OK! I know its a little too soon for a new story (judging by the fact that I'm working on 3 stories and I can barely keep up) But I just needed to start a new one! I'll try to get a chapter each day so if I didn't make one in time I still have it there D


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Slowly Dying

Ever since I met Sasuke Uchiha, I've had a crush on him. It hurts me so much that so many other girls like him and no one would like a girl with a forehead as big as mine. I always try to impress him with out smart I am but after I let somebody see how smart I am he never looks at me. Ino, my best friend is so lucky she doesn't have a big forehead. She's so perfect! Her hair is pretty, her face is pretty, she's skinny, and she isn't shy. I don't even know how we're friends if we are the total opposite.

When I found out that she liked Sasuke too I didn't want to be friends with her anymore, but then I thought that we shouldn't break up because of him. When I heard that he liked girls with long hair I told Ino and ever since we have been growing out our hair. Everything is a problem with me. You would think that my pink hair would stand out but I think it's the ugliest thing on the planet. My mom always tells me that I'm beautiful in my own way but I don't want to be so different from everything its weird.

My story starts when Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi-sensei, and I become team seven. I thought I could finally impress Sasuke because I was on a team with him, but now he just pushes me out of his life even more. I want to be able to show to him that I can be everything he ever wanted. I just wish that I could be prettier, skinnier, and have a smaller forehead.

Next chapter will be longer!