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"now we both know if you didn't think about it when you did it you did when you woke up so don't play the little miss innocent card , and every time you lye, ill remove a piece of your clothing and when you have none left ill remove mine and if you still won't tell me what I want well, there's only so few things a man and a woman can do in a bed naked" he said smirking with that evil grin he often used when they were young, Right be for they got in major trouble, even when she wasn't apart of his little games which he rarely did she always said she had a part in it so Itachi didn't get the full blame.

"Well Itachi, I guess you can't see everything with those eyes of your because you'd know I'm telling the truth," she remarked sarcastically

"I said no lying" he replied as he removed the ribbon from her hair

'OW SHIT' Ava thought 'he really is going to do it what am I going to do???' Ava's mind was reeling with all her thoughts

"Do you want me?" Itachi asked staring at her

'Ow what the trouble in saying that maybe this wont be so bad' Ava thoughts seem to calm at Itachi's first question

"yes I do Itachi" Ava answered

"When did you start wanting me?"

"Itachi I've wanted you since I start like boys you are the first and only boy I was attracted to when we were in the village ok." Ava replied covering all the bases of his question

"good just making sure you'd tell me the truth if you don't care. If I know but just so you know they'll get worst as we get farther along lets see 1,2 Ow wow only a bra and a thong that's not giving you a whole lot of lying to do now is it?" Itachi said smirking with that evil grin of his face

'this isn't good' Ava thought as she tried to move from under Itachi

"don't or we'll skip the game" Itachi growled

Ava stop instantly

"now why do you want me?" Itachi said hoarse

'Oh god' Ava mind screamed

"why the hell do you want to know that" Ava hissed

"Answers the question" Itachi Growled

"fine, because… I don't know… I guess because I'm attracted to you, I've always cared for you so it wasn't hard for me to take that one step farther and start becoming physically attracted to as I was emotionally attached, it seem natural like instinct to be with you it always has been like whenever you're near I can feel you" Ava said breathless

"Good. Have you ever had a sex dream about me?" Itachi smirked laughing silently in his head

"Ow god Itachi…. YES!" Ava shouted

"what happened?" Itachi made her continue

"we had sex" Ava replied

"tell me or I'll make the answer a lie" Itachi threatened

"Ok ok, we where in the old village and well you jumped in to my room but I was in the shower, you came into the bathroom, you got into the shower with me fully clothed. You said that their was no one more beautiful than me and then you grabbed me pulling into you embrace and kissed me deep and hard, I started pulling your clothes off and pulled us under the spray of the water, you turn the water to make it really hot and shut the drain, so the tub of the shower started filling up, you put you hand in my…. You know well whatever well you made me come until I couldn't stand by my self any more, when the water got high enough you shut the water off and pulled us into the bathwater, you grabbed my hands and put them on your penis. I started to give you a hand job but before I got done you pull me up and plunged into me. You groaned and I yelped with pleasure at the same time and then we got into a rhythm and we came together and I woke up." Ava said blushing as red as an apple

"Well innocent Ava does have a dirty side we'll have to do that later ok next question; do you hate me for leaving you back then?" Itachi asked getting completely serious

"No, I didn't hate you, it gave me time to think and I came to the conclusion that it was for the better." Ava answered

Itachi pull off your thong

"Hey I …" she was cut off

"That's the worst lie I have ever heard you maybe telling the trueon one part but your reason is complete bullshit now answer the question" Itachi growled

'damit he really can tell when I'm lying shit, well I can lie and have sex with him and probably lose my heart in the process, or answer his questions and lose all my pride shit theres no winning in this' Ava mind shouted

"Ok, Itachi no I didn't hate you I was disappointed ok, I thought I meant more too you I guess not." Ava whispered as a tear rolled down her face

"What do you think would have happened Ava? What do you think would have been different if I had stayed?" Itachi asked pissed off at himself

'I can't hide it anymore it better to lose my pride then my heart' Ava finally gave in.

"I thought we would have gotten married and had kids, you would of became a great ninja we could of bought a nice home and had a life on are own Itachi. We could have been happy but I guess that wasn't enough to keep you there so it doesn't matter it's in the past ok." Ava whimper never wanting him to hear that, not able to look at him anymore

Itachi grabbed her chin and made her look him in the eyes "Why, do you think it took me so long to do it?"

"How should I know all I know is that you did it. It doesn't matter when!" She hissed getting angry 'what kind of stupid question is that' she thought

"Well it was because of you, I wanted to be with you, you don't know how many time I wanted to ask you to marry me or how many times I want to make love too you when we were young, but I thought that night what if some one came after me what if they used them against me, so I cut all family ties I couldn't have someone use them like that, but I knew you and Sasuke would be ok that why." Itachi said showing a little emotion but enough for Ava to know that he did regret it

"Well it doesn't matter anymore what's done is done we can't change that." Ava said blackly

Itachi ripped her bra off and walked out of the room 'What done is done, you cant change the past that bullshit she lying through her teeth, I hurt her a lot more then she's letting on' Pissed at himself for get caught up in this mess again


Itachi came back in and Ava knew this was bad. He finally full took in her full nakedness and well his appreciation was show a little to well, Itachi walked up to the bed and sat down putting his hand on her stomach and then cupped her face with the other. He leaned and gave her the most mind blowing kiss she ever had, he pushed his tongue in with force take her by complete surprise. He hunger her she could tell and she was losing the fight to not fall in to that hunger, fast. Itachi shifted on top of her and then rolled over putting her on top and then put his head between her tied wrists and deepened the kiss even more tasting ever inch or her mouth. She whimpered, he let go and started down her neck getting have inch of her as he went. When he finally got down to her chest he didn't waste any time having his mouth on one breast and a hand on the other she became as sensitive as a new born, when he got done with that he returned to her mouth with another mind blowing kiss.

"I love you" Ava whimpered and Itachi stopped instantly

'Fuck, Fuck, Shit' Ava a thought cursing herself

"What?" Itachi said almost speechless

"Nothing I didn't say anything" Ava replied trying to cover up her mistake

"No, you said you loved me what was that about I thought I was to below you to be loved by you" Itachi growled

"I didn't mean it, fuck you! like I could never love such an incompetent ass" Ava hissed

Itachi cut her ropes off.

"What! What are you doing" Ava asked surprised

"I'm not going to take you with out you fully in this. So get a pair of underwear on and I'll give you some of my clothes" Itachi explained walking out of the do and returning with a solid black shirt and black pants and then left again.

"Fuck." Ava whispered 'I almost blew it. I have to stop myself I didn't even think this could get really bad' Ava thought.

To Be Continued

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