Liquid Illusions
by SetsuntaMew

I was originally working on theme number fifty-eight, but it died about halfway through. Whoops. So, I decided to leave it alone until I could get the inspiration back for it.


Theme 008 – Young

When Zexion was young, before he became a Nobody, before he was an apprentice, and before he even knew of the darkness that permeated every heart, he was simply Ienzo.

He was a brilliant child, reading everything that he could get his hands on. Throughout his schooling, he was always head of his classes and constantly working ahead to learn more and more. Ienzo always had the answers and wasn't shy about sharing them. It was this quality that helped him acquire an apprenticeship with Ansem the Wise despite being younger than the others.

But before his schooling began, before he discovered his love of reading and learning, Ienzo wandered Radiant Garden.

His parents worked all day and left Ienzo to do whatever he wanted. They couldn't afford a babysitter and, even though he was only six, they allowed him to take care of himself. Ienzo decided that he would make this time useful and used it to explore the world.

It was during one of these walks that Ienzo met Myde.

Myde was everything that Ienzo was not: klutzy, obnoxiously loud, and incapable of staying on one subject for more than a few minutes. He ran when Ienzo preferred to walk and acted on impulse when Ienzo observed and carefully considered. Had it not been for their chance meeting, Ienzo probably would have never given Myde a second glance.

But they did meet, and that was the important part.

Ienzo had decided to investigate Rising Falls that day. He'd woken up early enough to pack himself a lunch and set out, determined to figure out just why the water rose instead of fell. It was at least an hour long walk if he made good time, so he set out as soon as possible.

Upon arrival, Ienzo carefully climbed the stairs down until he was on the large middle platform. He had just begun to get his notebook out of his bag when he heard someone address him.

"Hey! Can you help me here?"

Surprised, Ienzo turned to look around, trying to discover where the voice was coming from.

"I'm hanging from the edge over here! I could use a hand!"

Finally spotting someone gripping the edge of the platform, Ienzo hurried over to help them up. He wasn't the strongest boy, but he was able to pull them to safety.

"Thanks!" the boy said.

"You're welcome," Inezo answered, looking him over. He appeared to be about his age, with dark blond hair and brilliant green eyes.

"I'm Myde!" he said, enthusiastically shoving his hand at Ienzo, who raised an eyebrow.

"Ienzo," the silver haired boy replied, shaking the offered hand.

"It's great to meet you, Ienzo! What are you doing out here by yourself?" Myde asked.

"I'm studying the falls," Ienzo replied. "What are you doing here?"

Myde ran a hand through his hair, looking somewhat embarrassed. "Well, I got separated from my babysitter and decided to explore! And then I accidentally got too close to the edge and fell off, and then you saved me!"

"Well, that's nice. But I'd like to get back to doing what I came here for, so I'll see you," Ienzo said, turning his back on Myde and walking back to his discarded bag.

"Hey, hey!" Myde exclaimed, running after him. "Would you like to do something more fun than that?"

"No," Ienzo answered. "This is fun."

"For you, maybe, but it's pretty boring for me! Let's do something else!"

Ienzo sighed. "No, I'd really like to do this. Could you leave me alone?"

Myde looked dejected. "'ll be boring if I'm just by myself! Come back and do this some other day," he whined.

Ienzo finally relented. "Look, I came here to study these falls. If you really want to, you can stick around and help."

"Thanks!" Myde exclaimed happily. "Just tell me what to do!"

From that day onward, the two were almost always together. Myde continued to break away from his babysitter in order to follow Ienzo around. All through their childhood, they remained close friends, despite their opposite personalities. Myde brought Ienzo out of his shell a bit and Ienzo managed to calm Myde down a bit.

All in all, they were quite content in the calm of Radiant Garden.


Ah, yes. I love writing Myde and Ienzo; I think that they're awesome. I'll probably follow this up later on, but I'm not sure. Oh, and reviews make me smile! I have finals in two weeks and I take all the happiness that I can get :D