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Chapter Eight

Her heart was beating so hard she almost feared it would pop right out of her chest. Her breathing was harsh and ragged. The scenery around her was an incomprehensible blur, and the darkness did not help at all. The cold wind ruthlessly whipped at her skin as her feet pounded on the pavement. She ran as fast as she could, as long as she could. The hours flew by almost as fast as she did, and any ordinary man would have already collapsed long, long ago.

She ignored all the times her spine tingled within the proximity of a vampire or some other demonic creature. She had no time to play, all she saw was her destination.

Her doe eyes, wide and alert, almost filled with panic.

Her knees were aching like a bitch, her body was begging for rest, and she knew her energy was running out. But worst of all, she was getting extremely bored of the constant running. It's a wonder that she's even lasted this long.

'Why the hell am I doing this again?'

She couldn't seem to remember the answer right then. Still she ran, stopping will do her no good anyway.

She groaned at the sight of an uphill climb, but forged on and breathed a sigh of relief as she spots the civilization she was looking for. She slowed to a quick walk, figuring that the local officials would just love to get their hands on a suspicious looking girl who was sprinting around like a madwoman.

'These mom 'n pop townies always love a little excitement.'

The town was small, yet a little cheerier than she was used to. There were some people out and about, but not much. She glanced around the buildings looking for the landmarks she was supposed to remember.

The night air was colder than usual, and she can see her breath when she sighed in frustration.

'Dammit, where is it?'

She looked at the watch on her hand and inwardly smiled her fondness for it, until she saw the time and realized how late she was. She scowled in frustration. Temptation whispered in her ear as she looked around at all the cars innocently parked on the streets. However, she knew she couldn't ever risk being stopped over on the highway for driving a stolen car. As far as transportation goes, she knew she had to do it by the book.

She kept her quick stroll as she tried to find her goal. The streets were annoyingly unfamiliar, and she had a hard time not kicking over trash cans in exasperation.

It was after half an hour later that she found the place she was searching for.

The bus station.

She stepped up to a stall and paid for her ticket. Her clock was ticking, and she had less time than before. The driver of the damn bus better be a speed junkie, otherwise she would readily overlook the risks of grand theft auto and drive herself.

She got in her designated bus and picked a spot at the back. It felt like hours later, thought it was only a few minutes, before the bus finally started to move. There were few passengers, the whole bus wasn't even halfway full. The light above the seats at the front flickered on and off, and oddly enough, there was a distinct smell of wood in the somewhat rusted bus. The hum of the vehicle was loud enough to keep some of its passengers awake, but quiet enough that some could get lost in their thoughts.

And she was lost indeed.

With all of that's happened this past week, anyone else in her position, slayer or no slayer, would have probably done everything they could to run to the other side of the world and hide until it all ended. Still, she's fighting tooth and nail, sometimes quite literally, to right what was wronged. Nobody else would understand what all of this means.

Means to her.

She looks down at her hands and stares at the blood stains that only she's able to see. An ache deep in her chest causes her to take a deep breath. Her eyes start to droop, and she can't seem to remember the last time she slept, or ate for that matter.

She winced as she noticed the time on her watch. She was later than she expected, she idly wondered what would happen if everything was divulged today because of her tardiness. If that ever happened, she would not be a happy camper.

She thought back to her little adventure several hours ago, and she just smirked at the hilarity of it all. No one would expect all of this from her. And that was what made it all worthwhile. The look on their faces as she strolled around wearing the grandest prize. She could almost see their utter surprise.

The first shy peaks of the sun caught her attention, she looked out the window and took in the beauty of the scenery. It was hard not to be in awe of the magnificent sunrise. It was times like these that she graciously pitied the undead, for they would never have the privilege to witness the dawn of a new day.

Her thoughts suddenly wandered to Angel.

She flinched.

Her chest ached again, and she unconsciously took in another deep breath.

The souled vampire was and probably will always be a sore subject. His words to her after the accident would have hit directly home, if she wasn't too busy freaking out about being chained. Then there was Wesley and his council goons.


She was seriously tempted to punch the naïve watcher's face in when he arrogantly approached her after the run in with Mr. Trick. Her restraint was something to be admired at that point. Her thoughts ran rampant as they always seem to when she's sitting for too long in one place.

The sun has halfway risen, and it gave the road an almost ethereal glow. Strangely, it made her think of Professor Worth.

She only smirked in amusement.

Her destination was approaching, and some of the taller buildings are already in sight. She notes the time with a smile. Apparently the bus driver was a speed junkie, they made good time. She sighs in exasperation as she realizes all the work she still has to do. She never did like planning, it made the thought of failure even more daunting than usual.

She idly wonders what Wesley is up to. She decides she doesn't want to care.

The sun has fully risen now, and it bathed everything in the purest rays of light. Her rambling thoughts ceased, and she stared at the sky. She breathed in, calm and deep, and it felt good. She listened to the hum of the bus, the murmurs of the passengers and the steady beating of her own heart. Her eyes felt warm from looking at the sun for too long, but strangely it didn't hurt at all.

And just for a moment, she felt peace.

Her eye caught the sign on the side of the road.

'Welcome to Sunnydale'

Back at the hellmouth once again.