys dorm, the one on the right is the girls. The building at the front is the recreational building, and the one behind it is the teacher's dorm. Behind the teacher's dorm is a garage for those who own a car," Conrad explained.

"…." Yuuri was speechless.

Conrad pulled up to the entrance of the boy's dorm and stopped. He turned off the car's motor and got out of the car. Yuuri was about to do the same.

"I'm going to go get the boy's dorm manager, why don't you get your luggage out and ready?" Yuuri nodded. Conrad smiled and shut the door, walked up the steps, opened the door and went into the dorm. Yuuri leaned over and pressed the button for the trunk then got out as well.

After he got his stuff out of the trunk, he set them down and leaned against the side of the car. He closed his eyes and sighed. ' This day has been totally crazy. I just want to get to my room and sleep. I am totally exhausted! '

Yuuri was trying to relax – without falling asleep – when he heard footsteps approaching him. He looked up expecting to see Conrad, but instead saw a boy around his age walking out of the dorm. The boy had curly blond hair and a lean figure. He wore blue pants and a light blue vest over a white dress shirt. Around his neck was a white ascot, a blue jewel imbedded in the center of it. He was wearing brown leather boots that went up to his knees.

He stopped on the stairs and looked down at Yuuri. He had the most beautiful – but piercing – emerald eyes Yuuri had ever seen. The first thing that came to mind was

' Bishounen… '(1)

Yuuri snapped out of his daze and smiled sheepishly. He nervously waved his hand and greeted the other boy.

"H-hi." Yuuri mentally kicked himself for stammering.

The blond boy continued to stare down at him as he spoke, "Are you Yuuri Shibuya?" his voice was somewhat rude but still….melodic. ' I wonder if he's a singer? ' Yuuri thought absently as he nodded his head.

"Pfft. I can't believe it! Your just a wimpy kid!" He was glaring now, upset about something.

"Don't call me wimpy! And what do you mean 'kid', our ages can't be that different!" Yuuri tried his best to glare back at him, peeved about being called a kid by someone his own age!

"Hmph. Would you like to make a wager on tha—" He stiffened. With speed that Yuuri couldn't even think was humanly possible, the blond covered his nose and mouth with his hand, as if he'd smelt something horrible. He looked down at Yuuri in disbelief before hardening his gaze and bolting back into the dorm. He bumped into Conrad in his hurry.

"Wolfram….?" Conrad asked, a look of concern on his face.

The blond – now known as Wolfram – ignored him.

Conrad turned back to Yuuri with a puzzled look on his face. Yuuri shrugged. Conrad sighed and apologized.

"Please forgive Wolfram, he can be quite...stubborn"

"Ah, it's okay. No harm done." Yuuri tried to smile.

"That's good…my brother can easily lose his temper," Conrad explained.

"Oh, I see…..wait, brother!?" Yuuri asked, astounded. He had no idea that Conrad had any siblings.

"Yes, he is my younger brother. My elder brother, Gwendal, is currently the principle of this school." Conrad smiled.

' I thought Conrad was an only child, he's never talked about his family….But I swear….Wolfram's eyesthey turned from emerald….to black. They became even blacker then mine…… How?'


Bishounen is Japanese for 'pretty boy'

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