In Love with the Enemy

"I'm hungry."

"And what would you like?"

"Liquorish wands."

Draco laughed as he slung his legs out from under the covers of the bed and walked over to the dresser in the corner. It was holding a massive tray filled with all kinds of sugary treats. Turning around he looked back at the bed and laughed.

"You're bump is so big I can't even see your face!"

Hermione pushed herself onto her elbows and peered around the side. A massive grin was sat on her face. It was true that her bump was enormous. She had hit the eighth month of pregnancy and was as the Healers kept telling her 'blooming'.

Draco couldn't believe how much time had passed since they had moved in together. He would admit that the early days had been difficult. There had been a lot of things that the pair had needed to learn about each other. But that had sorted it self out.

With each passing day they were getting cosier together. Draco could no longer imagine a life where he didn't live with Hermione. He had been right about it being difficult. He had quickly lost respect in the circles that he had once considered so important. But he had found that he had been accepted into a whole new standing.

Hermione's associates had accepted him without much hassle. Well to their faces anyway. They had been front page news for a long length of time and their stories had been headlines. He had watched as their pasts had been dragged into the limelight and had laughed at some many of their differences.

While it had been hard for him it had been equally difficult for Hermione. She had lost all contact with the Weasleys. They refused to acknowledge her in the least. But she had been surprised by the support she had received from others in the wizarding world. Draco remembered laughing when Loopy Luna Lovegood had arrived at the house with some flowers that she had checked for Nargles. It seemed she for one had taken the news as a reason to stop being friends with Hermione.

Then there had been the visit from Longbottom. Draco couldn't help but smile at the memory of the man's face when he answered the door. But a truce had been reached in some respect and the man was good to Hermione. What had surprised Draco the most was the evening appearance of Potty himself. He had refused to utter a word to Draco but spent over an hour sat with Hermione.

She had refused to tell him what had been discussed but it was clear that something was happening. She and Potter had been exchanging owls regularly. Although there was too much between him and Potter he was glad that he was supporting Hermione at least. Draco had worried about how she would react to loosing everyone in her life. As for him he still had Crabbe!

"You know we still need to agree on a baby name."

"Draco Malfoy Junior."

"We are not giving our son your name!"

"Why not?"

"Because … anyway I was thinking Andrew."

"No, it's too ordinary."

"It was my grandfather's name."

"Doesn't make it any less ordinary."

"Alright then … Catullus."

Draco chocked on nothing as he climbed back into bed and looked at the woman next to him.

"What sort of name is that?"

"One that isn't ordinary!"

"I'm more likely to call him Harry before Catullus."

"That's a fabulous idea! Harry Malfoy, it does have a ring to it."

She was laughing as she said it. He pulled at a strand of her hair taking her into his arms.

"How about Draco Andrew Malfoy Junior."

"Andrew Draco Malfoy."

"People will call him Andy!"

"Or Drew."

There was a twinkle in her eyes and Draco kissed her nose.

"Well call him whatever you like darling."

"Andrew it is then…"

Okay so I know this is a really short end to the story but oh well. I wanted to end it with them together being all cosy and happy but before the baby was born. So I was going to just have her in late pregnancy and see them in bed together. But I figured people would ask what the baby was (a boy) and about what is happening with them.

So in case you haven't figured it out. Draco has lost his standing, he's a 'nobody'. He is still wealthy and Crabbe is still his mate. But that's all. Hermione is still as she was. She's kept her friends (with the exception of the Weasleys) and Harry is still on speaking terms with her only its kind of a secret friendship. I expect that in time Harry and Hermione will openly be friendly again and when Ron finds a woman that he loves completely and who loves him some bridges will be built and there will be some contact between the old friends again.

So apart from that I hope that you've liked this story. It's changed from the one shot that I planned it to be. And I am on the whole happy with it. So thank you for all the reviews because there have been a lot for this story. So thank you all again.

On another note the reason for three posts is that, as a present to celebrate my birthday today I'm double posting. But there were only 3 chapters left to this story. So you've had it all in one go. So I hope you enjoyed!

Kris xx