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Our Love is a Rock Song

Written by Keiko Oda



"And this is my latest single which will be released in the upcoming album, Sweet Stuff! It's called Pika Pika No Taiyou Ni!!!"

The crowd roared with excitement, they held up banners and posters with her picture on it. Their faces were painted in colorful face paint and they screamed so loudly that her voice was overthrown by their cheers. The teenage girl placed her lips to the microphone as the music began playing.

"JIRI JIRI to nari hibiku mezamashite okosareta

GIRA GIRI to taiyou ga kyou mo mata zekkouchou

memutai me kosutte wa kimi no senaka oikakete

kake ashi de tsumazuite koron de wa ochikonda

jyugyouchuu sora wo mite

BOKARI kuchi wo akeru atama ni

meichuu shita kamihikouki no MESSEJI

"itsumo itsumo waratte te"

ima kimi no sugu soba de wakachi aeru mainichi

donna konnan datte tobikoerareru

ashita wo futari de mukaerareru you ni ne

kumori zora no hi datte shiawase iro de warau kara

PIKA PIKA no taiyou no you ni

CHIRI CHIRI to koboreteku sunadokei mitumete wa

KIRA KIRA to namida shita kyou no kimi zetsufuchou??

urunda me kimi no senaka sotto tataki

omoikkiri hohoen de taiyou ni sasayaita

"motto motto warau kara"

ima kimi no sugu soba de wakachi aeru mainichi

donna naidai datte toki susumeru yo

ashita wo egao de mukaerareru you ni ne

ame no sora no hi datte futari issho de waraou ne

PIKA PIKA no taiyou no you ni

ima kimi no sugu soba de wakachi aeru mainichi

donna konnan datte tobikoe rareru

ashita wo futari de mukaerareru you ni ne

kumori zora no hi datte shiawase iro de warau kara

PIKA PIKA no taiyou no you ni!"

The singer closed her eyes and listened to the audience who were roaring with excitement. They waved their fists up in the air and chanted her name. She watched some of the people on the front row scramble up to the stage as the bouncers carried them back to crowd.

"I'm Mikan Sakura and good night, Tokyo!" the chocolate-colored haired girl yelled out from the stage. The crowd screamed for more but her throat ached and sweat dripped down from her forehead to the microphone. "I love you all!! Thank you for the wonderful night!!!!"

The crowd yelled out her name and she gave a smile. The red curtains closed and with that, her first concert ended.



Do you know me?

Well, you probably do! I have sold over one-thousand copies of my latest album "Sweet Stuff", I'm the second most researched person on the internet and my face is on every teen magazine!

Want an autograph?

I'll give you one later; right now…I'll give you a personal introduction.

My name is Mikan Sakura, your average fifteen year old. Well, not really. I'm Japan's newest Pop idol!! I live with my grandfather in an apartment in Tokyo. I love my Jii-chan. He had stood by my side for as long as I can remember…and he's also my manager!!! He's one responsible guy and I'm really proud of him.

My parents? Well, they were very famous singers when they were alive but they died in a plane crash on their way to London for a concert. But they died when I was a toddler so it doesn't hurt that much when I think about them.

I don't really have that much friends since I'm home-schooled by my grandpa. He told me that if I go to a normal school I'll be chased by nosy paparazzi and have people stampeding over me, asking for my autograph. I'm lonely sometimes but that doesn't matter, I've got my Jii-chan!

I don't have a boyfriend. I would like to have a boyfriend but I don't have time to fall in love. I've never experienced kissing someone or even receiving a romantic hug…when I get really rich and famous I'll probably get a kissing scene in a movie if I'm asked to star in one. But right now, I have to focus on my priority.

And my priority is my singing career!


Normal POV

"kimi ga ookkina ookkina koe de warattara

sugu ni manekko issho ni waratta ne"

She stood in front of her bedroom mirror, brushing her long chocolate hair until it was soft enough for her fingers to run through it.

"MIKANNN!!!!!!" someone yelled from the kitchen.

The brunette rolled her eyes. "Jii-chan" she muttered. "Coming!!" she said, placing the brush back on top of her dresser. She walked out and came to find the old man furiously scribbling on his notebook. He looked up at her and gave her a smile that smelled out "profit, profit, profit"

"You are to have a Press Conference later during the evening at Tokyo Plaza" he said and leafed a page. "And then you have an interview with the Kusakawas, offers from Osaka and Akita and we'll be flying to Hokkaido soon to promote Sweet Stuff there…you'll also be having a concert in a mall there…"

Mikan paled. "B-but…I'm not yet fully recovered from last night's concert…I'm so tired! My muscles and my throat aches!" she said, stumbling towards her grandfather who continued scribbling out the schedules.

Jii-chan sighed and crossed his arms. "Mikan, Mikan, Mikan…you're a singer now, you have to get used to these schedules!!! I've also got a call from Sapporo…you'll be having a concert there too"

Mikan's heart stopped as her ears crumbled at the sound of the tight schedule that she'll be doing. She slumped down on her chair and put her hands over her eyes. "Jii-chan…"

"Oh, right…" Jii-chan said, his eyes lighting up. "Your latest album was released last night, let's see how many copies were sold…why don't you run over to the CD store and check it out?"

Mikan gave a huge grin "Hai!"


The weather was quite nippy and the streets of Tokyo were decorated in a crispy blanket of red and orange. It was the tenth of October and the trees were now leafless and dry. Birds were flying to the south in anticipation for the winter and people paraded the streets wearing their warm fluffy coats and knit bonnets.

"Mikan!! Mikan!! Can I have your autograph?" were the shouts of the people on the street. Mikan, who enjoyed lolling in the cheers of the crowd, would definitely give them an autograph, and of course – she loved to see their wide satisfied smiles after she did so.

After pushing herself through the bustling streets of Tokyo, she finally came to the nearest CD store.

"Let's see…Pop and Rock genre…M…" Mikan said, staring at the rack of CDs before her. There were so many that she couldn't even see her own CD.

And then soon enough, she found her CDs. Her CD was very pretty. It was pink and had cherry blossoms all over. She was on the front cover, with her hair let loose and had a white puffy dress on. She counted the leftover CDs, and there were only five copies left.

"Not bad" she grinned, smiling with satisfaction. But wait, there was a space beside her CDs that was empty. The board on it said "Natsume Hyuuga…Sold Out"

Mikan raised her eyebrows. "Natsume Hyuuga? I've never heard of him!" she said and grunted. "Why did he sell more copies than me?"

"Because you suck" someone said from behind.

The brunette jumped in shock and turned around. Before her stood an older-looking raven-haired boy who had three earrings on each of his ear, a blue scorpion and a red snake tattoo on his arm. His gloves had the print of skeleton bones and he wore black and red all over.

"Do you even know who I am?" Mikan said, her face reddening.

"Duh. Every teeny bopper magazine has your stupid smile all over it"

"Humph! Well, at least I'm not some…tattooed pierced thug like YOU" the brunette yelled.

"You little…"

"Well, I'm richer and more famous than you – that's for sure!!" she said, sticking out her tongue.

The boy took her by the collar and examined her carefully. "Do YOU even know who I am, little girl?" he muttered eyeing her with those menacing scarlet eyes.

Mikan pulled away. "Who cares who you are?"

The boy smirked. "Idiot. Seems like you're not updated with real life…" he said

"What are you talking about?" Mikan asked. Who was he anyway?

"Whatever. I'm going to ruin your life, little girl" he said and he walked out of the CD store.

Mikan gulped. "Who is HE?" she said and crossed her arms.

"I'm not going to let some tattooed freak ruin my life, that's for sure!"

And with that, she left the CD store as well.


To be continued…


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