Chapter 12:Reconciliation

At noon on Saturday surprisingly the sun was very hot in Albuquerque. Many businessmen were taking a relaxing day of golf while their wives and children relaxed poolside. The noise of splashing children was drowned out by the gossiping seniors of East High. Sharpay lay in her pink chaise with her two twin confidants there.

"And then I got one good hit and BAM! Hit her in the eye!" Christine laughed as she demonstrated how she had attacked Taylor the night before.

"It was genius Sharpay you really should have been there" Jenn chimed in. "She's got a mean right hook…I would know" She laughed as her sister shoved her. "Sharpay…?" She questioned the blonde haired beauty.

"Huh?" She was pulled from her thoughts.

"Were you even listening" Christine asked as she sipped her blue Hawaiian ice tea.

"I'm just thinking about last night" She replied.

"You mean about Troy Bolton" Jenn winked at her, as Sharpay looked puzzled.

"What are you talking about, what about Troy? I'm talking about I still can't believe that Chad kissed Taylor I mean I was right there!" She was still scatterbrained from the night before. The liquor she had basically inhaled had hit her so fast, she didn't know up from down.

"But you slept with Troy" Christine spoke before her sister got the chance. Sharpay spit the drink from her mouth; it covered her pink imported towel.

"I would never!" Sharpay really was shocked and appalled, had she slept with Troy in her bliss of alcoholism.

"That's not what Troy said" Christine spoke.

"No Gabriella saw scratch marks on his arm after he got done brining you home" Jenn said matter of fatly. "See Christine this is where gossip starts, you get the story wrong!"

"Shut up Jenn!"

"No. No" Sharpay stood up. "I wouldn't sleep with Troy I mean I've thought about it before, but I really like Chad I wouldn't…I couldn't… oh shit" She sat down, she still couldn't remember the night but she remembered Troy walking inside with her.

"Yea Gabriella and Troy are finished, have you talked to Chad?" Jenn asked.

"No, he left me some pretty sad and mean voicemails last night, I listened to a few before deleting my inbox, and haven't called him yet" She sighed, she put her hands in her head. "Girls…I can't be that big of a slut can I?" She asked before immediately answering her question. "Never mind don't answer that, does Chad know?"

'Well considering he punched Troy in the face last night, I think he knows" Christine replied with a smartass tone.

Soon the metal bars that enclosed the pool clanked open, the three girls turned. Chad walked in; his bright blue swim trunks had his hands stuffed inside of them. Gabriella, Taylor, Zeke, Jason, Kelsey and Ryan came in after him. They all looked straight to Sharpay, Taylor and Gabriella gave her glaring looks and Gabriella flicked her off as she walked by.

"Ooohhh Sharpay I think you're the enemy" Christine said.

"Good job Christine, make her feel worse!" Jenn replied back.

"Girls, I need to be alone please go away" Sharpay said as she placed her Versace sunglasses over her eyes and laid back, Jenn and Christine shrugged before getting off to head to the spa.

"Sharpay" she heard her name being called, and only one voice matched that. She opened her eyes to see a dark man with curly hair that sprung to life like god himself.

"Hi" she removed her sunglasses and sat up.

"Can I sit here" he motioned to the chair next to her.

"You're a member now" she replied coolly, Chad sat down and stared at her. "So it's a nice day huh" he said as he clasped his hands together.

"I didn't sleep with Troy, Chad" She replied. "At least not that I remember, I know that's what you are going to ask"

"Not that you remember, that's great, cause you're the best one with the drunk memory" She looked at him. His act of being cool was wearing off as he hoped it wouldn't have.

"Look I'm sorry, maybe my drunken careless mind wouldn't had to have gone home especially with Troy if you hadn't made out with Taylor!"

"I told you I love you last night Sharpay if you suddenly forgot that! You looked scared and ran away"

"So I was scared that gives you the right to make out with your ex girlfriend?"

"And by me drunkenly kissing someone by accident, his dick "accidentally" slipped inside of you. That's completely different!" Sharpay didn't know what came over her she reached over and slapped him hard across the face. Chad didn't like that to much, he grabbed her shoulders and gripped them tight. They searched each others eyes, the anger and hurt swallowed them both. Even out of the anger they both still cared, his lips found hers quickly as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. She knew it, she did love him.

"I'm still mad at you" She said as she pulled away, her arms still locked around him.

"And I still want to kill Troy" He replied.

"Well as long as we're on the same page" She said as he kissed her again.

The rest of the wildcats couldn't imagine that would have even happened, they stared at the two confused.

"Those two are weird, I'm not talkin bout I like to eat cottage cheese weird I'm talkin I come from another planet weird!" Zeke exclaimed.

"Am I related to her?" Ryan asked with a slight grin, Kelsi took his hand in hers.

"Yes, but your way cuter. And not so insane!" She kissed his cheek, they were now casually dating.

"Hey guys" from out of nowhere Troy had appeared, they all turned around.

"Hey Troy" most smiled at him, some glared.

"Gabriella, can I talk to you?" she looked around to see if anyone would help her out, nobody replied.

"Sure" Gabriella was heartbroken over what had happened, she hadn't wanted to break up with Troy she was in love with him, but she couldn't take the cheating anymore. But she was actually proud of Troy for approaching her and taking the first step. She took his hand and he took her inside. Hopefully, she thought, this talk would put them back together and turn Troy into a one woman man. When she finally talked him into it, about 30 minutes later and he had groveled for her to take him back they kissed softly before heading back to the group hand in hand. They passed by Chad and Sharpay, the two were making out again. Troy felt a slight pain, he wasn't sure if it was in his heart or his pants, knowing last night was probably the only night he had her for, or maybe he did care about Sharpay more than a friend. Things he would never know now.