Briar Elwood

A/N: Wow… I haven't typed those three characters in succession in sooooo long… Yeah… Okay, so. This was not planned. Honestly, I'm not sure if it relates whatsoever to the plot. But. I read three of these for TV today and I remembered the power and joy of writing just 100 words. And something's bugging my brain. I'm not sure what. Anywho.

Confusion. A buzzing mess of white noise. Static. Hyper but with no cause. Screaming. Random bursts of thought with no rhyme or reason. Shaking. Cold but head pulsing with heat.

Move on, you've been through this before. No, never this intense, this meaningful. Not quite. Move on, you can get through this, you're a strong person.

Hell, you sound like one of those damn inspirational posters. They all scream LIES LIES LIES. You're not as good as we say you are, you're a piece of crap, go to hell.

Stop kidding yourself. You can't get through this. You just can't.

A/N: Hm… yeah. This fits with the plot. Don't you think? And, yeah, it relates to my life. W00t. And I think I'll keep writing these every now and again, still. Yay!!