I'm not JKR, this does not earn me any money at all. This is all just for fun and I do not own Draco (although I would like to) nor do I own Hermione. Someone may recognise this, I wrote it about two years ago as a one shot (well a two shot it ended up as) I've decided to repost it and to maybe add a couple of chapters on at the end.

DEDICATION: I dedicate this story to the Queen of Smut, the Duchess of Smut, the Princess of Smut and of course the Countess of Smut.

In love with the enemy

There's a saying have all the fun you want with mudbloods and muggles but the purebloods are for the serious stuff and that's the saying I grew up on.

You see I stuck to that rule, married a pureblood and had an affair with a mudblood. But no I couldn't pick a decent one could I, no I had to fall for Granger.

She pushed me to my limit fought back against me; no woman had ever done that. Most women, well and men, feared me. She was different, she had always been 'one of the boys' never a girly girl. Always chose to associate with the Weasel and Potty, that's how I noticed her.

I would have noticed her anyway. She grew from the dorky, buck teethed bushy haired girl into a pretty woman. She wasn't the best woman to look at, no the Weasel girl is much better on the eyes, but boy did she push me.

That night over four years ago when it started, she found me, or should I say I found her weeping in a corner of Diagon Alley. I could have walked by left her alone, but that isn't me. No I had to push her, make fun of her tears.

What I didn't expect was for her to round on me and punch me in the face. Oh she has a temper does this mudblood. I remember her sitting there now; in a tiny little pink dress that showed too much of her legs not to get a guy to notice.

She drew me in, it was her legs, I needed to touch them, feel them against mine. She looked more frightened after she hit me and I had grabbed her arm. Fear filled her eyes as I pulled her away from the crowds.

I took her somewhere nobody would look, back to my own manor. Pansy had gone to her parents' house after a disagreement we had (I tell you she's a stubborn bitch at times) I sat Granger down in one of the large chairs and forced fire whisky into her cup.

She drank it faster than me. She drank enough to forget her fear of the house, and took enough to be able to stop crying and tell me what had happened without being drunk.

Her story was sad, but still not that sad, she told me that the Dark Lord had murdered her parents. Well guess what, I didn't care, or at least I didn't think I would. But I did, and I told her that, told her I wish it had been my parents.

She laughed and her face split into beauty, it was weird but I knew then that I wanted her. No I didn't love her; it was lust that was getting to me. This was a chance for me to score one over on Potty and her boyfriend the Weasel.

She closed her eyes sitting in my chair and I couldn't fight the urge any longer. I moved from my seat and crossed to her. I was on her level before she'd opened her eyes and had forced my mouth over hers.

I felt her try to push away but it didn't work, I was stronger than she was. I had her on her feet before she knew it, and then it happened, I don't know why but she relaxed into the kiss, opening her mouth to me, and bidding herself entrance into mine.

I let her after all I was trying to force her into my bed that night. I was bored with Pansy, she was okay but not what I wanted, I was young still only nineteen I wanted to be getting around and as the saying goes, I went.

I had her pinned against the wall before she knew it, her body pinned by my own as my mouth worked on hers. My hands travelled her body touching her in places she would normally never allow them to go.

I found my way up under her dress and removed her underwear with only one hand. As my fingers wandered the area her breath caught in her throat, making me want her more. I teased her more with my hand and felt her shudder with excitement as she moaned deep in her throat.

Her hands were moving now while mine were still in her. Her fingers ran through my hair pulling at it as she again shuddered. She was losing control quickly and I was enjoying the feeling of being in control.

I withdrew my hand moving it up inside her dress resting my fingers on her stomach. She pulled me closer moving slightly so that she was pinned more than ever. Her hands wandered over my shirt, undoing the buttons to get to my chest.

I allowed my shirt to fall as her hands ran over my chest. Her mouth left mine and began to travel my neck down to my chest. She kissed me, biting into the lower part of my neck sucking as my hands found her bra. It was on the floor before she knew it.

We moved together and she pulled away from my neck as I gently rubbed my thumb over her breast, again taking my lips in hers. Her hands left my back where they had found a resting spot and soon were on my belt. It too was on the floor as I stepped out of my trousers.

If anyone had entered on that night, they would have been shocked, after all Granger and I were not known to get on, and this was more than that. Energy flew between us as her hands entered my boxers, her soft touch carrying on the job her body was already doing to me.

I was ready for her, and she knew it. She didn't protest as I removed my hands to cover her own pulling off the last of my clothes. I moved closer still to her, pulling her dress up slightly as I went. Her legs came up and rested around my waist as I bid myself entrance.

That was the first of many encounters that we were to share. Still pinned against my wall she looked down at me from her half raised position and lowered her face to mine. She moaned softly into my lips as she whispered my name over and over.

Shivers shock me at the sound of my name, and it made me rougher with her, soon she was biting my lip to stop the scream and then she too shock as I emptied. I pulled back from her and her legs touched the floor.

It pleased me to see she was shaking and again I found her lips as my hands once more carried on the work while I rested. We carried on for hours just touching each other, learning what the other liked.

The morning came all to soon and she disappeared back to the Weasel, but she wasn't his anymore, she was mine, I was her first, I beat him to that and it was me she kept coming back to.

It's laughable how I still remember every small detail of that first night even after four years. The joke of course is on Weasel. They have been married for three and yet she still comes to me, twice a week.

Our love is strong, it's gone past lust but we can never truly be together for she is still a mudblood and I am a Malfoy.