Futures Course

Chapter One: Times Past


//Unknown Location- 2007//

Wilbur let out a low moan as he slowly pushed himself up off of the ground.

"Ugh, who let Tiny off of his leash?" The black-haired boy muttered as he blinked several times as he made an attempt to regain his bearings and figure out where he was. One thing was for sure however, he wasn't in his bed, where he should have been, heck, he wasn't even on the floor! No, he was standing in the middle of a rather busy sidewalk, people walking past hurriedly, faces buried in their coats to ward off the sudden cold.

Dark eyes hurriedly scanned his surroundings searching for the familiar. colorful buildings of Todayland only to find them completely gone, replaced with the dull, dusty red and brown buildings of years past.

He let out a low groan. "Oh I am so in trouble."

But the funny thing was, he couldn't remember ever taking the time machine out, or even waking up for that matter. Furrowing his brow he tried his hardest to recall what exactly had happened that night, almost four months after he had dropped Lewis off in his own time. He'd gone to bed, and his mother had come to say goodnight, like she always did, and then... he couldn't remember anything after her leaving except a loud sort of crashing noise. Yeah, a crashing noise!

Had he been sleepwalking again? No, he hadn't sleepwalked in almost five years, when he'd accidentally fallen down the old downstairs steps and broken his arm. (It was that event that had led his father to invent tube-travel to get around the enormous Robinson Mansion.) So he hadn't been sleepwalking. Unless of course he had a relapse and was sleepwalking, after all, things had been pretty crazy lately, and that could result in him sleepwalking. Yeah, that was it, a logical explanation, nothing weird going on, nope, not at all.

He rummaged in his pocket for the small machine to track the Time Machine. His father had given everybody one, to help them find the time machine.

He punched in a couple of quick little buttons and waited for the small red (or blue- he reminded himself) Dot to appear on screen. Nothing happened, no flashing dot. That meant, either the device was malfunctioning, or, someone had taken the time machine, and he was stuck in the past.

Mom is going to –kill- me, with butter knives, either that or she'll send those frogs after me! And –that- won't be a pretty sight. Wilbur shivered at the thought, he was panicking now, he was stuck! In the past, to say things were "Not Good" would have been an understatement.


He frowned, there was no possible way anybody could recognize him unless… Very slowly he turned around, coming face to face with none other than the recently adopted Lewis Robinson.

Chapter One- End

Authors Notes:

Woot! My first non-anime/book related piece! –dances- I was in love with Meet the Robinsons so I saw it twice in theaters, within the span of a week. Then, my muse decided to bite me. (As if I don't have enough on my plate as-is!)

The chapters are usually 2,000+ words on average. So this was a short, introductory chapter. I try to keep all characters IC, so I hope you enjoy!