Kat looked at the extra room her had converted into a babies room. She smiled a little, feeling her stomach. In 8 months she'd have a family of her own. Closing the door, Kat walked down to her living room, relaxing on the couch. The insurance company had paid for her bar and she was now selling it, hoping to move on from the memories it held. She would miss it, but she'd never have to see him again. Looking in the ad section of the paper, hoping to find a cheap enough place to open a new one.

Darkwing cruised the streets, enjoying the night. Crime was low for once. It was a good feeling to know that people were safe and could enjoy their lives. It was rare, be he went home early. After the revolving chairs stopped spinning, he stopped, seeing the lights in Kat's house still on. Wondering what she was up to so late he put his Darkwing Duck uniform back on and slipped over, looking through her windows. Finding her sitting, reading the paper, he sighed. As sad as it was, he still didn't trust her, that she might actually work with Negaduck and this was all one big plot to take over the city. But that was silly, even in his mind. He went back to his house and flopped on the couch, turning on the news

Goslyan watched her dad sneak over to spy on Kat, then come back. Something was up and she hated not knowing. Taking out her telescope, she set it up to look into the nearest window to hers. In the lower window she saw Kat reading the paper and circling a few things. Looking in the second story window, she blinked, raising an eyebrow. "Kat doesn't have any kids. Why does she have a baby's room set up. Hmm." Goslyan began to think. "Maybe adoption? Or maybe shes pregnant from when she was married. It'll be cool when she has a baby. Maybe she'll let me baby sit and I can teach it hockey." She nodded to herself, knowing it was a good plan and sat on her bed, reading her comics.

Kat awoke the next day to her door bell ringing. She groaned and pulled on a night robe and walked down stairs, looking at her wall clock and opened the door. Hurb stood there, smiling in beach wear with his van loaded with his family and other beach going stuff. "Say neighbor, wana come to the beach with us on the wonderful day. Binky is getting Drake and Gos and we're going to have a great time." Kat once again looked at her clock, then over, seeing Binky dragging Drake to the van, Goslyan walking with Honker.

"Herb, its 7am." Herb blinked and laughed, nodding. "Of course it is. We have to beat the traffic to the best spot there." Kat just looked at him. "Its 7am." Herb patted her shoulder as Binky walked over and pushed Kat back inside. "I'll get her ready, Make sure Drake is comfortable. Herb walked to the van, seeing Drake in the last row of the van, strapped in several times, eye twitching. Goslyan sat in the middle with Tank and Honker.

"Sorry about being in the back row Drake, but Honker gets car sick and we want him where the air can reach him better." Herb smiled and get into the drivers seat as Binky pulled Kat out her front door, in cut off shorts and a tank top and put her in the back with Drake. Launchpad came bounding out with his beach chair and a bulging bag of items and jumped into the back, squishing Kat against Drake who just shrugged, still half asleep. "All loaded up? Good. Lets go Herb." Binky said and turned on a family music station, humming with a song.

When they finally reached their destination, Herb parked and everyone piled out. Kat got out and stretched, cracking her back. "Are they always so happy on the weekends?" Drake laughed a little. "You have no idea." Picking up his duffel bag and hers, they followed the Muddlefoots onto the sand toward the water. Once there, Drake and Launchpad began setting up their stuff, while Herb set a box on the ground. "Hey Drake, check this out." Hitting a button, it unfolded, turning into a grill set up with bar. Drake and Kat blinked in surprise.

Kat shook her head, slowing coming to understand her neighbors. The Muddle foots always meant well and loved to have fun. Looking over at Drake, watching he yelling Goslyan to put down a crab, she smiled. He was what ever father should be, caring. Wishing her own family life had been better, she shook her head, vowing to never let history repeat itself. She set her chair up under her umbrella and put shades on taking off her clothes.

Drake had been fighting with Goslyan when he saw Kat watching him out of the corner of his eye. She was smiling at him then saw her begin to undress. "And another thing young lady, sea creatures...need...water..." Stopping mid sentence he watched Kat fix her bikini strap and sit down, putting sun lotion on her arms. He was beginning to understand why Negaduck found her so irresistible. She had the body men fought over, when she didn't wear jeans and tee shirts. He didn't know he had been watching that long with his mouth open till his daughter cleared her throat.

Goslyan rolled her eyes at her fathers lecture about sea life when she heard him stop and looked over at him. Following his line of vision, she saw what he was ogling. Kat was in a bikini, folding her clothes. "So, he likes her?" Goslyan looked back at him, seeing his expression with his mouth open. Clearing her throat brought him back out of his trance. Ever since Morgana had left, he didn't have an interest in woman. Now it seemed to have changed.

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