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Two teenagers sat on a small wooden dock that was shaped like a rough U, extending about nine feet out into the water. The dock creaked and groaned as each wave crashed down upon the sandy shores of the island, one after another. The teens were sitting on the edge, staring off towards the sunset. The smell that the ocean carried, that wonderful salty taste it left in everyone's throats, filled the air as the sun's fading brightness painted the sky dark purple, faded orange, and warm blue.

The younger-looking of the teens looked up from lying on his stomach on the dock. It was a boy, about fifteen years old. He had reddish-brown hair that reached his shoulders. His bangs hung down in front of his dark blue eyes, no matter how many times he tried to push them out of the way. Unshed tears glistened in his eyes and he sighed, choking back a small whimper. The older teen patted his back gently.

She had slightly spiky brown hair that reached an inch below her shoulders and crystal-blue eyes. She had a low-neck red tank top and over it was a loose black vest that was half-zippered up. She had dark blue jeans that reached below her knees and gray combat boots. Her expression was one of someone depressed and extremely unhappy. Tears sparkled in her eyes but she blinked them back.

It had been only a few months after the loss of their silver-haired friend Rachel. Since then, she and he had turned fifteen. Rachel had just turned sixteen only a few days before the incident. They didn't even know if she was still alive, or where she was. Their caretakers, especially the leader of them, were scattered, trying to find her, but all the while trying not to be discovered by the very man that had taken Rachel.

The girl sighed and was about to speak when there was a screeching sound, one that caused anyone within a mile-radius to try and block out the sound with their hands. As suddenly as it had come, it disappeared and a hole of grayish light appeared, only to violently spit out two figures, who nearly fell over, but regained their footing just in time.

"Huh? Wait…. Sarah… That looks like… Oh my god! Rachel?" the boy yelled, scrambling to his feet as he stared at the newcomers. Sarah, the girl, immediately stood up as well, turning to face the intruders. Her eyes widened as she knew that that wasn't their friend.

"Kevin, no, that isn't her! GRAVIRA!" Sarah yelled, casting a strong spell that caused the two strangers to collapse, pulled earthward by the gravity spell. The two strangers let out a yell, struggling against the spell.

"Who are you?" Sarah yelled, summoning a staff-like sword, called the Rose Scepter, to her hands. The staff's top was a blooming red rose and spiraling down the silver-black blade-like edges, which made it look like a sword somewhat, were green vine-like tendrils. The bottom had a smaller rose, a gray bud. It was clear that this staff-sword thing was used for both attack and magic. She was now able to summon it from wherever it resided instead of having to carry it around all the time. She glared down at the two men. She had to admit that the taller one looked almost exactly like Rachel, considering he had the same silver hair, and also the teal-blue eyes.

"But… H-he... looks… just… like Rachel." Kevin said his voice becoming soft as he stared at them, confused. To be on the safe-side, he summoned his shield, the SwiftRazor Shield, to his right hand. It was small, only a bit bigger than his head. The edges were extremely sharp, so it was likely that it was used mostly for a defense straight into a counterattack. There was a black crescent moon symbol in the middle of the shield. While the symbol was black, the rest of the shield was dark gray. Sharp jagged gray razors were sticking out near the side with a dark purple ribbon crossing twice over the middle.

The spiky brown-headed male jerked his face out of the sand and spat the pale gritty substance out of his mouth and glared up at the two. His eyes locked onto Sarah's, but then the two froze, eyes wide in shock. Kevin blinked and looked from him to Sarah and back again, repeating the action over and over, not getting what in the world was going on.

"He looks… almost like you… Sarah, what is going on?" Kevin asked, staring at the male. The older male with silver hair opened his mouth to say something, but then closed it, sending a questioning glance to his companion. He then felt the gravity spell wear off and jumped to his feet, summoning his Keyblade, Way to the Dawn. He was a bit on edge because of the two's weapons. Both Kevin and Sarah leaped back in shock and fright.

"A Keyblade? But how!?" Kevin gasped, gripping his shield extra tightly. He helped his friend up, who also summoned his own Keyblade, Oblivion. The shorter one, Sora, kept his eyes on Sarah.

"How is it that she looks like me, like a female me!?" he asked his silver-haired friend, Riku. He never got a chance to even respond as there was a bloodthirsty howl. Kevin and Sarah looked horrified and glanced at each other. Then there was a yell, one that both they and the strangers knew.

A shadowy figure tore through the trees that were marking the borders between the forest and the beach. It slid to a stop, spraying sand everywhere. When the sand cleared, two sulfur eyes glared up at them from behind black bangs. A familiar smirk was set on the black lips of the Heartless-like creature.

"R-Rachel?" Kevin asked. Sarah stepped slightly in front of Kevin, not knowing what was wrong with Rachel. A snarl burst forth from the figure and she turned her attention to Sora and Riku, eyes narrowing.

"Key… Blades!" she growled, springing at the two Keyblade wielders.