(Redid the plot a little bit. so it's re-vamped. Enjoy!)

Jay set his bags down at his room, looking around,

"Same as always." He muttered, throwing his bags on the bed before his roommate, Kiwi, came in,

"Hey man! The year flies fast, doesn't it?"

Jay flashed a weak smile at his friend before opening his guitar and bringing out some unmarked sheet music as well as a couple of songs he wrote with his girlfriend…or old girlfriend, Terri.

"So, how's Terri….."

Jay shut his suitcase with such force at the mention of her name that Kiwi jumped back. He saw Jay grip his arms as if he had gotten a sudden chill. After a minute of silence, Jay grabbed his guitar and turned to Kiwi,

"Hey..um.." Jay clapped his hands together, "Sorry."

Kiwi nodded, grabbing his drumsticks and going outside.

"I'm….I'm gonna go practice a little, OK?" he said, grabbing his key and walking out, his guitar behind him.

Kiwi looked at him and threw his hand through his hair,

"Umm….I'm guessing something happened?"

Jay walked out of the building and sat on the cool grass by the side. He strummed his guitar thoughtfully. Ever since Terri was killed, Jay had sunken into a deep depression, he stopped performing; stopped writing; just plain stopped living.

When his parents forced them to audition, he got in only because he knew that Terri would have wanted him to. Terri…

"I know what you were feeling that summer Terri!" he shouted to no one, but luckily, no one was around to hear it. Jay sighed and slammed his guitar into the grass, ever since that night when he got the call; his life had been hell. He was haunted constantly by demons, and he knew he had to do something, but some foreign anger that he could not control would well up, and then he never knew what happened after that. He looked around and saw all the kids, laughing and playing, having the time of their lives….and for the first time, Jay knew what it felt like to be completely alone.

Meanwhile, on the other side of campus, a girl was entering Bristol-Hillman Music Conservatory for the first time, and as she looked around seeing all the people walking around in the area and felt excited,

"I can't believe I made it!" she mumbled to herself, grinning as she opened the door and walked inside, clutching her drum sticks bag.

'I've gone from rags to riches, I guess.' She thought, walking around trying to find her room, "324….324…"

Lori Barkin was born into poverty in the south side of San Francisco, and survived on her own without a family. She learned to make a living off of drumming in the streets and one of her friends taped her and she got accepted, so she flew out to Los Angeles to see if maybe she could spring herself out of this poor life.

She slammed into the room kind of loud, making her roommate jerk up.

"Um…" Lori tucked a lock of auburn hair behind her ear. "Hi, I'm Lori." She said. The girl came up, her dark brown hair falling over her face,

"Kristy. Nice to meet you. you're new right?"

"You couldn't tell?" Lori laughed slightly, throwing her bag on the bed as well as her drumsticks,

"Oh…you're a drummer huh?"

"Yep, what about you?" she said, throwing her clothes into a closet. She was able to get somewhat nice clothes by working at a store when she wasn't performing.

"I'm a saxophonist. But I play guitar on the side." Kristy said, putting the last of her clothes away,

"Well, shall I give you a tour of the campus?" she asked as Lori put her worn drumsticks but a well worn picture of her parents before looking at her and grinning,

"Sure. I'd like that."