ZOMFG! I was eating candy last night while talking to SkieLoon and then I logged off and couldnt go to sleep with all the sugar so I just sat in bed and drew for hours and for some reason I suddenly started drawing a person. So I was gonna draw my best friend Tina, and I remember how her hair is always on her shoulder! So I drew that and then I said to myself, "Hey! It looks like a genie!" And Tina's favorite color is purple so I made her purple and called her Lavender. Then the idea for this story popped up. I got a plot and everything:D This took me about 15 minutes to write, so dont hate meh shortness XP


Roronoa Zoro is a responsible man. He cares, cleans and maintains all his katana. Especially Kunia's sword, Wadou Ichimonji. Through Hell and more they've been through. Slaying and clawing their way to the top, reaching that goal they both promised they're sparring partner. Because after all, they work together. Zoro cant fight with the sword, and the sword cant fight without Zoro. But now the samurai just cant figure out how in the world this happened!



The blacksmith flinched at the bushido's out burst. Shrinking back behind the counter he nodded his head slowly, "W-w-w-with all due respect sir, all the pressure it's been through...Im surprised it's lasted so far---"

"GRAH!" Zoro snatched the cloth cover pieces of his prized Wadou and stormed out the door, slamming it closed. So in thought, he didnt realize he made it back to the Going Merry without getting lost. The ship's chef, Sanji of Baratie, walked up to him and was about to give the swordsman a piece of his mind, only to be left with a hanging jaw as he stomped right passed him ignored.

Zoro jumped down the ladder to the mens' quarters without even using the steps. He looked down at the broken weapon with a mixture of anger and sadness. It's in pieces... Was it because he was careless? What it because the lust for blood that had overtaken him over the years had changed the ranks of partners to just man and sword? Well, if so, maybe he deserved his. It was his punishment for wrecklessness.

The bushido frowned, and suddenly with all his might flung the three pieces across the room. They hit the wall and fell to the wooden floor with a clunk. He too fell to his knees, staring into space, lost in thought. So lost in thought that he didnt seem to notice something strange taking place infront of him at that very moment.

The shards of Wadou Ichimonji slowly started to glow a faint shade of purple...And crazy crap happened.



Zoro jumped back as a figure landed on the floor with said 'oof'. He blinked as the figure came into view. It was a girl, about his age. She wore strange purple clothing. It looked like a bikini with loose mesh covering her stomache and legs. Her shoes purple as well, curving up at the tips. The girl's hair was in a high ponytail, blocking the brown hair away from her Aubergine eyes. The only thing she wore that didnt seem a shade of purple were the gold shackles on her wrists.

Said girl stood up and blinked. She glazed around the room till her eyes rested on the speechless Zoro, "The Hell do you want?"

The swordsman sweatdropped, "Me?! You're the one that popped out of nowhere!"

"I did not 'pop out nowhere'. The only way I can come out is if...What the!? YOU BROKE MY HOUSE!"


The girl blinked, "Of course. Nobody told you? Where's Kunia?"




The girl stopped, talking a deep breath, "Sorry. Let's start over. Im Lavender, your new genie."


"Any echoes in here? Yes, your genie. Any questions?"

"Yeah, one, can you kindly get the hell out?!"

Lavender rolled her eyes, crossing her arms, "Im not going anywhere. Your suck with me, deal with it."

Zoro narrowed his eyes, looking her over up and down a bit. She did happen to poof out of nowhere...And she definatly wasnt wearing human clothing...

"So your mine, huh?"

"Basically." She replied bluntly, examining her nails boredly. Apparently this isnt the first time someone's been confused about this.

"Well then. I wish my Ichimonji Wadou was fixed." Without question, she snapped her fingers. The sword pieces across the room raddled on their own for a moment, before connecting together like a magnet. Zoro blinked, picking the katana up. Good as new..."Does this mean I only have two more wishes left?"

Lavender raised a brow, "Why would you think that?"

"Well, dont you usually get three? I already used one. Meaning I only have two left."

"Who the hell told you that?! I never said how many wishes you get!"

"Okay then, how many?"

"As many as you want!"

Zoro quirked his own brow,"Why as many as I want?"

The genie shrugged, plopping herself on a hammock and spreading out, "Why not as many as I want? I dunno, I dont make the rules!"

"Okay then. Does this mean your on this earth forever now?"

"Che. You trippin' or somethin'? I got a house, you know. And thanks to your first wish I got it in one piece again. Now do you want any more wishes? 'Cuz I was sleeping before you woke me up."

"Uh...I guess not."

She shrugged again and raised a hand to snap purple nail painted fingers before Zoro stopped her, "Oi! ...How do I call you back?"

"Just say my name, baka!"

"Dont have to insult me about it."

Lavender simple muttered a 'whatever' and with a snap of the finger she dissovled into sparkling purple particles that floated over to the sword in his hand, disappearing inside it. Zoro blinked.

How can he explain this?!