This story takes place when an old friend of Solomon Moto's dies, and leaves his daughter in his care. The death of her parents was particularily traumitizing, and she's going to struggle to cope with the horrible memories, loss of her family, moving thousands of miles from home, and having possible feelings for two complete rivals... Seto Kaiba... and the Pharaoh.

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Yugi was at home with his grandfather and best friend, Joey Wheeler. The two boys were currently having a friendly duel, not having much else to do. Yugi's grandfather, Solomon Moto, was reading the newspaper in his recliner chair, stopping to take a look at the duel as it went on every once in a while.

Yugi had his friend scrambling to find a way to protect his lifepoints, and Grandpa Moto was struggling to keep a straight face at the sight of him wracking his brain. His humor was cut short when the phone rang.

He got to his feet silently and answered the phone, smile still on his face. "Good Afternoon, how may I help you?... Yes, this is Solomon Moto. What can I do for you today?" The man on the other end said something and he blinked curiously. "Richard Shoka? Yes, I know him. He's a former colleague of mine. Is something wrong?" Moments later, his eyes went enormous. "WHAT?! WHEN?!"

Yugi and Joey blinked, their duel momentarily forgotten as they regarded Grandpa, sensing that something was wrong. His features were shocked as he listened to the man on the other end.

"His wife as well? Goodness..." He shook his head. "Please don't tell me their daughter... Oh, thank the Gods..." Then he listened for a few minutes and his eyes widened again. "Of course! How could I NOT? By the way, how is she?" He sighed. "I see. This isn't going to be easy for her then. The last time I saw her, she was only three... Alright. Thank you, sir. In three days? Perfect. I'll just give you my address..." Grandpa Moto quickly did so, thanked the man again, and said goodbye.

Yugi got to his feet immediately, followed by Joey seeing the sad look in the old man's eyes. "Grandpa? What's wrong?"

Solomon looked at his grandson and his friend for a moment and gave them a small sad smile. "An old associate of mine, Richard Shoka, and his wife, Carmen were both killed in a car accident last night. Their daughter, who was in the car with them at the time, survived with relatively minor injuries, but she no longer has any living relatives. When she was born, Richard and Carmen both asked me to be her Godfather, and so now she will be moving here to live with us."

Yugi's eyes went wide and Joey's gaze turned downcast, hearing this. "Oh, no! That poor girl!!"

"How old is she?" Joey asked.

Grandpa blinked. "I think she's your age. I haven't seen her since she was three... the last time I was in Canada about fourteen years ago."

Yugi frowned a little. "That means she probably doesn't remember you at all. It'll be like moving in with total strangers."

He nodded and sighed. "I know. It's going to be a very hard transition for her."

Joey grinned. "Hey, she'll be all right! With us here ta help her out, she'll settle in in no time! All we gotta do is be there for her no matter what!"

Yugi nodded. "Right!"

Grandpa nodded again. "We'll have to get a room set up for her. Would you boys care to help me out with that?"

Joey grinned. "Sure!" He looked down at Yugi. "We can just start the duel over some other day, Yug'. Looks like I get outta gettin' my butt whipped!"

Yugi laughed and rubbed the back of his head. "I guess so. Let's get started."


Yugi's friends were soon informed about the girl who was moving in with the Moto's and the reasons why. Everyone was understandably shocked, but also looking forward to meeting her.

They managed to get her room set up. It was nothing fancy since they didn't know what she'd like. They just had a bed and dresser set up in their spare bedroom, and made sure it was clean and ready for her to move in.

Three days passed quickly and Yugi looked out the window to see the car pulling into the parking lot of the Kame Game Shop. "I think she's here, Grandpa!"

Solomon immediately put on his jacket and stepped out, Yugi right on his heels. The car, a black Cadillac, pulled to a stop and a middle aged man got out. They could see a young woman sitting in the back seat, her face hidden by long hair that was hanging down. She was looking down and not moving.

The man immediately shook their hands. "Solomon Moto, I assume?"

He nodded. "Yes, and this is my grandson, Yugi."

He smiled at them both. "It's a pleasure to meet you. Now, before I bring Jenna out, there are a few things I should tell you. I am telling you these things in her absence because she is still very sensitive about them."

Solomon nodded. "I understand."

The man took in a deep breath. "First off, the accident was very terrible. They were sideswiped by a drunk driver, and then they slammed head on into a power pole. Jenna's injuries are relatively minor... she has a cracked hip, a few broken ribs, and had some shrapnel pulled out of her side. The rest are just cuts and bruises, although she does have a particularily nasty cut on her forehead. However... she was conscious from the time that they crashed to the time she was pulled out, and she watched both of her parents die." He hesitated. "Her father was crushed instantly from the initial impact and her mother... well... Her mother was decapitated by the seatbelt, and her head landed right in her daughter's lap. Jenna was trapped in the car for about three hours before someone was able to get her out, and they had to sedate her because she wouldn't stop screaming."

Yugi saw the Pharaoh leave the puzzle, his eyes going wide hearing this, and looking at the girl that was sitting silently in the back seat. She hadn't so much as moved an inch since they had arrived, and showed no sign of doing so either.

The man continued on, fully aware of the expressions of horror on his companions faces. "So, as you can imagine, she has been having a great amount of trouble. Her appetite is next to none, and she wakes screaming from flashbacks. She's also pretty emotional. Lately she seems to prefer solitude to anything else. I am sorry, but I must tell you that she will be quite a pain in the ass for a little while..."

Solomon and Yugi stared at him in shock. The Pharaoh's eyes immediately narrowed dangerously, hearing the man's choice of words.

Solomon's gaze hardened as well an instant later, and he frowned deeply at the man, cutting him off from saying anything else. "Sir. I am going to tell you something right now. That young woman there is not and never WILL be a 'pain in the ass' as you so cruelly call it!! What the girl needs right now is love and understanding from the people around her! What she doesn't need is someone saying that she is some sort of a burden to be rid of!!"

The man immediately looked ashamed. "Of course... I apologize for my choice of words. I just meant to say that the first while is going to be extremely difficult."

Solomon nodded. "Then we'll just have to take things a day at a time. I will not walk out on this girl."

He nodded. "Would you like to meet her now?"

The two nodded immediately. The Pharaoh still looked less than impressed with the man.

He opened the back door of the car and said a few quiet words to the girl who just nodded silently, and then helped her out of the vehicle, handing her a pair of crutches. Then she turned and faced them for the first time.

She was definitely a beautiful girl. Just a little taller than Yugi, her hair was a long chocolate brown, hanging freely down her back and over her shoulders. She wore a plain T-shirt with the Canadian flag on the front and a pair of blue jeans. Her eyes were almond shaped, her lips full. However, her eyes were also blank, she had a large bandage on her forehead over her left eye, and a bruise on her left cheek. She looked and Solomon and Yugi solemnly.

The man smiled at her. "Jenna, this is your new guardian, Solomon Moto, and his grandson, Yugi."

She gave them the barest trace of a smile and nodded. "Hi."

Yugi stepped forward, a friendly smile on his face. "Welcome to Japan. I just wish it were under better circumstances."

The man opened the trunk of the car and pulled out a large suitcase. "Here's your luggage, Jenna. The rest of your things are on their way here right now. They should be here in the next few days. I'm sure Solomon will get a phone call giving him a time and date of arrival in the near future."
She nodded. "Thanks, Craig."

"Do you have your medication?"

She nodded again. "In my purse. I'm fine."

He hesitated and then nodded. "Alright. Well, I have to get back to the office now. Good luck, Jenna. And good luck to you as well, Solomon and Yugi."

The two boys nodded while Jenna just stood there as the man pulled out of the parking lot once more.

Yugi smiled and came forward, taking hold of the large suitcase. "I'll take this for you."

She nodded silently before Solomon smiled at her gently. "Well. Let's get you inside. You've just had a long trip."

They entered through the main shop doors, Jenna taking a casual look around, before they led her into the living area in the back. It was two stories high, which meant stairs, but if she was concerned about this, Jenna didn't show it. When being given a tour of the house, she simply handed Yugi one of her crutches, gripped the railing, and made her way up at a slower pace, wincing with each step, but refusing any help.

She seemed satisfied with her room when it was shown to her. Then she turned to them, keeping her features neutral. "Thank you for everything. I think I'll unpack my things now," she said quietly.

Yugi smiled at her. "It's no problem. Do you need any help?"

She shook her head immediately. "No. I'm good. Besides, no offense, but I'd really just like to be alone right now."

Solomon gave her a reassuring smile. "We understand. One of us will tell you when dinner is ready."

She nodded. Then the boys left the room.

Outside the door, Yugi sighed. "I guess it'll take a little time."

Solomon nodded. "Yes. She has been through a great deal. We must be patient. She will warm up to us a little as time passes."

Yugi nodded solemnly, and then headed downstairs with his grandfather.


About an hour later, Yugi knocked on her door. "Jenna? It's time to eat."

He heard a vague rustling behind the door and then it opened, Jenna using her crutches. Her eyes were red and puffy, a sure indication that she had been crying. Yugi didn't see any reason to point that fact out though, so he just kept his smile in place. "We're having ramen."

She smiled a little. "Alright."

He blinked and looked at her as they approached the steps. "Do you need any help?"

She shook her head. "Just hang onto one of my crutches, please. I can do the rest."

He nodded, doing so, and watched as she limped her way down the steps one by one until they reached the main level. Then they sat at the table and started eating in silence. Well, Jenna more picked at her food than anything else. She had only eaten about a quarter of a bowl before she pushed it away.

Solomon blinked. "You're finished already? My dear, you've hardly eaten!"

Jenna looked decidedly uncomfortable. "In the last three days, I've learned that if I want to keep any food down at all, to stop eating when my stomach starts to turn."

Yugi's eyes went wide and the Pharaoh was out of the puzzle immediately. "Are you feeling sick?" Yugi asked, greatly concerned.

She shook her head. "The doctor says it's just stress. It could last a few weeks." She reached for her crutches. "I'll just get a glass of water. It might help settle my stomach..."

Yugi was on his feet in an instant. "I'll get it." He quickly grabbed a glass, filled it and brought it back to her. As she drank it down, Solomon looked at her.

"I... know this is probably the furthest thing from your mind right now, but I registered you in Domino City High School. You will start your classes the day after tomorrow on Monday."

She blinked and regarded Yugi. "You're in grade eleven?"

He nodded. "Yup. We'll probably be in the same classes. There's not that many students in our school."

She nodded. "Well, at least I'll somewhat know someone there."

Yugi smiled broadly. "My friends all want to meet you already. In fact, they said they might drop over tonight. I'm not sure if you're feeling up to it right now, but if you don't think you can handle it, I can just introduce you to them tomorrow or in school on Monday."

She shrugged. "I'm fine."

Yugi smiled at her. "Great!"

Jenna tried eating a few more bites before she winced visibly and pushed her ramen away from her again. She took in a few deep breaths, her eyes closed tight. Yugi was at her side in an instant.

"Jenna! Are you okay?!"

Her eyes opened wide. "Bathroom! Now!!"

Yugi's eyes went huge as he quickly helped her up the stairs. The girl almost didn't make it before falling to her knees in front of the toilet and her ramen reversed course.

Yugi knelt by her side, rubbing her back gently. He saw the Pharaoh standing by her side, looking at her in deep concern. Then his eyes went wide, seeing something he couldn't. Jenna reached up and flushed the toilet, but didn't look up.

Yugi put a hand on her shoulder gently. "Jenna?"

"Could I get a glass of water, please?" she asked, her barely audible.

He nodded immediately and got to his feet. There were styrofoam cups in the bathroom right by the sink. He filled one up and handed it to her. She kept her face hidden from him as she took in a mouthful and spat in the toilet, getting the sour taste of vomit out of her mouth. Then she had a few actual sips.

The Pharaoh was still looking at her in concern. Yugi... she's crying.

Yugi's eyes went wide and he put a hand on her shoulder once more as she set the cup down on the floor beside the toilet. "Jenna?" Then he reached out with his other hand and gently turned her face so she was looking at him.

Tears were steadily flowing from her eyes, her expression one of shame and internal agony.

Yugi reached forward and brushed some of her tears away, his own expression now deeply concerned. "Jenna...?"

Before he could say anything else, the girl flung herself at him, bawling immediately. "I'm sorry!!" she whispered.

Yugi held her back, but his eyes went wide, hearing those words. "Sorry for what???"

She looked down. "I'm useless. I can hardly walk and I can't even hold my food down. You didn't need me coming into your home and making your life complicated..."

Yugi's gaze immediately hardened. He cupped her face in his hands and turned her head so she was looking him in the eyes. "Don't EVER say that again! You're NOT useless! Your wounds will heal and your stomach will get better. You've just been through hell and my friend Joey will pound anyone who dares say that you're useless or a burden! Because you're not. You're a woman who needs someone to help her right now, and I'm going to be there for you. By moving in here, you're practically family now, and my grandpa and I will treat you as nothing less!"

Then he gently pulled her into his shoulder and held her for a few long minutes.

Grandpa stuck his haed in the bathroom. "Yugi? Is everything okay?"

The boy smiled up at him. "Everything's fine, Grandpa. She's just a little upset because she got sick." He knew it was a half truth, but there was no point in embarrassing Jenna.

The old man smiled fondly and put a hand on her shoulder. "There's nothing to be ashamed of, Jenna. It will all pass in a little time." Then he regarded the two of them. "I'm just going to clean off the table. By the way, Joey called. He and the others are on their way down. They should be here in about ten minutes."

Yugi nodded. "Alright, Grandpa."

The old man left the room, leaving his grandsom with his new charge.

Jenna pulled away and Yugi smiled at her gently. "Better?" he asked softly.

She nodded. The boy then helped her to her feet and handed her the crutch that had been left in the hallway. "Thank you," she said quietly.

He looked at her, the concern returning. "Are you sure you're up to meeting my friends tonight? If you'd rather wait, I'm sure they'd understand..."

She shook her head. "I'm fine."

He smiled at her gently. "Alright. Let's get back downstairs. They'll be here soon."

Yugi took the crutch again and she made her way down the stairs once more wordlessly. Yugi didn't even bother asking if she wanted any help, knowing she'd say no.

Jenna sat down with a sigh on the sofa in the living room, Yugi joining her. She seemed content to sit there in silence, and the boy decided to leave her be.

A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door. Yugi got up with a smile and went around the corner to the side door that led straight to the living area of their home. He answered the door, coming face to face with the smiling faces of Joey, Tristan, Tea, Duke and Ryu.

"Hey there, Yug'!" Joey said with a smile. "Is she here?"

The youth nodded. "Yeah, she's here. But there's a few things I should tell you guys in private before you meet up with her. I wanna make sure we're out of earshot to make sure it doesn't affect her."

The teens all blinked as Yugi stepped outside with his friends and brought them around the corner of the house and to the front of the shop.

Then he brought them up to date on what he and his grandfather had discovered about the circumstances of her parents deaths, and the ensuing behavoral problems she'd been experiencing.

"She's kind of antisocial right now, trying to close everyone off, so don't be surprised if she's not very talkative. And whatever you do, make sure you don't make any references to parents or death or something like that. There's no telling how it might affect her."

Tea's hand was over her mouth. "Oh, that poor girl..."

Duke looked at him. "How banged up is she?"

The boy smiled. "Well, that's the one piece of good news out of this whole situation. Her injuries are minor. Just a cracked hip and a few broken ribs. She had a piece of shrapnel pulled out of her side, and then a cut on her forehead and a few bruises and minor cuts."

Ryu smiled a little sheepishly. "Well, it's a faint silver lining, but I suppose it is good news."

Tristan smiled. "Well, come on! Let's go meet her!"

So the teens reentered the house and Yugi led them into the living room where Jenna was still sitting on the couch. When she looked over, Duke and Tristan stopped in their tracks, heads craning forward as they immediately fought to keep from drooling. Yugi, meanwhile, simply led the others right up to her and smiled at her.

"Jenna, these are my friends, Joey Wheeler, Tristan Taylor, Tea Gardener, Ryu Bakura, and Duke Devlin."

She gave them a barely perceptible smile. "Hello."

Joey grinned broadly and shook her hand. "Nice ta meet ya! Welcome to Japan!"

She nodded. "Thank you. It's nice to meet you too."

Tea smiled at her. "This is going to seem like a totally weird question, but I've just gotta know... what product do you use in your hair? It's absolutely gorgeous!"

Duke grinned. "Her hairs not the ONLY thing about her that's gorgeous..."

Jenna blushed. "It's a two in one shampoo conditioner product. I have two bottles of it upstairs in my room. If you like, I can give you one of the bottles and you can try it out."

Tea smiled. "Great! Thanks!"

Ryu smiled at her gently, sitting next to her on the couch. "We're going out tomorrow to do some shopping. Would you like to join us?"

She smiled a little once more and nodded. "Sure."

Tea glanced at Yugi. "Did your grandpa get Jenna a school uniform yet?" she asked, not noticing the girls eyes widen.

Yugi nodded. "The school said it will be here by tomorrow night."

"Uniform?" she squeaked out.

Duke blinked. "Hey, that's right! They don't have to wear uniforms in Canada, do they?"

The girl sighed. "Let me guess... it's got a short skirt, but I'm afraid to ask about the color..."

Tea rubbed the back of her head, a sheepish smile on her face. "It's got a pink top and a blue skirt."

The girl made a face hearing this. "The blue, I don't mind. The pink is what bugs me."

Tristan smiled. "Hey, you'll get used to it. Besides, it's only for a few hours a day."

Jenna sighed. "I guess. It's just one more thing to get used to."

There was a moment of awkward silence, before Joey grinned broadly. "Hey, Yugi! I brought my Duel Monster deck with me! Ya wanna have a duel?"

Jenna blinked. "Duel Monsters... isn't that a card game?"

Yugi smiled at her. "Yeah! You duel with monster cards, magic cards, and trap cards. We can even duel with these devices called duel disks that create the actual holograms of the monsters and various cards, but since we'll be dueling inside, we're just going to do it the old fashioned way." He turned back to Joey. "I'm just going to grab my deck. It's upstairs."

A few minutes later, Yugi and Joey were sitting opposite of one another having a duel. Jenna was watching them with a great amount of interest, something that escaped none of the teens. They patiently answered her questions about the rules of the game until Yugi won the duel, wasting the rest of Joey's lifepoints with his Dark Magician Girl.

After the duel was over, the teens all saw the time and decided it would be best if they headed home... except for Ryu who winced.

"The bus I have to use to get home stopped running a half hour ago. Would it be possible for me to stay here the night, Yugi?"

The boy smiled. "I don't see why not... that is if Jenna doesn't mind..."

The girl simply shrugged. "I have no problem with it."

Joey grinned. "Well, it was nice ta meet you, Jenna! We'll see you tomorrow!"

She nodded. "It was nice meeting you too. I'll see you."

The teens left, leaving Jenna alone with Yugi, Ryu and Grandpa Moto, who was bustling around in the kitchen.

They stayed up for another hour when they decided they should get to bed, Yugi and Ryu heading into Yugi's room, and Jenna heading into her own.


Only an hour after everyone went to sleep, Yugi and Ryu were immediately awoken by horrified and anguished screams coming from Jenna's room. The two of them bounded out of bed, tearing out of the bedroom and into Jenna's where they saw the girl thrashing madly in her bed, crying out in english.

Yugi rushed forward and quickly shook her. "JENNA!!"

The girl sat bolt upright, her eyes snapping open, wild and filled with terror.

Yugi quickly hushed her. "It's okay! It's me. You're safe now, Jenna. It's over," he said, gently rubbing her shoulders.

The haunted look in her eyes vanished in an instant as she remembered where she was and who was with her, and she instantly threw herself into his arms and started sobbing. Ryu quickly came to her other side and gently rubbed her shoulders as Yugi rocked her back and forth.

Her trembling slowly came to a stop, and her heartrate slowly returned to normal. She stayed up against Yugi for a few minutes longer, just gripping his pajama's and taking in slow deep breaths. She could still feel Ryu as he rubbed her shoulders gently and Yugi's hands as they trailed up and down her back soothingly.

"You okay now?" he asked her softly. Only he and Ryu were aware of the Pharaoh who was out of his puzzle, looking at her in a great amount of concern.

She gripped him as though she were a child seeking comfort, but afraid to ask for it right out. She gave a single nod into his shoulder. "Y...yes. Thank you..."

"Would you like a glass of water?" he asked.

She hesitated, and then nodded. Yugi gently dislodged from her and smiled at her. "I'll grab it for you. I'll be right back."

He got to his feet and left the room, leaving her alone with Ryu. She didn't say anything and was too ashamed at the moment to look him in the eyes. He just sat there in silence and continued to rub her shoulders until Yugi came back, a tall glass of water in his hand.

She drank it all down in seconds and let out a sigh of relief. "Thank you for waking me up, but I should be getting back to sleep now," she said quietly.

Yugi hesitated. "Would you like me to stay with you until you fall asleep again?"

"You don't have to..." she started, but Yugi cut her off.

"I WANT to," he said.

She blinked and looked at him in surprised, and then a small smile formed on her lips. "Thank you."

Yugi nodded and turned to Ryu. "You can go back to bed. I can take things from here."

Ryu nodded. "Alright. If you happen to need anything, don't be afraid to ask."

Yugi nodded. "I will."

The boy left the room, leaving the two alone. Jenna was still sitting on the edge of the bed, her gaze downcast once more. Her hand came to her side and she winced a little. "Could you grab me my purse, please? I need my painkillers."

He nodded, grabbing it off a hook it hung on by the wall, and handed it to her. She pulled out a bottle of pills, popped two in her mouth, and started to lay down once more. Yugi pulled a chair up beside the bed and took a seat as she layed her head down on the pillow and settled in.

The boy ran his fingers through her hair. She stiffened at first, and then relaxed, her eyelids sliding shut. Then she thought she saw a flash of light behind her closed eyelids, but before she could open her eyes, she felt Yugi's hand settle over her temple and brush up and down gently. The light was forgotten in an instant, before she saw the beginning of a faint glow once more. But this time, what stopped her from checking it out was instant and deep sleep.


The Pharaoh looked down at the sleeping girl for a long moment, his fingers still resting gently on her temple. He had just used his Millennium Puzzle to ensure she would experience no more nightmares tonight. He remembered the days events... her inability to hold down her dinner, the ensuing breakdown, the silent moments, the looks of shame... and just now, the wild terror he had seen in her eyes the instant she had awoken. He sighed, shaking his head as his figners ran down the side of her face. He returned her purse to the hook on the wall, double checked to make sure she was all right, and then exited the room.

He ran into Grandpa in the hallway. "Is she alright? I thought I heard screaming a few moments ago."

The Pharaoh nodded. "She is settled down once more. There is nothing to worry about."

Solomon nodded. "Alright. Since it seems to be resolved, I'll go back to bed now."

Pharaoh nodded again, letting Yugi regain control of his body. "Yeah, I've gotta get back to bed myself. I'll see you in the morning, Grandpa."

The old man smiled. "Yes. Goodnight, Yugi."

The youth sighed, climbing back into his own bed. He could see Ryu sleeping soundly on the floor already.

Yugi turned so he was facing the wall, closed his eyes, and tried to sleep.

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