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Summary (though it will change later on): Sakura is kidnapped by a mysterious man named Sasuke. He has orders to bring her for experimental purposes due to her unknown power and past but instead he falls for her. Can she and the other outcasts they meet be able to change his mind or will Sakura be forced to become Orochimaru's new experiment. Her fate rests in his hands.

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The wind swept through the trees, echoing oddly around the night. She slowly made her way across the room, trying to make as little sound as possible. With each creak in the floor she would pause, her heart pumping loudly. Once it was apparent that she was indeed alone, she would relax, trying to catch her breath. If there was a detector for the level of her nerves, the result would be off the charts.

"It isn't much further" She told herself, but the door seemed so far away, as if she would never make it. She could of course just give up, turn back and crawl towards her cell and be given into slavery. It might not even be a bad life, and she would get paid. But she had to know, her curiosity was to strong to never wonder what would happen. Her desire for knowledge was burning too great to back out know. So she stepped forward again, slowly edging her way towards the door, and her freedom.

"Night time stroll I see" a voice said, cutting through her body as if a thousand daggers were poking at her lungs. It was an unfamiliar voice, so it couldn't have been one of the elders. Fighting to keep her breath steady, she turned slowly around to face a pair of red eyes. They spelt danger that much she knew.

She strained her eyes to get a better look at this stranger but he, or she it was hard to tell, was covered in a black cloak. She looked away, hoping that if she kept still long enough they wouldn't see her. This was not to be.

"Hiding are we, a foolish attempt" His voice was so stern and emotionless, yet she was surprised to find a hint of amusement.

"I see all" He said again, but this time in a cold, icy whisper. She wanted to run, to scream. But neither her legs nor throat would work. As if he had petrified me with those stone cold eyes.

"What did he want" she thought to herself. The stranger let out a hoarse laugh. Wasn't he afraid of being heard. Maybe he wasn't afraid of anything.

"I want nothing from you, to me you are insignificant" He paused.

She felt like gasping in amazement. "He can hear her thoughts" Was her first reaction, "that means no matter what I think, he will know"

"Good" The voice said "It saves me from having to explain it" This time she didn't bother wasting energy trying to voice her question. She looked deep into those blood red eyes and thought her query.

"Are you in her mind?"

"Oh no, I can't take control of ones mind. I wouldn't either; a mind is a very personal place. I can only access your thoughts and feelings on the conscious level. But nothing more"

"I see" she replied, or more thought than said. Her voice would still not work. All that would was her eyes. He let out a quick laugh, however this time it didn't sound cold or scary but younger. However the stranger quickly went back to his emotionless tone.

"I'm sure you don't"

"So how can you freeze me like this if it's not mind control"

"I forgot about that. Well that's easy; I'm using another technique that allows me to control your body."

'Technique' she thought, but the man didn't respond to this. She realized at this point that he had released me from his hold. Her first instinct was to run as fast as she could, screaming out at the top of her lungs. She didn't care about escaping anymore, I just wanted to live.

"I wouldn't if I were you" He said, his voice sounded bored.

"Really" she asked out loud. If her voice gave the impression that she was confident and under control than this was nothing to what she was feeling. Deep down her heart was beating so loud it was deafening. The man was staring at me again. She could feel his eyes upon me. She looked into them and she saw that the look wasn't one of annoyance but rather that he was thinking or pondering about something.

"Interesting" He said, to more than himself than to her. There was an awkward silence following this statement, which is when she became aware of the constant ticking of the nearby cloak. The stranger, who at this point I had discovered must be a male, had also noticed because he looked towards its direction than cursed softly, but just loud enough for me to hear. Once again the voice sounded young, but he covered it up again. She felt her pulse speed up again.

"We must leave here now" He said, his voice now was stern and harsh. Her blood turned cold.

"What do you mean we? I thought you said in was insignificant to you" she asked. He nodded, his tome sounded annoyed when he next spoke.

"I did but unfortunately her boss feels otherwise."

"Your boss"

"Yes, my boss. The person who gives me orders" He snapped "Now I'm out of time and on a very tight schedule so please stop the pointless and endless questions and let's go"

"I'm not going anywhere" she demanded

"Oh really, funny about that. Weren't you just about to try and escape" He replied

"Fine yes I was, sorry ill rephrase that. I'm not going anywhere with you" she told him and he sighed.

"Fair enough, I was hoping it wouldn't have to come to this"

"Come to what" she asked, her voice cracking as her heart literally stopped. He made a sudden movement and she was aware of a sharp pain at the back of her head before her whole world went black.

She awoke to find herself lying on a cold damp floor of some kind. She was aware of a throbbing pain in her head and it took her awhile to remember where she was. Then it all came back to her. The stranger, the cold voice, those red eyes and then nothing. She slowly opened her eyes to find herself in pitch darkness. She tried to move but was unable to do so. She realized that she was tied down.

"Great" she muttered. All she wanted was to escape. Escape the place that had held her prisoner since she was six, on that tragic day. For nearly eleven years she had been trapped in that building, that orphanage. Where no one understood me or what she could do. That's probably why she had never been able to find another family. And now she was trapped again. When all she wanted to do was find others like me. In desperation she began to struggle to get free.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you" A familiar emotionless voice said. It was the stranger, her kidnapper.

"Who are you" she called out in terror, and the man sighed.

"Sasuke" He replied. "My name is Sasuke"

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