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Chapter 39

Greg didn't know what awoke him. His lungs were screaming for smoke-free air, and the burn on his arms had become a dull throb, weakened by the effect the bleach fumes were having on his mind. He knew that the fumes could be fatal, and his mind grew fuzzy at the thought.

His ears, however, picked up a faint sound of shouting outside. Heart rate spiking, he tried to yell. His voice came out in a hoarse whisper. The smoke had not been easy on his lungs, and he began to cough violently.

He was coughing so hard that he was not even aware when the door opened until whoever it was yelled. Still hacking, he looked up and saw Ecklie standing over him, dirtied suit, horrified expression and all.


Grissom turned at the sound of his name and saw Ecklie standing a ways down the hall. "I got him!" Ecklie yelled.

It was a tone that Grissom thought he'd never hear from Ecklie's mouth.

He hurried down the hall to where the man was standing, but never got to look into the room Ecklie stood before, for the medics held him back and lifted a figure from the floor and hurried him out of the building.

"Is he alive?" Grissom demanded of Ecklie.

Ecklie nodded, his expression just as worried as anyone else. "Your killer put him in a different room,"

By now, the rest of the team had caught up with them and were all standing in the hallway, watching the medics leave. Before anyone could respond to Ecklie, however, the firemen hustled them out of the building, and Brass hailed them as they walked out. "My guys detained Alice Adams while you were inside," he said. "She was coming out the backdoor shortly after the bomb went off," Brass told him.

Grissom turned to him. "Where is she?" he asked with a harsh growl.

Brass looked at him, surprised. "Is Greg okay?"

"Yeah, Ecklie found him and the medics got him out," Grissom replied. "Where is she?"

"Ecklie?" Brass asked, expression somewhat incredulous.

Grissom nodded. "Where is Adams?"

Brass shook his head. "I can't let any of you see her right now. I almost killed her myself when I heard; I can't imagine what you would do. She's in custody right now, we can talk to her once this calms down."

Grissom nodded, somewhat disappointed before turning back to thank Ecklie. Ecklie had walked away with day shift, however, and Grissom decided quietly that Ecklie deserved more than a quick 'thank you'.

Nick and Warrick were the two people who visited Greg the most. The whole team was immensely relieved when they said Greg would survive but Nick almost never went a day without stopping by the hospital to look in on him.

It had been almost a month since Greg was rescued and rushed to the hospital. The building hadn't been harmed very much; Greg was in worse shape than the building itself. The bomb had gone off in an unused storage room, but the office beneath had caught on fire. Luckily, the fire didn't spread fast enough to cause any real damage to the rest of the building. The smoke had though, and Greg was declared in critical condition when he got to the hospital.

To everyone's relief, though, they'd patched him up, and he was up and about the hospital in little time. However, nobody had told Greg about any of the outcomes of the case, and Nick knew for a fact that Greg was ready to explode with curiosity. When he'd mentioned this to Grissom and the team though, the job fell to him.

"So what happened?" Greg asked eagerly when Nick walked in with Warrick.

Nick grinned at him. "We'll tell you," he said. "Eat your food," he motioned to the plate of hospital food that lay across his knees.

Greg made a face. "I'm sick of hospital food," he whined. "Tell me what happened."

"Nothing much," Warrick answered. "Alice Adams got a life sentence in jail."

"And?" Greg prompted.

Warrick and Nick both shrugged. "There's not much more to tell. That's all that really happened. The trial was quick, painless is debatable, but everyone agreed she was guilty, mainly because she pretty much boasted the fact in the court room," Nick replied.

"That's it?" Greg asked. There was a pause. "Does she know I'm still alive?"

Nick nodded. "Yeah, we kind of quoted your statement," he said.

Greg was silent for a while. "When… when I was with her, she said everything was directed at Grissom, not me. How did he react?"

Nick shrugged again, but it was Warrick who answered. "The old Grissom way. He didn't seem too surprised, actually."

"What did she tell the court?" Greg asked curiously.

Nick thought for a moment. "Well, she pretty much said that she was proud of what she did and she didn't regret it. She didn't give us any big explanations really. It was all pretty simple, but she was watching Grissom the whole time."

There was another long pause, and Greg didn't touch his food. "So it's all over," he said finally.

It was a statement, not a question. Nick and Warrick did nothing but nod. It had been a long struggle, the typical epic battle exclusive to movies, except this time it was a battle of wills: Gil Grissom vs. Alice Adams while Greg and the others had gotten caught somewhere in the middle of this unseen struggle.

Nick knew that words couldn't justly describe what they were feeling at the moment. The team was triumphant, and Nick knew that triumph came with a bitter aftertaste. After all the fuss had passed, there would doubtless be more trouble to come. At the moment, however, the team tasted its initial sweet flavor and was content. After all, triumph was dangerous in the hands of someone like Alice Adams.