The End — Satsuki is fighting pain beyond what anyone can ever imagine. A very depressing story. Read and review. Rated T. Angst.

My bedroom is so cold and lonely. There is no sound left here. Except my labored breathing and quickly beating heart. The knife in my hand is also cold as I place it against my wrist. I've decided life isn't worth living. Not with both Momoko and Hajime dead. Not with the disappearance of Keiichirou. Or the heavy grief of my father. I have no one left. I have nothing left. No reason to continue my pathetic life. The memories are so clear in my mind. As if they were all happening this very instant. I could still see Hajime's dead body. Forever projected in my mind. His dark hair matted down with his own blood and his pale flesh stained the same crimson color. And Momoko's body next to him, a dark wound evident on her chest. She was barely alive and as had I knelt down next to her, she had gripped my hand tightly.

"Please don't be mad." She had whispered to me.

"What do you mean? It's not your fault that someone did this. How can you say that?"

She had squeezed tighter. "I know how much you loved Hajime, but I loved him too."

"Momoko, what are you saying?"

"Hajime never loved you."

I had shrieked at her and pulled away, and she had died. The last thing in her mind was my anger. If she had wanted to make me feel better, she should have told me who the killer was, not that. Not the one thing that could break my heart even more.

I press the knife against my veins, puncturing the skin and letting the blood spill out across my pale flesh. A warmth spreads across my body, and I wonder why people are so afraid of death when it seems to give so much pleasure. But then reality hits me and a throbbing pain burns my wrist making me very dizzy and faint. I try to cry out, but my scream catches in my throat.

I slip off my bed and fall to the floor, landing in my own blood. The pain is over and I know that I am going to die. A calmness sweeps across my dying body and a quiet peace soothes my mind. I will die just like Hajime and Momoko.

I can feel the presence of someone above me and as I look up, I can just make out the figure of my younger brother. I want to tell him not to worry about me, but he kneels beside me and places his finger on my lips.

"Sh." He whispers. "Don't say anything."


"I'll kill you too, Satsuki."

My mind freezes at his words and I can feel tears welling up in my eyes. "What are you saying?"

He brings his mouth next to my ear. "I killed Hajime and Momoko."

"No. No. No."

I'm about to scream, but Keiichirou runs a knife through my heart and all the colors flicker to black.