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Secret Admirer

Sakura sat quietly on a tree branch and watched Sasuke and Naruto fight against each

other. Neither one seemed to notice her anymore, so she pulled a small spiral out of her pouch

and began to turn to a blank page. The pages were filled with drawings of Sasuke, as well as

multiple poems, and had Uchiha Sakura written all over it. She lingered over a page and lovingly

caressed the adorable black and white picture of Sasuke sleeping. It was her favorite picture that

she had drawn. She had drawn it by firelight, while it was her turn for watch on an overnight


She still remembered how dreamy and innocent he had looked in his slumber. It had been

all she could do to keep her fingers from gently brushing his bangs from over his eyes. Jostling

herself back to the present, Sakura sighed and continued flipping through her spiral. Finally,

around halfway through the notebook, she found a blank page. Sakura settled herself more

comfortably on the tree branch and began to write...


They said you couldn't love

So I prayed to god above

To let my smile be bright

And be your guiding light

So whether it's night or day

You will always know your way

Back to your rightful place

In my loving embrace

Although you may not love me now

I know that someday, somehow

Love will find a way

And in my arms you'll stay

Pausing in his fight with Naruto, Sasuke looked up, and noticed that Sakura was contentedly

writing in a small spiral, completely absorbed in what she was doing. 'What in the world' he

thought, then quickly turned back to Naruto who was getting closer to him on the field.

Smiling to herself Sakura looked over her new poem for errors, and then glanced

down to see if the fight had ended yet. When she noticed that it hadn't, she again sighed. 'Oh

well', she thought, 'I can always draw'. Unknown to Sakura, Sasuke had caught he writing in

her spiral, and wanted to know what it said, if only he could get it away from her.