Lurid Desires of One's Heart - Chapter 4

I had become what I strove not to be, and had become Sasuke's poison. The only viable option to reverse what had happened betwixt us was to lead him down a path of hate, and just when he was losing sight of his goal…I was there to remind him. Afterward he would stew in his mixed emotions, and even have nightmares. I kept an eye on him, but nothing more.

Years have passed by slowly since then, and Sasuke…is no longer attached as he had been all those years ago.

At least not in a loving way.

It stings like a barb buried deep in my heart to know while Sasuke is shielded from the truth, but I stole those emotions away long ago. I've kept them hidden, buried deep in what is left of my heart along with these memories that replay every so often to remind me why I do what I do.

This path I've chosen is the right one, benefiting Sasuke in the…


AN: The last chapter was actually supposed to be the end, but I left it hanging so here is the conclusion. If you follow the manga you'll understand it better.