Secret Admirer

Chapter 12

Disclaimer: "I only own Naruto in my dreams."

Sasuke kept clenching and unclenching the small object in his pocket nervously, as he slowly

trailed down the pathway alongside Sakura. 'Finally' he thought ' Were almost there.' "Where

are we going Sasuke-kun", Sakura asked him curiously. Sasuke stopped walking to glance

down at her. "Hn. I'll let you know when we get there." Sakura sighed. Some things never

changed, and an Uchiha was one of them. They continued on their way, until Sasuke stopped

them at the bridge. 'Time to get this over with Uchiha' he told himself. He was about to attempt

to do the hardest thing he had ever done. Sakura looked around at where Sasuke had stopped.

'Wait a minute' she thought.'This is where Sasuke first asked me out. What are we doing here.

We're not meeting up for a mission. Sakura was startled out of her reverie by Sasuke gently

grabbing her by the waist and lifting her to sit her on the railing of the bridge. "Sakura, we need

to talk." he said. 'Oh my god. He's going to break up with me. Why would he to do that? It's

been going so well' Sakura thought ominously. Sasuke looked at her, puzzled by the crushed

look on her face, it looked as if she was about to burst into a torrent of tears at any moment.

"Sakura?" He asked softly. "What's wrong, you shouldn't be crying." Suddenly it dawned on

Sasuke. 'Dang' He thought. 'I never should have said that like that. It's the most obvious break

up line there is. Surely she doesn't think that I'm breaking up with her. However the shattered

look on her face told Sasuke that it was indeed what she thought he wanted to talk to her about.

Sasuke lifted his left hand from her waist where he was holding her, and reached up to lay it like

a whisper upon her cheek. "Sakura, don't cry. I'm not breaking up with you." He used his thumb to softly wipe away a tear that had managed to find it's way down her porcelain cheek.

"Then whaaa... Sakura was cut off, as Sasuke leaned forward, and covered her soft mouth with

his own. Sakura leaned forward into him as she returned the kiss, and sighed reluctantly when

he pulled away from her. "Shh." he told her. " I brought you here, because this is where it all

began for us. We met here when we were younger for training and missions, and then we met

each other here that night that we started going out. You are here tonight because I want another

new beginning for us. Sakura, will you marry me? Sakura looked at him totally stunned, then

she leaned forward into him and kissed him softly. "Of course I will Sasuke-Kun, nothing would

make me happier than to be your wife." Sasuke heaved a sigh in relief, and took the engagement

ring from his pocket. Then he slowly put it on Sakura's finger. The small ring shone brilliantly

even in the soft moonlight. Sakura looked up at Sasuke mischievously. "So, do you think

Hinata has a diary?" Sasuke smirked. "Maybe you should find out. Maybe then the dobe would

get the message." Sakura laughed. "He is clueless, it couldn't hurt to try. Of course, he's so

naive, do you think he'd even read it?" He looked down at her like she was dolt. "Who can

resist reading someone else's diary?" He asked conspiractionally.