Wow... I really can't believe that this is finished. I've honestly never finished a multi-chapter story before.

I'm proud of myself.

I know that there's a lot of this that didn't make sense. And some dropped plotlines- but I tried to tie everything (except Claire) up.

As for Claire- with Bickmore gone- she never works for him, and thus doesn't become the nutjob woman that she is.

I based Claire loosely on a combination of Kim Possible's Shego and The Incredibles Mirage. Yeah... those two are alike when you think about it.

Or not.

Anyway. I may or may not write a story about Claire in the future. Don't count on it though :)

Now that this is done- I'll be working on the last two chapters of Code Robinson and the various stories to follow that hope you'll like that one if you like this!

Special Thanks:

A abso-tutely huge thanks to all of my reviewers. You all helped me out SO much- pulling me through writers block, and just being some of the nicest, friendliest people that I've met online in a long, long time. :)

Extra-special thanks to Robin a.k.a Doodlegirl for being the only reviewer I've ever had who's reviewed EVERY single chapter that I've written. Heck- I think she's done that for a lot of us writers here :) So special thanks to her!