"No...ZORO NO!"

Thoughts of another screamed through the mind of the swordsman. It was a voice crying out for mercy and help. But it couldnt be of thoughts from now...No. It was thoughts from what was to come. The seven member of the Mugiwara Kaizoku ran down the tunnel underground which the note said she would be. It read that if they dared followed, it was only for 'his' entertainment. Zoro's rage double at the thought of this man. And the funny thing was, only one out of seven knew who this 'Pravus' really was.

Nico Robin. Her nose always in books, always finding new facts; true or fiction. The followers of this Demon Master did not fully accomplish their mission. They thought taking away the books meant taking away the knowledge. But what they didnt consider was that everything Nico Robin read, she remember.

"This hatch leads to the the front court!" Nami shouted over the steam explosions that burst around them like geysers. One after another the Straw Hats climbed the steel ladder to the surface of Purvas's palace. The layout wasnt anything like they've experienced. The way it was positioned, it's 24/7 guards and battle-ready armies. But none of this bothered them...Okay maybe Usopp...BUT! The fact of the matter was that Zoro's friend was in danger, and if Zoro's friend was in danger, Luffy's friend was in danger.

Monkey D. Luffy isnt the smartest pirate in the crew but he knew when to be serious. The second he found out Lavender was gone, his grin faded replaced with an angry frown. Of course Luffy never really knew her that long, but she was funny and optimistic; Like him! She cracked jokes and did the chopstick nose trick with Usopp, Chopper and him! She was close enough for Luffy to make that rage build up inside him like when Arlong made Nami cry. Like when he found his Nakama's souls devowered by that monsterous plant. They took her! And there wasnt anything to stop him from bringing her back!

Usopp might not have been very fond of Lavender the Genie, none the less he enjoyed her company. Sure he always imagined genies as ugly, evil creatures; then he discovered Lavender was niether ugly nor evil. Sure that 'Sanji-not-liking-women-but-liking-something-else' joke wasnt all too innocent...But it made Usopp laugh his ass off. She accompanied him on daily pranks and sometimes took the fault. She was a good soul. And good souls dont deserve to be kidnapped! Usopp was going to help; this Pravus guy was going down.

Nami can be mean at some points, but Lavender proved she was sweet too. She help nourish her tangerine trees with her magic, taking stress off having to worry about them. She made sure Nami had a quiet, safe spot to work on her maps by occupying the boys. Lavender added to the girl factor, making Sanji have to spilt his love three ways so the load wasnt always on Robin and her. This genie, being portaryed as the most annoying being (even more so then Luffy by alittle bit), gave up anything she was doing to stop and let Nami talk to her about stuff Nami didnt feel comfortable telling the guys or Robin. Lavender had become the third sister in Nami's family, and no ass wipe of a villian was going to stop that!

Sanji yes, is perverted but had a different feeling for Lavender. Not so much as 'love', but more as 'Onee-chan'. Instead of always asking for the food, she would sometimes turn invisble and watch him prepare his dishes over his shoulder. She probably never knew he always sensed her, so he never asked. Besides, he felt good when she cared enough to stop and admire his work. When she offered to help with dishes, she never used magic like you think she would. No, she turned on the faucet and scrubed away like a human being without powers. But now this girl is gone and now Sanji's gonna kick Pravus's demonic butt all the way back to Hell.

Chopper would always squeal and run behind a nearby barrel whenever Lavy was around. But as little time passed, he stopped, starting regular conversations with her. Lavender, being a genie, didnt really know most functions of the human body. Not remembering her past, she didnt remember what it felt like to feel. Chopper stopped from his medicine research to sit down and explain to her any questions she needed answering to. Lavender never refered to him as monster, nor did she ever try to hug him to death. People like her were rare and Chopper wasnt going to let her slip away.

Nico Robin doesnt conversate often. Usually confined to the walls of the girls' cabin reading, Lavender convinced her to come outside and enjoy the people she now shared her life with. Instead of a two-player board game with Doctor-san, they decided to take out the purple game piece and let another player join. The genie's precense intriged her thrust for knowledge, making her ask questions Lavender thought no trouble in answering. Pravus was a bad soul. Robin knew his need to Lavender, she knew his plans. But the thing she knew the most was she wasnt going to let a friend, the rare thing she called people in life, be apart of that plan.

Roronoa Zoro, the very reason why Lavender walks the deck of Going Merry. At first he absolutly loathed the damn nussiance. But one nice out on deck they had a conversation that made him realize they were not all that different.

"Remember when we first met?"

"Yeah...You broke my house and starting freaking out!"

"Heh. Yeah...But I also remember you asking where...Kunia was..."

Lavender pulled her knees to her chest, "Kunia-sama...She was my favorite owner. You knew her too?"

Zoro's eyes widened and he sat up instantly, "Yeah! She was the best in the dojo! It was a goal of mine to finally beat her." The swordsman didnt know why he blurted this out, but he guessed it was because he finally got to talk to someone else able Kunia.

Lavender suddenly burst out laughing, "That was you?! Oh wow!"

"Wha-What do you mean 'that was you'??"

"Pft! Ahaha! After every fight she would come back to her room where I was waiting to hear how she kicked your ass!" Lavender exclaimed. Zoro frowned and tried to hide the redness the was starting to burn onto his face, "She did not 'kick my ass'!"

"Oh...Oh...Im sooooo sorry! I meant leave that red spot on your huge forehead with the tap of a kendo stick! Ahahahaha!!!" The genie struggled to breath as she held her gut. Zoro crossed his arms and looked away frowning. Her fits of laughter settled and her grin slowly faded. She sighed, looking up at the midnight stars, "Dont feel bad, Zoro-kun."

"For what?"

"It wasnt you're fault she's gone. You and I were probably 2 of the few things that kept her tied to this world. I...I just wish she would tell me why she had to go so soon..." Lavender wondered mournfully.

Zoro blinked, hesitantly wrapping an arm around her shoulder, "It's not like we'll get the answer just grieving around and crap. Im going to keep my promise to Kunia. Im not going to let her down no matter what." Lavender smiled slowly.

'Neither am I.'

"Hey! The hell are you?" The seven skidded to a stop infront of the courtyard. Several guards lounged lazily before jumping and pulling out weapons. Robin seemed to be the only one noticing the shackled teenage-looking boy by a tree about Lavender's age.

Luffy frowned, "We're here to save Lavender." He stated firmly.

"...Lavender? You know Lavy?" The teen exclaimed, baggy eyes suddenly twinkling with hope. A guard walked over and thwaped him over the back of the head, making him fall to his knees, "Augh!" It looked as though he'd already been in pain; the punch making tears form in the corner of his eyes.

"Shut up, you! Obbedire!"

The blonde teen instantly stopped crying out in pain, standing up. Robin's brows knitted in prediction. The teen dress in red baggy pant's eyes closed, then opening to reveal new glowing red ones. Robin gasped; she was right.

"Seis Fluer!" The historian's voice rang through the courtyard. Serveral hands blosmed around the boy, grabbing his arms and legs to pin him down. He glared at the limbs as he tried to struggle free. The guard that hit him looked from the boy to the woman, "So you know."

Hands stll raised in her fighting postion, she calmly replied, "I do."

He frowned, looking over at the boy,"Alzarsi, lo schiavo privo di valore!" He hissed. The boy's arms slowly started to glow red and with a jerk of his limbs Robin's hands let go, shrinking back into the ground. He floated up back onto his feet, rage etched through his face. Robin inhaled slightly before holding her hands up high again and looking toward the crew. "Go." She said, voice still as calm as ever.

Once the Straw Hats vanished inside the palace, she turned back to the boy and several guards.

"Venti Fluer!"


The Mugiwara Pirates raced down the corridors of the vast structure. Once in awhile more follwers of Pravus would show up.


"Rain Tempo!"

The 6 entered the found dining room where the seemed to be a meeting for the followers. The 6 werent noticed as they hit behind rooms of pillars. Just then a girl dressed like Lavender but with her outfit was red and she had black shorter hair. She let out an 'eep' and jumped alittle when she saw them.

"W-Who are you? Why are y-you here?" She asked timidly. Zoro pressed a finger to his lips, "Where's Lavender?"

The gir's eyes widened, "L-Lavy-neechan?! S-She's here?" The girl accidently exclaimed. The guards looked up at her, "What are you doing?"

The girl looked nervously from the pirates to the guards, "N-Nothing..." She half-whispered, walking over to the meeting like nothing happened. She had her hands behind her back, showing they were pointing to a door at the other end of the long table. The Straw Hats saw the door marked Thrown Room. That was kind of...Obvious?

"Oi Luffy, what are you doing?!" Nami hissed after their idiotic-yet-brave captain. He strolled up to the door and put a hand on the large ring-like doorknob. The guards looked up dumbfounded, "Hey! Who the hell are you?!"

Luffy turned around, "Saving my friend."

They pulled out there swords, "You and what army?" (omg cliche!)

"Us." The other six step out from their hidings. (omg more cliche!)

Hesitantly, the girl in shackles glanced at them and back to her captors. Suddenly she picked up a large, brass tea tray-


"Please go save Lavender-neechan!" She squealled with her eyes squeezed shut, arms waving up and down so fast you could barely see them. Nami threw the three pieces of her staff into the air, connecting them; Chopper stood up and growing to a large size; Usopp realing his arm back as he loaded his sling-shot.

Luffy looked at the girl, "We will."

Zoro and Sanji ran after Luffy into the huge thrown room where their battles await as well.

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