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Title: The Town
Rating: 14A
Chapter: 17 pt 1

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Wolfram took a big breath. He had to say it. He had to get it out.

"Yuuri, I-I've been thinking a lot about this. I mean, I've had a few doubts before, but today…today proved to me how real some of them are. You're really – and I mean really – important to me. I never want you to get hurt. That's why… that's why…" He gulped and turned to face Yuuri head on. "That's why I think you should go back to Japan. For good."


Yuuri stared at Wolfram in shock; it took him a second to find his voice. "W-what?"

Wolfram knew this wasn't going to be easy. "Yuuri, it's…it's too dangerous for you here!"

"'Too dangerous'? Here?" Confusion had completely enveloped his features.

"Think about it Yuuri! What if that had been a real slayer?! You could have been seriously hurt! Or even…or even worse!" Wolfram gripped Yuuri's shoulders. "I don't want to lose you!"

The extremity of Wolfram's concern and worry hit him like a bullet train. "Wolf…" he mumbled, unable to say much else.

Wolfram bore a pleading smile. "Please Yuuri! At least think about it! You could go back to your family, live a normal life! You could worry about normal things, be with regular humans. You could do away with all this! The responsibility, the pressure, the danger." He began to shake and buried his head in Yuuri's chest. "I-I can't stand to see someone I love get hurt…"

Yuuri carefully wrapped his arms around his Amor, holding him close. He had done this to the fiery prince? "I'm sorry, Wolf…but I can't do that. I can't leave the responsibility, pressure, or danger on someone else's shoulders. That wouldn't be fair, and I would always feel guilty. I'd just be exchanging one heavy burden for another." He squeezed Wolfram a bit tighter. "Besides, how am I supposed to forget about you and simply live 'normally'?"

Wolfram sighed in defeat. "I thought you might say that." He admitted a little sadly. He really knew Yuuri would have said at least something along those lines. It was just Yuuri's nature; never to cause harm or wish it upon someone else. The boy's heart was too kind. That was what Wolfram feared; that Yuuri was too kind and pure to survive long in their world. But he also knew, that that kindness was exactly the thing that may just change their dark, isolated world for the better. He just may be the one to light up the path and show them the way. Wolfram pushed away, and with a smirk on his face he teased Yuuri. "You better not die on me, wimp, or I'll bring you back and kill you myself."

Yuuri chuckled. "I'll hold you to that."


That night, Yuuri lay in his bed, unable to sleep. From time to time he would stare at the ceiling - wondering about random things -, he would also stare at Wolfram, running their earlier conversation over and over again in his mind.

He was still astounded. How could Wolfram ask him to leave? He'd die without his Bloode to sustain him. Is Wolfram willing to sacrifice himself? Yuuri was surprised to realize that Wolfram just might. Or, could Wolfram maybe have some other way to sustain himself? The scientists at the academy had long-ago developed tablet pills to temporarily sustain one's Thirste while he or she were traveling (they couldn't very well feast on anyone they come by, nor walk around with a thermos full of blood), but after using them for a while, the body begins to reject them. Had they developed a better version? He wondered absently.

He glanced over at Wolfram, who slept silently and peacefully next to him. He gently caressed the blond's cheek, brushing away a few stray strands of hair.

He placed his hands behind his head. How am I supposed to leave him? He thought. I simply love him too much. He knows that, doesn't he? He glanced back at Wolfram.

To go back home – to Mom, Dad, Shouri – to forget about everything and just live normally…As he thought about leaving everything—everyone he had here, he grew more and more depressed. A great feeling of loss overtook him as he imagined life without Wolfram's insults (although a bit less would be nice), Conrad's advice and companionship, Murata would be living here now so he wouldn't even have his best friend to help him through. He didn't feel as though he was about to cry, but felt like he was falling deeper and deeper into a dark pit of despair.

He quickly sat up, startled, as he felt something. A pressure on his mind, a darkness creeping in and closing in on his subconscious. An unsettling, recognizable presence.

It was him. His so-called 'dark side'.

Yuuri could feel him. Growing stronger, just there on the boundary of his sub-conscious.

Go away! Go away! He chanted in his mind as he closed his eyes and clutched his head, trying in desperation to push away the unrelenting presence. He was scared of that…thing. Always haunting him, his first meeting with it permanently burned in his mind, fueling nightmares that unsettled his sleep. He hadn't told Wolfram, he couldn't tell Wolfram. Especially not now. Yuuri continued his chanting, getting even more and more distressed as it did nothing but seem to make it stronger. He was getting closer.

"Yuuri…?" the young Asian snapped his eyes open at the quiet mumble of his name. He looked over to see Wolfram, concern plain on his face. At that moment the silent battle within himself came to a halt.

The blond tiredly perched himself up on his elbow. With a hint of hesitancy he reached his other hand out gently to caress Yuuri's arm.

"Is everything alright? What's wrong?" He gripped Yuuri's shoulder lightly – but firm – to make it clear he didn't want the question evaded. His emerald green eyes searched worriedly over Yuuri's features.

Yuuri placed his hand on Wolfram's and gave a small, encouraging smile. "I'm okay. It's just a headache." I'm not okay, I'm lying.

Wolfram stared at Yuuri, contemplating his answer. After a few seconds he sighed and nodded – either in satisfaction, or defeat. He retracted his hand. Before settling back down to sleep, he spoke softly.

"No matter what it is, Yuuri, I want you to know you can talk to me about anything. Especially if it's causing you pain." I know, it's just…not this…

Yuuri leaned over and gently kissed Wolfram on the lips. He pulled away, smiling softly. "Thank you." He said.

Yuuri lay back down with his back to Wolfram and pulled the covers to his chin. "Goodnight, Wolf." He called out quietly.

Yuuri heard a small sigh. "Night wimp." Yuuri felt Wolfram settle back down and it wasn't long before the blond's breathing evened out as sleep took him.

Yuuri closed his eyes.

I can't tell Wolfram. If I did, he'd make me leave for sure. He clutched the sheets tightly. I'm not going to leave him.

As he drifted off to sleep he could hear the faint echoing of laughter in his mind.


For the next week, both Wolfram and Yuuri had been too busy to visit the town. It wasn't until December ninth that they finally had enough time to breathe.

That morning Yuuri woke up as usual. His ankle had finally healed, so he was able to walk around without using the cane. Wolfram was sleeping in because they finally had a day off. Yuuri chuckled a bit at Wolfram's sleeping posture, admiring how much of an angel he resembled when he was considered by some people to be a demon. Yuuri got out of bed softly, careful not to wake his roommate, and silently slipped on his slippers. He scuffled over to the window. A small chill, he noticed, was in the air. He pulled back the curtain and the sight he saw totally astonished him. He gasped at the scene in front of him.

Quickly, he ran over to the bed, and started jumping up and down on wolfram, calling his name.

"Wolfram!! Hey! Wolf! Wake up!!" he said excitedly.

Wolfram shot up. "Yuuri What is it/" He asked cautiously, glancing around, looking for enemies.

"Wolf! It's snowing!!!" Yuuri cried happily, dragging Wolfram to the window. "See!?" He pointed to the white landscape. Wolfram wiped his bleary eyes. He looked out of the window and could see, that it was, indeed, snowing. In fact, the whole ground was covered in what looked to be about three feet of snow. Great. Wolfram, being a Fyre user, naturally hated the snow.

Wolfram would have groaned if Yuuri hadn't seemed so ecstatic.

"It's just snow, wimp." He muttered, somewhat annoyed at being tugged out of bed for something so trivial.

"Just snow?!" Yuuri exclaimed, shock in his eyes. "In Tokyo, it rarely ever snows! If it does all we get is mush!!" Wolfram could see the excitement plain in Yuuri's eyes. "Look at it all…" Yuuri trailed off, thinking of various snow-related activities he was going to do as he stared out the window. Sensing this, Wolfram did groan, knowing he'd be pulled along for the ride. He watched as Yuuri thought over his plans, Wolfram may hate the snow, but he may just be able to bare it if Yuuri was with him. A small smile graced his face as Yuuri seemed to glow with anticipation. He looked out the window again, fully taking in the white blanket that covered the ground and the small flecks that slowly danced down from the sky. On second thought…

Wolfram glanced back to Yuuri, who currently had a small frown on his face, making him look very cute. Suddenly his face lit up again, as if struck by an idea. He turned to Wolfram, smiling full-out.

"C'mon!! Let's go get dressed!"

Wolfram let out a small noise, half-groan, half-sigh of defeat. This was going to be a long, wet day.


Fully bundled up, Yuuri and Wolfram stood outside, taking in the scene before them. Yuuri with a great smile on his face, Wolfram with a totally bemused and an I-want-to-be-anywhere-but-here look.

"Why did you ask the maids for those child clothes?" Wolfram asked, glancing at the small duffle bag full of clothes that Yuuri had swung over his shoulder.

"About that…" Yuuri began, glancing off to the side sheepishly.

Wait a minute. Kid's clothes.

"Yuuri, you aren't…" Wolfram warned, letting the sentence hang, knowing Yuuri understood what he was implying.

"Oh c'mon, Wolf! She's a kid, and there's snow! It can't hurt!" He pleaded, turning back to Wolfram. "Please?" He unleashed his biggest, most puppy-dog-like eyes on the blond.

"Yuuri…" It was hard to be angry at someone who looked at him like that. Luckily, Wolfram was an expert at being angry. "No, Yuuri." He said firmly. "She tried to kill you for Shinou's sake! And now you, what? Build a snowman with her?!"

Anger flashed across Yuuri's eyes, but a second later it was gone. He stepped closer, gently grabbing both of Wolfram's hands and held them to his chest, both of their breaths ghosting in a swirl of white cloud. the only thing between them.

"Please?" He asked again, softly. He moved in a bit closer, their noses almost touching now.

Wolfram could feel a blush creeping up his neck. He blamed it on the cold.

"No." He replied, a bit less firmly than before. Yuuri noticed and suppressed a smile. Yuuri leaned in and kissed Wolfram's cheekbone, lightly trailing his lips down to his Amor's jaw bone. "Please?" He asked again, brushing lips up to Wolfram's ear and back down to his chin.

Wolfram opened his mouth to reply, but Yuuri flicked his tongue out to lick the sensitive part under Wolfram's ear, making the blond give a startled gasp.

Wolfram noted somewhat irritably that he wasn't cold anymore, he also noted that the cold isn't what had turned his face completely red. "No." He forced out weakly.

Yuuri moved his mouth up and kissed the corner of Wolfram's mouth. "Please?" He whispered as he brushed his lips over the blond's to the opposing corner and kissed him there as well. Wolfram's resolve faltered. "N-No…" Wolfram's resolved faltered greatly. What was it again he was apposing to?

Yuuri pulled back just far enough to lock eyes with the prince, their lips hovering just millimeters away from each other. That victory smile had the corners of Yuuri's lips turned slightly upward, but Yuuri still tried to repress it.

Wolfram found himself lost in Yuuri's big, black depths. "Please." He said, no longer it needing to be a question. He had won this battle. He leaned and locked his lips, Wolfram eagerly moved against him. Stupid body. He cursed mentally.

Yuuri's tongue crept out, licking Wolfram's upper lip, asking for entrance. Wolfram parted them without hesitation. Yuuri's tongue entered Wolfram's mouth, sending a spark down his spine when both their tongues met. Their tongues rubbed against each other, creating a delicious friction for both boys. After a few minutes, Yuuri pulled away for air, smiling widely. Clouds of white puffed out of both their mouths. Wolfram frowned, looking away. "Bastard." He muttered.

"Aw. Don't be mad." Yuuri gave him another kiss.

Wolfram glared at Yuuri. As Yuuri didn't move, but instead stood staring somewhat expectantly at Wolfram, the blond's eyes widened, and he groaned again. "Were not taking the horses, are we?"

"It's quicker if we – well you – run." He explained.

Wolfram sighed in frustration. "Dammit. If you weren't the king…"

Yuuri chuckled happily. "Translation, if you didn't love me."

The next thing Yuuri knew he was on Wolfram's back. "Don't blame me if you fall off." The blond teased.

"Yea, sure." Yuuri knew Wolfram wouldn't let him fall.

Then they were off.

The wind blew harshly against Yuuri's face, making it sting. He tucked his face into Wolfram's neck. He inhaled deeply and nuzzled in closer. He could feel warmth spread up his Amor's neck and smiled, completely content.


A few minutes later, and they were at their destination; the dungeon.

"Great!" Wolfram complained. "Now I'm soaked." Running so quickly through a snowfall had indeed completely dampened Wolfram's clothes and hair. Yuuri hid a small chuckle. Wolfram sure made the 'drowned cat' look very sexy.

Yuuri watched as Wolfram took a few steps away, snapped his fingers, and became engulfed flames.

Before Yuuri could let even a small cry of surprise, the flames were gone. Wolfram stood, fixing his scarf, acting as if nothing was wrong.

"There. All dry." He stated happily, turning to look at Yuuri, who was completely shocked. Wolfram gave a small, teasing frown. "Close your mouth, wimp. You look like a fish."

Yuuri obliged, snapping his mouth shut. Yuuri tried thinking of what words he could put together that would form the question he wanted to ask.

Seeing his confused and questioning face, Wolfram sighed, slightly amused. "I'm a Fyre Magick user. I can control the element of fire, remember? Gwendal can use Earthe and Gunter can use Aire. And, incase you forgot, it's very rare to see a half-breed who can use Magick." Wolfram scrunched his nose up a little in distaste. "Haven't you been paying attention in class?"

Yuuri pouted. "Yeah, it just shocked me seeing you suddenly burst into flames." Wolfram chuckled and grabbed Yuuri's hand.

"C'mon, let's go inside already!"

Inside, it was the same before, except colder. The stone walls held torches as lights, a few openings on the walls near the ceiling let light and a few snowflakes through. They passed various doors until they found themselves in front of the same doors Yuuri had visited almost a month earlier.

Two guards still stood in front of the door, Yuuri couldn't tell if they were the same ones as before. They bowed as Yuuri and Wolfram approached.

"Your Majesty, Your Excellency." They chorused together.

"Morning!" Yuuri said happily, giving them a wave. "We're here to see Greta."

The guards exchanged glances, but opened the door nonetheless with a "Yes, Your Majesty."

Yuuri strode into the small room. A small bed was set in the corner and a small window was set high up in the stones. Besides Greta, that's all the room had.

Greta was sitting on said bed, wrapped in a blanket, staring out at said window. She turned her head to glance at her visitors.

Yuuri walked in happily, smiling. Wolfram, like Conrad had, leaned against the doorframe, a bemused look on his face.

"Heya, Greta! How's it going?" Yuuri walked over, still a little cautious in case he were to frighten her, and sat next to her on the bed. "Sorry I haven't come to visit, it's been really busy." He explained, a small pout on his face. Greta listened quietly, politely. "Oh ya! This is Wolfram." He gestured towards said blond, and gave him a small frown as Wolfram nodded his head in acknowledgment. "Oh c'mon! You can at least say 'hi'." Yuuri huffed.

He sighed and turned back to Greta. "You look cold." He said sympathetically. "Guess it's a good thing We came prepared!" He took the strap off his shoulder and set it down between him and the girl. He opened the zipper. "I hope they fit, it's all the kids' clothes they could find."

Greta stared in apprehensively. "Why?" she murmured quietly.

Yuuri's smile grew. "We can't have you out in the snow with what you've got on now, can we?"

Yuuri could tell that at the mention of 'snow' her eyes had brightened, a small smile almost breaking through. "Guess you can't tell with such a lousy window, huh?" he joked. Yuuri watched as the light faded, and she turned away. She was a prisoner, there was no reason for her to have fun in the snow.

Yuuri got up. "You wanna know why I'm asking you?" he said, kneeling down in front of her. He put his hand to the side of his mouth, as if he were to tell her a secret. "Because this guy," he nodded his head in Wolfram's direction, "has never made a snowman before. Can you believe it?" he joked. With that, a smile did break out on her face.

"So you'll help me teach him, right?" Greta hesitated, but nodded all the same.

"Great!" Yuuri exclaimed happily. He got up and walked toward the door. "You get dressed, okay? Knock on the door when you're done." She gave a small nod.

Unknown to Yuuri, Wolfram gave Greta a warning glance before leaving himself. One that said 'If you abuse this chance and hurt him, I'll kill you'.


They played in the snow for hours. Making snowmen, forts, angels and having a few snowball fights. They managed to convince the guards to play for about ten minutes, but they eventually got bored of the childish games. Conrad stopped by and watched over them with an amused look on his face as Wolfram got covered with snow, than pummeled Yuuri with even more of the white stuff as Greta stood giggling. Gunter stopped by and fawned over how wet Yuuri was getting and how he might get a cold. The maids came by and everyone took a hot chocolate and cookie break. By late afternoon, everyone was soaked, tired, and a little hungry.

"Oi, wimp!" Wolfram called as he walked over to Yuuri, who was peeling off his wet gloves. Yuuri looked over his shoulder with a satisfied smile. "Hmn?" Being called a 'wimp' didn't irk him as much as it used to. After all, 'sticks and stones'. Besides, Yuuri knew that Wolfram didn't really mean it as an insult. At least, he hoped.

Wolfram shrugged out of his jacket. "You still want to go into town?" Yuuri took off his hat, scarf, and boots. "Of course." The blond prince sat down on the edge of their bed. He kicked off his boots and peeled off his wet socks, wiggling his toes. "We should get going soon, then. It's about three-thirty now." Yuuri pulled off his parka. "Sounds good to me." He thought for a second before asking, "Does Lamiaville have a theatre? There's a movie I want to see." Wolfram pulled on dry socks and stood up in his deep red turtleneck and slim-fitting – slight-boot-legged – dark jeans. "Yep. We could go see it after dinner. There's a nice grill down there. They have good hamburgers, and their fries are delicious!" Yuuri pulled on his black sweater, tugging his white collar through the neck opening. Yuuri sighed happily. "I haven't had a hamburger in a while." Wolfram smiled at his Amor's wistful expression. Said blond turned and walked toward the closet, feeling Yuuri's eyes on him. He grabbed his white, hip-length jacket.

Before he could put it on, Yuuri gently encircled Wolfram from behind, holding the blond close as he buried his nose in Wolfram's neck. Wolfram chuckled. "You sure are a lot…bolder than when we first met." He teased, dropping the jacket and placing his hands over Yuuri's, leaning further into the embrace. Yuuri propped his chin on Wolfram's shoulder. "Really? How so?" he asked innocently, swaying his hips, creating soft friction on Wolfram's behind. Wolfram turned around, smirking. He placed his hands on Yuuri's shoulders. The blond turned his gaze up at the ceiling – as though he were searching for an answer. "Oooh," he drawled in his sing-song voice, "I don't know…" Wolfram rolled his hips against Yuuri's, creating added pressure on their nether regions. The prince smirked gleefully when Yuuri gave a surprised gasp. "What about that little stunt you pulled earlier?" He asked innocently, looking into Yuuri's eyes with an amused stare. A pink tinge covered Yuuri's cheeks at the memory and he glanced off to the side, trying to come up with a witty comeback. Though, before he could, Wolfram leaned his face in and nuzzled Yuuri's exposed neck. "And what about this teensy situation we seem to be in now?" Wolfram purred, flicking his tongue out to lap at Yuuri's pulse point. Yuuri shuddered (1).

Yuuri gave a small laugh as he answered. "I'm horny?"

Wolfram stared for a second, surprised at the blunt declaration. Then he laughed. Yuuri's smile grew wider seeing his prince laughing so whole-heartedly.

"What?" He asked, "I have the most intoxicatingly gorgeous person I've ever met head-over-heels in love with me, yet we can barely get past second base. Not to mention I'm a hormone-crazed teenager." He hugged Wolfram closer and nuzzled the junction between ear and neck. Wolfram listened on, highly amused.

"Wooolf…!" Yuuri whined, "Do we gotta wait? I'm going crazy here!"

Wolfram pushed away and took on a mock-stern tone. "Now Yuuri. You promised we'd wait until you were Turned." He gasped in dramatic surprise, covering his mouth with his hand. "Don't tell me that you're a king who goes back on his word!"

Yuuri laughed. "I never go back on a promise." He said, defeat lacing his tone. Then he perked up. "However, I never made said promise. So, I can't break it." He pulled Wolfram back into his arms, in such a pose that they looked like they were about to begin a waltz.

Wolfram pouted. "Darn." Yuuri leaned in to kiss those pouty pink lips.

Acting innocently unaware of Yuuri's actions, Wolfram pushed away and exclaimed, "It's getting late! We should get going." He hurried over to where his jacket lay forgotten on the ground and picked it up. He turned his back on Yuuri's pout as he slipped his arms through the sleeves, a triumphant smirk upon his face.

Yuuri sighed in defeat. But a mischievous smirk darkened his eyes as an idea hit him.

"You're right, we should get going soon." He agreed. "I just have to make a phone call, first."

"Alright, don't be too long." Wolfram wrapped his dark blue scarf around his neck and put on matching gloves.

Yuuri walked over to the phone, almost laughing in delight. He picked it up and dialed Conrad's number. After the first ring it was answered.

"Yes, Your Majesty?" came Conrad's, gentle – but deep – voice.

"Heya, Conrad!' Yuuri greeted happily, noticing – out of the corner of his eye – Wolfram slightly raising an eyebrow. "Remember what I asked about earlier? Well, we're leaving soon, so do you think you could…? Yes, that's it. Thank you. See you at the front gate." Yuuri hung up the phone and turned back to Wolfram's confused and enquiring stare.

Yuuri merely smiled innocently and said "Okay! Let's go!"

Letting his curiosity get the better of him, Wolfram asked, "What was that about?"

Without looking back Yuuri said, "You'll see." And he headed out of their room.

Wolfram shivered as he heard what he thought for sure was a mischievous smirk in Yuuri's voice.


(1) For some stupid reason, it took me like, 5 minutes to remember how to spell that word right…

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