Change of Destiny

Chapter One

"As you can see from behind me, the Thunderbirds are helping clean up after the chaose of the villian, known as the Hood's attack on the Bank of London" Lisa Lowe reported over the noise of the VTOL engines of Thunderbird Two flying over the Thames retrieving Thunderbird Four.

"We thank the Thunderbirds once again for rescuing the people that were trapped inside the monorail car, these people have now been sent to the general hospital for check ups but we have had word that noh one has been hurt" She continued as the cameraman looked around the large park where the large rocket of the Thunderbird fleet waited while the Mole waited aside it.

"Ok I got Thunderbird Four, I'm coming back around for the Mole" Virgil Tracy reported as he flew his bird noting that she was being a little sluggish. 'Don't worry baby, once we get back to the island you can have two full wash cycles' He thought as he focused on landing the large green transporter in front of the Mole.

"F-A-B Virg, Scott has finished his checks on Thunderbird One and Gordon has almost completed his checks on 'Three" John replied sounding worn out.

"Ok John, have you been checked over by the paramedics?" Virgil asked concerned about his brother's health.

"It's more likely a clean break Virg! Just need a shower then can see my wounds" John replied.

"Ok Johnny! I'll see you in a minute" Virgil said with a small sigh before going back to landing his bird safely.

John sighed and rubbed his eyes tiredly shaking away the wave of dizziness that ran through his head. 'Must be the adrenline wearing out' He thought to himself as he focused on the small laptop set up in front of him.

"Hey, everything ok?" Alan asked John in the shadows of Thunderbird One.

"Hey Al, yeah we're almost done just got to pack up the Mole and get Dad away from the paramedics and we'll be done" John said with a small smile as Scott jumped out of his bird.

"I'll do that, Alan go and help Gordon with Thunderbird Three, Fermat and Tin-Tin are there" Scott said as he wiped some sweat away but made his face more blank from the grime and soot that everyone apart from Alan was covered in.

"Ok Scott though I don't know what I can do, but I can try" Alan said with a small smile and headed off towards the large rocket.

"Thanks Scott he's been here about five times in the last half hour" John said with a tired sigh and went back to working on the computer.

"He's just worried about you John, we all are but for now I have to rescue Dad from the paramedics" Scott said with a small smile and walked off to the group of paramedics near FAB One.

John sighed and hid his eyes in his gloved hand hoping that the headache that had built up would go away soon.

"Ok Jeff, you're free to go just make sure to take it easy for the next few weeks and you'll be fine" The paramedic told Jeff as he took his gloves off and closed his kit up.

"Thanks I will now I better check on the other members of the team" Jeff said with a smile and got to his feet slowly.

"Right I got to help out at the hospital" The paramedic said with a smile before leaving with his partner towards their ambulance.

"Sir" Scott called as he joined Jeff, Lady Penelope and Parker.

"Scott how are everyone? Things are slowly settling down here" Jeff said with a small smile looking around the gardens.

"Yeah it is with Virgil just picking up the Mole and Gordon is finishing the checks on Thunderbird Three, Alan and the others are there with him" Scott reported and glanced back at Thunderbird One. "John's manning the mobile unit" He carried on locking his hands together behind his back.

"He's tired Scott like the rest of us, how about we head home and relax before clean up" Jeff suggested resting a hand on Scott's shoulder, a soft tired smile on his face.

"Right Dad, I'll prep One for launch and send John over to Two" Scott replied before leaving Jeff and headed back to Thunderbird One.

"Hey Johnny! We're about to wrap up so how about you join Virgil in... John!" Scott started cheerfully before running up to his brother's side.

Taking his gloves off Scott rested his fingers on John's neck and found a faint pulse, "Come on John! Wake up" Scott said shaking John's right shoulder lightly earning a small moan from his brother's unconscious form.

Scott sighed softly before reaching up onto the computer and hit the alarm, calling for help from the rest of the family.

Jeff soon joined them along with Lady Penelope and Virgil. "Scott what's wrong?" Jeff asked as Scott kept close to John.

"I - I don't know Dad! He was fine before I came to find you, I came back here and found him like this" Scott explained quickly keeping his fingers on John's neck to monitor his pulse.

"It's ok Scott, let's get on his side but gently" Jeff said hoping that John would wake up and tell them what was wrong.

"I told him he should have been checked out by the paramedics" Virgil muttered as they slowly got John onto his right side, earning a soft moan.

"Paramedics! Lady Penelope!" Scott exclaimed noticing she was still there watching them take care of their injured family member.

"I'm on it" Lady Penelope replied and hurried off to get the team of paramedics closest to them.

"I don't like this Dad, it's got to be more than his shoulder" Scott said looking at his father before looking back down at John, who was extremely pale under the soot and grime.

"Give me a hand Scott, I want to check his shoulder again now that we got natural light" Virgil said as he started to undo the bandage that held John's left arm close to his chest.

"Ok just got to take it easy" Scott said as he held John still, helping Virgil get the bandage off and felt something sticky tap his hand. "Hold on Virg, what was that?" He asked putting his hand back in the same spot before pulling away to reveal red smears on his palm.

"Blood? This isn't good!" Virgil spoke up as the paramedics arrived and took over for them.

"OK what have we got?" One of the paramedics asked joining Virgil on the ground.

"Have you got some scissors? I need to cut through his uniform to see where he's bleeding from" Virgil said seeing that there was a small ammount of blood on the back of the bandage.

The paramedic dug through his kit and handed the scissors, "Were you near the fire? He's covered in soot and burns" He said noticing that they all were, or at least the older members of the team were.

"We were, thought that he only pulled a muscle or dislocated his shoulder but now I know it's something more serious!" Virgil explained as he began to cut through John's uniform carefully while Scott continued to hold him still.

"How long has he been like this?" The paramedic asked as he helped pull the uniform away slowly from John's shoulder seeing that the edges were burnt around the wounds.

"Not sure I left him alone for just a minute to check on Commander and came back here to find John like this" Scott said looking up at the paramedic.

"Ok let's hope its something simple" The paramedic replied as he opened his kit after nodding at his partner, who ran over to their ambulance.

Virgil gently cut away the uniform and the shirt underneath being careful not to pull at the wound or at the material around the wound's edge. "This isn't good! Something's got to be in there" He spoke clearly as the paramedic helped him clean the wound on.

"We can't do that here... all I can do is dress the wound until we get to the hospital where the doctors can look at it" The paramedic said as his partner arrived with the ambulance, then jumped out and opened the back to retrieve the trolley.

"Ok, whatever is the best thing for our team then it will be ok" Scott said looking up at their commander/father.

As much as it hurt them to hide the fact that they are a family they had to pretend that they were a team no matter what happens when they're around members of the public.

"If it is ok I like to go with him" Jeff spoke up wanting to keep close to his son, the only one he could talk to freely about their mother, who had passed away a long time ago.

"We will have to go now, the sooner we get him to the hospital the better it will be" The paramedic told Jeff as he began to bandage it will be" The paramedic told Jeff as he began to bandage up the wound as best he could until they got to the hospital as his partner arrived with the trolley.

"Ok Virgil go and talk to the police and see if they can free the road to the hospital" Jeff ordered his half shocked middle son.

"Right Sir" Virgil replied jumping up onto his feet and ran off towards the nearest police car.

The paramedics shared a brief glance before continuing their jobs to save this young man. After fitting the oxygen mask on and finished bandaging up John's shoulder, they slowly and gently moved him across onto the trolley then into the back of the ambulance.

"Scott, this is what I want you to do... get the others and the machines back to the base and wait for me to call about any progress with John, and I will keep you informed son, I promise" Jeff said softly as they got up onto their feet.

"Ok Dad I will tell the others, no one is being kept in the dark this time" Scott replied with a small smile before climbing up into Thunderbird One and threw out a black duffle bag, climbing back out after it.

"These are some plain clothes if you need them" He explained as he got to the bottom of the ladder.

"Thanks Scott, I better go... tell the boys I will call them later" Jeff said with a smile before picking up the bag and joined the paramedics at the ambulance.

"Here Jeff you look like you can use it" Lady Penelope said offering a cup of coffee.

"Thanks Penny, just that its been nearly two hours that John's been in there and yet nothing!" Scott called a little while ago saying that Brains and Kyrano has started the damage assessments on the hangers and the rest of the island" Jeff said quietly accepting the cup of coffee and took a sip of it with a sigh.

"I'm sure everything is going to be fine Jeff, you know John, He's strong like the rest of your family, you'll see" Lady Penelope said with a smile as she moved to sit down on the couch gently.

Jeff sighed and sat down on the couch before sipping his coffee once more. "Hope you're right Penny but I don't know" He said before drinking the rest of the coffee with a grateful sigh, his mind wandering to his second born son.

Lady Penelope glanced over at Jeff and inwardly sighed hoping that she was right and that things would be ok for everyone.

Virgil sighed as he watched Thunderbird Two enter the cleaning system along with the Mole and Thunderbird Four, he still needed a shower himself but wanted to make sure that his bird had got into the wash safely. He would worry about the Firefly and the main service lift later.

"Hey Virgil, is she ok?" A voice asked before joining Virgil on the rail above Thunderbird Two, steam rising up from the hot water.

"Yeah she's fine, got her washing program altered so that the inside gets washed out too but she'll need to have a polish later" Virgil replied not looking away from the green Thunderbird below.

"Yeah well 'Three's not much better... going to have to take the damaged booster apart to find out what's wrong with it" Gordon said with a sigh and looked around the hanger whistling under his breaht when he saw the hole in the blast door seperating the hangers.

Virgil looked over at the hole, "I know it was done by the Thunderizer, I'll ask the kids later" He said rising his hand up to push his hair back but halted and looked at the glove seeing the dark stains on them.

"Virg?" Gordon asked quietly and noticed what he was looking at, "Aw man, come on bro! Time to hit the showers" He said resting his hand on Virgil's arm.

"Y-yeah you're right.. let's go" Virgil muttered and led the way back to the main lifts that came out in the study/office.

Scott sighed and stretched up out of the chair, the once silver uniform top tied around his waist revealing the dark blue shirt underneath.

"Coffee Scott?" Onaha asked seeing the eldest son stretch up and looked worn out.

"No thanks, think I'll head off for a quick shower before coming back here" Scott replied with a tired smile.

"Ok just take your time Scott, I'm sure that Jeff will call as soon as he knows anything" Onaha said softly with a smile before leaving the office.

Scott sighed and looked at his soot covered uniform before coming back here" Scott replied with a tired smile.

"Ok just take your time Scott, I'm sure that Jeff will call as soon as he knows anything" Onaha said softly with a smile before leaving the office.

Scott sighed and looked at his soot covered uniform before leaving the office.

'Please let us get through this, please help us Mom' Scott thought in a silent pray as he climbed up the ramp towards his room, not noticing the noise of the glass clean up in the lounge or Gordon and Virgil following him up to the bedrooms.

Night had now settled into the British city of London looking out at the view from the window of the waiting room in the largest general hospital, the room's occupants could see the twinkling lights of the capital city.

"Jeff maybe you should eat something" A soft femine voice spoke in the man's ear hoping to break through the train of thoughts that he had been in since their visit from a Doctor Ross.

"Hm? Oh, I'm sorry Penny.. I'm just trying to figure out how to tell the boys and how John is going to cope when he wakes up" Jeff said as he moved away from the window and sat down on the couch.

"I'm sure that they will be fine and you heard the doctor, what he showed us earlier will work, you saw the plans... " Lady Penelope said not taking her eyes from Jeff, who stared at the sealed box of sandwiches.

Jeff sighed quietly, "What have I done? I started this organisation and we should have been able to protect Thunderbird Five better!" He said and hid his face in his hands.

"Jeff you - yes Parker?" Lady Penelope spoke and noticed her manservant waiting in the doorway.

"Excuse your pardon M'lady, Doctor Ross wants to see Mr Tracy" Parker spoke softly.

"I see let him in Parker" Lady Penelope said and walked over to Jeff, shaking his shoulder slightly. "Jeff, Dr Ross is here" She said hoping to stir him out of his thoughts.

"Right sorry Penny, I'm ok" Jeff said wiping his eyes tiredly before sipping his coffee in hope to perk him up.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything" Doctor Ross spoke clearly as he came into the waiting room. The doctor looked a little bit older than Jeff and wore a dark blue suit with a darker blue tie, he looked a little worn out but was focused entirely on his job.

"No I was trying to get something to eat, how is he?" Jeff asked offering the armchair to the doctor.

"No thank you, just that I'm here to inform you that John did pull through the surgery fine however we won't know the full extent of the addition until he wakes up" Dr Ross said clear by noticing how worn out and distracted the leader of the team was. 'Wonder what he has been through along with the rest of his team' He thought to himself.

"Is it possible to see him?" Jeff asked getting up onto his feet wanting to see his soon, wanting to try and keep calm but at the same time remain cool and act like the leader of the team. 'Wish that we didn't have to keep this secret but we have to' He thought to himself.

"It is though I do have to warn you that he will be out of it due to the massive trama he has been through" Dr Ross warned Jeff.

"I know but I can see him right?" Jeff asked again.

"Sure it's this way and I do have some paperwork but that can wait until you're ready" Dr Ross said leading the way out of the waiting room and towards the intensive care unit, where the young man was recovering from the surgery.

Looking into the private room Jeff could make out his son amongst the monitors and the bandages that were wrapt around some of the burn wounds on his right arm while his left looked real enough from a distance but Jeff could tell that it wasn't real.

'Oh John... I wonder how you would react when you wake up' Jeff thought to himself.

"Have you got the files I asked for? I would like to take a look at them" Jeff requested not taking his eyes from his son as the monitors continued to beep softly.

"They are in my office along with the other paperwork" Dr Ross said softly with a look down the corridor.

Jeff inwardly sighed, "Let's go, the sooner the paperwork is done, the better" He said knowing that they had to talk about something and it included their true identity.

"Ok what about your friend I saw in the waiting room?" Dr Ross asked as they walked along the corridor towards the doctor's office.

"Oh she has gone to find a hotel for the night, I won't return to base tonight" Jeff said thinking that he will call the island on the first chance he got.

"I didn't realise how much glass there was in here" Tin-Tin said to Fermat.

"Me n-neither Tin-Tin, w-where is A-Alan?" Fermat asked as he emptied the dustpan into the metal bin while Tin-Tin continued to sweep up the broken glass from the battle Lady Penelope and Parker had against the Hood and his minions.

"He's with Gordon, he said that he needed to talk to him about something" Tin-Tin said as she moved the pile into a smaller pile for Fermat to sweep up into the dustpan.

Fermat nodded and swept up the glass continued their job of cleaning up the main villa. "Has there been any news from Mr Tracy?" He asked quietly without stuttering once.

"I don't know, Mom said that they're all exhausted... must have been bad up there" Tin-Tin spoke just as softly and leaned against the broom slightly looking out over the pools at the distant ocean.

'Everything looks so peaceful but not here... everyone is just tired and lost in their minds with clouded hearts' She thought to herself with an inward sigh before moving out onto the sundeck to start sweeping the glass there.

After filling the necessary paperwork and forms along with the promise of strict confidenciality from the doctor, Jeff returned to the private room where his son John was recovering from the surgery on his shoulder.

Quietly entering the room Jeff was welcomed by the sounds of the machines and the light breathing of his second born son. Sighing softly he sat down on the chair next to John's bed and took his hand into his own careful not to knock the I.V.

'The piece of metal we found has torn through the muscles in his shoulder and his bones in the upper arm have broken in several arms, instead of replacing his shoulder and putting his arm in a cast I have discussed with my time, and we came up with a possible solution to this problem' Dr Ross's voice echoed in Jeff's mind.

'We need your permission to attempt to replace his arm with a new one, an artificial arm but he will require to be moved to a special clinic once he recovers from the surgery' The voice echoed again in his mind.

Jeff shook his head and looked over at John's left arm shinning slightly at the fake rubber like skin that protected the arm, 'What are we going to do... how are we going to cope?' Jeff thought to himself looking at his sleeping son, who moaned and moved slightly in his sleep.

"John" Jeff spoke softly and waited for a form of response, earning a small squeeze to his hand. Jeff smiled soflty, "You're save son, we're in a hospital and your brothers are save and sound at home" He spoke softly looking up at his son's face and found a pair of tired, dull blue eyes looking back at him.

"Go back to sleep John, you need to rest... we'll talk later once you've rested" Jeff said softly earning a small nod and a soft sigh before John fell back to sleep in aware of the surgery he was recovering from.

"You need to sleep too" A soft voice spoke softly from the doorway before coming into the small room.

Jeff sighed, "I know Penny but I can't leave him here not like this... we almost lost him" He said quietly freeing his hand before standing up from the chair and retrieved the brown file from the table.

"I know Jeff but you need to rest, a shower and some food before you collapse" Lady Penelope said with the same quiet but stern tone.

"Ok Penny, I'll go and find a hotel and have a shower before calling the boys as I know they won't rest until they know how John is... but how do I tell them?" Jeff asked as they left the private room and walked down the hall.

"You just tell them that John is going to be fine and the truth, worry about their reactions when they react" Lady Penelope said as Parker called for the elevator.

Jeff sighed and tucked the file tighter under his arm as the elevator arrived, "You're right Penny, thanks for all the help today" He said with a smile as the elevator doors opened with a small ping.

"Think nothing of it Jeff and don't worry about the hotel, it has been taken care of" Lady Penelope said with a soft smile and entered the elevator.

"I'll take you to your hotel Mr Tracy" Parker spoke up once they were in the elevator and started their journey down to the ground floor.

"Smells great Onaha" Virgil said with a smile, sitting down at the table along with Alan and Gordon.

"Thanks Virgil, do you know where Scott is?" Onaha asked as she put the large bowl of mixed salad down in the center of the table while Kyrano put the jug of homemade lemonade down.

"I think he's still in his room but I'm not sure" Virgil said with a slight frown as he helped himself to a glass of lemonade.

"Maybe one of us should check on him" Gordon suggested before eating his fries.

"I'm not going in there!" Alan replied before tucking into his burger looking across at Virgil as Fermat and Tin-Tin joined them along with Brains.

"H-hello" Brains spoke tiredly and sat down at the table.

"Hey Brains are you ok? You look worn out" Virgil asked concerned for their family friend and inventor behind the Thunderbirds.

"I-I'm f-fine Virgil, ju-just been an-an-an going over th-the d-damage r-report for T-thunderbird F-five" Brains replied with a heavy stutter as he was still recovering from their capture then held prisoner in the fridge.

"How bad is she Brains?" Virgil asked wondering how badly damaged the satellite was, they didn't have time to run a full diagnostic as they all focused on keeping themselves alive.

"I-I'ts d-difficult t-to s-say" Brains replied with a soft sigh and silently thanked Kyrano with a smile for the cup of coffee.

"Ok Brains, we'll worry about that later" Virgil said as Scott finally joined them, grabbed his dinner before leaving the room leaving the other family members confused.

Gordon and Alan looked over at the doorway which Scott went through before looking at each other and sighed. "He's probably gone back to the office" Onaha said as she sat down with her own meal with Kyrano following her shortly.

"Waiting for Dad to call.. hope John is ok, thought he would be ok" Alan said softly looking down at the plate pushing the fries around.

"He will Al, just wait as he'll come here with that smile on his face and apologize for making us worry like this" Gordon said with a smile and rested a hand on Alan's shoulder.

Virgil was about to reply when an alarm sounded through the villa causing them all to jump up and run off to the office.

"A rescue now?" Alan asked as they got to the office.

"No its Dad using the private channel" Scott replied as he answered the call. "Dad how is he?" He asked as his brothers joined him.

They could see that their father was still covered in soot and grime, under it he was exhausted. "Hi sons, he was asleep when I left from the sedatives he's been put on" Jeff said with a tired sigh "He's been better I have to say..." He said battling to keep strong for his sons.

Virgil looked at the screen closely and frowned, "What about his shoulder Dad? The paramedic wasn't very happy with that wound" He said leaning onto the back of the chair Scott was sat.

Jeff took a sigh and motion on the camera showed that he moved to sit down, "It was bad boys, it appeared to the surgeon that the piece of metal inside John's wound did some damage" He said battling to remember what Dr Ross had told him.

The boys paled and remained focused on their father's face on the screen, "H-how bad Dad? Has John l-lost his arm?" Virgil asked the questions he didn't want to hear the answers to.

"He did Virgil, the doctor said that he couldn't fix the damage done... so they had to cut his arm off" Jeff replied watching his sons closely and saw Alan followed shortly by Gordon disappear off screen.

Scott gript the edge of the desk tightly Virgil rested a hand on his shoulder, "Is there more Dad?" Scott asked keeping his voice calm but his blue eyes radiated with anger.

"There is Scott, the doctor asked me permission to try a new experimental limb replacement" Jeff replied closing his eyes briefly and a mental image of John, looking pale but asleep unaware of the surgery he had been through.

"Experimental Dad? I got contacts within the medical communities and I haven't heard about that but if it is to help our brother then that's great" Virgil said with a small smile.

"But how will John handle this? After all we have been through and what had happened to him after the satellite was attacked" Scott said softly his own eyes closed trying to figure out how John would react to finding out that he had lost his real arm to be replaced by a fake.

"To tell the truth son I don't know, I can't start to know how he will feel when he wakes up properly without the drugs knocking him out" Jeff said looking at his two older sons. "I'm going back to the hospital but for now I should really have a shower and try to get some sleep" He told his sons.

"Ok Dad we better go too, got a lot of work to do here but right now we're all exhausted" Virgil said and looked off screen for a minute and nodded. "Though don't know how much sleep we are going to get" He added rubbing his forehead slightly.

"Right Virgil, just do your best and I will call you when I know more" Jeff replied with a tired smile.

"Ok Dad sleep tight" Scott said and closed the channel before locking the computer then spun around to face Virgil. "My room in a hour, think we're going to need a talk over this" He said softly seeing that Gordon and Alan had left the room.

"Ok Scott, I'll go and find Gordon and Alan while you get the ice" Virgil said with a small smile before leaving the office to find their missing siblings.

Scott sighed and looked across at the large murial of all of them, he looked at John's relaxed pose before rubbing his eyes tiredly rose up off the chair and left the office.

Jeff groaned slightly as he dried himself off heading out of the ensuite bathroom into the bedroom seing the bag of clothes that Scott had given him.

That's good that we've roughly the same size He thought to himself looking at the once silver uniform now covered in soot, grime and a few small burnt patches.

Changing into some clean clothes Jeff sighed tiredly and crashed onto the bed with a painful groan, he rubbed his eyes tiredly before looking at the bare ceiling listening to the traffic passby outside.

Lucille I wish you were with us now, please watch over John and help him get through this Jeff silently prayed to his deceased wife hoping that she could help guide her son from the heavens above.

The traffic travelled smoothly through the crowded streets of London with its people rushing off to their workplace, their newspapers covering yesterdays adventures with the Thunderbirds and the Hood's arrest.

The large hospital, St Thomas acted no differently with the constant hustle and bustle of many wards and emergency units continuing their ongoing duties of helping people back on their feet any way that they can.

A churpy young nurse walked along the corridor in the middle of the private rooms that held a few patients that were recovering from various surgeries, she could hear voices from a few early visitors or doctors checking on their patients.

A middle aged doctor stepped out of the private room filing on a clipboard, reaching behind him to close the door quietly. "Morning Dr Ross" The nurse spoke cheerfully freeing a form from her own clipboard.

"Morning Nurse Lane, cheery as alwasy I see" Dr Ross replied with a small smile.

"Well someone has to be around here" Nurse Land said walking towards the door and peeked through the window to see the young man asleep in his bed. "He's so young" She spoke softly with her hand hesistating above the door handle.

"He is and he has been through a rough patch but things should get better from now on, he should be waking up shortly" Dr Ross said just as softly as he continued his paperwork on the clipboard before his beeper went off. "Here I go again, I'll see you later Nurse Lane" Dr Ross said with a sigh and walked away getting his beeper as he did so.

Nurse Lane sighed softly and entered the room quietly seeing the young man was still fast asleep like Dr Ross had said, she checked his board at the bottom of the bed and saw he was recovering from burns to his back and extensive surgery to his left shoulder and arm.

Placing a meal order onto the bedside table before leaving, she glanced back at the sleeping young man. Nurse Land could see that he was slowly starting to wake up from the sedatives that was written on the information board up on the end of his bed.

Sighing softly Nurse Lane left the room and closed the door softly and walked down the corridor, delivering and checking on the patients as she did so.

Jeff sighed as he flipped through the newspaper not really paying any attention to its contents as he sipped his fifth coffee since he had breakfast at the hotel, glancing at his watch seeing that it was almost time for visiting hours.

Folding up the paper, tucking it under his arm and left the Starbucks cafe wondering how John would react to how his left arm was now a fake. A complex mechanical arm covered in a flexible skin attached to the shoulder joint, a whole left arm attached to the chest.

And all because of a tiny piece of metal tore through the muscle in his shoulder, and the force of the impact of the Hood's missle broke his arm in several places Jeff thought to himself as he walked along the street towards the hospital wondering if John would wake up from the sedatives when he got there.

Coughing harshly John slowly woke up feeling slightly numb along his arms and felt cold oxygen flowing against his face, taking slow deep breaths passed a dry raw throat he waited for his vision to clear up to try and get some sense of where he was.

John tried to remember what had happened but all he could remember was playing chess online before performing the checks for any disasters that would require the assistance of the rescue organisation then blank. He groaned and coughed slightly before flexing his hands and froze feeling something strange about his left arm.

Instead of feeling warm and like his own skin it felt different, alien and not sure what had happened to make his left arm and hand to feel like this. John could feel the I.V in his right arm and hear what he guessed was the heart monitor and the oxygen machine providing the cold dry oxygen.

Sitting up a little John winced at the movement of his chest and arm he couldn't get over how it wierd it felt to him and looking at it looked wrong compared to his other arm.

"So you're awake, how are you feeling?" A doctor spoke softly from the doorway coming into the room closing the door behind him.

John used his right hand to move the oxygen mask away from his face and licked his dry lips slowly, "H-how... what happened?" He asked with a slight croak feeling his throat was sore as he spoke.

"I'm Dr Ross and you have suffered from severe limb damage to your left arm, and unfortunately we could not save your arm" Dr Ross introduced himself as he walked forward and looked over his young patient, who stared at him keeping his arm still.

"We have been able to fit a new experimental arm which you can see and more likely feel is different to your right arm, but I am sure that over time you will get use to this" The doctor continued to as he touched John's left arm.

John's eyes went wide when he realized that he could feel the doctor's touch but couldn't feel any veins or muscles like he could when the doctor moved around the bed and checked the I.V.

"Your commander is it? He has all of the information about your arm's functions and how to care for it, but I will recommend that once you are released from my care that you check into a clinic" Dr Ross continued to explain as he checked the monitors and made notes on his clipboard.

"I'll leave you now to rest, I believe that you will have a visitor once visting hours start." Dr Ross added before leaving the room.

John slowly flexed his left hand and brought it up to his face before moving it across to his right arm, and gasped a little when he saw the obvious skin colour difference. Even though John was the most pale out of the family, most of the time because he always got sunburn badly but it was still a shock to see his left arm a little less pink than the right arm.

What am I going to do? John thought to himself as he flexed both hands feeling the difference before sighing deeply and leaned deeper into the pillows.

Scott walked around the kitchen with his eyes half closed making coffee while waiting for the toast to pop up, he saw Virgil in the same state he was in, leaning against the table in the dining room.

There was no sign of Alan or Gordon but it was still a little early, he thought over their talk in the lounge last night and the emotions and thoughts that were exposed.

Scott heard the toaster pop up as he put the new filter in the coffee machine, he walked about the kitchen to get a plate and butter for his toast while the coffee maker got to work in making the hot bitter drink.

Brains wandered into the dining room and found a dozing Virgil at the table before entering the kitchen finding Scott walking aorund full of sleep. The smell of freshly brewed coffee and cooked toast ws filling the air.

The young genius shrugged at the actions of the two Tracy sons before grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge and returned to his own chalet he shared with his son. Must still be tired from yesterday's events He thought to himself with a small sigh.

Just hope things will get better once we're all reunited back here on the island, but that won't be for a few months unfortunately Brains thought as he stepped out onto the sundeck and looked at the view of the peaceful tropical jungle, he hoped that he was right and that the Tracy family would return to the joyful, energetic family he once knew.

Jeff checked into the nurse receptionist checking for any updates on his son, keeping the cover story of being injured out on a rescue before joining the other team members on the rescue at London's millenium gardens.

The nurse had told Jeff that the doctor had visited John and completed the checks and told him which room John could be found, this was where Jeff was now.

The thoughts of any reactions or emotions of his son kept running through his mind until Jeff closed his eyes and with great effort, pushed all the mumbled thoughts to the back of his mind before turning the door handle to enter the room but was unprepared to what Jeff saw.

John was curled up on his right side hugging himself tightly with his face half burried into the pillows, his skinlooked deathly white in the poor light while his body continued to shake with muffled tears.

Stepping into the room quietly Jeff moved into the room and felt something tap his foot as he walked over to the bed. As he looked down Jeff saw a screwed up piece of paper and bent down to retrieve it, and inwardly sighed as he went back to close the door softly in an attempt to give them some privacy.

"John" Jeff spoke softly as he walked back over to the bed, where John was curled up crying silently. "Son, talk to me please" He said quietly putting the paperball on the bedside table and bent down to try and find John's face.

"" John croaked pulling his face out from under the sheets and pillow, his cheeks and eyes were red and puffy from the spent tears with his blue eyes sparkling from a few unspent tears.

"How are you feeling? I'm glad to see you awake" Jeff said with a smile and sat down on the chair next to the bed with a inward sigh, seeing John move away to keep Jeff away from him.

John shrugged slightly before gasping at the feeling the movement in his left arm and shoulder and hid under the blankets feeling ashamed that his had happened to him, making him feel alien and unsure of himself.

Jeff sighed and moved the blankets away to find John had hid his face into the pillow, his body shaking with stiffled tears. "John, it'll be ok! We'll get through this together as a family" He said quietly and rested a hand on John's back seeing the covered joints and stitches on his left shoulder, they would scar but no one would see them if John kept them covered.

John turned his head partly out of the pillows and looked at his father, his blurred vision looked at his father's stern but kind eyes. "I... I don't know how to Dad, he... he did this to me to get at you... at the family" He croaked, his eyes shinning with unshed tears.

"John it'll be ok" Jeff repeated helping John sit up.

"B-but how Dad? Look at me! I'm a freak now! I can't do anything with my left arm because it doesn't feel like my arm!" John croaked a little louder as he leaned against the pillows ignoring the tears that trailed down his flushed cheeks.

Oh John Jeff thought as John coughed harshly, Jeff jumped up to get his son a drink of water. "You've got to take it easy John, you still got burns healing on your back and arm" Jeff reminded John as helped his son take a drink to sooth his throat.

"Nothing matters anymore, he won... can't do this anymore" John replied once he pushed the cup away and led down into the bed staring blankly at the ceiling inwardly cringed at feeling his left arm twinge slightly.

"John I can't believe that I'm hearing this especially from you, Scott maybe or Gordon but not you. The Hood hasn't won anything!" Jeff said fighting against his own fears of loosing a son. "He hasn't won! He's in prison where he will stay and I know she's beaten up but we will get Thunderbird Five built back up but better than before, we will go home and everything will be fine" He continued and looked at his son, who was watching him with shinning blue eyes.

"H-how? Things will never be the same, not now not ever... not surprised that you want me to leave" John replied turning away from his father, putting his back to him letting the tears come freely and travel down his cheeks into the pillows.

"John we won't give up and we will all help you get through this together" Jeff said resting a hand on John's shoulder, forgetting about it and the file he had read the previous night.

"Don't touch me!" John screamed and rolled off the bed, tugging at the I.V but luckily it didn't tear out. He crashed onto the floor and hugged himself up tightly into a ball with one of the walls at his back.

Jeff couldn't believe how John was acting, he could see fear in his son's eyes but what surprised Jeff more was John scratching at his left arm like something was irritating his skin. Before he could walk over to try and sooth his son, Jeff heard footsteps outside of the room before the door bashed open to reveal a pair of nurses. "It's ok, I got it" Jeff said holding his hand out to stop the nurses from coming in.

"We'll wait outside if you need us" One of the nurses said with a look at his colleague and closed the door leaving Jeff to calm John down himself.

"John, son please... you have got to calm down, if they see you like this... I don't want to loose you!" Jeff said as he bent down to John's level, watching his son slowly stop scratching his arm and looked at Jeff.

"D-dad, I'm scared... I-I don't understand..." John croaked looking at the spot where he had been scratching to see silver lines appearing through the tears of the fake skin. He traced the tears with his fingertips feeling the metal coating under the false skin.

"I'll be here for you John, the whole family will be too... just let me help you get through this please" Jeff said with a soft smile reaching his own shining eyes as he slowly crept over to John but reminded himself to stay on John's right side, he was soon sat down next to his lost son.

John looked at his father from the corner of his blurred vision before continuing playing with the edges of the tears pulling at them slightly, making the slits bigger revealing more of the metal plating underneath.

Jeff sighed softly looking up at the bare ceiling before getting up onto his feet with a slight moan and walked across to the bed John had jumped out of. He straightened the sheets and blankets before walking back over to his son, "Let me help you back into bed" Jeff asked holding his hand out.

John looked up at his father and noticed the fear and love in his eyes before nodding holding his right hand out, and shuffled his feet to get ready to lift up from the position he was sat in.

Jeff inwardly sighed seeing John look at him with a lost and fearful look, none of the usual cheer and contagious energy in them. He hadn't seen a look in any of his sons or his own for years, not since they lost their mother, his wife but now the look was back but for a different reason.

"Come on, let's get you back in the bed" Jeff said with a soft smile taking John's hand and pulled his son gently onto his feet, before supporting him till they got to the bed.

"I'm s...sorry Dad... I... I just feel l-lost" John croaked as he slid back onto the bed tucking himself into the layer of blankets, playing with the I.V in the back of his right hand.

"It'll be ok John, I know things wil never be the same but thats because we now have a opportunity to upgrade the security system just the way you told me" Jeff said tugging the blankets up to help cover his son up, give him more cover than the gown the staff had dressed him in.

"I... I can't" John replied turning away from his father, "I-I can't go back there..." He croaked and coughed harshly, moaning slightly at the feeling of the healing burns throbbing.

"John talk to me please, I read the file they gave me and the doctor told me that once your burns have healed enough, you can be released from their care," Jeff said sitting down on the chair next to the bed. "What happened John? I thought that you could handle this," He asked softly.

"I-I can't use my arm... it.. it's like I forgot how to write with my left hand, or any co-ordination with my right hand. I just feel useless Dad, I don't know how to cope or anything!" John replied softly and doubled up in a harsh cough when he rose his voice.

Jeff stood up and stroaked John's back soothingly until the coughing had subsided, "Then we'll just have to teach you how to write again, it won't be that hard John as Dr Ross said that there are people willing to help" He said as John uncurled himself and straightened out.

"S-sounds l-like a g-good idea Dad" John replied breathless before yawning feeling his body demanding sleep.

"Go to sleep son, I'll be here when you wake up" Jeff spoke softly with a smile.

John nodded and got comfortable on his right side before falling back to sleep, hoping and wishing that things will get better.

To be continued!!

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