Sakura stepped into a bright, clean hallway. Ever since the day Yamato was killed after doing the jutsu that stopped Naruto's eight tailed rampage his mind begun to become cleaner, brighter and a lot more livable.

'Get out of my head Sakura.'

'No, I'm looking in your love room. I'll make sure to stay far from Kyuubi's den.' She thought back.

Sakura easily navigated to the well visited love room where she was able to heal Naruto's heart after the loss. It was a bright orange since it was his favorite color. Family on the right, friends on the left and the front were best friends, an empty place where the love would go.

'Ever since you learned this stupid genjutsu you've been through my mind a lot. I kinda want to keep my secrets hidden.'

Sakura looked to herself on the family wall right next to Kakashi and Iruka. Sasuke's frame was dusty since her last visit. She took out a cloth and dusted it. She went over and examined the best friend wall. Kiba was close to the center slightly edged into his love sector.

'Well, your love room says you at least like him as a friend. Then again that's the highest anyone's is beside family love. Let me head to the lust room.' She walked out and headed next door. She had never been in here because she always feared what a pervert lusts about. She took a deep breath.

'Better hurry, we're almost to the cafeteria.' She pushed open the door.

"Kiba! Ahhhh! Harder!" The room exploded with surround sound. A big screen and a series of smaller sets with different view points covered the walls. Naruto moaned around a thick member. His own eight inches was slowly pushing in and out of his mouth slowly. Kiba stood over him with his own thick, ten inch member pushing in slowly. Kiba's big muscles all sweaty and a moan deep in his throat growled out when his pelvis collided with Naruto's bubble butt.

"Fuck me Kiba!" Kiba pushed in harder and faster. Naruto moaned as his own member was slammed all the way down his throat. Naruto's muscle glistened and tightened as a loud moan erupted and cum leaked out his mouth. Kiba howled and his rock hard member started moving covered in cum.

'Oh god, I'll need a tissue. You've got a naughty mind. Oh God, you're that flexible?!'

'You saw now get out.'