Negaduck entered his new penthouse and flopped down into his arm chair. His eyes shifted over to a door as his daughter walked over to him holding a drink and offered it to him. Taking it, he downed and hurled the glass across the room, the girl recoiling back as it shattered. The curtains opened as he pressed a button on the arm of the chair.

"Dad? Is everything ok?" Negaduck finally turned his full attention to the girl, his eyes burning with a deep seeded hate. Though it wasn't for her, it would be released on her if she didn't pick her words right. He stood slowly, blood staining the cuffs of his sleeves. splattered across his face and shirt. If looks could kill, this was the one. " Ok? OK? I'LL TELL YOU WHATS OK! DARKWING HAS MY WIFE WHO IS NOW CARRYING MY CHILD." He reached out and grabbed Goslyan, gripping her shoulders painfully and shook her to get his point across. " And I will get her fact, I think its time we took mommy home so she can get ready to have the baby."

He let her go, talking softly to himself now and turned walking into his bedroom, leaving a very frightened child in his wake. Looking at her shoulders, she saw sticky blood now staining her pink dress.

Kat held onto Darkwings back as he drove quickly through the streets, not knowing if he should take her to a S.H.U.S.H. safe house or back to her own home. He looks back at her, knowing he shouldn't have gone off on her for not telling him about her condition, but then again, why should she have. He slowed as he neared her home and parked outside and stood, helping her off.

"Kat, I'll be back in an hour, two hours tops. I want you to get your clothes together and anything else you will need. I'm taking you to a safe house I know of." Kat crossed her arms and gave him a look. An hour ago she seemed so fragile and alone, now she was back to her independent self "You think I'm just going to turn tail and run? I put a lot into this house and I'll be damned if I'm going to let some jackass in a mask scare me into hiding...present company excluded." Kat turned and marched up her walk and slammed her front door, leaving Darkwing to watch her go. "I'll be...back in an hour..." He got back on his bike and sped off. Kat watched him go through her front window and growled to herself, walking up to her bedroom, and sat on her bed. "I am not going to be scared off."

Negaduck could have slapped himself in the face. He had forgotten about the ring on her finger. His one link to her and for finding her. Opening a laptop he hit a few buttons, a map of the city appearing on the screen closing in on a small blinking red dot. That red dot being Kat. As the address came up on the screen he smirked. If any sane man had been present, he would have thought himself in the presence of the Devil himself. Negaduck turned, his cape billowing out behind him as he exited his bedroom, not bothering to change out of his blood stained clothing or to clean his face. Tonight He would gather what was his and burn anyone who got in his way.

Kat put her suitcase by the front door with her other bag and sighed softly. Just when things were going well, a bump in the road came along. "Maybe this is for the best." Sitting on the couch she waited in the dark for Darkwing to return. It was alittle after an hour since he left her to get packed. After a few more minutes she stood and walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water, missing the bike pulling up into her drive way. She almost dropped the glass when she heard the door open and turned, breathing a sigh of relief. "You scared me. And your late. You were support to be here thirty minutes ago." Setting the glass down, she walked into the living room and smiled at the duck standing in her door way.

Negaduck watched Kat move, entranced by her hips as she walked toward him. What ever spell she had over him would be broken when he broke her will. He snapped out of it when she began talking. The bitch thought he was Darkwing. He growled deep in his chest. His eye twitched as he reached out and gently took her hand, drawing her closer to him, amused at the confused look on her face and ran a finger down her beak to her throat, her eyes widening as a passing cars' headlights cast light into the room, revealing the blood splattered shirt and face.

Kat turned pale as she saw who had just walked into her home. 'This is a has to be...I fell asleep packing and this is a nightmare...' She tried to back away only to be held in an iron grip. "You really thought you could hide from me. You can never hide from me. I'll always be able to find you Kat. Your mine, remember!" He pulled her left hand up, looking at the ring and ran his thumb over the many bands that wove together forming it. He looked back at the struggling woman and pulled her closer to him, holding her there and ran a hand down from her neck to her chest then lower to her abdomen pressing in slightly and leaned in closer to her watching as terror then anger went through her eyes. He crushed his beak against hers, chuckling as she struggled against him then yelped in pain as he felt something sharp going into his side and threw her back against the couch.

Kat smirked, looking at the pocket knife on her key chain sticking out of his side. Negaduck looked from it to her then pulled it out, throwing it to the side and launched at her as she jumped over the back of the couch and ran for the back door. He climbed over it and grabbed her by her hair, pulling her back into him. "So, you like playing with knives now?" He reaches into his cape and pulled out a skinning knife, pressing it to her throat. "You ever, EVER do anything like that to me again, you'll need an iron lung to live." He put the knife away and drew out a needle, jabbing it into her thigh and injected the solution into her, waiting for it to take affect supporting her as her struggles became weak and turned her, throwing her over her shoulder walking outside.

Darkwing looked at the clock on the panel of the Ratcatcher and cursed silently. It had taken him three hours to catch Brushroot, making him late to pick up Kat. He parked in front of her house and got off the bike, walking to the door and knocked, and blinked when it swung open. "Kat? You ready to go?" Walking in he turned on the light and stopped. The couch was knocked back form where it always was, her keys laying on the floor with the pocket knife blade out, blood staining the metal, with blood smearing on the back of the sofa. He knew it was impossible, but the sinking feeling was making itself known. Kat was gone, and only one person would have done this. Turning he quickly left and got on the Ratcatcher, seeing skid marks leaving her drive way. " I failed her again."

A few days later in an unknown location...

Kat pulled at the chain on her ankle and slammed her fists on the stone walls on the cell. "Negaduck! Let me out!" Goslyan sat at the top of the stairs that led down to the cells and listened to Kat yelling. She had been at it for over two days now. Looking over at her father she wondered if he enjoyed this torment he was inflicting on Kat. Though, it would only be a matter of time before she lost her voice.