"Shikamaru, I have a mission for you," said the Hokage. "I need you to create a team of six from this list for an infiltration of a foreign high school."

"Huh? What for?" he asked.

"The school might be training more young ninjas than allowed through different after school activities. Report back with your team for debriefing ASAP," she ordered, "Dismissed."


"Ok, so Sakura and Ino for medic ninjas. Kiba is good at tracking; Lee could be good if we need combat. That leads one more girl. Neji, Hinata and Tenten aren't here so I need a guy instead. Girly guy, not Sai since he's gone…" A blond blur ran in front of him. He looked after it and saw Naruto being chased after Sakura yelling something at her like, "Not", "skirt" and "wearing". Jackpot.

"Oi! Naruto, Sakura." He called.


"So this is a class A mission. You are to infiltrate a high school in the Land of Earth. They have changed to a more modern fashion so you will need to outfit in new clothes. No ninja anything. No scrolls, information, weapons, nothing. Medicine is fine ladies. Now you are to be high schoolers which means you will need to read up on high school life. You'll be disguised as transfer students from another school. School supplies will be given before you set out. Kiba, no dogs allowed. No clan symbols. Got it?" Tsunade asked.

"Oi, baa-chan. What will we be doing there?" Naruto asked.

"Observing, and recording. I suggest a journal or diary to write your findings. Now Kiba will be enrolled in football. Lee will take the track team. Shikamaru, in the band. As for the rest of you, cheerleading."

"WHAT!?" Naruto shrieked.

"You heard me brat. All that's left is three spots on the squad and you're the most girly guy here."

"Are not," he mumbled.

"Got that team?" Shikamaru asked. They nodded. "Good. Meet at the gates in the morning in two days. Dismissed."


Shikamaru was first to arrive. Being the lazy ass he is, he wore a simple dark green t-shirt under a light green zip hoodie with dark blue jeans with a pair of white sneakers. He laid down as he waited for the others to arrive.

"Hey Shika." That'd be Ino. He opened his eyes to see a new Ino. She cut her hair to her shoulders and let it loose. She wore dark purple tank top along with a black jacket along with matching purple capris and black flats. "How do I look?"

"Great, the perfect disguise," he answered lazily. She frowned slightly and looked around.

"Hey it's Sakura. Hey Sakura!" Ino said waving. Sakura went shopping with Naruto yesterday and they decided on a sibling look. He was late so you obviously couldn't tell from her pink shirt under her light brown hoodie and matching brown skirt with pink canvas sneakers. "Nice Sakura. What look is that suppose to be?"

"You'll see when Naruto gets here. I like your look. Slightly bad girl," Sakura replied.

"Ohayo everyone!" Lee yelled. Lee's hair was like it was before he joined his team and he wore a loose, long sleeve green shirt under a black t-shirt and green slacks with black sneakers. "It feels so light without my weights and so loose like I'll trip over it."

When Shikamaru sat up he said, "Now we just need Naruto and Kiba. Where are they?" Just then Kiba came over riding on Akamaru. "No dogs Kiba."

"I know, but he just wanted to see me off," he answered, dismounting. He no longer had the red triangles and his nails were trimmed. He wore a tight black shirt under a light blue zip hoodie and baggy dark blue jeans with black sneakers. Through all the girls' minds went one word. "Hot."

"Ah man, dog breath beat me." Naruto jumped down in front of them. He wore the same look as Lee but with an orange undershirt and a brown shirt that matched Sakura's hoodie. Sakura had nagged him into matching brown capris that clung to his legs and he found a pair of orange canvas shoes. The two looked like fraternal twins.

"Wow, you guys look related. Aren't you worried?" Ino asked

"Not really. The names baa-chan gave us are Naruto and Sakura Haruno," Naruto said.

"Wait, when did she assign names?" Kiba asked.

"Oh, she gave a list to Sakura-chan yesterday," Naruto replied.

"Oh right," she said as she pulled it out, "Let's see. Kiba Inu. Shikamaru Yanara. Ino Nayama. And Lee Rock."

"You all have different looking clothes right? Highschoolers don't wear the same thing each day," Shikamaru asked. They all nodded. "Ok, pick up you supplies and let's head out."


"Ok, Naruto Haruno and Kiba Inu, this is your room. Feel free to get settled in as I show your friends to their rooms. Meet me downstairs in thirty minutes for your orientation," said the Principle.

"Thank you Principle Hatae," Naruto replied wheeling in his suitcase. Kiba followed him in.

"I call this bed," Kiba said jumping on the bed to the left.

"I didn't know they didn't allow families to share a room," Naruto said, wheeling his suitcase in front of his bed.

"Ah, you sad you couldn't room with you crush?"

"No, but I'd rather share a room with anyone than you dogbreath," Naruto yelled, "Anyways, I'm over her."

"Doubt it," Kiba mumbled. Naruto threw a pillow at his head. They unpacked and headed down barely in time thanks to Kiba forcing Naruto to hurry. By force I mean threaten. By threaten I mean hold a clawed finger to his throat.

"About time slow pokes," Sakura said.

"Ah come on Sakura-chan," Naruto said.

"Now, here are your class schedules and maps," the Principle said handing out packets.

"When are tryouts, sir?" Ino asked.

"Oh, cheerleading tryouts are tomorrow in the gym along with football. Shikamaru, you already turned in your tryout tape right?" Shikamaru nodded. "Alright, any other questions?"

"When can I try out for track?" Lee asked.

"You'll take a training class until the season starts and then you'll try out. Now I'm sure you all are hungry and want to get aquatinted and I have paperwork so I'll let you go now." The Principle waved and left them in the dorm's lobby.

"I think I'm going to go eat," Shikamaru said. Ino followed after him chatting while Kiba and Lee walked together. Sakura and Naruto lagged behind.

"So, you get to room with Kiba," Sakura started.

"Oh no, you are not allowed to go fangirl on me," Naruto warned.

"What? But he's totally hot and just like you," Sakura argued.

"Oh, I'm hot?" Naruto said, twisting her words.

"Ah…I…well yes but I meant personality baka," Sakura stuttered.

"First Neji, then Gaara, even Sasuke after he left and now Kiba. Maybe I shouldn't have told you," Naruto mused. Sakura grabbed his hands and closed her eyes. 'She wouldn't,' Naurto thought. Naruto felt an intrusion in his mind making it obvious she would. 'Get out of my head Sakura.'

'No, I'm looking in your love room. I'll make sure to stay far from Kyuubi's den.' She thought back.

'Ever since you learned this stupid genjutsu you've been through my mind a lot. I kinda want to keep my secrets hidden.'

'Well, your love room says you at least like him as a friend. Then again that's the highest anyone's is beside family love. Let me head to the lust room.'

'Better hurry, we're almost to the cafeteria.'

'Oh god, I'll need a tissue. You've got a naughty mind. Oh God, you're that flexible?!'

'You saw now get out.' The intrusion left and Sakura came back with a nice nosebleed.

"You definitely have him on the brain. I wouldn't be surprised if you need new sheets tonight. Tissue please," Sakura said holding her nose. Naruto pulled out a packet from his back pocket and handed them to her. They followed what everyone else was doing and picked up their trays. They looked around for something recognizable.

"I don't see any ramen," Naruto commented.

"Or sushi," Sakura commented, "Follow your nose?"

"I'll try." Naruto sniffed around and found his way to a booth called 'Pizza'.

"Excuse me miss, what is this?" Sakura asked the lady.

"It's pizza dear. Tomato sauce, cheese and other toppings on some crust. Not from here?" She responded.

"Uh, what do you recommend?" Sakura asked.

"If you've never had it I suggest a plain cheese."

"I'll have that one," Naruto said pointing to a slice piled with meat.

"Here ya go." They took their pizza and went to the drinks. They grabbed some water having no clue what grape soda is.

"There's Kiba and them," Sakura said.

"Must you stress his name?" Naruto complained.

"Hey, have you guys seen this place. It's so weird. What did you guys get?" Ino asked.

"Pizza," Naruto responded. Kiba leaned over and took a wiff.

"I remember smelling that. But then I smelt this meatball sub thing," he said pointing at his meal.

"Lucky enhanced noses," Ino said point at her sandwich.

"Hey, it's edible isn't it?" Lee asked. Naruto was busy shoving his pizza in his face as Ino caught sight of Sakura's nose bleed.

"Naruto?" She asked her quietly. Sakura nodded while mouthing 'hot'. Naruto had finished his first slice and his eyes were wide.

"What's up with Naruto?" Shikamaru asked.

"Many possible reasons. One, spicy. Two, hot. Three, horrible. Four, choking. Or more likely five, so good he might give up ramen," Kiba responded.

"Five," Naruto replied. Everyone gasped. "Five said might, never said would. It's a good replacement for it." Everyone laughed. They ate and then hit the hay since they had school in the morning.


"Kiba!" Naruto screamed in a sweat. Heat. So much heat. Friction. Need more friction. "Harder!"

"Naru..." Kiba groaned. Need more, harder, harder!

"I'm gona-"


Naruto opened his eyes just as he whispered, "come." He was in his dorm and the clock read 6:50. Ten minutes till it went off and Naruto had a sticky wetness in his shorts. 'Damn you Sakura.' Naruto sat up and removed his walrus hat. He quickly slid out of bed, grabbed his shower stuff and headed to the bathroom. He read (yes he actually read) that some showers had stalls. He really hoped these did cause what he heard; teens could be gruel about people's looks. Also, naked boys plus gay Naruto was bad idea.

He turned into the showers to see a bunch of guys, standing naked in front of spouts. 'Great' he thought. He avoided looking at anyone and headed straight to an empty shower and started to clean up. He heard a lot of people mumbling behind him but he just concentrated on cleaning up. He was washing his hair when he felt a pinch on his butt. He whirled around getting soap in his eyes.

"You new here handsome?" said the pincher. He cleared his eyes and saw an average boy around his age.

"Yea, name's Naruto Uz- Haruno," he responded. For some reason everyone was wide eyed starring at his-. Eww perverts here too.

He blushed and turned around to continue cleaning. He heard the guys return to showering saying stuff like, "hung" and "big package". What the hell did it mean?

"Hey Naruto," Kiba said taking the shower beside him. The guys repeated this over with Kiba too.

"Hey Kiba, slept well?" Naruto asked turning to him. Oh god, hold nose bleed. Sorry but really, if any male ninja took a shower next to him he would get a nose bleed. The point that it was Kiba didn't help.

"Pretty good," he answered. "So," he whispered, "any clue what those guys are talking about."

"It's some kind of talk about our fifth appendage," he answered quietly.

"Ah, well it couldn't be size because those guys are tiny," Kiba replied. Yea, totally. Wait Kiba looked? Was Kiba gay too?

"Hey, Kiba was it? You new here too?" asked the guy who pinched my butt.

"Yea, we're from the boarder. What of it?" he responded.

"You guys gona try out for football? You two have the right build," he asked.

"I am," he responded.

"Cool, I'm Kite. See you at tryouts," the guy answered as he left the shower. Naruto had just finished and turned to leave. Kiba grabbed his arm and whispered, "You have a problem below. Might want to take care of it soon." Naruto blushed and left in a hurry.


"Hey there little bro. How was your morning?" Sakura asked when he came down to the lobby. They wore the same style outfit but instead they switched colors to where Naruto wore pink and Sakura orange.

"Sticky and confusing," he responded.

"Told you. So ready for class?" She asked.

"If ready, you mean annoy the shit out of teachers, hell yea." She bopped him on the head and dragged him to class. The rest of the day went like in the academy. Sakura and Ino paid attention while passing notes. Shikamaru slept. Lee paid attention while occasionally looking at Sakura. And Naruto and Kiba talked, paid no attention and pissed of the teachers royally.

"You two are so troublesome," Shikamaru said after school. The one class he didn't sleep in was band. No one knew what he was playing though. During last period was the only period they weren't all together. Kiba and Lee had athletics. Sakura and Ino took dance and Naruto took art. So far, he was told to draw his hand. Which, he proudly bragged, was the best in the class?

"Who would've thought that Naruto would be an artist," Kiba said.

"Hey, take that back," Naruto said.

"Well, it makes sense Kiba. He was always bad at everything else," Sakura commented. 'Not Sakura too.' Naruto thought.

"Come on ladies, we're gonna be late for tryouts," Ino said.

"I'm not a girl!" Naruto yelled.


"Ok, ladies," the coach started until Naruto coughed loudly, "and guy. The football team is supposed to sit down in the gym before their tryouts and watch each of you tryout. We will make final decisions based on their response and how good you are. You are allowed to go in teams of two. Pair up now if needed and head out into the gym."

"We're supposed to perform for the football tryouts?" Naruto asked as he a Sakura walked together.

"Ah, Kiba can see how flexible you are. Now, more importantly, what should we do?" Sakura asked.

"Depends on what she asks. We'll have to improvise," Naruto responded walking out the door.

"Oh my god, that guy is trying out! What a fag!" someone shouted. Sakura turned and glared at the guy and started towards him but Naruto grabbed her before she could get too far.

"Why don't you come here and say that to his face tough guy!" She screamed.

'Oh boy,' Naruto thought as this huge guy, probably 7 feet tall, and really buff stomped over.

"Fine, you're a fag boy and Teko is gona beat the crap out of you," the guy, Teko, said smiling. Sakura's eye glinted and she went into action before Naruto could stop her. She landed a punch in the gut and he bent over in pain. She grabbed his back and cart wheeled backwards on it landing hard on his head pushing up into the air. Naruto caught her feet in his hands and boosted her up again. He flipped back when he saw she lost control and caught her bridal style in his arms.

"Take that shit face," she said. Suddenly, Naruto was aware of clapping and looked around to see the coach clapping ecstatically and everyone else clapping just as hard.

"I think we have this year's co-captains," she said, "That was splendid. Where did you learn how to do that?"

"Uh, me and my brother grew up in a rough part of town. Our uncle taught us martial arts so we could protect ourselves," Sakura quickly responded.

"How did you have so much strength to knock his breath out," asked a football tryout helping the guy up.

"Um, pressure points," she responded.

"Well, mind watching the rest with me for feedback?" the coach asked.

"Sure coach," Naruto responded. They walked over to the seats and the coach called up Ino saying she was going from Z to A. As Ino walked up the coach leaned over to Naruto and whispered, "Be careful about that guy and his two friends. Major Homophobes and you're their new target. Keep your sister near you at all times." Naruto nodded and started to critique Ino as he thought, 'Lucky me.'


"Naruto, Sakura that was great! You two surprised even me," Kiba said at dinner.

"Oh, how did football go?" Naruto asked.

"Oh, I got wide receiver. I kinda had to force myself not to catch it with my mouth though. Would've been embarrassing," he answered.

"So co-captains of cheerleading and Ino your backup. Pretty good guys," Shikamaru said.

"Speaking of positions, what the hell do you play Shikamaru?" Sakura asked.

"Oh, well," he blushed, "the flute."

"Really? Oh man, that's almost as bad as me in cheerleading," Naruto laughed.

"Not really, my opponent during the Retrieval played it and I learned from watching her mainly," Shikamaru responded, "And I'm first chair and section leader for marching season."

"Poor Lee, only one not doing anything during football season," Ino commented.

"Not true. I'm a youthful trainer to help the players back on their feet," Lee said proudly.

"Oh, I got to jet. Early practice tomorrow morning," Kiba said, getting up, "Don't wake me up Kyu." Naruto laughed and waved him off.

"Kyu?" Ino asked.

"Hmm?" Naruto said cocking his head.

"Since when did you go by Kyu," Ino asked.

"Oh my god! Did he call me Kyu?" Naruto asked.

"Yea, numb nuts," Shikamaru responded.

"But no one has told him," Naruto said.

"Yea and I only call him that very rarely," Sakura commented.

"Told him about what?" Ino and Lee asked.

"Tell you later," Naruto said as he put up his tray. Kiba was asleep when he got in. He took out some paper and asked Kiba why he called him Kyu on the sheet. He turned off the light and fell asleep.