Hi this is my first fanfic so I hope its good

Well my story will be about Ava who is a unknown person that somehow has ties to Itachi past so u have to read to find out.

In my story it switches between Ava and Itachi so if it get confusing im sorry!

She 23 years old in the start of this

"I cant believe I'm back" she thought as she stared at the old city that she once called home. Ava had been gone for more than 7 years since leaving after that fateful night so long ago.

"Yes, Ava you finally made it" said the 5th as she rumpled through her desk to find what look like a twinke or some kind of kiddy type snack.

"yes I am but I still don't know what for you didn't clarify in your letter may I ask why it was so urgent that I return after all the 3rd always sent my assignment by letter what makes this one so important" as Ava took a seat on the corner of the 5th desk .

Suddenly a cloud of grey smoke appear and the next thing she knew she was out in the middle of the woods. This couldnt be good Ava thought then she caught that all to familiar scent she knew she'd hadnt been taken by the 5th orders. With that she jumped into a near by tree and made a run for it but she didn't get far before she was tackled from behind landing in a lake just below. She tried to get away put it was no use she knew she'd never get away. When they reached the surface she was twisted around and with that a pair of full red lip smashed in to hers she couldn't fight it she never could she knew him too well too deny he.

But why did he have to break her heart so long ago when he left his home and family in blood . Why did Itachi have to do this why did he have to bring these old feelings back. He loved to make her all hot and bothered and then leave just as quick but he never kidnapped her before and especially not in pure daylight and defiantly not while she was in the 5th office. But he did seem to come more often then he use to.

It all started back when they where 3 years old their parent saw so much promise in Itachi and when Ava came from a neighboring city the Uchiha became very interested in her skill for such a young and small girl she held a strange large amount of chakra and she seemed to have all the dogs of the city following her.

So it was even strange when their son Itachi started wanting to see her. They grew up together not as friend but as two people who cared for each other more then themselves but as they grew older Itachi grew more and more cold until the night before the murder of the entire Uchiha Clan.

Flash back they are both 16

"Itachi!!" Ava calls out from her window. Itachi looked up from his hiding place dang how had she seen him the best Anbu could detect him from 5 yard away but she could find him at least at 50 yard it frustrated and fascinated him all at the same time.

"Wait right there, I got you something before you leave ok" Ava yelled as she ran inside.

She was the only person he ever really gave a dame about other than Sasuke but Sasuke was a totally different reason for him to care about he had plans for Sasuke but Ava he didn't know what it was about her but no matter how hard he tried he couldn't stop loving her she was under his skin the first day he laid eyes on her 13 years ago. To bad after tomorrow he'd be gone. She'd be the only thing he'd would miss but no woman would stop him from the power he so desired not that she didn't come closes so many time he want to propose to make her his wife to take her too there wedding bed and have his way with her every night after which had it appeals to it but he'd never get tied down or have that big of an opening to hurt him.

"Itachi I found it now close your eyes" she said as closed the door behind her

He'd play her games tonight just this once since this would be there last night they'd have together he closed his eyes.

Next thing he knew he was overcome with a set of lip on his and he couldn't deny this one sweet thing which will probably be the most and only sweet thing in his life. He grabbed her head and pulled both of them until his back was press firmly against the wall behind him thankfully is was night what a scene this would have been if it was daylight out they probably get in trouble for indecency. She did that to him no matter how hard he tried he couldn't deny her. Not if it was the last piece of candy when they were little or this kiss she gave him now if she would ask him to give her a child right now he wouldn't be able tell her no even if it would kill him.

He lifted her up and pressed her against the wall lifting her leg so she could wrap them around his waist pushing his hands up her shirt.

He knew that this would make it all that much harder on him but he wouldn't lose this chance to feel her, taste her, be hers. Than he felt a tug on his hair and then a high pitch ting like that of a small bell.

They both stopped and looked silently at each others when he finally said "well what was my actual gift? the thing you put in my hair or was it you? because I like the latter of the two." He could see her turn bright red at his comment. She always did even though she instigated most of their steps forwards in there lives she always was bashful when he said it out loud.

"I didn't plan on doing that but when you closed your eye I j. j. just cou. u. ldn't.t.t stop my self." Ava stuttered.

With most people it would annoy him to no end but when she did it. It was cute.

"well what is this gift you found necessary to put in my hair" he say sarcastically moving his hand closer to her breast as he did so

She signed and then remarked as she removed the gift from his hair "well it normally for a hat but you don't wear one so I put this clip on it so it could be put on anything, but it a bell, and it not just a normal bell since that would be to lame for you it a rare shinobi bell that if you get the right amount of chakra in it. It can put some of those bastard shinobi to sleep,"

"well any thing from you couldn't be lame just different and thank you it'll be useful but how did you get a hold of one," he asked as he finally reach her breast he'd been searching for as she signed in contempt at the touch of his hands on her breast

"I got it from my grandparent, but the attaching clip and band to it I made," she pronounced proudly.

"well now that makes it all the more special," his eyes darkened he kissed her one last time before disappearing out of her hands and sight. Leaving her alone yet again.

"I love you," whispered Ava staring at the almost full moon.

The next night Itachi killed the entire Uchiha clan except for his brother Sasuke. Ava made sure he was ok and that all was taken care of before she got her self assigned to outside shinobi missions and left the very next evening.

He found her again some many years later. This first time he had stolen a kiss from her. It was a night that she was alone on assignment she had been sleeping for about 3 hours until something awoke her and the next thing she knew a man was on top of her , kissing her, touching her, but she freaked never thinking it could be him until he grabbed her and put her hand on the bell she had given him 5 years before. Then he was gone.

She could taste the water on his lips why did he take such a risk to do this. Was he losing it he always came and went he never took her what did he want from her so what make this time so different what had happen to him to make him take theses great lengths?????


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