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Rating: PG-13

A/N: Only my 2nd fic, so please bear with me.

Spoilers: This occurs at the trading scene in Choices, when Faith and Wilkins were about to leave the school, with a little bit of AU thrown in…Okay, a lot.

Summary: Faith is the epitome of a wild card, and everyone wants a piece of her. Set in the 3rd Season, during Choices. Fuffy. Please R&R.


"That's enough Faith."

She freezes in the middle of her step, turns back around and stares at the owner of the voice with what can only be described as urgency in her brown eyes. Her heart is thumping so hard and loud that she was sure everyone can hear it. She was sweating bullets, and she was sure everyone noticed. She knew how important all of this was, and she always jumped at the chance to be part of something important.

To be a part of anything.

The atmosphere was filled with tension and confusion. The words were too sure and confident to have come from the bumbling idiot who called himself a watcher.

But it did.

The arrogant stuck up watcher who was said to have only ever slain a vampire in a 'controlled situation'. The oblivious fool who knew everything about slayers, yet nothing about the girls behind them.

"Tch. Fuck you English boy."

So sure and confident. No trace of a tremor.

Inside, she was a quivering mass of nervousness. Everything was on the line. Everything was on her.

"No. I mean it. It's alright. You can stop now."

And did he not just see the message so clear in her eyes?

They had just traded the Box of Gavrok for the red-headed witch, and just when Faith and the Mayor were about to leave, the watcher stepped up and called on her.

'No, its not fucking alright! I need time. Dammit, this wasn't part of the stupid ass plan.'

As the group waited for the next biting response from the young slayer, nobody noticed the subtle gesture from their main 'Big Bad', which signaled the 50 or so ominous silhouettes to creep up the windows.

Confusion was even more palpable, and everyone was questioning the sanity of the newbie watcher. Still, none of them dared to say anything.

"Faithy? What is he talking about? Stop what?"

The kindest voice she has ever heard in her life. Even kinder than the saint that was her watcher. Her only watcher. As she looked into his frustratingly polite eyes, she didn't see the suspicion she expected. Instead, all she saw was amusement.

Amusement. Laughter. Humor.

The watcher was nothing but proud and smug. The young slayer however, was screaming inside. Thinking desperately of ways to salvage her rapidly slipping façade.

"Well, Mayor Wilkins, it seems that you have been cleverly fooled by our-"

"Shut the fuck up Wesley!"

She gripped the box in her arms harder.

Panic was pulsating through her veins. She wasn't surprised to hear the creak of the door, signifying the reason of her concealed distress. Several vampires stepped in, each holding different kinds of cruel weapons. The silhouettes on the windows showed that there were more vampires outside.

More than she knew they could ever handle.

"Mr. Wyndham-Pryce, was it?"

Still always polite.

"Y-Yes, that is correct."

Not so smug anymore.

"Fooled by what?"

He glanced at the young slayer then, still nothing but amusement in his eyes.

And the young watcher knew there was no use in lying.

"W-well, fooled by our extremely clever ruse! Faith is not, nor has ever been on your side. She is a spy for the council. It was all a strategic ploy to sabotage your evil plan. It was, of course, all my-"


Her disbelief was almost painful. Her hazel eyes almost bulged out of their sockets. She was flabbergasted, as they were all, by this unexpected development. After all the betrayal, she couldn't believe that there was still more.

Still more pain.

She turned her desperate eyes to her trusted watcher. Pleading him to make everything right as rain again.

To make everything black and white again.

"Giles?…Did you-..?"

"No Buffy. I knew nothing of this."

He was beyond furious. Beyond enraged. Beyond confused.

The spark in his eyes could only ever have belonged to a savage named Ripper. His glare was cold and unwavering. Wesley however, couldn't spare a flinch through the satisfaction in his eyes. The fact that he 'outsmarted' the legendary Rupert Giles gave him such pride he had never known before.

"Of course not! This is strictly Council ma-"

"You pompous pillock!"

"How dare you-"

"You endangered all our lives-"

"address me that way! I am a very competent watcher which is-"

"needlessly and you gave no regard for the well being of your-"

"more than I can say for you! I don't understand why you're still-"

"charge! You have no idea of the repercussions that could have-"

An ominous chuckle stopped them.

"Well well, isn't all of this very interesting?"