The Patience of a Saint

Inspired by nashirah.

In the cheap motel room somewhere in U.S.

"My life is so screwed, Sam. Nobody loves me. Even my dog doesn't love me"

"Dean, you have no dog"

"Exactly! My life is so pathetic. Every night I sleep in the cheap motel room, I always have to eat cold food. My own brother--"

"Dean, shut up. It's just a cold."


"Saam. Saaaaaaaaaaaam. Saaaaaaaaammyyyyyyy!"

"Yes, Dean?"

"Can you carry me to the bathroom?"


"Sam, I don't feel my big left toe"


"And everything is so blurred. And I'm so cold."

"And what about your ears?"

"Well I didn't want to mention it, but I hear some kind of noise. And my hands are shaking"

"Did you check your heart?"

"My heart?"

"Yes, you should start praying, you know, because it seems to me your heart could stop beating any minute now"

"You have no compassion for your sick brother. I can die, you know?"

"You're not dying Dean, so stop making up the symptoms. I'm not going to take you to the ER again, so you can flirt with nurses.


"Saam. Saaaaaaaaaaaam. Saaaaaaaaammyyyyyyy!"

"What do you want from me at 3 AM, Dean?"

"Can you give me a foot massage?


"Saam. Saaaaaaaaaaaam. Saaaaaaaaammyyyyyyy!"

"Can't you wait a minute? I'm taking a shower!"

"It's rather urgent… Saaaaaam!


"Jeeez, Sam, you could put something on"

"You said it's urgent"

"And stop splashing water everywhere"

"What do you NEED, Dean?"

"Well, I'm a little hungry, so I wanted you to order me a pizza, but since I have a phone I can do it myself. So, forget it. You can go back and… proceed."


"Saam. Saaaaaaaaaaaam. Saaaaaaaaammyyyyyyy!"

"Sam's not here. He decided to sleep in the car."

"Ellen? What are you doing here?"

"Sam asked me to help him looking after you. Seems like you are sick too long. So I brought the medications with me. Jo always recovered very fast after it. Drink it."

"What is in it?"

"Oh, only lemon juice, honey, onion juice, garlic, cinnamon and ginger. It doesn't smell so good, but you will feel better. Did you eat pizza? No wonder you're still sick. You shouldn't eat that kind of food when you have a cold. Since now all you can eat is bread. Have you drunk your medication?"

"You know, Ellen, I'm feeling very well right now. I think I'm healthy, so…"

"Oh, no sugar, it only seems like that, but in fact you're still sick."

"No, really, I'm…"

"Drink. It."


In the Imapa parked outside cheap motel somewhere in U.S.


"Quiet, Sam"

"What are you doing here? You're supposed to be sick and in bed"

"I'm all right now. We have to hit the road."

"In the middle of the night?"

"Yes. Now. As fast as we can"

"But what about Ellen?... Eeew, and Dean, invest in some Tic Tacs or something"

A/N The medications are really working. Tested on me. Third eye didn't grow after I had eaten this, but sometimes I wish I had third hand…