Chapter 1: The beginning of the end

Authors Note: This is my first attempt at a HSM fanfiction. I do not own any of the characters from High school musical, or the song the title is based off. This is a complete work of fiction.

It was almost Christmas time and the wildcats had just won their first victory game. The gang were finally seniors and living it up to the fullest. Their parents trusted them on their own, and that was their mistake. Jason Cross's parents had gone away for the weekend on business and he took it upon him to throw a huge after party for the seniors and select few under classman after the game was over. Troy Bolton arrived in his black ford F-150 truck with passengers that included his girlfriend Gabriella Montez, her best friend Taylor Mckessi and her boyfriend and his best friend Chad Danforth. Troy and Chad were both pumped still reeling from the adrenaline of the win and couldn't wait to party, though Taylor had other plans for her and her "boyfriend". Troy had connections all over town and had impromptu scored two kegs of bud light for the event. As they arrived to the party Taylor pulled Chad aside from everyone and began to explain to him, that she couldn't take their relationship anymore.

"Taylor but.." Chad started. Taylor reached up and laced her finger to his dark lips.

"I'm sorry Chad, I just can't anymore" She had finally broken up with him, she had been contemplating it all summer and finally had the nerve to do it, granted she knew she had picked the wrong place and wrong time but she had to get if off her chest.

"Is there someone else?" He asked.

"Of course not, I still really care about you Chad, I just.. I really need some space. I'm to young to be so tied down, I'll see you later" She said and turned away from him like he had meant nothing to her. He watched her walk away to Troy and Gabriella who had of course already made it to the keg. Chad's game high came to a crashing fall. Troy looked at Chad and knew what had happened, Gabi had warned him earlier. As Troy approached him he handed out his beer in a friendly gesture.

"I think you need this more than me" Chad took the frothy brew from his best friend and downed it quickly.

"thanks man" He handed the cup back.

"Are you gonna be ok?" Troy asked him. Chad couldn't help but smirk at him, though he was upset, he never let things get to him too bad, he was very optimistic and looked for the best in life.

"Yea man, just time to look for another. No strings attached this time ya know" Troy gave him a nudge on his shoulder.

"that's what I'm talkin about!" Troy blurted out. "All these girls are smoking hot, and currently getting drunker by the moment, I'm sure you'll have a great night! Those underclassman are sluts" He licked his lips. "I just wish I could touch some of them, but I can't cause of Gabi" Chad looked at him curiously.

"Have ya'll.." Chad began.

"No" Troy rolled his eyes. "She's waiting until marriage, which is why I especially love vacations, she's always gone" He smugly smiled. Troy did love Gabriella but the lion inside of him could not be controlled by any girl.

Troy and Chad both looked toward the living room where everyone was dancing to the obscene rap music and it looked like the kids parted like the red sea. Of course coming out of the group of teenagers was non other than Sharpay Evans, Ice Princess and her quiet twin brother Ryan doddling behind her.

"As much as that girl is a bitch, i'd do anything to get with that" Troy licked his lips sweetly thinking about Sharpay. Chad couldn't help but eye Sharpay. She wore a barely there pink mini skirt and a form fitting white sparkly tank top. He stared from her beautiful blonde hair, to her sculpted chest, to her tiny waist and finally down to her long legs. He couldn't help but agree, he'd hit it too. She passed by them bypassing the kegs to hit the buffet of liquor.

"Ryan make me a drink" She snapped at him. Ryan fixed his sister a very strong concoction called the incredible hulk, Half Hypnotic and Half hennessy. They saw him hand her the drink, he made himself a very weak tequila margarita, he must be her Designated Driver for the night and was only have a few.

"Why am I not surprised Evans drink foo-foo drinks" Troy scoffed, as him and Chad made their way to the keg refilling their drinks.

"which one? Sharpay or Ryan?" Chad asked.

"The fag" Troy laughed.

"Troy come dance with me!" He knew that voice anywhere, even over the many people making noise, it was Gabriella.

"Back to the girl, see ya later man" Troy walked back to Gabriella and began to grind into her backside quickly.

Hours later the night continued on, The seniors of East High were all wasted. Jason's living room had basically transformed into a dance floor orgy. The drunken teens were grinding against each other and all reeked of beer and liquor. Chad needed air and he made his through the crowd of people, stumbling as he was slightly intoxicated. Before he reached the door he noticed Taylor sitting on an underclassman in the kitchen. It looked like the two were trying to eat each other's faces. His blood boiled. He ran his hand through his curly hair and clenched his other fist. 'How date a sophomore go after..' he stopped his thoughts. She wasn't his girl anymore.

"Your nothing but a slut" He said up in her face, before walking out the back door and slamming it. The backyard had around 10 people outside smoking, he looked by the fence and noticed a somewhat familiar face. Even if she had tried to hide her blonde hair would give her away instantly. He went to her and noticed she was smoking a cigarette.

"Hey Evans, can I bum a cig please" He asked her politely. He held him self up against the fence. He looked into her eyes and all he could see in those beautiful brown eyes, was alcohol, he knew she was gone. She reached in her purse and handed him the pack of Camel Menthol Lights.

"If my parents knew they would kill me" Chad said as he lilt his cigarette with Sharpay's pink bejeweled lighter. He let the sweet nicotine enter his lungs.

"Are you trying to make conversation basketball boy?" He asked him, in her usual degrading tone. He scoffed lightly at her, though she was wasted she was still a fire ball of wit.

"I was thinking about it" He smiled at her.

"Why aren't you and genius girl number together tonight?" She asked him.

"Do you have nicknames for everyone?!" He asked.

"People I don't" She sneered.

"I don't even know why I'm telling you this" He rubbed his hand over his head before puffing back on his cigarette. "She broke up with me a few hours ago, and I just saw her making out with a sophomore" Sharpay snubbed her cigarette out with her high heel.

"Tre' Harsh" She replied

"Not that you care" He said, another hit taken from his cigarette. She moved closer to him. Their bodies were inches apart.

"Wanna feel better?" She asked him, her hot breath on his ear gave him tingles.

"How?" He asked his voice shaky. Sharpay delicately took his cigarette and sucked lightly on it and walked beside the house and the fence where no one was or could be seen. He felt himself twitch in his pants. The good guy in him told him to turn around and go back into the house and pretend this never happened. But the alcohol and second brain told him otherwise. He followed his other brain. He walked toward where Sharpay had disappeared moments before.

She roughly pushed him against the house and kissed him roughly. He drown in the sweet taste of liquor on her lips. She pulled away and put her mouth to his ear.

"Just shut up" She said.

Sharpay dropped to her bare knees and began to unbuckle his pants. He inhaled deeply as his jeans fell to the ground and she freed him from his plaid boxer prison. His mind reeled as she placed her lips on the tip of his dick.

'Could this really be happing, is the ice princess really blowing me off' He thought before his thoughts were quickly cut off by his moan as he felt his tip touch the back of her throat. She continued to suck his member, he felt himself almost reach the brink and grabbed her roughly. He reversed their position slamming her back against the house and ravishing her neck.

"Now you shut up, Ice Princess" She put her arms around his neck and he grabbed her left leg and wrapped it around his waist. Pushing her pink mini-skirt up and moving her panties aside rammed two of his fingers into her without warning. She gasped and clawed into his back. She braced herself against the wall trying not to let her legs buckle. He quickly removed his fingers and grabbed her other leg and hoisted her around his waist before lowing her petite body onto his throbbing dick. They both moaned together as he entered her. Her perfectly manicured nails dug into the material that was his shirt. He continued to thrust into her tightness. Soon he felt her walls tighten around him, and came inside of her. He lowered her down to her feet and reached down and pulled his pants back up. Sharpay stood against the house panting. She looked at him before fixing her skirt.

"don't say I never did anything for you Danforth" She said before turning on her stiletto and walked away. Chad stood still catching his breath before he noticed wedged between two fence posts was his almost gone cigarette still burning with the red glow. He grabbed it and puffed it slowly. 'The rest of the year at East High was going to be monumental he knew.

As soon as he rounded the house back into the yard Troy was standing there with Jason. He was holding a beer in a red solo cup.

"Now you definitely need this" Troy smirked, waiting to get the juicy details out of his friend.

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