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Tyler, Pogue and Caleb stood over Chase, he was fighting to get back up. Though his powers were weakened by the beginning of the binding spell, he was still very strong. He got up fighting off Pogue with a kick to the mid section, He moved on to Caleb by using a blast of energy to knock him back about a yard and turned his attention to Tyler who was going to be the hardest conquest of them all.

He used an energy ball on Tyler, who simply reflected it back as Chase blocked it sending it straight towards Reid and Rylie. It hit Reid dead on in the shoulder and his grip on one of Rylie's hands fell,

"Reid!" She screamed loudly beginning to panic.

Reid felt the pain in his shoulder as he reached out and grabbed his sister's free hand. Using his powers, he got better control over his hold on her. He glanced back and saw Tyler and Chase battling it out. Tyler was backing down a bit tired from using so much.

Pogue crawled over to Caleb and helped him up, he looked and noticed Tyler getting a bit disorientated. Caleb grabbed Pogue by the arm and pulled him behind Chase and Tyler.

"We've got to find a way to fuel Tyler's anger.,," Caleb noted, Tyler's powers were linked to his emotions something that Caleb had found out.

"Baby boy is hard to piss off though…" Pogue stated.

"I know, but there's one thing that is his fuel and his weakness…" Caleb stated leaning towards Pogue. "And she's dangling over that cliff, hanging on for dear life…"

"You're right…" Pogue nodded as he looked at Chase. "But it has to come from him…" He stated pointing to Chase.

"I've got that in the bag… just help him out…" Caleb stated as he Pogue nodded his head and tossed an energy ball at Chase unexpectedly.

Caleb's eyes went pitch black and he let himself get in to Chase's head, he was going to manipulate him so he would piss off the youngest Son of Ipswich. Once in he triggered Chase's memory to the damsel in distress, a wicked smirked placed it's self on Chase's lips as he began to taunt Tyler.

"So Tyler, do tell me…" Chase began using one hand to toss careless energy balls at the boy, while looking down at the other hand in a bored manner. "Have you found her hidden birthmark yet?"

Tyler's eye flinched hearing Chase's words, last night in fact he had discovered Rylie's birthmark. She had an oddly shaped birthmark on the inside of her thigh, which no one could see unless she was wearing just her underwear or absolutely nothing at all. He felt a rage build up inside of him, to know that Chase had forced himself on to his girlfriend was just mind numbing.

"Didn't think that you're poor innocent Rylie was such a slut did you?" Chase continued to banter him, feeling his powers weaken. "You thought you'd be the first Ipswich boy to stake his claim on her…" He laughed. "That's cute…" He smirked keeping a steady eye on Pogue who was coming to back up his friend. "Making out with Pogue was quite pleasurable…from what I remember her thinking…"

Tyler's jaw clenched as he tried not to listen to what Chase was saying, but the anger was boiling deep down inside. The images of Rylie making out with Pogue resurfacing as Chase smiled back evilly.

"The night she made out with Caleb, Pogue dared her to do it… and she did… and she liked it… ever since she always had a crush on the eldest son of Ipswich, little baby Tyler far out of her mind…" Chase continued his assault.

Tyler was shaking he was so angry, he let his eyes turn to their natural blue color, but with all the rage boiling down inside they turned pitch black innocently and a large shock wave was sent towards Chase knocking him out. He fell to one knee from the major use of power as Pogue backed him up sending several balls of energy at Chase in attack mode.

"Guys, I can't hold Ry for much longer…" Reid yelled as he tried to keep his grip on Rylie, the angle they were hanging it would be impossible for him to pull her up; without risking either of their lives. His powers seemed to have burnt out, his head pounding immensely with the pain. He had never used this much in his life, and it was starting to show.

"We've got to do it now…" Caleb yelled taking himself out of his manipulative state, Chase was on the ground hurting. He was firing off energy balls in every which direction.

Tyler was getting the brute of the assault, the energy balls were taking him out, leaving parts of his clothes ripped torn, and him bloody and bruised. He finally had enough of their playing around and was ready to get on with plan B.

The three boys circled around the limp Chase, the three of them used their powers together as a sword materialized in their hands, the three of them grasping on to it, chanting the Latin phrase just for good measure. The sky above them became much darker, as large thunderous clouds soared about them, rolling in to the top of the cliff.

Chase's eyes were half open as he watched the three boys use all of their strength to send the sward plummeting in to his chest. He sucked in a deep breath and felt his life slipping away, his eyes instinctively turning black, but he was losing all consciousness. With the last bit of life that he had he sucked in a deep breath.

He channeled his thoughts with the girl hanging off the side of the cliffs, his eyes wide as he stared up at the three boys that were killing him, "Rylie…" He whispered. "I will you my power…"

The clouds opened up as a long band of lightening shooting towards Rylie, the Sons of Ipswich could do nothing but watch. Reid's grip tightened on Rylie's hands as she was hit by the lightening, her entire body lifting up in to the air as Reid reluctantly let go. Her eyes were wide open letting out a curdling scream of pain.

The four boys stood back, motionless, not able to say or do anything as Chase's powers took over and erupted through the young girl. A loud crack of thunder and the lightening was gone, Rylie's body fell towards the edge of the cliff, Reid's eyes instinctively went black using his powers to catch his sister and levitate her towards him. He let her fall in to his arms she was limp and non responsive in his grasp.

He carried her over to the three boys who were now looking down at a motionless and lifeless Chase Collins. Tyler took Rylie from Reid and looked down at her sadly, not sure of what to make of the entire situation, but he knew he wanted to get them back to reality before something else might happen.

"Let's get out of here." Pogue stated looking around at the three guys.

"Wait, should we reverse the spell now?" Caleb asked looking at Rylie she was still only in the underwear Chase had put her in.

"Might as well…" Reid nodded.

Caleb closed his eyes, looking back up they were pitch black as he said a Latin phrase that none of the boys had heard before, three times. On the third time a light illuminated around Rylie and in a blink of the eye it was gone.

"Did it work?" Reid asked looking around at the other guys.

"I don't know…" Caleb stated. "We'll have to wait until she comes too, but until then let's get out of here…" He suggested as the four of them stood around and chanted the phrase that got them there, but backwards.

Opening their eyes the four boys found themselves in the spare room at Pogue's just like they were before everything happened. Tyler was holding Rylie closely to him, Reid sitting next to him, Pogue and Caleb in the spots they had sat in earlier that night.

Pogue glanced at the clock, the digital numbers staring back at him reading that it was 9 o'clock in the morning. His eyes grew as he realized that the other girls would be waking up soon. He looked around the room at the guys and noticed they were looking a bit rough.

"We should probably get showered; the girls will be asking questions…" He stated rising off of the bed.

"He's probably right…" Caleb stated looking down at the small cuts and scratches all over him.

"I'll stay with Rylie if you want to go jump in the shower first, Tyler…" Reid offered looking at his best friend.

"Are you sure?" Tyler asked, not really wanting to leave Rylie at all.

"Yeah, just take a quick one, you look like hell..." Reid stated, adding the last part for humor purposes.

"Thanks," Tyler rolled his eyes, getting off of the bed he shuffled his way to the conjoined bathroom and started it up.

Reid watched as his sister lay in bed sound asleep; not even the motion of the guys getting off of the bed or talking woke her, which was unusual. He pushed some of her dark blonde hair out of her face and smiled slightly.

She looked just like their mother, the hair, the eyes, and her facial structure. Reid let out a loud sigh; reality hitting him that Rylie was the only family he had left in this world. He smiled slightly grasping her hand in his; he held back the emotions that were threatening to surface.

"I didn't let you go," He whispered. "And I never will…"

He heard the bathroom door open and Tyler came out a towel tossed carelessly over his wet shoulder, and another wrapped loosely around his waist. Reid got off of the bed nervously nodding to Tyler and leaving the room without another word.

Tyler sighed, Reid was so hard headed sometimes and it showed. He was becoming more human than he wanted to, he was getting himself off of the kick that he was untouchable, the closer his ascension was.

Tyler lazily walked over to the bureau in the room sifting through the close finding a pair of adidas track pants. He pulled them on and took a seat on the bed, he stared down at Rylie and sighed. He had a million questions running through his mind, the most important of them was about her pregnancy, was she still pregnant with Chase's baby, or not?

He smiled as she stirred under his watchful gaze, her blue eyes fluttered open and she sat up taking a deep breath. She startled Tyler who jumped back off of the bed slightly, her eyes went immediately to him and she looked down at herself. She felt so different, she didn't feel like herself.

"Tyler?" She asked.

"Hey Ry, are you ok?" Tyler asked taking a seat back on the bed, a concerned look on his face.

"What happened?" She asked. "I feel so… so different…" She whispered scooting back in to the pillows.

"Do you remember anything?" He asked looking over at her.

"I remember Chase grabbing me, levitating me in the air…" She whispered rubbing her head. "Then he used his powers to hang me over the cliff…" She cringed wrapping her arms around herself. "Then when you started to bind him, I started to fall… and Reid saved me…" She stated looking up her eyes bright. "He held on to me…" She stated, tears in her eyes. "For so long too, and he didn't let go…"

"That's right…" Tyler nodded. "Do you remember anything else?" He asked.

"Nothing after that… really…" She stated sadly shaking her head. "I'm assuming you… you killed him?" She asked.

"Yes, but Rylie…" Tyler started. He wasn't sure how to explain this to her.

"What?" Rylie looked up meeting his gaze, wanting to know what he wasn't telling her.

"He… he…" He mumbled trying to find the right way to tell her. "Chase, he…"

"Tyler spit it out…" Rylie stated getting annoyed with him.

"He willed his powers to you…" Tyler told her looking away.

"He did what?!" She asked her voice loud, showing a bit of anger and confusion.

"He willed his powers away to you…" Tyler repeated.

"Oh my god," She let her entire body go limp at the thought; she may have the same powers that her boyfriend and her friends, and her brother had; the very same powers that took the lives of both of her parents. "Are you sure?"

"Yes," Tyler nodded.

"So I can do… what you do?" She asked still trying to figure everything out.

"Pretty much," He nodded with a small smile.

"Why… why would he do that though?" She asked even more confused. "Chase was a selfish bastard, why would he will his power away… to me?" She asked.

"I'm not quite sure…" Tyler stated. His attention was focused on her abdomen, the questions plaguing his mind if she still was or not. He had a very pensive look on his face, but didn't say anything for several minutes.

Rylie bit her lip and concentrated, she didn't feel any different but she could feel what he was feeling. Tyler's nervousness, his fear, his love… everything she could feel it. She dug deeper trying to see what he was thinking.

Just ask her Tyler, you want to know. Just grow a pair of your own and simply ask her. She is your girlfriend, just say 'Rylie are you still pregnant?' Tyler visibly shook his head. No, that's retarded. I should say something more like 'Do you still feel pregnant?' because she won't really KNOW will she?

Rylie let go of his thoughts and his feelings and looked at him, she slipped her finger under his chin and pulled him closer to her, blue eyes were peering in to blue eyes.

"I'm not pregnant anymore…" She told him softly.

"What, how did you know that I was…" He trailed off seeing her eyes flash black and then back to blue. He sat back quickly; it was weird for him to see this in her. She looked a bit disappointed at him drawing away from her but forced a smile anyway. "How do you know for sure?" He asked her carefully.

"I just know…" She whispered a bit hurt as he stood up. "I can feel it…" She explained.

"Do you want something to eat, are you hungry?" He asked.

Rylie sighed and looked over at Tyler; she simply nodded knowing that he probably wanted to be away from her. She placed her feet on to the hard, cold wooded floors of the Parry Manor. Walking carefully she made it in to the bathroom; she closed the door behind her and looked at herself in the mirror. Concentrating she watched as her eyes turned from blue to black within seconds.

Startled she jumped back and bumped her head on the towel rack, grabbing her head she felt the tears pouring from her eyes as they went back to normal. She slid down the wall and fell to the floor in a heap. Tyler looked completely petrified of her and he didn't even want to touch her. The thought made her sick to her stomach.

"Why?" She asked out loud. She choked out another round of sobs before slamming her hands down on to the Italian tiles and screaming loudly, "WHY?!"

She heard first steps down the hall and repeated knocking on the bathroom door. She closed her eyes tightly and didn't feel like facing anyone at the moment. She mumbled a brief 'Go Away' but the pounding continued.

"Rylie, Rylie it's me… Sarah, open up!" Sarah's soft voice came.

"And me too!" Kate piped in from behind her.

Rylie reached for the handle and pulled open the door, Caleb and Pogue were outside as well but she closed the door in their faces, only letting Kate and Sarah seep through. The two girls squatted down to get eye level with the distraught teen.

"Rylie, what's wrong?" Kate asked. Pogue and Caleb had already explained most of what happened to them, just say they would be on the same wave length, especially if something were to happen. Something like this.

"That bastard…" Rylie seethed, clenching her firsts.

"Chase?" Sarah questioned.

"Yes," Rylie stated leaning her head back against the wall.

"What did he do?" Kate asked.

"That sick bastard…" She whispered. "He willed me his power…"

"He did what?" Sarah asked her eyes wide.

"He gave me his powers…." Rylie admitted opening her eyes to look at the two girls.

"Is that possible?" Kate asked.

"It's against the rules of the Covenant…" Rylie explained. "But it's possible. Since he willed his powers to me he died, for good…" She whispered.

"Why would he do that?" Sarah asked.

"I don't know!" Rylie exclaimed calming down a bit. "But Tyler…" She said softly. "When I used he wouldn't even touch me… he had to go down stairs…" She let out a small cry. "He probably hates me…" Rylie coughed as Sarah and Kate hugged her closely.

"He doesn't hate you Rylie…" Kate stated pushing her hair out of her face.

"Kate's right, Tyler could never hate you… he's probably just scared…" Sarah stated.

"Scared?" Rylie scoffed. "I'm scared…" She stated shaking.

"I think you need a nice hot bath…" Kate stated. "Pogue's mom has a killer bath tub, I'll go get it ready for you and you can relax!" She stated scurrying off leaving Sarah with Rylie.

"I probably could use that…" Rylie whispered wiping her face with the back of her hand.

"Rylie…" Caleb's voice came strong from the other side of the door.

"Come on in Caleb." She answered back.

Caleb opened the door slightly, squeezing in, he sat down on the ground next to her and put his arm around her shoulders.

"Sarah, can I get a minute alone?" Caleb asked.

"Sure babe," Sarah smiled giving Rylie's hand another squeeze and giving Caleb a kiss on the cheek before leaving the room.

"What's up Cale?" Rylie asked resting her head on his shoulder.

"We're all in this together, ok?" He told her wrapping his other arm around her too. "I just want you to know that. You're not alone…" He stated.

"Thanks Caleb…" She whispered smiling. "Do you think you could talk to Gorman, see what he might know about all this?" She asked him.

"Definitely, anything you want…" He stated. "Besides I think we all probably would like to know what the ramifications of this might be…."

"I know I do…" She whispered.

"Ok, well I'll go to the colony house now and see what I can dig up…" He stated getting up. "Now stop your crying…" He stated helping her off of the floor. "Tyler doesn't hate you…" He whispered in her ear. "Quite the opposite actually," He smirked before leaving the bathroom.

Rylie sighed and leaned against the vanity, she could hear Pogue outside of the door making sure she was ok. Moments later the door opened and Reid beat off Pogue for trying to sneak in to the room with him.

"My sister, back off…" He stated with a grunt. Reid smiled looking refreshed and clean. "Hey baby sis…" He smirked at her.

Rylie forced a smile, "Hey Reid," She stated shaking her head.

"Now you are cool like you're big brother…" He stated trying to make light of the situation.

"Whoopie…" She stated sarcastically. "I was ok with being normal…" She told him. "I was use to being normal."

"Being normal is highly overrated…" Reid shrugged glancing over at her. Truth be told, he was worried about her, he was nervous and he was scared; three things that Reid Garwin hardly ever felt in his life. And here all three of these things were, wrapped in to one problem, one issue.

A soft knock came at the door and Kate poked her head in, "Your bath awaits you Miss Garwin…" She stated in a fake English accent.

"Thanks Kate…" Rylie smiled at her friend. "Would my brother escort me to the tub, please?" She asked sticking out her arm for his assistance.

"Sure, just don't ask me to drink it, or help you undress or anything weird like that…" Reid stated shuddering.

"You're a pervert… a sick one at that…" Rylie groaned as Reid hooked his arm with hers and his eyes flashed black.

Rylie felt as though they had been sucked in and out of a vacuum, she looked around and they were in Pogue's parent's bathroom. She smiled as Reid gave her a wink and disappeared. She smiled and looked at the set up, Kate had dimmed the lights, and there were candles all around the large tub. Large didn't even describe it well enough, it was enormous, a large garden jet tub, with bubbles seemingly pouring over the sides.

"This is pretty amazing…" She whispered.

She slowly disrobed herself and climbed in to the tub, letting the water engulf her as she relaxed back in to the warmth. The water was the perfect temperature, hot enough where steam was rising slightly out of the tub, and not to hot as to burn her skin unnaturally.

She closed her eyes and drifted off in to thought. Everything she could think about made her think of Tyler. The water made her think of a pool, which made her think of the swim team, which made her think of Tyler. The green towels hanging off of the towel rack made her think of Tyler, green was in fact his favorite color. No matter what way she thought of something it linked right back to her boyfriend.

"I'm sorry…" Rylie looked up at the sound of Tyler's voice. Was she hearing things? Was she that caught up in him that she was hearing his voice now? She saw him standing in the doorway, a shy smile on his face. No, because she'd have to be seeing things too.

"Tyler… I…" Rylie started to get out of the tub.

"No, it's ok…" Tyler walked towards her as she settled back in the tub. "Just relax." He whispered kneeling down by the tub. "I just wanted to say I'm sorry about the way I acted earlier…" He apologized.

"It's ok…" Rylie began to tell him.

Tyler cut her off, "No it's not…" He shook his head. "Rylie I hurt you and that's not ok… you needed me and I just pushed you away…" He shook his head disappointed in himself.

Rylie grabbed his face in her hands and pressed her lips to his, silencing the boy instantly. Tyler laughed against her lips feeling the soapy bubbles on his face. He pulled away from her and rested his forehead against hers.

"And I don't ever want to hear you say that I hate you…" He stated. "Because that couldn't be farther from the truth, I could never hate you."

Rylie smiled at him genuinely and nodded her head, "Ok, but promise me you want freak out if I ever use…" She questioned him.

"I promise you, but you better not use… we don't know what can happen, or how this is going to affect you…if at all."

"So are we all a happy family again?" Kate's voice came from the double doors that lead in to the bathroom.

Rylie covered herself modestly even though she was hidden behind the porcelain walls of the tub, she and Tyler looked up to see the entire gang by the door. Regina was standing there as well, a large smile on her face.

"Yes," Rylie laughed shaking her head. "Can we get some privacy, please?" She asked looking back at Tyler. "Baby boy has some extra apologizing to do…" She stated a naughty smirk appearing on her lips.

The crowd of people 'Oohed' them and Reid gagged himself closing the door and pushing everyone away from the two young people. Regina rested back against Reid on the couch once they were down stairs; she looked around at the boys and noticed that they seemed to all be in deep thought about something. She took in each boy noting the scratches and bruises that seemed to have appeared over night.

"What happened?" Regina asked breaking the silence.

"Excuse me?" Caleb tore himself of his thoughts, looking over at Regina.

"What happened to you guys, you're all spacey, and you've got all these bruises and cuts all over you… what's going on?" She asked. "I can understand that Tyler and Ry had a fight, but why is it affecting everyone?" She asked.

Kate and Sarah looked to Caleb and Pogue for an answer, as Reid shifted uncomfortably from the spot underneath his lady friend. He bit his lip and looked over at Pogue and Caleb, searching their eyes for help.

You should tell her. Pogue's voice entered his head. Pogue's right, you should probably tell her. Caleb's voice then spoke to him; Reid's eyes grew wide at hearing this. Had Caleb just given him permission to expose the Covenant? Are you sure? Reid asked looking at both of them for a moment longer.

"Well are you going to explain this to me or what?" Regina asked.

Reid received a nod from Caleb and Pogue and he opened his mouth, he wasn't quite sure how to explain to her what they could do, so instead, he decided to show her. He turned her to look at him and he bit his lip.

"Are you thirsty?" He asked her.

"Um, sure…" Regina stated nervously.

"What would you like?" He asked.

"A glass of water?" She asked.

"Ok, now just watch and please… please don't freak out…" Reid stated calmly. Regina sat back on the couch and watched as Reid concentrated and his crystal blue orbs turned pitch black. She nearly jumped off of the couch in complete shock as a glass of water levitated in to her hand.

"How in the fuck did you do that?" She demanded putting the glass of water on the table in front of her hastily.

"Regina I told you not to freak out…" Reid groaned.

"Not freak out when your eyes, your eyes Reid were black as the night sky…" She pointed out. "And this water… it floated in thin air… right in to my hand…" She yelled. "And I can't freak out?" She asked.

"We're witches… warlocks… whatever you want to call them… we have powers…" Reid stated.

"Powers?" She asked. "Like in the stories?" Regina questioned.

"Yes, exactly. The stories you've heard about us are true…" He stated calmly.

"Wow…" Regina sat back down on the couch.

"Regina, you can't say anything to anyone… it's a family secret, the only people who know are our families, and well now all of our girlfriends…" Reid stated taking her hands in his. Regina's ears perked up at the sound of him saying our girlfriends, because that included her.

"Do you need us to explain anything to you?" Caleb asked curiously, she was taking very well. He hadn't really thought otherwise, but he was prepared for anything at this point.

"You can explain to me what really happened between Rylie and Tyler, because I have a feeling that it wasn't just a fight now…" She stated curiously letting Reid pull her closer to his body.

Rylie's sat back in the tub, resting her head back on Tyler's shoulder. She had coaxed him in to the tub and he had begun his apologizing right away. She hummed to herself lightly as she pulled the loofa sponge from the side of the tub, letting it roam up and down her arms carefully, suds falling off in to the warm water.

"This is going to be interesting…" Tyler announced his voice low, vibrating the water gently as he spoke.

"To say the least…" She laughed shaking her head. "I always wondered what it was like to have the power…" She whispered giggling lowly.

"Well now you'll get a taste of it…" Tyler stated with a shrug. "I wonder what the effects are going to be?" He questioned letting his fingers run up and down her sides slowly, the feel of his skin on hers was enticing. "Will you age like we do?" He questioned. "Will it be as addictive?" He bit his lip wrapping an arm around her bare waist. "Will you…" He trailed off, not wanting to finish what he was thinking.

"Will I what?" She asked stopping the lather she had started on her opposite arm.

"Nothing," Tyler shook his head leaning back on to the cold porcelain tub.

"No, tell me…" She stated turning around, the bubbles following her body. "Will I what?"

"Will you change?" He asked quietly. "Will his personality take over?" He was full of questions, they all came flooding out of him and she put a finger to his lips. She removed them and he cupped her face in his hands. "I think that's why I'm so scared of this…" he whispered pushing her wet hair behind her shoulder absentmindedly. "I don't want to lose you…" He stated gently.

Rylie smiled tilting her head to the side and kissed him, "You'll never lose me Tyler…" She whispered. "Because I love you…"

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