This is my first 'The Covenant' storie, that I'm posting anyway. So I like most girls, love the movie... love the hot guys... so here we go.

Title: Don't Let Me Go
Author: SkyyRyder

Rating: T (language, violence, sexual content... underage drinking... yadda yah)

Disclaimers: I don't own the characters from the Covenant or any of the actors (much to my dismay!) I do however own the plot and any OCs that you're not familiar with.

Characters: Sons of Ipswich, Kate Tunney, Sarah Wenham, and OC(s)

Summary: Reid Garwin's twin sister is just an average girl, the average girl who's 'brothers' aren't so 'average'. During & After the movie. A story based on her, and her relationship with Reid, and her relationship with the other members of the Covenant.

I've got several stories in the works; but this one has been showing me the most promise. It's pretty much set around the actual movie; but I'm interjecting Reid a twin sister; who doesn't have the Power, or anything supernatural, she's just a normal girl.

It's not going to follow the movie to a 'T' but it'll have some familiar parts.

If you don't like it, don't read it.

Don't Let Me Go

A fourteen year old boy stood atop the roof of a large manor; a smirk appeared on his handsome features as he casted his gaze down towards the three boys below him. They had all finally received the powers that their parents had spoke of for years.

He unlike the oldest two of the group loved to explore the boundaries that these so called Powers could push. Standing next to him was a young girl who was almost a spitting image of himself. He could tell from the look adorning her face that she was scared; his short blonde hair blew in the wind as hers whipped around wildly.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" The young girl asked him.

"What are you… scared?" The boy asked her tauntingly.

"No, I'm not scared..." She scoffed. "I can do anything you can do..." She stated sticking her tongue out in a childish manor. The boy concentrated within a blink of an eye his normally crystal blue eyes turned black. "Well almost anything,"

"Give me your hand," The boy stated.

The young girl looked over the edge of the house, she gulped and saw the three young boys standing below them, she jumped back at her brother's sudden touch. He had just grabbed her hand in to his own.

"Reid, please don't let me go..." She whispered.

He simply gave her the same smirk that she had seen on her father's face for many years, a childish glint in his eyes as he walked to the edge of the 3-story building. He let part of his feet hang over the edge as the young girl closed her eyes, not wanting to see if this failed miserably. Within seconds the two were floating down to the ground. Their friends watched from below as the boys grip on the girl slipped and she was falling, fast.

"Reid!" The girl shouted literally scared to death.

"Caleb, do something..." The long haired boy on the ground shouted, fear written all over his face.

"Why me?" The dark haired boy asked.

"You're the oldest..." The smallest boy stated watching the blonde girl falling quickly.

"You have more control!" The long haired boy retorted.

"Fine..." The boy now known as Caleb concentrated hard, his eyes turning black in the process, he used his power to levitate and catch the young girl, bridal style.

Tears were streaming down her porcelain colored face as Caleb set himself back down on the ground; the blonde boy had already done so and was by Caleb's side before he even reached the ground. He looked down at the blonde girl, concern written all over his features.

"Are you ok?" Reid asked in a hushed tone.

She looked up at him, her light blue eyes cold as she looked at the spitting image of herself. Caleb, the eldest, put her back on to her own two feet, her brother tried to grab her hand but she yanked it out of his grasp. Gritting her perfectly straight teeth she slapped him hard across, and without saying another word she ran back in to the house she had just plummeted from.

Chapter 1 – The Dells

Dark blonde hair whipped in to her face as she looked over the edge of Cross Marblehead. Her blue eyes scanned over the party happening below her, she smirked seeing the teens, around her age, dance around the blazing bonfire with red Solo cups in hand.

Gazing over the scene below her, her stomach twisted in knots, never a good sign of things to come. Her brother had been a bit secretive about his plans for the night and didn't wait for his friends to pick him up as they usually did for the back to school bash at the Dells. She turned on her heel to leave and nearly fell over from shock; three intense gazes stared back at her.

"Holy shit…" She yelped covering her mouth with a well manicured hand. She smiled slightly at the three guys standing before her. "You scared the crap out of me…" She announced.

"Sorry Ry…" The eldest of the group stated with a handsome smile. His dark brown hair was perfectly spiked, and his chocolate brown eyes seemed to rope in any girl that looked his way.

"It's cool," She looked at the youngest of the group and smiled. "You guys are later than normal…" She remarked.

"We stopped by to give your brother a lift and he wasn't there…" The youngest, Tyler, stated looking over her slightly revealed stomach. His hair was spiked in different directions expertly and his blue eyes were bright and already full of mischief.

"You know Reid; he just likes to disappear…" She stated rolling her eyes. "Probably some cheap Spencer slut…" She stated casually.

"So how's the party?" The long haired guy questioned, his hazel eyes scanning over the teens below them.

"So far Pogue, boring…" She stated, a couple who just arrived catching her eye, "Or so it seems… Aaron just arrived with Kiera attached to his hip…" She reported.

"I smell trouble…" The oldest announced shaking his head.

"Caleb, I smelled it before he even arrived…" The young girl shrugged her shoulders. "I guess I'll see you guys down there…" She stated turning around to leave.

"What'sup fellas?" The smooth voice of her twin brother interrupted her dismissal.

"Where were you?" The youngest asked, his blue eyes peering in to his best friends. "I stopped by to give you a lift…"

"Had things to do…" He stated with a smirk. He circled around his twin sister and stood by the edge of the cliff. "Hello little sister…"

"Little?" She scoffed. "Hardly…" She rolled her eyes at the blonde boy.

The blonde smirked peering over the cliff, "How's the party?" He asked.

"Don't know… just got here…" Pogue stated looking over at him.

"Well hell boys;" The dark haired blonde watched as her brother's eyes turned pitch black. "Let's drop in…" And with that he jumped off the cliff.

The girl watched her brother's best friend, Tyler, do the same. The eldest, Caleb, yelled after him but Pogue turned to look at him.

"C'mon Caleb, it's not going to kill us… yet." He stated as his eyes too turned black and he jumped off of the cliff.

"They'll never learn Caleb…" The blonde girl stated, her blue eyes piercing in to his dark brown ones.

"I know, care to jump?" He asked extending his hand.

"Caleb… you know I hate that…" The girl stated.

"C'mon Rylie, it's not going to kill us… as Pogue stated…" He laughed a bit.

"Fine, but don't let go…" The girl insisted.

"Do I look like Reid to you?" Caleb asked pulling her close to his body.

With that he jumped off the cliff holding Reid's sister tightly, as to not drop her. Reid looked over at him and scoffed a bit offended that his own sister wouldn't jump with him, but would jump with Caleb.

"I take offense to that…" Reid stated looking over at them, Caleb letting her go gently.

"Caleb has never dropped me…" Rylie stated glaring over at her brother.

"Are you still on about that… I was 14 years old…" Reid stated as the group started walking to the Dells.

Rylie ignored his last comment and stood next to Tyler glaring over at her brother ever chance she was handed. Several people acknowledged them as they made their way to the bonfire, where Pogue had his eyes set on his girlfriend, Kate.

The dark haired girl ran and jumped in to his awaiting arms while the girl next to her smiled shyly at the group. Rylie rolled her eyes and glanced over at Kate who was hugging on to Pogue relentlessly.

"Who's this?" Pogue asked rudely.

"This is my new roommate, Sarah Wenham," She pointed to the very cute blonde girl that was standing under the group's watchful eyes. "Sarah this is Pogue Parry…" She pointed to the long haired boy she was hugging. "Tyler Simms," She pointed to the youngest and then to the blonde girl, "Rylie Garwin…" Rylie smiled slightly nodding her head. "Reid…"

"Garwin, Reid Garwin…" Reid introduced himself looking her up and down.

"Sarah…" The blonde announced again.

"Good Evening…" He stated with a smirk.

"Good Evening…" Sarah stated looking at bit off to his right, where Caleb stood.

"You know, Sarah is my grandmother's name…" Reid started.

"No it isn't…." Rylie stated shaking her head and smiling at her brother. "Grandma's name is Sadie… not Sarah…" She smirked. Reid was lying, and so was she… their Grandmother's real name was Elizabeth, but Reid always seemed to use that for a pick line, though it hardly ever worked.

"Siblings?" Sarah asked looking at Kate who simply nodded.

"Caleb Danvers… and you don't bring my grandmother to mind, in anyway…" He stated coolly.

"Good… Sarah" Sarah laughed shaking his hand.

The group started talking and finding out what was going on at the party, Caleb and Sarah seemed to be in to each other, much to Reid's displeasure. Rylie smirked and grabbed on to Tyler's hand, shocking Tyler a bit.

"C'mon baby boy, dance with me…" She stated.

"Rylie you know I hate dancing…" Tyler whined.

"C'mon Ty… these love birds are making me sick…" She stated pointing to Pogue and Kate who were a bit involved with each other at the moment.

Tyler gave in as they walked towards the bonfire; she started dancing around holding on to Tyler's belt loop trying to get him to move along with her body. Tyler finally let down his guard and started dancing with his best friend's sister.

"So Rylie, does being easy run in the family?" The sickening voice of Spencer's jock, Aaron Abbott, rang in her ears. She turned on her heel, her back to Tyler.

"No, but being a prick must run in yours…" She spat back venomously.

"A lot of talk for the little Garwin, eh?" He retorted getting closer to her, he was hovering over her 5'7 frame, although a bit on the lanky side, Aaron Abbott was about 6'2 quite a few inches taller than the younger Garwin sibling.

"Why don't you get lost, Aaron?" Tyler asked taking Rylie by the waist and moving her behind him, getting nose to nose with the jock.

"Oh the youngest Son of Ipswich actually grew a pair of his own?" Aaron asked smirking at Tyler.

"Tyler, it's not worth it…" Rylie stated pulling on his arm.

"Don't worry; I've got bigger fish to fry…" Aaron stated brushing past the two youngest Ipswich descendants.

Rylie and Tyler took a step back and watched as Kiera insulted the new girl; Aaron came to her rescue, as he usually did. Though Aaron was a playboy, much like Rylie's brother Reid, Kiera Schneider was his always there back up girl.

"What is he up to?" Rylie asked looking up at Tyler.

"Only one way to find out..." He stated taking her hand in his and leading her back over to the group.

They got back just in time to here the confrontation between Caleb and Aaron.

"You posers make me want to puke..." Aaron's friend Kyle stated from behind him.

"Is that so?" Reid asked lunging towards the friend. Caleb put his arm up holding Reid back.

"Hey, hey just let it go..." Caleb stated.

"Reid, calm down..." Rylie stated holding her brother's arm.

"Look Aaron, we don't want any trouble..." Caleb stated.

"Of course you don't..." Aaron stated snidely. "But I think you owe Kiera here an apology..."

"Actually I think it's Kiera that owes Sarah the apology..." Caleb stated looking Aaron up.

Aaron looked back at Kiera briefly and then shoved Caleb back. Caleb squeezed his hands together and rolled his neck ready to fight the cocky jock.

"Whoa," A guy that no one had seen around school before jumped between the two, pushing Aaron back. He looked past Aaron to Kiera, "You were being kind of bitchy..." He stated looking over at the guy.

Rylie felt her brother tense and looked up seeing his eyes flash as Aaron's friend threw up all over the back of his letterman jacket. Everyone was yelling obscurely as the DJ came over the speakers announcing that the cops were on their way down Old Dell Road.

Everyone scattered and ran through the woods to get to the parked cars. The mystery boy introduced himself as Chase Collins, a new transfer.

"How did you get here, Ry?" Reid asked looking over at his sister.

"I drove numbskull, what do you think?" Rylie asked looking at her brother as if he were stupid.

"You could always ride with us..." Tyler stated with a hopeful grin.

"Sorry, I am not leaving my car out here..." She stated with a smirk. "I'll see you guys later!" She waved to the two groups that were getting in to their cars.

She drove off towards the Garwin Manor. She unlike Reid stayed at home to help their mother out; since their father, Joseph, passed away her mother was left alone in the large Manor, much like Caleb's mother Evelyn. She pulled in to the gated driveway and parked her midnight blue Toyota Sequoia.

Grabbing her handbag she walked in to the house finding it dark and cold, she saw a dim light in the kitchen and walked towards it. Her mother was a beautiful woman, a model in her younger years, dark blonde hair that mirrored Rylie's, vibrant grayish blue eyes, and porcelain like skin with sharp features. She told her daughter stories of the life in the spotlight and how she had fallen victim to Joseph Garwin's charms.

"Rylie, home already?" Her mother's voice inquired, a bit of the Garwin sarcasm seeping through her tone.

"I was with Reid and the boys..." She stated with a slight shrug watching her mother put away some leftovers. "Shouldn't Rose being doing that?" She asked referring to their maid that took care of many of the household duties.

"I let her go home early tonight..." The blonde woman answered. "How is your brother doing?" She asked.

Rylie rolled her eyes and looked at her mother seriously, "About as good as he can get for being a Garwin..." She stated in a bored tone. "Jumping off of cliffs, trying to start fights… using in front of people... what else is new for him?" She asked.

"That boy will never learn..." Meredith Garwin sighed looking over at her daughter. "I'm afraid he's going to end up like your father..." She stated solemnly.

"Mother..." Rylie softened her tone a bit. "Reid will smarten up, he's using while he can, until he ascends..." She tried to reassure their mother.

"You know I almost wanted to call your father a liar when he told me about their powers..." Meredith stated tears began to brim her crystal eyes. "Your father, he was almost a spitting image of Reid at that age..." She smiled inwardly. "By the time we got married and had the two of you, it was too late..."

Rylie sighed heavily; she had heard the story a thousand times before. Meredith hoped that having a sibling would help Reid be able to control his addiction, but she found out that it almost seemed to worsen it.

"I just hope that your bond will be able to pull him out of this. I don't know what I'd do if I lost your brother..." Meredith sighed as a tear fell down her cheek. "You two are my life now..."

"Mom, don't worry so much, let's get you up to bed..." Rylie stated offering her hand to her mother.

Meredith nodded simply and let her young teenage daughter help her up the stairs and to the master suite. She gave her mother a kiss goodnight and went to her own room. Passing by Reid's old room she stopped, opening the door just a smidge so she could see inside.

Everything was the same; he hadn't lived there since he was 13 years old. He lived in the dorms since he entered Spencer Academy, he had tried to persuade her to move in with them, but she couldn't leave her mother, not with their father in the condition he was in, and then 2 years later, he passed away.

She and Reid had been close since birth, they shared everything, that was until he was shipped away to Camp where he met the other Sons of Ipswich, and he got his powers. And ever since Reid has thought of himself as 'Holier than thou'.

After the incident 3 years ago on the roof of the Garwin Manor she never found herself trusting her brother again. He was so careless and selfish that she couldn't see herself letting him in again.

"I miss you, Reid..." She whispered before returning to her room and going to bed.

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