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She was my friend and my fiancée. Our parents set up our engagement and I knew that I loved her, that I could also learn to love her that way. Of course, things happened unexpectedly and in the end, I entrusted her in my best friend's care. But even now, I still have to convince myself that I did the right thing. –Athrun Zala



Chapter 5 – Where Sin was Born



-C.E. 76, Space-

"This is Kira Yamato, calling the Eternal. Eternal, please respond," Kira said as calmly as he could into the speaker. When no one replied, he grimaced with unease and he clutched the ring tightly.

"Lacus, please respond!" He quickly typed a different code, "This is Admiral Yamato, calling Headquarters."

Only silence greeted him. He surveyed his surroundings carefully. It was the same region of space as before. He was just returning fire to Kei and when he looked around again, the Eternal was gone. How could a gigantic battleship vanish without a trace within a few seconds? And did something happen to the Headquarters? Or was it the MS itself that can't communicate-

"It's not really a trap, if that's what you're thinking, Kira Yamato," Kei's scratchy and smug voice angered the brunette somewhat.

"What did you to Eternal? Where are they?"

"Even I wouldn't know, and I'm actually telling the truth here," Kei's voice carried a thoughtful tone, "You see, we never had the intention of fighting you - it's our objective to lure you here. The Eternal had strayed into the Unknown Sector. No radio waves work in that area. I suppose it's the place where you military idiots dump all your wastes in, not caring about the consequences."

The Bermuda Triangle. Kira shook his head as if in denial. He learned about the mysterious triangular area on Earth, when he was in Heliopolis. Professor Kato had jokingly asked him to solve the mystery , but Kira had taken the request seriously and discovered...

There was no way out.

As if sensing Kira's dilemma, Kei merely laughed and the Ragnorak came at him with the claws.

Kira barely dodged it, forced to use the beam shield to deflect the claws. It was the first time Kira felt the cockpit shook so violently since his defeat by Shinn and Impulse.

The Ragnorak's rail guns rose at point-blank range and blasted Strike Freedom hard, pushing him a fair distance away.

I would've died if they were beams(1), Kira gritted his teeth, trying to counter Kei but ...he couldn't. Kei was gaining the upper hand and he knew it. The leader of the enemies was a decent pilot, possibly as skilled as Shinn.

But, it was simply because Kira couldn't concentrate at all.

A sudden warning beep alerted Kira to his senses and it was thanks his superior reflex that he evaded two newcomers.

They were space-modified versions of Kereberos Hounds, improved BuCues with beam sabres made for tearing into suits. The pilots were incredibly skilled with their machines, agilely dodging Kira's attacks, jumping from here to there.

They couldn't, however, land a hit on Kira either; it was almost as if they were acting like decoys-

Kei's DRAGOONs seemed to have multipled in numbers, as it was getting harder and harder to dodge all the prison-like beam shots. It was then Kira realized another mobile suit had joined the battle.

It was ZGMF-X666S Legend, the very MS Kira had fought at the battle of Messiah.

"Thanks Seth. I take it that the mission was a success eh?"

"Yes. But we still could not locate Esmeralda," came a monotony voice.

"No matter, she'll return sooner or later," Kei growled rather angrily.

What's with this organization? Why do they have so many modified versions of our MS? Kira looked around him in wonder.

A more defensive version of Minerva materialized out of nowhere. Kira did a double take, not at the warship but at the two MS accompanying it.

Orb-01Z Itami and ZGMF-X19B Surtr, a silver version of his sister's Akatsuki and a heavily modified version of his best friend's Infinite Justice.

"Of course, Kira Yamato. We're fighting against you, the Ultimate Coordinator, and the Triple Alliance, we must be more than prepared. Why do you think it took us so long to take action? Our grudge didn't just happen overnight - it has been brewing since the beginning of the first war. Now that we've obtained what we need, judgement will be dealt. Franz?"

The MS named Surtr had two large cannons connected by countless wires on the jetpack. It aimed its cannons at Kira, who quickly activated beam shields, anticipating some sort of plasma beams.

But nothing came. As Kira tried to move Strike Freedom, he discovered that he couldn't.

From what we'd heard from Captain Joule, the organization had some sort of equipment that caused Electromagnetic Interference...

"From your silence, I suppose you understand what kind of situation you're in, don't you?" Franz, the pilot of Surtr, said calmly.

Kira thought they were going to kill him on the spot but to his surprise, Kei came out of his cockpit and floated in front of the now disabled MS.

"Either you come out or we kill you. Rest assured, Ultimate Coordinator, you will not die just yet. We just want to have a little talk. All of us."

Kira tried to think in Athrun's perspective; what would a seasoned soldier do in a situation like this? Without Strike Freedom, there was no way to save Lacus.

Live longer for now, and find a chance to escape. Yes, that seemed to be most logical choice.

Surtr and the other MS directed Strike Freedom to their warship, while Kira was handcuffed and escorted to the bridge. They'd even found and took away the tiny dagger hidden in his shoes. Now he was truly defenseless.

Various military uniforms greeted him. ZAFT, ORB, O.M.N.I. soldiers glared at him in contempt - coordinators and Naturals alike. They all had one thing in common with their uniforms - a huge red cross on where the insigna was supposed to be.

"Welcome aboard Schwarzung, Mr. Yamato," the captain of the ship nodded at him briefly and her gaze went back to the monitor.

"Adelina, set course for our base."

"Yes, sir."

Kira slowly turned around and stared at his captor.

Kei, just as his mannerism suggested, had a wild, untamed appearance; he had shaggy grey hair and yellow eyes with slits for pupils. He was the only one not wearing a military uniform but a dark suit with a long cloak.

Kei grinned, and Kira could see vampiric canines protruding from his upper lip. "We'll talk more when we've arrived at our destination, Kira Yamato."

Kira frowned at the way he was addressed. There was always some kind of sneer whenever his whole name was mentioned.

Still handcuffed, Kira was lead by a tall man wearing a purple ZAFT uniform; he had dark-grey hair and a short goatee, but his face seemed familiar somehow.

The man glanced at Kira and smiled coldly, "So, I heard you've met my sister once, have you not?"

"Your sister?" At first, Kira was certain he had absolutely nothing to do with them, personally.

"My name is Franz. Franz Campbell, pilot of Surtr."

Meer Campbell's brother? Kira looked away. Guilt was back again, worse than before. Meer Campbell took the bullet for Lacus. Meer who died unknown to everyone. Meer, the imposter Lacus who tried to do what she thought was right, and died for the one she looked up to.

"I'm not the only one," Franz's voice was dangerously soft. "Adelina, the captain of this ship, lost her entire family from the Requiem's attack. Seth, pilot of Legend, was an escaped Extended from the lab at Lodonia. Elizabeth Larka, pilot of Itami, suffered so much from Representative Athha's indecisions but ah, this organization isn't made for personal grudges."

Franz pushed Kira non-too gently into a prison cell, slamming the door shut.

"Then what is your purpose? Why are you destroying the peace we all want? Didn't your sister want peace as well?"

The man laughed, "So what? I've never supported her idea of being the fake Lacus Clyne. She blindly llistened to the Chairman, ignoring my warnings and look what happened to her. No, Yamato, you all spoke of peace and you fought for your beliefs; yes there was nothing wrong with that. But so are we."

We are called Rache, or revenge - revenge against all the military power. Your very existence is contradicting with peace, Yamato. Your MS is one of the most powerful one ever made, and you need its power to maintain peace, yes? Now, that automatically puts you to the top of food chain, meaning you can have the world just the way you want it. And it IS true, is it not? The whole world listens to you and your followers! The space colonies listen to Chairman Spencer, who listens to Lacus Clyne. The earth is united under Orb's Cagalli Yula Athha...," Franz paused, smirking at the name for some reason.

"No! That's wrong! We-"

"Say all you want, Yamato, the truth will not change."

Kira's mental barriers were crumbling. The way Franz talked was like Rau, that riddle-like big talks; he was starting to lose control.

"Kei wants to see you, Franz.," an orange-haired girl said in a commanding voice. She was wearing an Orb uniform and her azure eyes were narrowed in contempt.

"Alright, but I suggest you don't stay here for too long, Larka. This guy is too full of ideals, much like his sister."

Kira gasped inwardly; how did they know about Cagalli's real identity? Larka's gaze darkened, "Just go."

"Alright alright," Franz sauntered away, but not before glaring at Kira one more time.

Larka leaned against the wall, determined to look everywhere but at Kira.

"What do you plan to do with me?" He asked quietly, trying to recompose his emotions. He just had to buy his time, and find some way to get back to Strike Freedom.

"That's for Kei to decide," she sighed wearily. She also muttered something else but Kira was able to hear it.

And it made his heart froze.

Larka noticed his stiff silence and gazed at him almost apologetically, "Yes, our base is located on Mendel."

Mendel, the place he hoped to never see again. The place where he, the Ultimate Coordinator, was created.

-Unknown Region, 3 weeks later-

"Any luck, Waltfeld-san?" Lacus stood besides the troubled man, both staring at the monitor intently.

"As far as I know, we're just going deeper and deeper into the space. Good thing the Eternal was a support ship to begin with; we have enough food to last us for almost a year!" He tried to laugh, which only came off as two forceful coughs.

"Taichou!" Martin groaned exasperatedly, "We're ok on the food rations but how about energy?"

"Well, we're not in combat right now, so I'd say we can survive for a few more weeks. With all the space debris here, there's bound to be some sort of abandoned colony we can get energy from."

3 weeks without Kira or any sign of help. We need to get out of this predicament or our future is certain. Lacus was about to walk back to her room when the vision swam before her.

"Whoa, you ok there Lacus?" Waltfeld stood up worriedly, looking at his surrogate-like daughter with unease.

"I'm alright," Lacus covered her mouth, feeling a bit nauseous, "I guess my stomach is a little tired from canned tuna. Excuse me."

As Lacus floated down the hallway, a warning bell rang at the back of her mind and she stopped abruptly at the sudden realization.

She should be happy, but tears slid down her cheeks and before she knew it, she was back to the bridge, sobbing uncontrollably.

"L-Lacus?" Waltfeld was completely lost, not sure how to comfort the crying girl.

She should be happy, but there's chance they would never see each other again, and he would never know.

- 1 months later, Mendel Colony-

Kira leaned against a large boulder, trying to break his handcuffs half-heartedly.

He knew he'd been here for a long time but so far, none of the Rache members had done anything to him, other than glaring at him of course. They barely gave him any food, but it was still enough for him to survive.

He was worried sick about Lacus but everytime he tried to run away, a Rache official was always there.

"We're keeping you under watch. When Kei's ready, we'll take you inside," Seth had said evenly, nodding towards the large building.

Other than being prisoned and all, he was treated rather nicely for a prisoner, which made him even mroe dubious of their behaviour. Ever since he came here, he hadn't seen Franz, Larka or Kei. Seth, the silver-haired Extended, was always watching him, making sure he was well chained. Seth was a quiet, sullen man, always looking into the distance. If it weren't for Franz, Kira would've never guessed the man was an Extended; Seth didn't seem to need any drugs.

Looking around him, Kira was reminded of the time he and the rest of Triple Alliance took refuge here. They were fighting on their own side, just as Rache was doing. Naturals and Coordinators really were working together towards one goal but why-

"Come, Yamato, Kei wants to see you," Franz's expression was grave. Seth frowned, "Are you sure? It's only been-"

"That's what Kei said," Franz cut him off curtly.

Seth scowled with obvious dislike about the time, but he dragged Kira towards the dark, ominous building. The Ultimate Coordinator tried to block the onslaught of images of his confrontation with Rau. All the abandonned test tubes were enough to make him nauseous.

I'm a person. I have parents. I have a family. I'm not a creation. He kept repeating the mantra in his mind, like a lifeline to protect his sanity.

He was led towards a room at the end of the hallway, were he could hear low growls resonating in the empty space.

"Please, calm down, Kei," Larka said patiently. A vicious snarl replied the girl. Seth frowned again and kicked the door open.

Larka was kneeling on the floor, her hands on Kei's shoulder, who was trembling in obvious pain. Kira could only stare at the sight before him. Seth pushed him forward harshly, causing him to fall in front of Kei.

"Good, you're here. I cannot delay our little talk any longer," Kei hissed in a guttural voice that was barely human.

Kira stared right into Kei's wolfish eyes and whispered, "You're... an experiment, aren't you?"

Kei curled his lips angrily, revealing his two prominent canines, "That's right. Clones are fine, aren't they? They age fast and die early, true, but they appear human, don't they? After all, their genetic donor was a human. Me and countless others, on the other hand, were created from animal genes."

He raised his gloved hands, and Kira flinched inwardly at the long claws coming from it. "I was the lucky one. I had some form of conscious close to a human, but all the other ones were... exterminated. Look at me, pathetic, aren't I? Crawling on the floor just like a common beast. My voice, my appearance, even my appetite for raw meat - nothing remotely close to a human."

"No one can judge you for who you are, Kei. You can still create the future with your own hands," Kira said almost pleadingly. An experiment he himself was, he was still a human, with human parents and a happy childhood.

But that was only because he was a 'success', unlike Rau, Rey, and Kei.

Kei laughed animalistically, "I knew you would say that, Kira Yamato. As expected of the Ultimate Coordinator. You're right, I can create my own future with my own...'hands'," he stared at his own clawed hands disdainfully, "A future where no more mass destruction weapons can be created. A future where things like me would not be created."

"It's impossible," Kira muttered.

"Perhaps. But," Kei slowly stood up with the help of Larka, "we'll just see, won't we?"

"Do you plan to destroy humanity?" Kira thought of a certain masked man's insane laughter. "Or do you seek to control our future?" He recalled Gilbert Dullindal's unwavering voice and Rey's lugubrious sobs.

"Neither," Kei hissed, "I want to destroy all of the humanity's firepower - the source of every conflict! I am different than Rau le Creuset and Gilbert Dullindal. I will succeed whereas they failed. I will also stay true to my goals unlike those weaklings Rey and Canard Pars."

Canard Pars? Who's that?

Suddenly, the whole building shook as if it was hit by missiles. Kei cursed profusely, "Dammit, what is Franz doing?"

"Kei, the Archangel is here," came Franz's disgruntled voice from the walkie-talkie.

The Archangel? Athrun? Mwu-san?

"Schwarzung managed to evacuate, but we could not secure Strike Freedom. The Gottwelds are trying to distract the Akatsuki but Athrun Zala is heading towards the building."

"Take me to Ragnorak, Larka, we're leaving this base," Kei growled furiously, staggering away with the girl supporting him. He nodded at Seth, who took out a small knife and a syringe from his pocket.

Even with Kira's resistence, Seth still overpowered him and slashed across Kira's arm. Blood immediately poured out from the wound; Kira barely managed to prevent himself from hissing in pain. Seth collected the blood in a small dial, and then he inserted the syringe into Kira's neck.

"It's nothing serious, Ultimate Coordinator. It's just a safety measure and my personal curiosity to analyze your genes. We'll meet again, Kira Yamato. I will take your life, in a fair combat. I will prove to the world that even failures like me can defeat you."

"F-fair combat? What you say and do is different..." Kira gritted his teeth, unable to fight the overhwelming urge to sleep.

"Just ignore your ideals for now and sleep-"

Kira could no longer hear anything. He was completely surrounded by darkness.

"Wake up, Kira!"

The brunette groaned in pain and shock when he felt a fist hit his face. He opened his eyes abruptly and the room swirled in his vision.

Hands pulled him upright and Kira stared at his best friends groggily. "H-hey, Athrun..."

The blunette sighed in relief, "The doctor said you weren't sick or anything but you wouldn't wake up. The wound on your arm isnt infected or anything. So I had to punch you-"

"Well, it worked out in the end," Mwu La Flaga patted Kira's back good-humoredly.

"So, what happened?" Kira tried to focus his thoughts but couldn't. Everything seemed so disorientated and ... wait, why was he aboard Archangel?

"Well, after we were notified of your situation up here, we were sent into space. It took us awhile, and it was by chance we discovered the rebel base on Colony Mendel. We spotted your MS and-"

"I tried to hold off those two crazy Keroberos Hounds," Mwu continued, "Athrun here went towards the building and found you, kid. We had to fight off many look-alike MS but luckily for us, whatever they used to make electromagnetic inteference was recharging or something."

"Even that, the Archangel was pretty damaged. We're on Aprilius 1 right now," Athrun rubbed his forehead wearily.

Kira blinked slowly. Colony Mendel, rebel base, look-alike MS...what?

"Where's Lacus and Eternal?"

Athrun and Mwu exchanged looks and the former sighed sadly, "We still can't locate them, Kira. They've been missing for-"

"Wait, they've been missing?"

"What are you talking about, Kira? The Headquarters told us you went off with Eternal. I assume the Eternal went missing around the same time you were captured-"

"I was captured?" Kira frowned, trying to remember anything but couldn't. All he could remember was coming up to space and join Lacus at the Headquarters and everything after that was a blur.

"You can't remember anything?" Athrun gasped.

Kira shook his head slowly and his hand went for the necklace around his neck.

Why do I have Lacu's ring...?



(1) Shinn said that to Kira during their fight in Orb. I'm trying to create a bit of irony here.

End of Chapter 5


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