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Resident Evil: Naruto

Chapter 1

When the day started I had mountains of paper work to do. Man did it got old very fast; even though I slept for two hours and got behind work. When I had only less than twenty pages left he came in.

"Hey dobe are even done with your work?"

"Hey temme SHUT UP!"

"Will you hurry up we need to meet the girls at the hospital."

He means Hinata and Sakura. Hinata and I have been dating since high school, and Sasuke and Sakura since high school ended.

"Just give me four minutes alright."

"Three and a half."

"Fine. Stupid paper work stupid Sasuke."

Raccoon Hospital

"Hey Hinata!"

"Y-yes Sakura."

"Are you ready? We need to meet the guys outside."

Hinata nodded and got her things until.

"Hey Hinata, can you come over for a minute."

"What is it doctor?"

"Have you seen this type of blood?"

Hinata looked at the blood sample and realize that this is not regular blood.

"No I have never seen blood look like this. What happen."

"The man was bitten by an alcoholic and was testing for rabies and any other type of disease. Right now he has a small headache but it's nothing to worry about. Oh well, thanks Hinata."

"Alright I'm ready to go Sakura."

Raccoon police department

"I said three and a half minutes not ten minutes dobe!"



"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT." Shouted Naruto

"What was what?"

"I thought I heard… never mined."

"Come on we need to hurry."


When they got into theirFord Crown Victoria Police Interceptor and left the station multiple shadows appear in the back. Moans and groans were heard through out the police garage.

Raccoon Hospital

Sakura was started to get annoyed, because the boys haven't gotten here yet.

"Where are they!? They said they'll get here at 6'oclock. Damn it's probably Naruto fault not getting his work done."

Hinata just giggle to see her best friend like this. Sakura was wearing blue jeans and a pink short sleeve shirt fashion sneakers. suddenly a police car came over with Naruto and Sasuke.

"Hey sorry were late. But we had loads of paper work to do" Naruto smiled

"No Naruto was just being a dobe again."

"What did you say bastard!?"

"You heard me DOBE."




"Hey can we get along here!" shouted Sakura

"Alright." Both said.

Naruto got out of the car to greet Hinata

"Hey Hinata. How you been doing."

"Um fine thank you…" Before she could finish her sentence he kissed her in the lips making her nervous and red as a tomato.

"She so cute when she acts like this. God she so beautiful."

"Um wh-what about you—Nar-u-to

"Great thanks for asking." said Naruto

"Hey Sasuke, how are you doing?"


"Great." "That's all he can that jerk."

"So what you girls want to do any ways?" Said Sasuke

"Hey I got an idea how about we to our apartment rent a scary movie and order pizza." Said Naruto

"That sounds great N-Naruto." Said Hinata

"Yeah I like that idea. Don't you Sasuke?"


"Alright let's go!" Said Naruto

When they stopped talking Naruto and Hinata went to the back of the car.

"Hey Naruto what are doing?"

"What you think I'm with my lady."


"Hey Sasuke don't worry about it. Hey Naruto next time we go to back twice alright. HEY NARUTO!"

To late Naruto was kissing Hinata and caressing her face making her having goose bumps.

"Stupid Naruto." Both said

(Sigh)"Lets go Sakura."


In a parking garage a businessman was walking to his car so he can go home.

"Finally I can go to wife and kids."

But when got to his car he heard a noise coming behind him. It was two men in the shadows dripping some type of liquid from their body.

He turned around and saw two figures coming out of the darkness. One had his eye dangling out of the socket and his arm was off.

The other was holding an arm, and in its hand was a gun; he also had couple of gun shots on his chest and his stomach was hanging out of his intestines.


He turned around but saw another one coming on the opposite side of his car. But he was headless with a 3 by 4 inch hole on his belly.

He started to panic and tried to open his car. When he open his car the two corpses was 3 feet way from him. He pulled out a gun and stated shooting them.

But nothing happen, he shot some more, but still nothing. Finally he shot the armless one at the head killing him instantly.

Then he learned how to kill them and shot the other at the head. He got into his car and started his car but the other corpse was able to punch glass and got in.

The man tried to fight the corpse but it threw its head at his arm biting his arm.

The man yelled loud and was able to ripe the only thing that was attach to its neck to its body. The body was dead but the head was alive.


The head bite him on the hand making him drop the dead lading right next outside of his thigh and it bit him.


He now grabbed and ripped of his thigh and threw it at the wall. The head died and blood was everywhere. The man relaxed for a second and stared and starred to whimper because of his wounded leg.

"My wife is going to kill me when I get home." He chuckled for a little and a sighed relief. But then more moans and groans were heard threw out the garage. The man looked into the darkness with fear in his eyes and there were a legion of corpses surrounding him. He couldn't go into his car because the headless corpse came through the window. So he stated to run, with every step he made more pain went through his body because of the bite that head made. He found elevator and pushed the button to make the elevator to go down. He looked back and saw that the corpses were only ten feet away from him. The elevator doors open and he got into the elevator and pushed a button and the elevator door closed. The corpses started to bang on the doors.

"Finally I'm safe."

Out side the elevator one of the corpses accidentally pushed the elevator button causing it to go down.

"No, what's happening. Why am I going down?"

The door open up and the corpses attack the poor man.


Video Rental Store

"Hey Hinata, what about this one? Night of the Living Dead."

"What the movie about Naruto?"

"It's about flesh eating zombies that eats people like us." Naruto imitating as a zombie: attacking Hinata. She just giggled and Naruto started to kiss her neck. Hinata then realized something.

"Um Naruto, where's Sakura and Sauske?"

"Huh? Um, Hey wait a minute!" Naruto stated to run outside and saw Sauske and Sakura in the backseat of the car kissing.


"Fuck you Naruto! I told it was our turn!" Sauske pointing his middle finger at Naruto

"Damn you Sasuke!"

"Hey Naruto stop complaining, get the movie, let's go back home so you can do whatever you do with Hinata."

Naruto got angrier and turned red.

"Um Naruto…"

"What is it…?"

"The manager wanted you to bring back their video."

"What!?" he looked at his hand and notice the video.


"Um sorry about that." He had his hand behind his head.

After renting the movie he put his arm around Hinata. "Great let's go Hinata."

Hinata nodded with agreement and follow Naruto to the car.

Umbrella Co

Ring, ring, ring

"What is it?"

"Orochimaru sir the T-virus has been realized in Raccoon City."

"WHAT?! Who realized the virus?"

"W… we don't know but about 5 of the citizens have already been infected."

"Damn it, close all exit's in the city check all citizens, if they are infected terminate them, if not let them go.

"Understood sir."

"I'll send Kabuto to handle all this……Lagan."

"Yes sir."

"Send a team of twelve to Zabuza's lab and get that Virus. Is that understood."

"Yes sir."

Raccoon City

Naruto and the gang finally arrived at Naruto and Sasuke reach to their apartment. The apartment was ten story tall building.

"Finally were here! Hey Hinata, what type of pizza would you want." Naruto wrapped his arm around Hinata's Shoulder.

"Um I'll let you choose Na-Naruto." Naruto looked back at the car.

"Hey Sasuke come on lets go." Sasuke was still kissing Sakura. "Hey Sasuke, Sakura LETS GO!"

"Shut up Naruto can you see were busy."

"Hey you can finish up in the apartment. SO HURRY UP SASUKE!"

Everybody finally got into the room, the room itself was a two room apartment and it was the most disorganized room in the world.

There were clothes everywhere and the sink pile with dirty dishes, and there were pile of folders on the kitchen table.

"Um, sorry for the mess but were just too busy at the station that we couldn't clean the mess here." Said Naruto

"Actually were just too lazy to clean the mess." Said Sasuke

"Hey they don't need to know that Sasuke." Sakura shook her head with shame and Hinata just giggled.

For ten minutes Naruto and Sasuke argued over what pizza they should get. Sakura got pissed at the boys and decided just to get the usual; pepperoni pizza with extra cheese.