Title -??? (can't think of a title)

Pairing –10/Rose (of coarse)

Rating – K+

Disclaimer – I own nothing (goes into a corner and sulks)

Summary – If Doomsday ended differently.

"Ready?" the Doctor asked

"So are they" Rose said

"Lets do it!"

They both push the levers up to the "on" position. They run back to the magna – clamps and a big gust of wind hits them.

"THE BREACH IS OPEN, INTO THE VOID, HA!" the Doctor shouts.

Lots of Daleks are flying past them, they are both smiling like mad.

The wind starts to die down and the bright, white light starts to dim.

The Doctor and Rose's feet hit the ground.

"We did it!" Rose screamed.

"Yes we did" the doctor said, as he gathered her up into a hug.

"Oh my god, I completely forgot." Rose said.

"Forgot what?"

"My mum, my dad and Mickey. They're on the other side. I'm never gonna see them again." Rose said through tears.

"Shh, it's okay to cry, I understand what it's like."

They stood in a hug for ages. Finally Rose's giant sobs, changed to quiet sniffs.

"You okay?" the Doctor asked.

"Yeah, a bit better, thanks" said Rose

"Come on, let's go home"

And they walked off home to the TARDIS.

A/N: Sorry it's rubbish but it's my first Doctor Who fic. Please review. I'm thinking of doing a sequel but I need ideas. HELP! lol