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Chapter 2.

No sooner had Peach left the stadium in a hurry, Mario was there outside waiting for her. He had been waiting for some time; all he wanted to do was congratulate her on her performance and her second place ranking in the league. He had imagined that she would come bounding out towards him in her ever-cheerful way, however he was left a little mystified by her morose expression.

She made her way over to him, with her football kit in her bag, slumped over her shoulder. As soon as she saw Mario she gave him a small smile. It was hard not to smile when in his company. Dumping her kit on the floor, she sighed. Mario knew something was up with Peach, it was so easy to judge when something wasn't quite right with her.

"Peach, are you okay? You seem a little 'off'?" He asked, feeling quite concerned for her. Peach however didn't want him to worry about her, so she tried her best to put his mind at ease.

"I'm fine, I'm just feeling a little tender," She said, rubbing her stomach. It didn't hurt so much now so it was more of a half-truth.

"Well Waluigi was a bit rough with you…wait till I see him next!" Mario threatened. Peach felt a jolt in her gut, her mind flashed back to the encounter with Waluigi. She grabbed Mario by the arm and pleaded with him frantically.

"No please leave it, I knew the match would belike that, I could have backed out but I didn't," She said in a rush, her blue eyes fixed on his. How could he disobey that pretty face of hers?

She preyed to the lords that Mario would drop it. She didn't want him to find out that it was sort of her fault that Waluigi was angry at her, leaving her in the mood she was in. Forcing a smile, she decided to change the subject.

"Do you fancy a drink?" She asked sweetly. He of course nodded, so they set off towards Peach's favourite café.

However before they could make any distance away from the stadium a voice came from behind them. A voice so cold it drove fear into Peach's heart the instant she heard it.

"Leaving without a hand shake?" Waluigi said from behind them. Mario spun round to glare at him. Peach slowly turned round but didn't look him in the eye.

"It's not like you to promote manners now is it Waluigi?" Mario said through gritted teeth.

"No but then I didn't think Peach was one to forgo manners either…" Waluigi said with a sly grin. Peach shuddered, was he going to tell Mario about what had happened in the changing rooms? Waluigi held out his hand and watched Peach with great amusement. She was obviously worried about what he would say next. Peach took his hand and shook it briefly.

"I-I d-do apologise for my lack of manners…" She said, starting off a little afraid, but gaining a smidgen of confidence as words escaped her mouth.

"Really?" He asked sarcastically. Peach still couldn't make eye contact with him.

"I don't think you mean it…" He said as he placed his hand under her chin and lifted her face up slightly so he could see her frightened blue eyes.

"Leave her alone!" Mario warned as he pushed Waluigi's hand away. Waluigi just laughed in his face.

"One day Peach you will show me just how sorry you are…" He hissed before stalking off.

Mario turned round to Peach and placed both of her hands in his. She was shaking uncontrollably. He pulled her into a warm embrace and clung on to him tightly. Eventually after her shaking at calmed down a little, Mario pulled back and looked at Peach. With a serious but warm expression he tried to get to the bottom of Waluigi's strange behaviour. Normally he and Peach never said many words to each other.

"Peach…what's going on?" He asked gently. Though inside he was raging. If Waluigi had done anything to hurt Peach, he would regret it.

"Nothing, honestly," She whimpered in response.

"Peach…you can tell me…" Mario wasn't going to give up this easily.

"Really Mario…he's just being his usual arrogant and annoying self, it's in his nature!" Peach said trying to sound brighter then she felt.

"Fine but you know you can always talk to me, right?" He said feeling a little downhearted that he failed in finding out what was the matter.

Once again they set off towards the café. The walk was a very quiet one, both friends consumed in thoughts. Mario couldn't help but worry about Peach and deep down her knew it must be something bad if she wouldn't confide in him. She always told him things, no matter how ridiculous they might seem and for her to not feel that she could tell him was cutting him deep. He glanced over at her and her face was set in stone. Evidently she was thinking about something.

Peach tried to shake off thoughts of Waluigi. She couldn't help but feel that if she hadn't decided to give him a piece of her mind she wouldn't be in this mess. What was she thinking? Who walks into someone's changing rooms when there's a possibility that they could be having a shower? A flashing image of Waluigi in just his towel zipped through her mind. Peach blinked, hoping that the image would be forever deleted.

She hoped that the next time she saw Waluigi; the mental image would be long gone. Suddenly Peach realised something. Without thinking she gasped out loud. Mario looked at her with concern. She blushed and told him what was on her mind.

"Erm…Sorry! I forgot that tomorrow is the awards ceremony, that's all," She said with a faint smile.

"Oh, that, you are going to go aren't you? You're not going to stay home cause of Waluigi are you?" Mario asked her seriously. It would be just like Peach to hide away from him.

"Possibly…" Peach had thought about not going, as she didn't want to see Waluigi.

"Peach, you're going, you may win an award for 'most beautiful player'" He said jokingly. Peach slapped him gently.

"Fine I'll go, but you're coming with me…"

"Do I have to?" he said with a daft grin on his face. Peach laughed.

"Why yes! You might win an award for the 'most unfunny comedy player'" Peach teased.

"Oh that hurt Peach!" He said pretending to be offended.

For the next few hours Peach forgot about Waluigi and enjoyed the afternoon with Mario. Only time would tell what the awards ceremony would bring.